The Secret (US-Instigated) History Of ISIS

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It appears, once again, Donald Trump is correct...

As the following controversial Frontline documentary exposes - for the first time to the mainstream and average joes of America - the inside story of the the radicals who became the leaders of ISIS, the many missed warning signs and the U.S. failures to stop the terror group's brutal rise.

"We created chaos. We abandoned that chaos... We created ISIS!"


“I said: ‘Mr. President, it isn’t just a simple matter of going to Baghdad. I know how to do that. What happens after? You need to understand, if you take out a government, take out a regime, guess who becomes the government and regime and is responsible for the country? You are. So if you break it, you own it.'


-Colin Powell

Full documentary here (no embed, click image for link)

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Collectivism Killz's picture

No, we deliberately created ISIS to deal with the expected outcome of removing Saddam from Power - a more regionally powerful Iran. Oh, and MIC, Oded Yinon....the usua shit.

beemasters's picture

If the government wanted ISIS stopped, ISIS could end today. It's the intention to bring about extreme regime to destroy the entire Middle East. Just look at where the ISIS weapons are from....and those trucks???

WordSmith2013's picture

ISIS could only have been created by the CIA with the collaboration of the MOSSAD.


Is ISIS (ISIL) a CIA-Mossad Creation? Yes!



LykeMe's picture

Maybe. But what's the US interest in this crap? None. On the other hand, Mossad has all the interest in the world.

Muh Raf's picture

McCain in Syria after illegally entering the country without a VISA (entering from Turkey). Note it was before the "Leader of the Believers" grew a proper beard.

COSMOS's picture

Pretty simple, destroy any semblance of any Arab Nation by creating hundreds of muslim sects vying for power and ideological dominance.  

Destroy the EU economy via an influx of Arab invaders and any chances of China having a Silk Road or Russia having a viable trading partner.

Give Israel most of Southern Syria.

USA dominance assured.

philipat's picture

It would ne great if they would make a documentary on the Ukraine coup and the shooting down of MH017...

Lore's picture

Just watched a few minutes. There's a lot of fluff, but it is for mainstream consumption.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - V.I. Lenin

eforce's picture

Seems like Iran and Saudi Arabia are being lined up for a religional war and all the other major players (Afghanistan/Syria/Iraq) are being removed from the table.

just the tip's picture

upvoted you for using "religional".

gezley's picture

Meanwhile all Israel has to deal with is a handful of stabbings now and again in the West Bank.


It's so cute how all these TERRRRRISTS avoid doing serious damage to Yakob and friends while destroying all those countries nearby.

Thom_333's picture

Yes. I do believe that's the plan. Simple and logical and insane.

Bay Area Guy's picture


Iraq and Libya - oil

Syria - natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe, bypassing the Bear and giving him a sitck in the eye

Entire MENA - hemming the Bear in even more

The signs are all there.  The US and NATO want to destroy Russia, or, at the very least, bring it under Western control, then turn their sites on China, assuming China hasn't already imploded.  The only problem with this scenario is the US and NATO are so incompetent that they keep screwing the pooch.  All they've really managed to do is overextend themselves and pushed Russia and China closer together and, in the process, moved Europe closer to, at the very least, losing its cultural history to a horde of refugees.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

No one is building a pipeline through a bunch of jihadi micro states.

Which is the point.

Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline stopped, Azerbaijan in play, Leviathan for the win....

The Wizard's picture

If the government wanted ISIS stopped, ISIS could end today. 

Exactly, the technology in the hands of TPTB is beyond most people's comprehension. They prefer to use that technology on people exposing their nefarious ways of attempting to control the sovereign nations of the world. 

omniversling's picture

Good Ken OKeefe illustrated summary:

The Greater Israel Project explained

Miss Expectations's picture

FOX News/Judge Pirro


Can you see her devil horns?

OldPhart's picture

Obama trained, funded, and armed, rearmed, re-rearmed, a randonly dropped more arms in the hopes that ISIS would recover them.


When War Crimes convene I will throw my hat into the ring.

Thom_333's picture

Me too. I will volunteer as a "technician".

Sanctuary2's picture

We created Al Queda to fight Russia in Afghanistan, then we abandoned them. No wonder they turned on us

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Well, laying off people is the 'Merican Way, to preserve EVP mega-bonuses.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) May 21, 2016 7:51 PM

"WE" didn't do it.  Obama did it!  Well, Hillary helped him, though.

nmewn's picture

"You didn't build that!"...I love it...there is no "collective guilt" on my part thats for damned sure ;-)


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) nmewn May 21, 2016 9:55 PM

I'm not taking any blame for what Obama has wrought.  After all, I voted against him several times.  "Vote early and vote often" is my motto.  LOL

HowdyDoody's picture

Obama didn't do it. Lots of Good Americans did it - CIA guys training head-choppering manianics, NSA tracking ISIS  enemies and supplying ISIS with info, the US AirForce bombing civilian tagets to lay blame on US opponents, USAF drone pilots killing random people round the world, US Special Forces providing training and forward targetting info. All Good Americans who will go back to the wives and kids appearing to be Mr Normal.


mog's picture

"WE" didn't do it

"WE" did.

Voted for him twice and Hillary repeatedly.

Until "WE" start voting responsibly and against traitors "WE" are going to get s**t like these.

Same with us in Britain

Voting for the lib/lab/con.

For David Cameron and the complete end of Britain and its people.

And by looks of things by Tory voters in particular.


tmosley's picture

John McCain should be tried by a jury of we the people, convicted, and executed by hanging him from the neck until dead for his innumerable crimes, including the creation of ISIS.

Winston Churchill's picture

Drawn,hung with his own entrails, and then quartered

Implied Violins's picture

Yeah, that'll have to do. I'd prefer he 'spread the blood eagle', but he has no spine. Alas. It would otherwise be a fitting way to eliminate those who have destroyed our great nation.

smacker's picture

Let me see ,,,,, McCain's the traitor who was happy being photographed in a (strategy) meeting with the ISIS al-Bhagdadi guy.


Yes, hang him.

rejected's picture

You couldn't get a jury entranced with their Idiot Phones attention long enough.

whatamaroon's picture

Kelli Ward, a doctor is running against him in the Arizona Republican primary in August. She is good but won't go after traitor McLame with stories like this. She should. Similar to Romney and his reticence to go after obama.

jeff montanye's picture

9-11 is the litmus test. 

there are others less stringent that are failed as well.

it really is a giant, two-winged zionist conspiracy.

if it's a theory at this point, it's like the theory of evolution or of relativity.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Ward. Another deluded fool, in a limited hangout.

gregga777's picture

War criminals George W. Bush and Richard "Dick" Cheney must be turned over to stand trial for war crimes at The Hague.

Bay Area Guy's picture

If you're going to do that, stick Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nudelman on the same flight with Bush and Cheney.  Then put the Joint Chiefs of Staff in cargo and ship them there too.

just the tip's picture

well if you're going to put them on the same flight, route them through cairo via paris.

yes, i know that was in poor taste.  down arrows accepted and acknowledged.

jeff montanye's picture

i was going to suggest a quick jog over east ukraine but decided against it because the education value of their trials may be as useful as their punishment is as justice for their crimes and as an example to future perps.

joego1's picture

It's all about the GOV sticking are heads into the Mohamed Sunni Shia mess and oh what a mess it is.

jcdenton's picture

Donald Trump, meet ..


Gordon Duff ..


He knows more than you. You have yet to meet Assad. Gordon knows Assad ..

Before this press conference, Duff et al met with Assad and his general staff in closed door session ..

Perhaps you should hire him. Get some REAL info for a change ..

Implied Violins's picture

Yup. Pretty good study on him right here:

Veteran's Today is a pretty shady outfit altogether.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

What SPECIFICALLY do you object to, or disagree with on Duff's comments?

oncemore's picture

Duff is not his real name.

He is from the 13-th tribe, he admitted to it himself.

He is a smoke screen for some operations,  though he could have his own agenda concernig e.g. vet. affairs as well.