Deutsche Bank Slides After Mortgage Probe Unveiled; Admission It Rigged Stocks

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A month after admitting to rigging precious metals markets, Deutsche Bank has been hit with a double-whammy of more alleged fraudulent behavior today and the stock is sliding. First, Reuters reports that the bank took a charge of 450 million euros for "equity trading fraud," and then Bloomberg reports that The SEC is looking into Deutsche's post-crisis mortgage positions.

First, as Reuters reports,

Germany's Deutsche Bank said it took a charge of around 450 million euros (348 million pounds) last year in relation to share trading fraud, but declined to give any details on Monday.


The bank increased its provisions for "external fraud" to 475 million euros in 2015 from 20 million euros in 2014, according to its annual report.


"The increase in the event type 'External Fraud' is caused by a provision for equity trading fraud," the bank said in the report, which was published in March. 

And then, as Bloomberg reports,

SEC investigating whether Deutsche Bank inflated the value of securities in its mortgage-bond trading business, masked losses around 2013, according to people with knowledge of the matter.


Investigators looking at positions overseen by Troy Dixon, who at the time ran the bank’s trading for U.S. government- backed mortgage bonds known as agency pass-throughs.


SEC asking whether DB delayed recording losses on those securities over an extended period of time

And the result...


What happens next?

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Excursionist's picture

Good grief.  Is there anything about this bank that is not illegal?

MFL8240's picture

US banks have same exposure!

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

You know it's bad when they're giving nonsensical deals to open Direct Deposit Checkings Accounts..


Might as well call it "Direct Deposit Liquidity Emergency Accounts"

Placerville's picture

Shut the corrupt fuckers down already and hang the management!


Make them pay thier fines in physical Gold.


With all these bastards are guilty of fucking with, there is probably a tie in to 9/11 somewhere.


Next will be Bitcoin manipulation (non)admission.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Given that Berenberg thinks this bitch is going down to ca. 9€ a share "in the short term" -- I think if you own DB for longer than a few hours for "technical" trading you are nuts. 

thesonandheir's picture

I'm shocked and stunned at this news.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Please to be patient while Boris is configure facial expression of shock and stun.

piliage's picture

Oh, I'm sure a bunch of German bankers and politicians will go to jail over this...






CuttingEdge's picture

Fuck jail.

When they bring down Germany, hopefully the locals will grow some balls and hang the cunts.

Not that the Germans haven't been testicularly challenged since WW2, judging by the birth rate (I blame it on women with hairy armpits).

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

And can't it hurry up and die already? How has it even stayed alive this long? It's like the corporate version of George Soros.

bob_bichen's picture
bob_bichen (not verified) Buckaroo Banzai May 23, 2016 11:36 AM

There is a Veterinarian not far from here that will do animal euthanasia in your car.....sort of a drive-through. 

Is there a similar facility for banks where they can be "put out of their misery" with the rotting corpse tossed in the trunk and just "driven away"?

Mr. Bones's picture

If all of this news had come or when they were in free fall earlier this year I think you could have stick a fork in them.  Conveniently, it's just getting walked down.

Similar scenario with GMs bankruptcy and the NHTSA investigation.


CuttingEdge's picture

Different scenario - the US government could afford to prop up GM - not so Germany with a bank whose liabilities are 20x GDP. When this fucker goes down, so does Europe.

Banker Buster's picture

LOL.  Soros must have a really really good doctor.

PTR's picture

It's like the corporate version of George Soros.


Both live off the blood of the innocent.

Belrev's picture

What you see in the news is the tip of the iceberg. Deutsche like other banks is heavy on employee discrimination. If you are not same ethnic group as your manager, your chances of being promoted and getting a bonus on Wall street are nil. This never gets attention in the news, because everyone is afraid to sue and never find another job.

Kefeer's picture

Below is the interview via YT.   As a Hat Trick Letter client; Dr. Willie has been warning for months the massive derivative exposure that DB has and the corruption in all facets of banking & market rigginf & money laundering etc. 

He has backed off recently is calling for a total collapse because of the shenanigans going on in the shadows.  However the damage that DB can cause is more than enough to collapse the entire banking system. (go to 14:48min on DB or more specific 24:15)

tarabel's picture



I believe their logo has been properly registered and trademarked, if that is any help to you.

Winston Churchill's picture

Any bank.

The biz model was always fraud via money creation, so why stop there ?

BeanusCountus's picture

These guys have me wondering if they aren't just admitting everything all at once... Maybe anticipating bankruptcy?

Kefeer's picture

Like asking does Hillary Clinton have any redeeming qualities??

Terra-Firma's picture

The USA's way of maintaining Germany's compliance on European Central Bank money printing. As soon as Germany capitulates the roses will sprout from the dung.

zipit's picture

Soon time for DB to die. (I mean get bailed out.)

MFL8240's picture

Trump in the lead requires they hasten up the economic crash!

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yes indeed, Trump is forcing them to cut short the looting phase, and speed up the collapsing phase. It should be interesting to see how much of the economy they can get wired with explosives before January 20, 2017 rolls around.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

I don't know, that may help trump. Voting for clinton is like an extension of obama. If it crashes now, that won't carry well.

pods's picture

I'm sure CONgress will give them the Phil Mickelson/Roger Clemens treatment.


N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) May 23, 2016 11:28 AM

Oh come,  everybody does it.    

Can't we just move on and learn to forgive,  and mostly forget?

wmbz's picture

They meant well, it was for the chidrens, that's all that matters.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Looks like Douche Bank will be the next sacrificial lamb and scapegoat.

I imagine the FED will help the Morgue and the Squid feast on their putrid carcass and take any real assets they still might have.

innertrader's picture

Over 45 years of trading I have learned that I always think it is worse than what is being disclosed and over the last 35 years I've learned that it's ALWAYS, 100% OF THE TIME, WORSE THAN WHAT I THINK IT IS!!!

venturen's picture

if they would change their name to a US bank they would be safe.....Goldman is taken, Bank of America, JP Morgan, lehman, Well Fargo, about Jewish Bank of America....prosecute would end by this afternoon

Amish Hacker's picture

So, anyone interested in opening an account with DB today? I hear they're offering 5% APR. Not that they're in desperate need of cash or anything.

Winston Churchill's picture

I'd rather sprinkle rat poison on my cornflakes thanks.

PTR's picture

You put tap water on your cereal?  Interesting.

venturen's picture

Hit the Pinata again....there is more money in there to hide the Obama deficit! 

Dg4884's picture

DB is just outting this year!  At least these guys are in front of it.  LOL.  Rest of these retards will go down with full denial!!!!

Jubal Early's picture

Egyptair 804 was about keeping France and Egypt on the WWIII plantation.   Deutche Bank is about keeping Germany on board.  Its blueskies for falseflags boys.

katchum's picture

You call that a slide? The stock is up.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

I just looked at DB's chart too...the stock is up. :o

Seasmoke's picture

Still not sure who goes down first. DB or BOA. I know which one I'm rooting for though. Fucking criminals everywhere !!!!

Quebecguy's picture

Do not let them divide and conquer, GO DB!!!

Sandmann's picture

Dick Fuld joins the Board of Deutsche Bank ?