Trump Escalates Clinton Attack, Calls Vince Foster Suicide "Very Fishy"

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Just hours after Donald Trump released a clip in which the presumptive Republican presidential candidate hinted at Bill Clinton's sexual transgressions which featured audio of two women - Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick - who have made rape accusations against Bill Clinton, Trump escalated his attack on Hillary and Bill Clinton in an interview with WaPo in which Trump called the circumstances of Vincent Foster’s death "very fishy."

"He had intimate knowledge of what was going on," Trump said of Foster’s relationship with the Clintons. "He knew everything that was going on and then all of a sudden he committed suicide."

As a reminder, Vince Foster, a longtime friend of the Clintons, was deputy White House counsel in the first few months of Clinton’s presidency.  He was found dead from a gunshot wound to the mouth in July 1993. The three official investigations into Foster’s death concluded he committed suicide as he suffered from depression, however unproven theories have constantly swirled that the Clintons were involved in Foster’s death.


The Washington Post was not pleased, saying that "Trump is reviving some of the ugliest political chapters of the 1990s with escalating personal attacks on Bill Clinton’s character, part of a concerted effort to smother Hillary Clinton’s campaign message with the weight of decades of controversy."

The WaPo does correctly note that in many ways the race already appears to be "teed up as a referendum on the two candidates’ pasts - both of whom carry enough baggage to fill many books - rather than their visions for the country’s future."

"Clinton has increasingly directed fire at Trump’s long history of derogatory statements about women, his bankruptcies and other controversies to argue he is unfit for office."


Trump, meanwhile, has sought to brand the former secretary of state as “Crooked Hillary,” pointing to such issues as the Whitewater real estate controversy in the 1990s and foreign donations to her family’s philanthropic organization over the past decade. Trump also regularly accuses the Clintons of hypocrisy on women’s issues and argues that Hillary Clinton has been an “enabler” of her husband’s actions and attempting to discredit the women in question.

That is how the topic of Vince Foster emerged: according to the WaPo, "Trump said another topic of potential concern is the suicide of former White House aide Vincent Foster, which remains the focus of intense and far-fetched conspiracy theories on the Internet."

Conspiracy theory or not, the issue of Foster's death may just hit a live nerve in the Clinton campaign, something that is the ultimate goal of Trump. 

One issue on Trump’s radar is the 1993 death of Foster, which has been ruled a suicide by law enforcement officials and a subsequent federal investigation. But some voices on the far right have long argued that the Clintons may have been involved in a conspiracy that led to Foster’s death.


He called theories of possible foul play “very serious” and the circumstances of Foster’s death “very fishy.”


"He had intimate knowledge of what was going on,” Trump said, speaking of Foster’s relationship with the Clintons at the time. "He knew everything that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide."


He added, "I don’t bring [Foster’s death] up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it. I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder. I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair."

He has now, and we can only expect the topic of Clinton's alleged rape as well as the Clintons' involvement in Vince Foster' death to become an increasingly prevalent, if circuitous, theme of future Trump attack campaigns, even if as he says he "doesn't bring it up", because the purpose is simple: to throw Hillary and her campaign off balance.

Finally, since as the WaPo puts it, the presidential race is a "referendum on the candidates' past", the one candidate who comes up with the most shocking - and thus most memorable, remarkable and entertaining - skeletons in the closet will likely win. For now Trump appears to be holding the advantage, especially since nothing Hillary has come up with has managed to penetrate Teflon Trump's thick skin so far.

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Hi TT. Are you saying this got Paveway banned??

I'm sure the anti-Iran robo-Tyler will keep us duly informed.??

I see his account is gone - Access denied.. But his posts, at least on the Iran thread are still there, which is unusual. Usually all posts go away. See Francis Sawyer.

There is a Paveway IV on I think it's the same guy. Maybe he'll say what happened?

That's a big shame. Why cut off your nose to spite your face, TD?

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I think so...


I surmise it. I am NOT Tyler.


But I do know that if I were to go to a party and, then, in my drunken stupor (why I do not drink) announce to the guests loudly and obnoxiously, that my host is a robot automaton, then I would probably have a cab called to take me home.


I would not be expecting to be invited back.


Would you?



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It ain't really Fight Club unless you end up in a dumpster in the alley.

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Talking from experience snowflake?

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But his posts, at least on the Iran thread are still there, which is unusual. Usually all posts go away. See Francis Sawyer.




I did. No they do not "go away."

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Then he is NOT BANNED.


And all of this has been a crock of shit...

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But there is an article that is blocked. Looks like all of it.

The Hillary Dilbert article.

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Try to open it ZH.

I cant view my posts on this article or open it directly.

Looks like something in that article did get it blocked.

Technically, this could be done by others. Not ZH.

That is why being in the Amazon Cloud is not hunky dory.

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The crock of shit was started by one Insanity Wolf...who has just compromised any credibility.


What a troll.


I will complain. You should too. That was outright abusive.

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Tall Tom,

The following article and its comments seem to be blocked. There still is something going on.

The Hillary Dilbert one.

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I tried to access it through comments I posted there and was denied access.


Maybe this Insanity Wolf is on the level after all.

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I was denied access now as well.

Tylers, looking fishy.

Tylers check if you can access the Dilbert article using a virtual desktop somewhere else to troubleshoot if the article is indeed being denied access via bogus cache data.

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I work with, same bldg as PW. He asked me to check because he was banned and knew I had acct. here. I don't give a rat's ass either way because I dont come to manly Fight Club anymore. What f'king joke.

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Tell him that it is a possible glitch.


We can access his posting history.

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TT & PF. Thanks to both of you. This is interesting. I was logged in and I did get Access Denied on Paveway's account. Now it works. Maybe he got undeleted? Internal disagreements have surfaced before, for example when Marla hijacked the DNS entry. And then there's the drunk who gushed all to Bloomberg.

Thanks TT for the link showing FS lives on.

Thanks TD for not banning Paveway.

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Amen to that.


So much for surmising. I was operating on faulty information that I took at face.

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No worries. We live and we learn.

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paveway's banned??? really??  when?  why?  say it aint so??

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It ain't so. (you're welcome)

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One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) hedgeless_horseman May 24, 2016 3:21 PM

i saw one about Obama being gay - and that was before he was HNIC

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two bullets to the back of the head: suicide

nothing to see here, keep'er moving

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From different-caliber guns, I recall. And the shooting did not take place where the body was found.   Just your average beltway suicide.

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It was before we got really good nail guns

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Vince Foster death



The Hillary pattern of deception:


""No records were taken from Vince Foster office THE NIGHT HE DIED"". The clarification is done to avoid lying.  A truthful person would simply say "No". Can't prove she lied, but it follows the usual pattern.

Notice, not a word about "we were trying to figure out why Vince would wack himself and what the heck happened to our dear friend". It's like "He's dead, we aren't surprised he's dead".  NO EMOTION shown. Very very bad for her.  


OPINION: Cold hearted bitch.


More interview: The usual bunch of phone calls to match stories, coverup ,"I don't remember"  and missing records, followed by (apparent) lying denials of anything wrong.  


I'm of the strong opinion she's lying her ass off.


Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"two bullets to the back of the head: suicide"

That and no dirt on the soles of his shoes even though he was purported to have walked yards through the woods from the parking lot to where his body was found (and w/the blood from the wound running "uphill") but they did find carpet fibers...curiouser and curioser.


Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"Even if it was a legitimate suicide... "

It wasn' more than John Kennedy Jr.'s was an "accident"

bmwm395's picture

Let's not forget that it was the day before he was to be questioned. before investigators were 

allowed in his apartmentn killeary's two top aids went in  and removed documents.

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It wasn't a suicide.  


Here is a video from 1997 that was on CSPAN featuring Chris Ruddy who wrote "The Strange Death of Vince Foster."  

It is an hour and 17 minutes long but worth the watch.  The Clintons are pure evil.

RichardParker's picture

Legitimate suicide?

What about Ron Brown, James McDougal, Ed Willey, and the rest of the Clinton Body Count:

reinhardt's picture



btwipredictstockmarketcrashes - accurately

a portion of a timeline:


10000000000000000000000000000X Scrushy begins cooking the books


because Gingrich tells him to.


Note: 10000000000000000000X Prior to this year, HealthSouth is clean


and Scrushy is clean and for the most part Enron is clean and Tyco is clean.


Tyco starts its buying spree from here forward.


Tyco is becoming a war profiteer while they are cooking the books and



buying terror war companies with money they didn?t have.



I think Tyco is making a killing on terror war commodities.



Note: Why isn?t Gingrich teaching a class on extremist arab threat?


Note: The words “beginning in the fall quarter of 1993”


“Winter quarters” as in Valley Forge?




Note: 1000000000000000000000000X Humor: Gingrich?s open line:

“Either we all hang together - or we will most assuredly hang separately.”




01/06/1993 Jeffrey C. Barbakow?s employment as President and CEO on



NME (National Medical Enterprises) commences


Note: Tenet


1000000X Same day (if the Gingrich course start date is accurate) as the



start of Gingrich?s class.



A connection (if only in time) to Scrushy



17/06/1993 (WSJ611) Bartley writes: “Who Is Vince Foster”



Bartley is advising Foster to follow Constitutional law.


My note: I wonder if he is getting at FACA. Yet in 2001-2002 Bartley



doesn?t seem to care if Cheney follows FACA.



Note: Bartley, assuming he had cancer prior to 2000 must have also been


freaking out over the potential impact of Y2K on health care


22/06/1993 Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with



Casolaro and the 1980 “October Surprise” found dead on a toilet in his



Washington DC Apartment



02/07/1993 Commerce Secretary Ron Brown acknowledges on NBC?s



Meet The Press that he?d failed to pay social security taxes for a domestic






Note: Undocumented?



20/07/1993 100000000X The evening of Foster?s suicide, White House



counsel Bernard Nussbaum and White House aides Patsy Thomasson and




Maggie Williams search Foster?s office. Williams exits Foster?s suite with




a arm full of folders.


My note: This is called Freedom of Information and allows voters to make


informed voting decisions.


(WSJ449) Deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster, who argued the




administration?s case in the FACA litigation, commits suicide.



My note: This is more likely why they were searching for papers in Foster?s


office. Ira magaziner was both “Health czar” and then Internet czar



throughout this.



Michael Jordan?s dad was shot and killed around this time and probably got



more news coverage than Vince Foster.


Nussbaum (Jewish)



08/1993 “The Late Show” with David Letterman premiers on CBS. The


show?s rating consistently beat the Tonight Show until 1995



01/09/1993 Louis Freeh sworn in as FBI Director.



Note: Less than a month and a half after Foster?s suicide? Freeh is Opus






Note: Part of Gingrich?s: “Renewing American Civilization” project



06/09/1993 1000000000000000000000000000000000000X Peter de



Jager?s “Doomsday 2000” appears in Computerworld





0000000000X Demand for service workers skyrockets and their wages


reach $400,000 a year for the next 6 years. This almost has to be the first


time in history this has ever happened. A no time prior to this was there a


fixed-set deadline to get something completed.


Everything that happens from here forward is a response to wage inflation


due to demand for those individuals in service jobs. Particularly computers.


Book-cooking, law-changing, jury-rigging and war-starting is how


management responds to labor gains. Management responds to periods of


labor gains like this because it can and always has.


Jewish bankers and lawmakers immigrated their lifelong enemy into the


United States just to minimize the wages of U.S. service workers.



Note: Use the term “Service Jobs” in place of programmers and computer



experts throughout the book for effect.


22-23/09 - 21-22/12 1000000000000000000000000000000000000X


Beginning of the fall quarter of 1993 and again in the Winter quarters of


1992(4?), 1995 and 1996, Congressman Newt Gingrich will teach a for



credit class offered through the School of Business. “Renewing American




Note: I learned about Newt?s Third Wave Information Revolution by



studying the First Wave


The Third Wave was supposed to start this year


The Waves are accomplished through monopolies just as power and control


has always been accomplished. 200 years of Banking Fraud and corporate



monopolies and the Democrats still haven?t figured it out? They must have



paid attention in school - or else they prefer financially not to figure it out.



Gingrich is the George Washington of the 3rd Wave Information

Revolution. George Washington was in charge of the 1st Wave Revolution.


This is why Newt Gingrich is important. Newt?s epiphany occurred at




Verdun, France. My epiphany occurred in Philadelphia


11/1993 1000000000000X The Central Electricity Authority in New Delhi


gave provisional clearance to the project. It was the largest single foreign


investment in India.


Note: Enron, Dabhol



Note: Part of Gingrich?s: “Renewing American Civilization” project



Note: 10000000000X Enron was escaping religious persecution to the new


worlds of India and Brazil?



Doesn?t the Central Authority know the World Bank declined the loan?




11/1993 Judge Royce Lamberth labels the Clinton justice Department?s




responses for document requests “incomplete and inadequate” and describes


it as “stonewalling.”



23/11/1993 The day Kathleen Wiley claims Clinton sexually harassed her in


the oval office.


Note: The powers that be are in reactive mode.




Note: This is just in case the Monika thing doesn?t pan out.



Note: Why are “conservatives” more interested in Clinton?s sex life than the



events of February 1993?



Note: Part of Gingrich?s: “Renewing American Civilization” project



Note: Same month as Enron clearance. Wiley is another nation-builder.




reinhardt's picture









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Some people really shouldn't sniff glue in public.

The drooling gives them away.

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The sad truth is that convicted Child Molester and Billionaire PIMP, Jeffery Epstein is going to choose the next President of the United States as he has the goods on both of the Clintons as well as Donald Trump. Gawker has published Epstein's Black Book which features Donald Trump.

And according to that underaged girl that was provided for the UK's Prince Andrew, Epstein kept videotapes and other evidence of the encounters on the Lolita Express and at Orgy Island..

So all Epstein has to do is expose one and subject the other to blackmail during their administration.....the one on which he has the most dirt.

And real guilt does not matter as the exposed will be tried in the Court of Public Opinion with the verdict delivered at the Ballot Box in November.

And I am not just publishing this here but also in other venues. This will not disappear. In fact it will get much worse.

The only voite that counts in the upcoming election is Jeffery Epstein's.

And you thought that you had a choice? LMAO




Vote No Confidence this November

BeanusCountus's picture

Gave you an upvote Tom. Only because your take is not a conspiracy theory. A theory, yes. But not a conspiracy theory. Question for you: do you think Hillary has had lesbian relationships? Not joking.

Tall Tom's picture

Cathy O'Brien.


(There is a possibility that we are related as she is from the Grand Rapids Area. I am looking into that.)

mary mary's picture

Tall Tom, I don't mind if you don't vote.  I, however, always vote.

BeanusCountus's picture

You have five for Donald. I have fifty for Hillary. And.... "I don't recall" won't cut it.

BandGap's picture

So when you kill yourself with a .38 to the head there is a shitload of blood. Like Budd dwyer, who turned out to be a good guy (innocent).


Check out the Vince Foster crinme scene reports. No blood, or at least a minimum of blood.

Tall Tom's picture

Bullets do strange things when hitting bone.


There was this one guy who attempted suicide with a 22 Pistol to the temple.The bullet hit the bone and traveled around the skull, guided by the skin on the outside.  It just cut his face off. He lived.


So it depends. If the bullet does not pierce the cranium, then the Kinetic Energy from the impact will still do damage to the Brain causing massive bruising which will still be fatal...and leave very little blood.


That circumstance happens if the person firing the weapon flinches and causes the impact to be at an off angle rather than normal to the skull.


I am not writing that Vince Foster committed suicide...or that he was murdered.


However a crime was committed as the papers were removed from the crime scene.


It is a FELONY to tamper with evidence, especially when it impedes the progress of an investigation.



Sanctuary2's picture

VINCE FOSTER knew that it was Heartless Hillary that actually ordered the raid on WACO-that killed many women and children-AG Janet Reno took the blame-but when Clinton found out that FOSTER was reviled/depressed by her decision-she became fearfull that the word would get out and ruin her carreer -therefore she ordered him Liquidated.

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My god, ZH is costing the taxpayers a lot to pay that many Illiterate CIA Troll Downvoters.

I say, let the CIA replace the Trolls with Robots.  Much cheaper, and the Robots can even spell.

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Trumps's Vice President will be our next President.

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i think trump is smart enough not to put an invitation to shoot him on the vp ticket so i am going with the speaker of the house as the next president.

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Rand Paul would be perfect insurance...

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....make it Ken O'keefe then.