Austria Launches Probe Into Alleged Presidential Election Postal Vote Fraud

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There was much surprise, as well as accusations of outright voter fraud, when on Monday the Austrian presidential race - which was set to be won by the candidate of the right wing Austria Freedom Party much to the humiliation of Brussels - Norbert Hofer, was handed to his competitor, Green party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, with postal votes tipping the final result in the favor of the former despite Hofer winning the outright vote by a solid margin. In retrospect, there may have been reason for the skepticism.

According to Euronews, five voting districts are being investigated in Austria over postal vote irregularities in the close-run presidential election, the interior minister has announced. Allegations of fraud arose from the far-right Freedom party of defeated candidate Norbert Hofer, after the Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen just scrapped ahead with 31,000 votes when the postal ballot was counted.

The Villach branch of FPO lodged a complaint with the country’s corruption prosecutor over the Carinthia council counting votes on Sunday and not Monday like in the rest of the country.

Speaking on Austrian TV, Freedom Party leader Heinz Christan Strache said, “The democratic result has to be respected. There are many hints from the people, these will be checked by lawyers, and independent people and we have to evaluate that.”

Meanwhile, Hofer himself showed he was not a bitter loser and urged his supporters to accept the defeat, saying there were no signs of electoral fraud. If elected, he would have become the first far-right leader of an EU country.

On the other hand, Hofer's defeact appears to be merely tactical, as the candidate is simply biding his time for the far more important parliamentary elections to be held in 2018. According to Euronews, recent polls suggest his Freedom party would win if parliamentary elections were held now.

And while the Green-backed president elect has vowed to address the divisions which were highlighted by the close-run election, the Freedom Party's current stance of being vehemently anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, and most importantly in opposition for the next two years may be just where it wants to be: just let the current rulers fail to address the ongoing structural demographic problems, and as public anger builds it will only help build even more support for the Freedom Party. As a reminder, the presidential post in Austria is mostly symbolic.

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conscious being's picture

Austria, the new Chicago. Who knew? The rule of law means little when Soros needs Europe over run.

Colonel Klink's picture

I disagree, Shitcongo wouldn't have even investigated postal voter fraud.  We all know the voters there are from the grave.

Expat79's picture

Hofer's "defeat" will not stop the violent rise of European Nationalism - storm clouds are on the horizon - it's about to get ugly.

nibiru's picture

Violent? I believe the violent reaction is only to the amount of freedom-obstruction laws that are here because of the leftists that had their run in some countries going for over 20 years. You see when you corner a wolf he will finally bite your head off - this is not a crisis, it's a result.

Instead of whining how bad 'right wingers' are, maybe look at what European socialism did for the last decades. 

Colonel Klink's picture

The spring of nationalism is being coiled as we speak.

StackShinyStuff's picture

It's who counts the votes that matters...

Manthong's picture

Well, I called that one..

4 percent swing to rob the right guy with late night mail-in’s?

It was 52-48 something  at 5p.m until the ‘”postal” votes, then the left guy eeked it out by a small CH.

Not too rigged, eh?

onewayticket2's picture

"I'm getting misty...."


- Al "more votes than registered voters" Franken

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Hofer hosed by leftist greenies? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Lex_Luthor's picture

Well, it's about time to get ugly!

optimator's picture

Oberst really looks snazzy in his Hugo Boss designed tailored uniform.

Déjà view's picture

I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing. Sure John Banner aka Sgt. Schulz 'voted' from his grave in his beloved Vienna were he rests since 1973.

holgerdanske's picture

I guess he scraped ahead by 31000 votes. And therfore the election should be scrapped.


What a difference a "d" makes.

A Nanny Moose's picture

That's when I feel the Bern too.

Joe Trader's picture

@holgerdanske I disagree - with you, because there's a difference between the word "with" & "by".."by 31k votes"..because the latter statement is missing - I read that as if he got 31k votes total, not winning by a 31k margin

"after the Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen just scrapped ahead with 31,000 votes when the postal ballot was counted."

Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) May 27, 2016 8:53 AM

Meanwhile, Hofer himself showed he was not a bitter loser and urged his supporters to accept the defeat, saying there were no signs of electoral fraud. If elected, he would have become the first far-right leader of an EU country.



Oh gee, another single party country.  Who the fuck would have guessed??

onewayticket2's picture

"In other news, sales of nailguns skyrocketed in Vienna today..."

EuroPox's picture

Of the final 210,495 postal votes counted, Hofer received 27,539 votes and Bellen received 182,956 votes - until that point Hofer was ahead.

I would be very interested as well to review the 92,000 votes that were declared invalid...

Does anyone believe that this was not rigged?

Colonel Klink's picture

Nothing is rigged until we say it's rigged.  Was it rigged when the Austrians attacked Pearl Harbor?

Chuckster's picture

Somehow we must be related.

Colonel Klink's picture

Most certainly, both scripts were written by the Jews.

For the slow to pick that up, referring to Hogans's heros and Bush's script.

ack's picture

Ummmm. Animal House. Also written by jewz.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

These are dark times, friends.  Disaster at every turn.

de3de8's picture

One of these days they are going to get it

debtor of last resort's picture

Let's hope they don't ban Roundup before 2018.

Colonel Klink's picture

The round up is currently banned.  However I assure you the round up is coming, and it won't be pretty.

Tick tock!

Colonel Klink's picture

Yet, small word with big results.

EDIT:  You understand the round up I'm referring to isn't produced by Monsatan, right?

debtor of last resort's picture

In a way, dear Colonel, we fight the same war.

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) May 27, 2016 9:06 AM

its impossible to prove a fraud. the guys who probe the fraud are in the same boat with the guys who manipulated and counted the votes.



Invinciblehandaxe's picture

there was over 500% attendance in Linz

no way in hell this election wasnt manipulated to Brussels bolsheviks liking

wonderatitall's picture

in the criminal capital chicago thats a bad turnout for democrats. the people just dont know what they want, ask hillary obama the grifter


BarkingCat's picture

Waiting 2 years is suicide.

They might not have that much time as a country to preserve themselves. 

In today's idiot driven political correctness all most can hope is stop the bleeding. 

Arnold's picture

Stopping the bleeding only encourages more leaches.

Your only hope is to give them a

"hey, where did all the blood go?" moment.

philipat's picture

Waiting two years may only be suicide because conceivably the EU won't even be in existence in two years? In which case, Sovereign States will have again taken control of their own affairs. In that event, none of the problems caused by EU edict would any longer be of any relevance?

BarkingCat's picture

In 2 years the demographics of some of those countries might be irreversibly altered.... at least without taking extreme measures. 

Lorca's Novena's picture

When peaceful measures no longer work, the only solution is what kids?

oncemore's picture

The so called Christian Church in Austria is unfortunatelly one of the biggestprofit-making bodies, if it comes to the rapefugees.
Church gets for every one for every day €30. Over 30 days it is 900.
Plus every rapefugee gets another 900 per month.
And both live on it. Rapefugee pays some funny 200-300 for an appartment, Church adds another 200-300. Both are happy.

Now imagine Hofer wants to stop it.
AND NOW IMAGINE, in some churches have been found ballots and tickets, which have been already falsified(?) in favour of Van Der Bellen (a son of russian aristocrats, who came to austria 60 years ago and a person, who makes jokes about Austrian state, austrian nation austrian nationality)

The tickets have benn found at two places in excess of 5000-10000 and in both cases the name indicated on the ballot was van der Bellen. SO only one side has been doing something wrong.
Stupid situation for Soros. But Soros does not care, he goes with his zionists through.

BarkingCat's picture

sorry but Van Der Bellen is not even remotely a Russian name.

If his family arrived from Russia 60 years ago, they were returning to their ancestral lands.

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) BarkingCat May 27, 2016 11:21 AM

its because they changed the family name back to a german. they emigrated 300 yeas back.

ack's picture

They were khazars. And bolsheviks.  

PGR88's picture



When Al Franken is finding uncounted votes in the trunks of autos in Innsbruck you just know something isn't right!!

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) May 27, 2016 9:07 AM

The Green Party wants Muslims squatting all over the EU .... free range chicken will take on a hint of curry ?