Edward Snowden Demonstrates How To "Go Black"

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When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden first exposed the world to just how easily the government could compromise their technology and spy on them, many immediately sought ways to secure their data and protect their gadgets.

But, as Wired.com reports, Snowden is here to help. "'Going Black' is a pretty big ask," he tells VICE's Shane Smith, but not impossible, as Snowden shows how to "make sure your phone works for you... instead of working for someone else."

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The frogs are starting to realize how hot the water is, aren't they?  Showtime approaches.

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"Going Black" is s curious and complex subject.  My thinking is now that you do not have to go totally black.  You can hide various parts of your trail, keep your head down, do nothing threatening to TPTB, learning some encryption (different ones), etc.

Going seriously black is something that I doubt many ZH-ers (my self included) would want to really do nor even know how...

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Must watch short video

Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary Clinton in debate on Vermont gun laws

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A cell phone network ALWAYS knows where you are. It ALWAYS knows who you talk to.

All insinuations to the contrary are false.

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carry your smart phone most of the time, except when you want to be black, then leave it at home.   if you need to communicate, do so with one of those grocery store cheap prepaid phones, paid in cash, dispose of it afterwards.



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And NEVER take it to your house or a car with with satellite rsdio.  otherwise you will be compromised AND they will know you are trying to do things under the radar

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Edward Snowden is one of the few truly heroic men I know of in the universe.

Watch the entire Shane Smith interview with Snowden in Moscow, then consider this: Donald Trump on Edward Snowden: Kill the ‘traitor’




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So will somebody explain to me just how he keeps getting his hands on materials, how he knows all about soldering telephone connections, that he can find Polaris by looking at that side of the whichever dipper and keep on mystifying us with suck information, day in and out.
Is any of this seeming to be a veritable endless Cornucopia of "snitch, deep snitch" worthy materials?

Just askin'

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What mystifying information has Snowden revealed that wasn't already known to those willing to look? 


Just sayin'

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I'd rather carry on as usual and be in the first wave, at least then I can fight alongside others rather than being black bagged alone later.

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Vice is CIA. Snowden is CIA. Anything Snowden recommends DO NOT USE IT. That means its already a compromised honeypot.

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Go old school. Analog.  By Hand.

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Why would they need to shoot this interview in front of greenscreen? You can see the Chromakey.

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Or just go back to a dumb flip-phone.

Gotta love Snowden though.  It's pathetic he's considered a traitor by most of the brain-dead sheep in this country.

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Why go black?  Why not face them head on, everyone!  Fuck the psychopaths!  I've raised my family, my boys are now men with homes of their own, I have nothing to loose but things.  You may say I could loose my freedom.  If your going black, hiding from psychos, are you free?  I don't think so... 

The day is fast approaching when brave men will stand up together and publicly rebel with the sword of their tongue!

It's not black helicopters most fear, but simply being socially rejected.  Too many have lost their nerve, are unwilling to voice what they're thinking for fear of what others will say, they may get down voted, not "liked" in their social circles, OMG.  If they do speak out it's under an assumed nick name, like Tarzan or Tyler...

It's not time to hide!  These are the days when we should be standing in the doorway of our "dear leaders" asking taboo questions.  It's time the dark smoke filled rooms where exposed for all to see.  It is not a time to go black, it's time for spot lights to shine. 

Stop hiding, give up your anonymity and speak out of turn, I dare you!

Bobby McKay


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Let us know how that works out for you.

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all things considered, it's worked out pretty well for janus.

and for the record: from time out of mind, the only means for conveying secrets is by whispering mouth to ear.  this has always been the Ancient & Accepted way, long before there were telegraphs, telephones, teletypes, enigma machines, encryption algos or lasers aimed at bedroom windows...there is nothing new under the sun.

p.s.  it is not we Hedgers who should be concerned with various agencies' voyeuristic obsessions, it is instead those who still believe they are protected from them, by them.  all this time, and they still do not appreciate the nature of that which they serve.  the beast is preparing for himself a grand feast, and he will consume the choicest cutlets of those who are to him closest.  it is his farm; it is his harvest; and he will make of it a stupendous banquet.  

a bonfire of the vanities, as it were.



Fortune favors the bold,


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Hi janus,

Lots of truth in what you say.

The beast is not a great fulfiller of contracts.

There are lots of minions that will be consumed by that bonfire.

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...and let us know how having a vagina works out for you, Baa baa

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"Stop hiding, give up your anonymity and speak out of turn, I dare you!"

Similar worked pretty well for the blacks in Amerika. They got to go to white schools, white restaurants, sit at the front of he bus, got trils of $ in welfare, job quotas, etc. Then they went ande fucked it all up instead of taking advantage of a good deal to advance themselves.

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The system was supposed to guard you and your rights etc. but they transformed it into an attack dog and the focus changed to destroy anything it perceives as a threat to it.

9/11 was the water shed, the big change and all Snowden did was to declare what they were doing,.


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...but they transformed it...


They? You sound like my parents.

...but we transformed it...

...all Snowden did was to declare what we have allowed...


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I love how TPTB sneak illegal, unconstitutional shit into the "law" books, and somehow, its our fault for allowing it.


Care to logically qualify that one?


yeahyeah, outside of, "well, ten million of us could storm washington, and THEN they'd *have* to listen..."

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I love how I again needed to use a proxy to actually watch this short advertisment clip.


Not allowed in your region. FUCK YOU GOOGLE

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You make it sound like some giant Joogle conspiracy.

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I suspect he is a tool of the deep state. Limited hang out, etc.

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Snowden is the ultimate litmus test. He isn't controlled opposition. No way they would have done the full frontal with the Bolivian Presidential plane in Europe if he was controlled opposition.

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You were fooled well. The Bolivian plane was the extraction turned "I told you so" moment.

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Truxton, you seem to be a fine noaganda listener. They very well explained the plane was not forced to land. Futhermore, sadly to say, snowden is fake. For the reasons you explained and Who wears broken glasses for years (one missing nosepad). Just a show. The snowden show. 


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ITM, jaap. I first learned about the No Agenda Show with a comment from you here back in Sept. 2014. Thanks for hitting me in the mouth. 

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"Kill the traitor." If a true sentiment, only prooves that we're going from the Chimp to the Obummer to the Chump. I was thinking the exact opposite... that Snowden would be perfect to head the NSA.

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Was reading through some popular new book by a former FBI or CIA man and one thing that stuck with me was buy 2 prepaid phones and forward all calls from one to the other - makes it even more difficult to trace.

You have the second phone that simply acts as a relay.

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 You get from me an Excellent for trying to do something.

You get from me the Very Bad, if you go down such path, as using any PUBLIC network, be it phone network, or internet services, for transmitting a confidential information.

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You're soooooo naive. They got Voice Recognition SW, that can ID you on ANY phone.

To remain private, BOTH parties need to dramatically change their voices, even with burner phones.

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That would be extraordinarily computationally expensive even if they could reliably do it. I cant imagine they would do it with the population as a whole, just persons of interest.  Even then, theyre probably parsing voice to text, itd be easier to match you on word use than voice data.

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They never throw anything away. They do save all captured data. They capture more all the time. Yes some analysis is computationally expensive today, but not tomorrow. And remember, they never have a Lois Lerner moment. They never throw anything away.

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Snowden never mentions the RFID chip. There may be one, whether it was advertised or not.

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Enhance your vocabulary!!!

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p.s. Try being the Hoarse* Whisperer.

* spelled correctly.

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That's not how you spell whores!

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And they are made in China of all places... Every one of them.