Cash-Strapped ISIS Is Selling Sex Slaves On Facebook: Asking Price $8,000 Each

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One month after disturbing reports emerged that the cash-strapped Islamic State regime, which as noted last week is rapidly losing control over territory it had gained during its 2014 blitz offensive in 2014 in Iraq and Syria, has been killing its own fighters in order to sell their organs, as well as paying $50 to fighters for every female sex slave they own, ISIS has now tapped into yet another critical cash-flow stream: selling female sex slaves.

A recent Facebook posting attributed to an Islamic State fighter who calls himself Abu Assad Almani shows a young woman, around 18, with olive skin and dark bangs that droop onto her face. In the Facebook photo, she attempts to smile but doesn’t look at her photographer. The caption mentions a single biographical fact: She is for sale.

"To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000,” begins the May 20 Facebook posting by Almani. The same man posted a second image a few hours later, this one a pale young face with weepy red eyes. "Another sabiyah [slave], also about $8,000,” the posting reads. "Yay, or nay?"


As WaPo adds, after advising his Facebook friends to “get married” and “come to dawlah,” the name for the Islamic State’s territory in Iraq and Syria, Almani then engaged with different commenters in an extensive discussion about whether the $8,000 asking price was a good value. Some who replied to the postings mocked the women’s looks, while others scolded Almani for posting photos of women who weren’t wearing the veil.

The sex trade conversation then devolved into pure Econ 101: "What makes her worth that price? Does she have an exceptional skill?" one of his correspondents asks about woman in the second photo. "Nope," he replies. "Supply and demand makes her that price."

Technically $8,000 was the ask. It is unclear what if any bids were presented and if any actual trades took place.

A Yazidi who had been held by ISIS militants as a slave for several
months sits in a tent outside Duhok, Iraq.

According to WaPo, the photos were taken down within hours by Facebook; it is unclear whether the account’s owner was doing the selling himself or commenting about women being sold by other fighters.

The unusual posting suggests that not only is ISIS in desperate financial straits, but obviously hundreds of women who are now ISIS' sex slaves face an extremely perilous existence. The group's female captives appear to be sold and traded by cash-strapped fighters, subjected to shortages of food and medicine, and put at risk daily by military strikes, according to terrorism experts and human rights groups.

Social-media sites used by ­Islamic State fighters in recent months have included numerous accounts of the buying and selling of sex slaves, as well the promulgation of formal rules for dealing with them. The guidelines cover such topics as whether it’s possible to have sex with prepubescent prisoners, yes, the Islamic State’s "legal experts" say, and how severely a slave can be beaten.

But until the May 20 incident, there were no known instances of Islamic State fighters posting photographs of female captives being offered for sale. The photos of the two unidentified women appeared only briefly before being deleted by Facebook, but the images were captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute, a Washington nonprofit group that monitors jihadists’ ­social-media accounts.

Not much is known about Abu Almani, the owner of the Facebook account: according to WaPo he is thought to be a German national fighting for the Islamic State in Syria. He has previously posted to social-media accounts under that name, in the slangy, poorly rendered English used by many European fighters who can’t speak Arabic. Early postings suggest that Almani is intimately familiar with the Islamic State’s activities around Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital in Syria. He also regularly uses his accounts to solicit donations for the terrorist group.

ISIS has had to constantly innovate its sex slave trade marketing. Facebook has been quick to react to terrorists’ use its pages. At the same time, the militants also have become more agile, leaping quickly from one social-media platform to another and opening new accounts as soon as older ones are shut down.

And while we commiserate with the plight of hundreds of women who are the innocent hostages of yet another proxy war involving the world's political superpowers, we can't help but notice how increasingly streamlined and efficient the Islamic State is becoming as a result of its fiscal stress.

Recall in late April we showed a wage voucher which confirmed that ISIS is now paying soldiers extra cash for each additional family member with the biggest kick for those who have a sex slave in the form of a $50 bonus. The following crinkled wage voucher breaks it down by family member:

  • For each of his two wives, al-Jiburi would receive an extra $50.
  • For each of his six children under age 15, he would get another $35.
  • Any “female captive” - sex slave - would entitle him to an additional $50.

So "invest" $50 to cultivate each sex slave, and then retain a substantial portion of the ~$8,000 transaction price once said slave is sold on to her future owner. Not a bad IRR for a militant regime whose collapse is now just a matter of time.

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Oracle 911's picture

Well the Russians did a great job apparently.

Obongo did the also great job, sadly nothing positive for us came out from it.

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I'm waiting for Chinese to get involved - this would be perfect training ground for every major superpower to use their new toys and show to each other that 'it's better not to f*ck with them'

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You can keep your sex slaves ................

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So this is allowed by "FaceBook Community Standards" but conservative speech is banned...OK got it.

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This is allowed by "FaceBook Community Standards" three ways. First, selling sex slaves is part of their their religion - it would be islamophobic for us to criticize the practice. Second, these girls/women are really just lonely and looking for companionship. Third, only conservative speech is offensive.

Forward (over the cliff)!

ICD-9-CM E999.0's picture

No truer words ever written...

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Max Cynical May 29, 2016 2:04 PM

I thought the same thing. Fuckbook and Suckerbutt can go to bloody hell. I don't use it. Drudge was spot on when he called Fuckbook a ghetto. Owned and operated by the world's biggest slumlord.

Rattling Bones's picture

The floor model looks like Jessica Alba but when you get it home it looks like Chelsea Clinton.


......but when you get it home it looks like Chelsea Clinton.


With the added Muslim touch of braided armpits.

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Chelsea Clinton makes the love child of M. Albright and Eleanor Roosevelt look like Jessica Biehl

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How do you arrange for delivery ?   FOB could be a problem.

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 This artical is BS everyone knows only blacks can be slaves. The slave owners must be white too. Quick call Al Sharpton!

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___________ (not verified) May 29, 2016 1:31 PM

why pay 8000$ for stinky woman worth half of a man if you can have goat for less than 50$.

invest in goat now!

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Dennis Gartman is modestly long sex slaves in goat terms.

Max Cynical's picture

Seems high priced for an object they despise.

thecondor's picture

Why pay ISIS 8k when you can get better quality directly from Riyad for just 2k moar.

NumberNone's picture

Praise Allah he didn't say he is a conservative or Trump supporter.  He would have never gotten his slave sales up on Facebook.  

Paul Kersey's picture

The Clintons have made over $180 million since Bill left office.  So, at $8,000 a pop, Bill and Hillary could afford to buy harems.  When they were done with them, they could do the humanitarian thing and set them all free,  and then write the whole (hole) thing off as a charitable contribution.  

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clintons more likely to collect the life insurance to pay for the original investment plus profit. and all the sex abuse was free.

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It's wife or slave, everything else is haram

css1971's picture

Little boys...


Should I quote you the hadith?

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You retards believe this story? What is ZH now, 97% Fucktard shills?

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Agree completely, this is yet another Zio scam and lie. 

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I don't know which Tyler works on the weekends but he/she isn't very good sometimes.

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It's a he. There are no girls on the internet. 

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Vichy DC Plan C scuppered.
If only their allies Saudi & Turkey were on the same page they coulda been contenders.

Ok all's not lost if they can muster up another half a billion $$$$$$$ then maybe they can get into double figure FSA boogeymen mercs.

The carpet bombing of Daesh oil infrastructure has cut the soul out of them.

Organs & Slaves; not the promised land for those young European muslims encouraged by western leaders to go fight Assad.

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Well lookie thar-a crime against humanity being played as a light hearted web post. Was there ever a time when an anonymous American "group" would track down and kill the scum and rescue the victims? I'm amazed that I just don't know anymore. Nothing is real.

artichoke's picture

Can't count on anything until about 5 layers of scum are cleaned out of the intelligence and military establishment.  They've intentionally put mismatched people into jobs.  Trump will have to flush out the Augean stables, fighting all sorts of Federal job protections to do it.

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This will not be a PC Facehook issue as long a Fuckerberg gets his cut.

White men (who think they are black singers) have been trading in nubile human goods since the beginning of time and no one gets in trouble as long as they are on a mission from GOD!

~ DC

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ISIS no very good for business, no very good AT business

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What a physique on that one, and look at those hands.  She looks like my Italian grandmother.

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wonder if they ship fed ex?

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It's all a bunch of Bull shit. These are the same guys that got 2000 American tanks that just happened to be "abandoned" all over the Middle East. LOL.

This is as bad as the fake beheadings, where all the guys were quietly lined up on their knees awaiting to have their heads cut off.

Oh please....

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I know, right... it is about as fearsome as 'cake or death'...

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Trading in dollars? Yeah right.

GeezerGeek's picture

Can I get my money back if the one I got proved unacceptable?

Itinerant's picture

Trading in dollars within the Caliphate's realm is obviously a gross lack of faith and should be punishable.

css1971's picture

That's Islam for you. Life under Sharia.

Saudi only banned slavery in 1960, and it really isn't enforced, the practice is still rife. Same for most of Islamic Africa. Banned nominally but still very widespread.

What I find ironic are those black men who convert to Islam and then rail against the white man for making their ancestors slaves. Particularly when at the time, muslims were core to the trade.

artichoke's picture

White man didn't make them slaves.  White man only bought slaves from the victorious black men.

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People calling others "infidels" hocking young ladies in a sex slave trade ring?  Curiously these islamic fundamentalists pray to their god "allah" several times a day.  Curious what's said in their conversations with allah.  Hypocrites....

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...and make sure she always has a dry Depends on...

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Maybe Hitlery should buy a couple to keep the carbuncles and barnacles scraped off of her *devils triangle*...

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Mark Zuckerberg is collecting all the likes to push his algorithm to the hilt. Only a matter of time before the false exposure catches up with Fuckface options sell off. Please continue Mark. You and Glenn Beck can engage in 69. Society is laughing at you. 

Welcome to free market capitalism. 

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Wait a minute. Selling slaves on Facebook?! Where are black lives matter and all the libs? Why are they allowing the joo kid to get away with this?

Hmmm, sure smells and sounds like hypocrisy to me.

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Exactly. But don't you fucking DARE put a transgender bathroom joke on FB (or Twitidiot)

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Obama and everyone in his administration are directly responsible for this.

While his clown posse is pushing fags, dykes and other freaks as normal here, the results of his foreign policies are countless women raped and sold as slaves in the Middle East, collapsing economy and civil war in Ukraine and pushing towards war with Russia.

I hope Hillary Rodham Clinton is proud of her role in this.

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She doesn't give a flying fuck. Neither does Obama. So long as she can juice MOAR cash for her foundation and pockets and he can continue his work destroying America from within.