Wikileaks Asks If This Is The "Smoking Gun" Email That Will Bring Down Hillary

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All along Hillary Clinton has pled that when it comes to her violation of Federal regulations, she was at worst naive, hardly malicious and - as of recently - merely doing what each of her state department predecessors has done; and she has been very careful to make it clear that she never purposefully and intentionally "stripped" confidential data in order to send it through her unsecured server as such an act would imply not only a breach of email retention policy, but a willful abuse of confidential documents.

Well, moments ago Wikileaks unveiled what it believes may be the FBI's "smoking gun" in its case against Hillary. In a tweet, Wikileaks highlights one specific email and asks "Is this email the FBI's star exhibit against Hillary Clinton ("H")? "

The email in question (link)


The full email chain is below (link):

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"Is The "Smoking Gun" Email That Will Bring Down Hillary"

Answer: Wall Street, and hence the Justice department and all the Democratic party reptiles, say "no".

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It's almost like he's calling for close air support while he's under attack, and her reply was probably the same...

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Nope, she's untouchable.... next...


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She'll just cop the Bart Simpson defense... "I didn't do it." and deny ever sending it. They can't prove she sent it. She'll say the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy or someone else sent it somehow from her server to make her look bad.

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it's not like there was a password or something.  possibly bart simpson, on a school field trip through foggy bottom, say his chance and took it.  yes, yes, i bet that's what happened.


it kills me that she gets away with mass murder and may be tripped up for putting her email on a private server.  


whatever works.

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Let us pray
No More Clintons. No More Clintons.

All together now

Free at last! Free at last!
Praise God almighty. We’re Free at last.

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"No More Clintons. No More Clintons"

Ha!, Ha!, Ha!...ROFL!!!! That was a good one!

While we're at it, "No More Rockefellers, No More Rothschilds, No More Committee of 300, No More Monarchy, No More Vatican, No More Cabal Banker Rule, No More Low Fat Yogurt, No More MSG, No More Vaccinations, No More Bill Gates, No More MIC, No More Fascist Government Pretending To Be a Democracy, No More Fascist Economics Pretending To Be Free-Market Capitalism, No More Dependence on Any Government...and the kicker...NO MORE FUCKING KARDASHIANS!!!

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Instead of praying (we know that ain't gonna work), has anyone tried mailing her at with no identifying heading + non-secure to ask her politely to get the fuck out of the presidential race??? Just wondering. Remember to cc to

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  .. and while we are on the subject:  Why the "17"?  It is their domain name, surely there are not 18 other Hillary Rodhams?



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"Why the 17?"


It's a security measure to confuse the Russian and Chinese hackers.




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I don't have time to look it up but she was using at least 2 different email names on her own server.  I believe the other email name that I saw during the original release of the emails was or whatever.  Of course the MSM doesn't pick up on that because it destroys her whole "I did it to simplify" excuse because if one was simplifying they would have had only 1 email address.

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2017 is when Hillary would have begun her term as President. It probably took Guccifer and the Russian and Chinese hackers all of .0032 seconds to figure this out.

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I am an atheist and if it will help I will pray to whatever deity will smite this bitch down.

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It won't help, but I can't see it hurting either.


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"Intent, bitchez!"

Actually intent is all this email shows.  She claims that she never got the email she requested, but it was clearly her intent to strip the classification and have it sent by email.




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So now I'm forced to read ZeroHedge in mobile form? Where's the damn link to revert to desktop?

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not sure im liking this new layout

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New layout sucks, my modified TOR browser doesn't even load it, unreadable. :(

Keep it simple stupid.

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Or she could say it all depends on what your definition of "it" is.

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Maybe... But if that's her account, and someone sent that email from her account, then it's legitimately her problem.

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This is old news from january 8th.  Why wikipedia thinks it will be the smoking gun is a mystery to me.  She can't hardly deny she sent it, since she turned it over to the Fed with the 30,000 emails from her server.  Not to mention the email has been floating around for 5 months now and there's been no denial she sent it to date, although she does deny the talking points were ever sent by insecure message, as she requested.   

 "According to the Associated Press, the State Department said a review showed that the document in question was sent "apparently by secure fax, after all," and was never was sent to Clinton by email"

Her email proves that she requested the classified email be sent by an insecure method.  It appears Jake Sullivan did not comply with her request.


If there is a smoking gun that takes her down it will be that she neglected to turn over the government documents before leaving office, a breach of federal law which she signed a document saying she fully understood the requirement and that she had complied with the law before leaving office.  She fully admits she withheld at least 30,000 documents from the State department, and that these documents she withheld were subject to FOIA requests!

Go back a read about white water and the commitee that broke the story, through FOIA requests.  She was burned through FOIA once.  Having a personal server was for one reason, to subvert the FOIA system, the same reason Bill claims he's never used email!

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Thanks for supplying the date, I thought I was in a David Crosby time warp where "we have all been here before".

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ya, Freudian slip, I don't trust either one...

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I think the smoking gun, if there is one, will be a message or comment she drafted or replied and sent that should have been known by her to be something that should have been sent secured.

Obviously, her defense that nothing was marked classified when she sent it would not apply to messages she wrote unless she had them reviewed before sending.


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I think the point was that this email was sent to wiki leaks by Putin in Russia,  just one of thousands that Russia hacked from Hillarys account over the years.

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anyone - how many different email addresess did she have at 

I saw 3 different addresses without even opening up the linked documents.


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Nah.  She should just blame it on Turbo Tax.  It worked for that other Secretary.  What was his name????  Oh yeah....Timmy.  I am sure Bill Gates is in the tank for the Dems.  He would testify as to some new piece of Malware created by the Benghazi.

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I wouldn't fuck Hillary with Hillary's dick.

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Would you fuck Huma with Anthonys Wiener?

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I would not fuck her with Wookie's dick.

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Well, then, in other news, a Czech veteran mooned a US military convoy yesterday in an anti-NATO protest in Vyskov, Czechia.

Video at

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Tom Servo May 31, 2016 9:20 PM

Hillary is a made man.

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new ZH format now?  I dunno...not diggin' it yet to be honest.  Maybe will get used to it, but....

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Replying to replies doesn't keep wedging over to the right. I'm sure Tyler has his reasons for the change and I respect that. At the same time I'm nostalgiac for the days of the junk button. That was unique.

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I miss the junk button, but I miss the Captcha most of all. Also it appears the indent is working - it's just set to indent 1 pixel, though.

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I'm going to lose my shit with that mobile chat thing flowing me down as I scroll. 

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I lose the thread discussion w/o the indent. 


I miss the indent :(