Construction Spending Collapses - Worst April Since 2009

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Following a hope-strewn bounce in February and March, US Construction Spending plunged 1.8% in April (massively worse than the expected 0.6% rise). This is the biggest monthly drop since January 2011 as while religious construction surged 9.6%, Commercial, Healthcare, and Education construction all plunged with Communications and highway building collapsing 7.7% and 6.5% respectively. We ares ure wether will be blamed but the 1.5% drop in residential construction is rather notable for an April - it is the weakest April since 2009.




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Haus-Targaryen's picture

And to think ... the collapse hasn't even happened yet. 

Kido's picture

doesn't seem like markets give a f*** to any bearish news

Kido's picture

not to mention auto sales are printing worse declines

nibiru's picture

Because markets are BULLISH! no matter what. 

FreeShitter's picture

No such thing anymore as "markets" and CTRL-P has been permanently stuck on infinity.

holocene's picture

Exactly.  Blah blah blah, this happens, DXY is down, yet silver getting killed again.  Why is silver getting killed yet again today?  Death by a thousand cuts...

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but but but record new home sales just couple weeks ago! Did the feds came up with house growing seeds? just add water and a house pops up, no need to have constructions?    

FreeShitter's picture

It was pending home sales....doesnt mean shit except it did juice algos.

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so many contrary signals from one day to the next - which are manipulated beyond the Obama macro UE / Inflation / GDP Growth stats?

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Buy now or be priced out forever bitches!...

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Yes, go all in and buy near at all time highs....nothing can go wrong. nothing

Bill of Rights's picture

Exactly....Every time I see " buy near at all time highs " it goes higher and higher and higher, so stop guessing on where the high is its infinity until its not.


( Note my above comment is and was satire none the less, I own my shit )...figuratively speaking of course.

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Wether?  Why blame a castrated ram?

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mosques and synagoges what could possibly go wrong....

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like i said, green by the end of the day, so unch before lunch break ;-)

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CLEARLY the issue is that interest rates are too high.  Time for NIRP to save the day!  <\sarcasm>

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You rang?  Sorry, I couldn't resist this opportunity for my first post.

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You know the economy is completely manipulated and upside-down ass backwards when you read "since 2009" multiple times every day and you just yawn.

nscholten's picture

1.8% is hardly a collapse

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Interesting,  I am in the construction business and we are having a banner year!

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Easily explained away. Just wait for it....,

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Watching the economy is like watching one of those porn films where you're just waiting for the skinny white bitch to take that giant black cock in her ass, but there's all this useless conversation that needs to happen first. Just crash already!

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So, other than new mosques, all other construction is down. We can' rely on immigrant hope and dreams forever can we?

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In CA, Beverly Hills house sold is immediately knocked down and street that is on is subject to couple of years of utter mess.
Reason. I guess, for people living there to pray that their neighbors never sell their home - kinda .01%-s anxiety.
Entire area is one big construction site if looked from above.
Building trades having a solid foot in that niche are busy as ever.