Caught On Tape: Brazilian Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets As Protesters Try To Storm New President's Office

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As expected, the peaceful transition period surrounding the new, and just as corrupt according to many, government of Brazil's new president Michel Temer did not last even a month. Yesterday, clashes erupted in Brazil with police deploying tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters opposing to the country's new interim government. Demonstrators hit the streets of Brazil's largest city, Sao Paolo, for a rally calling for the removal of acting president Michel Temer.

The protesters were angry at the May suspension of President Dilma Rousseff, who now faces an impeachment trial. The move has been dubbed a coup by Rousseff's supporters, and many claim Temer plotted her downfall to stifle a corruption investigation into Petrobras, Brazil's state-owned oil enterprise.

Footage from the streets showed police forcing protesters to the ground and officers using batons against demonstrators.

Some activists tried to occupy the building where the leader's regional office is situated. 

As reported previously, despite holding office for less than a month, Temer's presidency has been marred with scandal. Transparency minister Fabiano Silveira resigned on Monday, after a leaked tape suggested he tried to derail corruption investigations into Petrobras. Temer's secretary is also accused of taking bribes.

Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of the lower house of Congress who spearheaded the impeachment campaign, was suspended after being accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes, using a New Zealand trust company to hide the money.

Meanwhile, Temer's approval ratings are at rock bottom, with only 2% of the Brazilian population indicating they would vote for him if an election was held today. That's compared to 13 percent for Rousseff, according to research company Datafolha.

Speaking to RT, Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar said Temer's presidency has been illegitimate from the beginning. “I have defined the Michel Temer interim government in the first two days, in fact, as a walking dead government. He was already illegitimate from the start,” Escobar said.

“People who follow the internet in Brazil and independent blogs... they know all these scandals in full detail and at the moment everything is paralyzed because of an illegal impeachment coup,” he continued.

Escobar also said that in addition to Temer's government, the Brazilian people are also upset with the country's economy. “The Sao Paolo stock exchange is not recovering like it was promised at the beginning of the Temer interim government, so it's a standstill and it's going down and down and down because more revelations are in store, because now this is part of an internal political battle in Brazil.”

Meanwhile, Rousseff awaits an impeachment trial in the Senate on charges of administrative misconduct, disregarding the federal budget, and corruption. Speaking RT last month, Rousseff called the impeachment a “coup” organized by the old Brazilian oligarchy. She vowed to fight the “coup” using all available means.

“Our constitution provides for an impeachment, but only if the president commits a crime against the Constitution and human rights,” Rousseff said. “We believe that it’s a coup, because no such crime has been committed. They put me on trial for additional loans [from state banks]. Every president before me has done it, and it has never been a crime. It won’t become a crime now.”

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2016 Olympics?
Or 2016 Brazilian Revolution?
Maybe both?

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Maybe Trump can hire these guys for his next rally in Mexifornia.

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I'm sure once they replace Socialism with more Socialism, everything will be fine...

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The way things are going across the globe this may turn out to be one of the most interesting summers of my life.

Doubleguns's picture

Or 2016 Brazilian Revolution.

That is a new Olympic event being introduced at the summer games this year.

You have to dodge rubber bullets, pass though 100 yards of gas and the finalists will be dodging live bullets in the playoffs.

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Hunger Games is the eventual goal?

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And quite possibly one of the last for some

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Without hitting the back button, how the fuck do I get back to the home page. I scroll up and there's no menu bar. Nothing but a Zero Hedge header.

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When I scroll up or down I get an entire page of just the menu bar repeating. Trying to get a screen shot. Yesterday it was some kind of weird blue box in the upper corner. Guess the bugs are getting worked out.

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Yep - same here. Sometimes 3 menu bars, just had 5 menus bars... and then I could not replicate the issue.

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Yeah, just snapped a shot of the 3 menu bars. The whole page one was interesting. Did you notice that if you were at the top of the page and you continued to scroll that the ZH banner logo grew and shrank?

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Sometimes 3 menu bars, just had 5 menus bars...
It seems to have something to do with how many times you vote and it comes and goes as you scroll up and down on the page...


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Would suck to be an Olympic torch carrier

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So, zirka, tearagas, rubber.
Or use rubbers not to get zirka.
Shitty country to host the games.

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Where are all the jackasses that can't figure out our gun "obsession". These images are worth more words than I could ever come up with.

nightshiftsucks's picture

Yeah they try that shit here cops will be on our side because they won't want to go against us.

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The peasants getting tired of the oligarchy worldwide?

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There's a movement to draft Joao, the shoeshine man as President of Brazil.
"He has always given me correct change and doesn't know anyone at PetroBras."

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Don't you just hate it when the crooked left and the crooked right can't get along?

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I thought Brazilian women were supposed to be hot?

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

is the US involved or is Brazil in chaos from entirely internal factors?

I can believe the latter in Brazil's case, but then again the US always seems to have a hand in this kind of fuckery...

1033eruth's picture

What?  You think fraud and corruption is a US invention and no one else can replicate it?  Au contraire.  Its been around since before the Greeks and Romans.

SpanishGoop's picture

Is firing beanbags and teargas already on official olympic sport or will it be part of the next plays ?

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   No, it was replaced with Baby-Ruth Bobbing during swim competition.

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Kill the cops first, they're traitors just like all cops are. Cops protect the 1% and nothing more.

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First protection priority is the BLUE LINE.  The 1% come much, MUCH further down the list.

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The weird thing is sometimes this format actually works... lol

...well except the Search engine

smacker's picture

Who to support in Brazil? ,,,
On the one hand, Rousseff is fairly hard-left and has done little to nothing good for Brazil or its economy. She must be pretty corrupt because all socialists are. Period.
On the other hand, she is right. This is a political coup carried out by the likes of Cunha and Temer and their corrupt oligarch cronies.
It is this choice between corrupt elites that is raising the anger on the streets of Brazil.