Caught On Tape: The Day The Teleprompter Died...

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With the most ironically perfect timing this week, President Obama "umm'd", "ahh'd", and "if'd" in a stuttering mess during his veiled denunciation of Donald Trump stump speech for Hillary Clinton, when horror of all horrors - his teleprompter froze...

Enjoy what could be the strangest public appearance yet for President Obama...

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Epic- ChimpFreeze.....

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When I first saw it my first reaction was that it was coke induced stutter.  Not sure I'd like to talk about how or why I recognized those signs because I lead a quiet peaceful life these days. 

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during his veiled denunciation of Donald Trump stump speech for Hillary Clinton

Trump has been hitting Clinton with “crooked Hillary” really hard.

It’s time for her to give an “I am not a Crook” speech.

But unlike Nixon’s raising his arms and flashing the V-signs, she should learn doing it with her… cankles?  ;-)


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Contrast that with this interview of Lavrov, grilled live on air by a reporter who thinks Russia does not act strongly.

No teleprompters were harmed in this production.


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Your future spokesman for Brawndo......

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Can you imagine if this "constitutional lawyer" ever had to argue a case?

"La la la ladies and ge ge gentleman of the jjjjjjjury, I'm I'm Ma ma ma...."

Not quite the most intellectually gifted President we've had....

President Okie Doke Obama

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Like that lawyer in My Cousin Vinny


Obamas was better, his bottom lip was flapping so much I was ROFL.

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With or without the teleprompter, he says nothing but junk about America.

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It really goes to show what literal puppets our politicians are.  When one of their strings get tangled, they go limp and splutter.

How more people cannot see the fallacy of our "dumocrazy" is an enigma to me.

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OK, I admit it. I am one of them okey-dokes he speakes of. There I said it.


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Amerikansky is not elect Okie Doke president once, but TWICE! Please, while Boris is laugh with great pain in rib cage!

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Okie dorky is his new nickname. <chuckle>

No way he could have graduated from Harvard without the Company´s help.

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I, I, I can't think what to, to, to comment.

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Obama is a low IQ puppet just like Bush, they fear Trump because they know he actually wants to lead and be the president.  Trump 2016, no more puppets.

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Maybe the dictatorship in Russia masked as a democracy is actually better than what we have in America.  Putin has an exit strategy, wins conflicts quickly and has the balls to take actions that aren't popular to save his economy and to fight social justice warriors.  Despite having regions sponsored by the CIA and corrupt sunni regions (i.e., chechnya), he has a firm grip on the Muslim issue.  

Best of all, Putin is does not need a teleprompter.  He says his own words and writes his own tunes.  

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The mask has already come off the USA dictatorship for those who are not blind

oncemore's picture

You call Russia a dictatorship?????

Who governs his country with executive orders? Is it Putin, or your imbecil in WH?

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Granted. I'd say Putin runs Russia more like the Medicis ran Florence.

Doesn't matter what office that guy fills - he runs Russia from that office.

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Compare and contrast Obama/Kerry and Putin/Lavrov.


On second thoughts, don't.

armageddon addahere's picture

America never voted for Obama. In 2008 they voted against Bush. A stuffed dummy could have beaten Bush, he was so hated. The second time he was running against Romney.

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i thought this was going to be something amazing.  no doubt this evil man is too dependent on a teleprompter and all politicians want to reduce exposure to people questioning them and their decisions but this is one stutter in the middle of a not bad answer.  


i watched a few more of his gaffes and the breathalyzer one was funny and he didn't know the size of the deficit on letterman (maybe he knew if he said a number after letterman had told him it was increasing at phenomenal speed, he would be out of date and look more foolish).  i hate this guy but this is some thin gruel imo.

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I'm not sure his teleprompter froze, could just be that his literacy pills wore off

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... this nation was plunged into near-war darkness when the line between soros and this nations commander and chief was severed briefly in an anal accident ... the pressd secretary reported that the teleprompters were unharmed in the incident ... 

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rumor has amkra has "rod of god", could this be

hand of god?

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The Elmer Fudd of American politics.



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It's "Idiocracy" in real time, not movie time.

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He seemed 'not sure' of himself.

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mountain99889 (not verified) Yukon Cornholius Jun 5, 2016 3:53 AM

Perhaps at that moment he wished he wished his hairdo wasn't so frizzy

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mountain99889 (not verified) mountain99889 Jun 5, 2016 3:55 AM

whites on the run from violent negros that is progress

mountain99889's picture
mountain99889 (not verified) mountain99889 Jun 5, 2016 3:59 AM

whites not running away fast enough from violent negros - negros are faster than whites - negros outrunning whites that is progress

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Real progress will be when the whites decide they've had enough nigger lawlessness.

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Hill is being sabotaged from inside her own party

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Hill is being sabotaged by her history.  You cannot wallow in shit all your life, then claim there is no smell.

"There is no evidence (because I made sure of it- I think) " -just doesn't cut it.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Build on the progress we've started?


What might that be?


Hope and change......nah......crash and burn!

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He has always done the Uuum and Aaah thing when speaking live.  I never understood how the MSM could keep calling him the most gifted speaker of our time, and then again, I could.


This new format on ZH Sucks!

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Basically, America votes for some unknown, faceless speechwriter. They vote for the teleprompter; or a saxophone; whatever shiny thing the media holds aloft for the public's adulation.

Remember how the media was tingling about how 'smooth' and 'articulate' the Zero was?

Four score... and a-a-a-a a bunch of okey doke ago...

Next time, maybe the Chinese or somebody will hack it and the puppet can say something really interesting.

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The Saint (not verified) Donald J. Trump Jun 4, 2016 6:53 PM

So that's what happened to the stuttering POS.  A hand held device that would freeze teleprompters would be wonderful thing in the hands of a regular attending journalist.

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Even better, imagine what fun you could have with that fuckwit POS if you could alter his prompter text remotely in real time.

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

More like President Simple Jack Obama

Don't h-h-h-h-h-hurt m-m-m-m-m-me!

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Just remember the President there carried an automatic weapon to sessions of Congress.

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Stop laughing. Brawndo has electrolytes.

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Yeah, Lavrov projects clarity and restraint to use military force. Sounds good to me.

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i can understand the passion and patriotism of the young journalist but i side with lavrov too.  she is right; they lost the short game sort of, but they are winning the long game.  slowly, slowly they are convincing the people of europe and the u.s. that russia is saner and safer than the neocons who have run the u.s. government and much of the international agencies for so long.

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It was a complicated moment and in my opinion, Russia needed to buy more time.

But their naval base in Crimea was never going to be given back.

The way they took over the naval base without casualties (if I remember correctly) was masterful.

Gonzogal's picture

This might help you understand more clearly what actually happened with Crimea...


peddling-fiction's picture

Thanks, will take a look at it.

Fractal Parasite's picture

If your strength is diplomacy and endurance and your adversary's strength is force and propaganda, then fight them with diplomacy and endurance.

armageddon addahere's picture

Safer and saner than the neocons running the US government, talk about setting the bar low.