Obama Admits The Government Monitors Your Browsing History

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During a PBS town hall meeting, president Obama was asked why he and Hillary want to control and restrict guns and ammunition to responsible gun owners. Obama's response was the typical stock answer of rejecting the "notion" that anyone is hell-bent on taking away "folks' guns", yada yada.

However, as AllOutdoor notes, if you listen carefully to Obama's full response, there is a comment Obama gives about knowing browser history that should sent everyone into a blind rage.

"I just came from a meeting, today, in the situation room, in which I’ve got people who we know have been on ISIL websites living here in the United States - US citizens. And we’re allowed to put them on the no fly list when it comes to airlines, but because of the National Rifle Association I cannot prohibit those people from buying guns!"

Based on browser history - pardon? What the president just confirmed is that someone from the government is noting everyone's browsing history, determining which websites are not to be visited, and furthermore, if someone does visit the website for whatever reason they get put on a no fly list.

The Anonymous Conservative goes on an epic rant about this revelation.

Now, how are they finding out who is visiting those websites? How big is the unit watching that? What websites are considered verboten by the Fedguv? Who determines the status of a website? Do they have a warrant to surveil what websites people are visiting? Is there any oversight, by any elected body? Nobody knows, because that section of the government is completely hidden from everyone’s view, and the media will never dare ask, for some unimaginable reason.

Imagine how powerful the machine is, that it is actually aware of who is looking at what online. Imagine how powerful the machine is, that an airline executive picks up the phone to hear a disembodied voice say, “You aren’t going to sell this guy a plane ticket today.” No airline asks questions, and nobody asks for a court order or government document. Imagine the power, that the American media dare not mention anything about it. Everyone just jumps to do what they are told. What does the government have on the airline people, the media, the politicians, that everyone will be so blindly obedient, and never even act as if the beast stalking them could possibly exist?

* * *

This isn't necessarily shocking, but it should get people to understand that the government does in fact know much more than they let on. After all, this NSA data center in Utah wasn't built for nothing...

Here is the video - the comment starts at 1:55

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i have never visited zero hedge

i have never logged on to zero hedge

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The Saint (not verified) bamawatson Jun 5, 2016 12:54 PM

Can we put Obama on the No-Fly list and keep him from taking Air Force One to Hawaii or anywhere else?

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Liberty is only win it by painful struggle, but is lost easily without notice through painless neglect.

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226 days until Obama's microphone is taken away.

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Water is a valuable resource.

Bluffdale uses six million gallons a month to cool their unconstitutional spy machines.

Utah needs to shut off their water supply.

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If only there were an extension for Chrome that would erase your history after a short time.  Oh wait....

Search for History Limiter Custom.  Set it for a few days.

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If you are dumb enough to think that might work, you have zero chance of hiding your browsing habits from your govt. Fortunately they don't yet care about your porn fetishes.


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I know everything that I post on the internet could potentially be used against me whether that is a future employer, th gubbermint and etc. Be careful at all times what you post.

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I am about ready to choke from all the free speech in this f’n country.






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But...but...but FB can play host to ISIS for their recruitment and pimping prostitutes, and Suckerberg doesn't get onto no-fly list.

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"Fortunately they don't yet care about your porn fetishes"


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I used to think it was the lunatic fringe of the tinfoil hat crowd that was saying Obozo wont leave.  I am no longer sure.  Especially if it looks like trump has a real chance.....

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Funny how that works, at least you've got company in your thought process.

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The Saint (not verified) gatorengineer Jun 5, 2016 4:21 PM

I would LOVE to see special forces physically remove Ovomit from the White House.  Drag him out by his Mickey Mouse ears!

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Maybe until his "Official" presence is gone, but rest assured he'll be living VERY "high on the hog" if he follows the "speaking circuit" money-printing game followed by past Presidents.



and -


http://work.chron.com/much-us-president-make-retirement-23058.html - Bill Clinton may have been "penniless" when he left the White House ( Ha., Ha!) but the Presidency netted him $65 MILLION in speaking fees, along with a further $15 MILLION for his Memoirs! 80 Million is hardly "penniless" is it . . . . . .

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"i have never logged on to zero hedge"


I have never logged OFF zero hedge. However, sometimes ZH logs me off.  :-)

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Obama keeping track of ZH users, since we keep "peddling fiction" :/

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I've got you beat CD... been kicked off 24x & counting... (so as far as 'monitoring' goes... I suppose ~ lol)

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Yeah it was your mexican housekeeper, that anarchist bitch accessing your computer when you weren't home!   she is probably packing heat too.  Better keep an eye on her.   


or in case it was you, just use Tor browser.  it will make it a little harder for them to sort you out.  

But with an unlimited budget that the USSA has, don't be surprised if you make it on the do not fly list.  

Look at the bright side, it will save you 3 hours+ each way from waiting in TSA lines.  


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LOL...it's the National Rifle Association's fault!!

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So by Obama logic, if Donald Trump looks at a ISIS website to see what they are doing then he is a Islamic terrorist who supports their cause and should be put on a no fly zone.

Talk about a little bit of knowledge being dangerous...  more spaceballs than Orwellian, but give them the chance and I'm sure they'll improve.


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In eye of statist, greatest enemy is man who is read/hear and repeat truth… is threaten foundation of lie upon which state is build.

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"Truth is treason in the empire of lies."  -- Ron Howardovich Paul

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More like the 5th Amendment's fault.  Due process.  He'd get his peepee slapped hard by the courts if he tried that, and he damned well knows it.  The Cocksucker-In-Chief is just trying to score political points against the NRA. 

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He controls the military, do you think the opinion of the courts concern him?

And then there's Roberts who crafted a judgement for him to get 0bamacare in place.

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Buying guns????? How about we put-'em on a fucking plane & drop 'em in the fucking desert?


No parachute nessesary

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Put him down in my backyard...I'll see that the 'nightlife' critters find him pronto.


Maybe even film it for all ZHers.

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Why the fuck would a terrorist risk getting caught going onto an airplane with a bomb too blow up a couple hundred people when they could just blow up the airport with the mile long lines with THOUSANDS of people caused by the TSA.

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The Pentagon said that "the West" supports ISIS so what's the problem?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Problem is Russia is work so very hard with many tonnage of well place bomb to destroy Islamic State and Amerikansky is not help but is get in way!

Billy the Poet's picture

Ameriskansky thinks Nuland to be 21st century manifestdestiny.

it aint paranoia if they really are out too harm you's picture

Keep bombing the bastards, Boris.  Our corrupt leaders keep training and creating ISIL, Putin keeps killing them.  Thank you, Putin for this one thing, and for keeping the peace in Ukraine despite our (USA) evil efforts. 


Yeah, go ahead and flame for being a Putin fan, I only like these two things he does right and WE ARE WRONG on both.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

You are like Putin, you are not like Putin… but you are cannot deny economic turn around and improvement of life of Russia citizenry with increase of median income. But Putin is murderous dictator, so someday he is replace.

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This needs to be re-iterated:

"Obama Slips Up: "We're Training ISIL""



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I review ISIS websites to make sure my tax dollars are well spent

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The backdrop has now been set for the next false flag.

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Soon only flag left is black flag with skeletal cranium and femur in intersecting placement. Nice avatar Pacu!

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I'll stick with the Gadsden. It's decidedly non-collectivist.

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Gadsden is not enough flag like, is too much like tatoo.

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Not exactly a revelation 

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Holy shit tyler, you caught 'em admitting it! 


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I hope people realize that when they support monkeys like Obama and Hillary what they're doing is essentially supporting a fundamental change of the fabric of what America is.

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I almost-only browse zh or survivalblog... I bet I'm on more than a few lists!

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Not accurate at all. Hillary Clinton HAS proposed gun confiscation.


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She says it is the NRA?  I always thought it was the Constitution that stood in the way of banning guns.  Silly me.  Guess that's what happens when you are jst a simple citizen instead of a lawyer politician