Video Re-emerges Of Drunk EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker Slapping, Kissing EU Leaders

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That the unelected president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude "If it gets serious you have to lie" Juncker, has a problem with alcohol is well-known. At the time of his nomination in 2014, the Financial Times joked that the "booze has always been a subject of Brussels gossip. He has proved his ability to sit through all-night Brussels haggling sessions, fortified by brandy and cigarettes. Perhaps the next EU President could have one of those slogans on the office wall – ‘You don’t have to be drunk to work here, but it helps.”


And in what is a stark reminder to those unaware, a video of Juncker, in a strangely boisterous and intoxicated mood at an EU summit last year, has reemerged and provoked a belated social media storm, weeks before Britain votes on whether to stay in the union.

The footage showing Juncker’s unorthodox diplomacy was shot during the EU-Eastern Partnership summit, which was held on May 21-22, 2015 in Latvia. While it was posted last year, it has been rapidly gathering views and media coverage in the past few days. Standing in front of the cameras alongside fellow EU official Donald Tusk, who heads the European Council, and the host nation’s prime minister, Laimdota Straujuma, Juncker made a number of friendly gestures which may seem too frivolous for the occasion.

He slapped several fellow leaders on the face, according to a video of the event re-published last week, and kissed some on the cheek. Another guest he asked to bow so that he could kiss his balding head.

With two male delegates, Junker compared the color of their ties. He also jokingly reproached Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for not wearing one. Junker greeted Spanish Foreign Minister José García-Margallo y Marfil with a military salute. The perplexed politician, who has no military background, awkwardly returned the compliment.

Earlier media reports mentioned Junker’s cheery disposition at the media conference, buy they focused on the way he introduced the approaching Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with the words: “The dictator is coming.” Orban is known for his Eurosceptic views and is accused of attacking democratic values by critics.

For all those considering voting against Brexit, here is a reminder of Europe's sober leadership.

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Bokkenrijder's picture

JC Juncker is the Boris Yeltsin of the EUSSR. 

Juncker is drunk and asleep at the helm of the Titanic and allowing the European citizens get screwed over by the big banks and corporations with TTIP and the Association Treaty with the Ukraine.

peddling-fiction's picture

Probably the drinking allows him to sleep like a baby and not see the demon shadows circling around him.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

At least he wasn't grabbing ass in public.


We should not be surprised in the least when these severely compromised (thus easily controllable) 'leaders' show their flaws in public for all to see.

eforce's picture

Out of all the EU leaders so far, Jruncker is the most entertaining.

remain calm's picture

At least he is a happy drunk. He hugs and kisses both male and females. He would be fun to go to a soccer game.
When things really get bad just lie AND DRINK.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) remain calm Jun 5, 2016 9:21 PM

Boris Yeltsin, is that you?

Vageling's picture

Describe entertaining. I find Farage the most entertaining. He has a skill dissing the muppets that always put a smile on my face. Juncker is kinda like laughing at him. He's a asshat. Farage just spits them in their faces and they are at a lost for words. Now that's pure entertainment! Making Tusk do the Obama eh, er, ah... Well, I got nothing to say! LoL!

JRobby's picture

He finally got the news that there is no seat on any of the G6's to Paraguay for him when it is time to get the fuck out of Dodge. July most likely.

All the GOV TOOLS will be left twisting in the wind when it crashes.

PontifexMaximus's picture

what a boring place, paraguay. jpj is more than happy and delighted, to show all europeans the middle finger, esp the krauts.

4freedom78's picture

Lesser evil than an Orgy with underage girls in a Caribbean island

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

"If it gets serious, you have to get crocked...seriously crocked..."
-- Jean-Claude Juncker

jaap's picture

When the elected yeltsin Did it, It was inmeadiately world news. When the eu dictator does it, the press is quite for more than a year. 

Bokkenrijder's picture

Exactly, a huge double standard.

o r c k's picture

Therefore the phrase "slaphappy".

Winston Churchill's picture

Iired and emotional was how English politicos were caught drunk was described.

Lying all the time, is obviously tiring anfd emotional as well.

Hail Spode's picture

But this man and his friends are our betters, who know what ought to be done with our lives and our earnings even more than we do. Only by giving even more power and money to the global elites like this guy can we save ourselves from ourselves, and global warming, ISIS, and whatever other bogeyman that can be conjured up. / sarc


Sending power up vs. bringing power back down within reach of the individual citizen is the number one thing we should be fighting about. Instead we are fighting about shooting a gorilla.

HeavydutyMexicanOfTheNorthernKingdom's picture

Pancho Villa says, you guys are doomed.

bthunder's picture

Junker was drunk. What's this guy's excuse?

Billy the Poet's picture

You mean he didn't submit his excuse to you already? He should have known better than that. He knows your policy.

opaopaopa's picture

no one is man enough to punch him in the mouth

Billy the Poet's picture

I'd like to see how Moe would handle him.

WillyGroper's picture

ahhhh, but he really lets his hair down here.

i understand there's a to die for wine cellar stocked with chateu lafite carmineshield.

Sudden Debt's picture

Had lunch with the misses in town in the sun today, 2 gins, 2 bottles of wine and a irish coffee. Came home and we took a nap untill 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Sure we missed half the day, but it was a good day :)


chairman of the bored's picture

Damn Debt....nigger weekend=12 hrs of fighting and fucking...36 hrs fixing flats...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Until ol' "Junk"er can't walk anymore because he is in the tertiary stages of alcoholism because he owns a titanium liver and suffers from neuropathy.... to use a Hilda-Beastism "what difference does it make"?...

I'd like to believe that with that alcoholism his "loose lips" would sink a few ships... But the European public at large like the American one is so delusional that it wouldn't even make a diffference if he spoke the truth through his wine these dayz!

Here to prove my point of just how how fucked up Western civilization is with or without Jean Claude "Junk" an analogy of how insane it's gotten!


ft65's picture

Looks to me like someone asserting their authority and seniority over lower ranking individuals drunk or not. Perhaps it's some kind of satanic illuminate ritual or initiation.

adonisdemilo's picture

The bastard's drinking my wine.

String the fucker up, along with the rest of the spendthrift Europhiles.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

What about the SBC (Standards of Business Conduct) that employees, executives and politicians are supposed to adhere to?


Does the SBC manual allow these kinds of Micro Aggressions? If you're Juncker, the answer is Yes.

Vageling's picture

Even worse... Mention this and he goes calling you a liar and starts damaging your EU career. Like I said. Fucking EU junta.


Note. Juncker is not the only dangerous failure. That Belgian called Verhofdstadt is one to pay attention to as well. Guy needs a dentist.

Ms No's picture

You want to hear something funny?  I have seen quite a few asteroids the last handful of years and AZ just took another hit the other night and it scared the shit out of everybody.  After hearing things about our magnetic field weakening and solar minimum approaching, I started poking around about this.  This is from space

"NLCs are Earth's highest clouds. Seeded by meteoroids, they float at the edge of space more than 80 km above the planet's surface. Typically, NLCs are brightest in late June and July. A bright display in early June is a good omen indeed.

When noctilucent clouds first appeared in the 19th century, they were confined to Arctic latitudes. In recent years, NLCs have intensified and spread with sightings as far south as Utah and Colorado. This could be a sign of increasing greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere."


It gets better.  So this is NASA's MSM version of the number of meteors as of late:

But then there is this, detailed observations towards the bottom of the page.  This is just one example, IMO is loaded with data.

This Doctorate guy on SOTT wrote something interesting about it as well.  He has a lot of charts so I'm sure somebody will point it out if they suck.  Something is going on here and it isn't global warming.

Implied Violins's picture

Yup. That's the elephant in the room that I am almost sure the PTB know about and aren't telling anyone. All this political theatre is meant to distract us from the incoming comet storm. That's why they have their underground bunkers; seed vaults; and escape plans.

Read Graham Hancock's latest books, and also Bill Napier and Firestone. This comet shit is cyclical and has literally punctuated human history since the beginning of time. SOTT's Laura Knight-Jadzyck also has two books on this stuff - 'Comets and the Horns of Moses' and her latest with Pierre Lescaudron. Also, if you are interested in actual scientific papers proving that this shit happens, check out

I think some of the random explosions around the world haven't been due to sabotage or warfare, but were caused by asteroid strikes.

Keep watching the skies...not much we can do about it except pray, and prepare just in case.

JohnG's picture



(((Moses))) had horns???  Figures....

Ms No's picture

I've noticed that SOTT seems to have a pet theory/angle on this issue having to do with the Electric Universe Theory.  I am only generally aware of that theory and I'm not quite sure if that is the answer or not.  I haven't heard much about comets either but I will pay attention now that you have mentioned it.  I like SOTT because they have good links and articles on Israel and war issues.  What is clear in this situation is that there is a MASSIVE uptic in meteor strikes and is sure as hell isn't global warming.  There is a yin-yang relationship to sun cycles, cosmic radiation and a bunch of other related phenomena.  They clearly also are trying to hide or misrepresent the data so there is definitely value here and nobody is talking about it.  I haven't come across a great conspiracy theory of substance like this in a long time. 

Whoot, whoot!  There is one conspiracy theory left!

Implied Violins's picture

I've posted this somewhere before, based on synthesizing information from the books and websites I presented above:

12,900 years ago a massive, 60 km diameter comet with a large silica core entered our solar system from the outer Oort cloud, sent our way after an encounter with the sun's twin, a red dwarf star.

This comet came too close to one of the outer gas giants, either Saturn or Jupiter, and shattered into thousands of pieces. This encounter also caused this train of fragments to enter into an orbit around the sun, which intersected the Earth. The remains of this comet exist yet today, called the Taurid complex, of which Comet Encke is a part (Enki? Enlil? Interesting...).

On the first pass (the Earth passes through Comet Encke's tail every 3.3 years), the Earth went through the tail of this shattered comet, and it was bombarded by several thousand fragments over the course of an hour. These fragments set fire to nearly the entire North American continent, creating what is known today by geologists as a distinctive 'black mat' that is associated with the Younger Dryas era. This bombardment absolutely destroyed the Clovis people.

The Earth was hit by several massive fragments, one most likely at least 2 km in diameter made of core silica material, and this fragment hit the Laurentide ice sheet at an oblique angle, creating Saginaw Bay in Michigan. This monster hit shattered the ice sheet, which was 2 miles thick at that point, and sent a super-heated sandy slush into the upper atmosphere which fell back on top of the ice sheet and was also thrown out onto the East coast of the United States, creating what is known today as the Carolina Bays - over 500,000 shallow bays that were created when the super-heated , foamy sandy slushy bubbles 'popped.' (For a discussion of this, check out ) To this day, these bays are very hard to date using contemporary techniques, as the sand in those bays is not of terrestrial origin and the violence of the impact mixed much of it with earth materials.

This ice sheet impact flash-melted over 7 million square miles of ice, creating a massive tidal wave which roared over the Canadian and Siberian northern land masses, resulting in concentrations of animal bones representing many millions of mammoths and other beings off the coasts of these land masses, especially off the coast of Alaska, where there is still a massive 'strewnfield' present. Also, many islands of mammoth bone have been found in Siberia. In addition, much of what was blasted up into the stratosphere by the impact fell back to Earth as massive hail, burying many creatures under several hundred meters of ice.

The water that was released from the ice sheets eventually found its way into the oceans raising sea levels over 400 feet, submerging most of the great cities of the world, many of which still exist off the coast of existing land masses.

The resulting redistribution of so much mass from the poles to the oceans upset the Earth's axial rotation, and the Earth's north pole shifted from Hudson Bay to where it is today. This motion sent new tidal waves to ravage the Earth, hitting areas that had survived the initial onslaught.

On a second pass, about 11,400 years ago, after a portion of humanity had recovered, a remnant of this comet hit in the deep ocean, radically ending the ice age and creating a second 'great flood', further raising sea levels. It was this strike which destroyed Atlantis, and resulted in the global flood stories.

After that fateful day, the Earth continued (and continues yet) to be blasted by the remains of this comet, though nothing of such a size ever happened again. Still, this was such a traumatic event that it remained THE oral tradition that was passed down to children, and many, many cultures spent much of their resources creating stone monuments to the sky that could predict the return of this comet stream, monuments that in many cases were the only surviving things these cultures produced.

To this day, many thousands of tunnels and underground cities are being found in Europe and Turkey that date to this time, as the surviving populations would enter these tunnels to escape the comet showers. However, there were (and are) still punctuations in history where a sizable chunk hit and destroyed cultures, as happened 1644 BC, 3114 (or thereabouts) BC, 8500 BC, 540 AD, 775 AD, etc.

So, given all this background, one can see the desperation of the peoples of that time looking to the heavens for help.

Vageling's picture

What else is new. Alcoholic asshat is too busy impersonating the pope or something too. Guess he has gender issues as well. More recent is that he is now clashing with Tusk and Dijsselbloem.


If it was me I shoved my boot so deep up his ass and sent him flying out of the tower of Babylon. This piece of shit screaming MOAR ever unifying Europe just because he's affraid he needs to pay for his own damn brandy. He doesn't listen, probably too drunk.


I watched the EU parliament debates a few time. That drunk just has this blank stare and his face goes where the noise comes from. Fake smiles a bit. Like the asshat is staring in the abyss. MOAR power to me he yells at the press. Wonder is he also does crack. Or snort coke. He has a ichy nose.


So like I always say here: "Can someone tell Juncker to stay at the bar!" You see, that's where the only damage he does is to himself.

mr.n3utr0n's picture

Hookers, Blow, Booze, Oxy, Smokes, and blowing smoke up arses, is now Standard Operating Proceedure for Modern Civilization.

oncemore's picture

Are they going to change the position towards Russia?

Do they need a Bauern Opfer?


The slap on the face, taken by Orban, was youtubed half a  year ago. Why do they "refresh" it now?

DId the moron do something not conform to the zionist script?

cwsuisse's picture

Give him a vacuum cleaner and he will dance a pas-de-deux.

bluskyes's picture

How cheery! I want to see him give the queen an open face slap on the bum.

Paul John Smith's picture

He's just high on life ...

(I bought a 'volcano')

(they're awesome)

no ita lever's picture

That man is a riot, does have his own show in Europe?



GeezerGeek's picture

He and Biden should team up - they'd make a great comedy team.

Fireman's picture

A lying, corrupt, drunken, thieving bankster retard; exactly what the thugocracy in Washing town expects from its EUSSR minions in Natostan sinkhole Brussels. However, the Europeons appear to be waking up as BREXIT looms on the horizon and Cerdogan opens his USSAN financed concentration camps for the summer wandering of the herds displaced by Pentacon Kill Industries serial judaic bouts of ME genocide.

Onward to the collap$€ that humanity is praying for!

Ghordius's picture

"That the unelected president of the European Commission..."

As a reminder, they can fire him. Consider the alternative headline "Video re-emerges drunk eu commission chief slapping kissing those who could fire him"