Now Seen On Chicago License Plates: "BTFD"

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Having entered the trader vernacular, it was only a matter of time before a car with a "BTFD" license plate emerged. And inevitably enough, as a reader points out, the following license plate was photographed yesterday on Clark Street in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. 


Considering the plate was spotted on a 1 Series, we can only imagine the "D" wasn't all that big: perhaps someone needs to advise Ken Griffedn to use this all too appropriate name for his next yacht.

Car notwithstanding, at least the driver (and anyone stuck behind him) will never forget the only rule one needs to trade this market.

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Bring Tacos For Dinner.

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Now seen and spoted:


One bright citizen in the cesspool of dipshits/dindus that is Chi-raq.

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I'd gladly dine on the taco underneath that GAAP...



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Butt Tuck Floppy Dick. 'Murica

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bob_bichen (not verified) Jun 6, 2016 2:56 PM




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Artemis Rand (not verified) J Jason Djfmam Jun 6, 2016 3:25 PM

You should put that on a t-shirt. I am serious too.

I would buy one.

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makes it easy for the repo guys to find. 

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I crack up every time I watch this! 

bullet's picture

small fry... 1 series

Callz d Ballz's picture

Should be hanging on nothing less than a Ferrari 458 Speciale for it to be valid.

Hal n back's picture

or a 6 or 7 series vs a 1 series.

However, if you drive into the city better you do not drive a 7 or 6: drive a corolla or civic.

Professor Know Nothing's picture

Easy to identify this numb nuts after he torches his p.o.s. For insurance proceeds after he buys that inevitable 1% "stocks crater" that turns into a 20% down shit show

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It's almost time to BTFATH.

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Artemis Rand (not verified) Jun 6, 2016 3:11 PM

Big Titties, Fat Dicks

Take it as a username, i don't care, just give me credit...

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Build That Trump Wall.


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Looks like a contrarian signal.

squ33zeb1nd's picture

It started on his 755i Series, then moved to the 535, then the 325, now.... I see a pattern,

Bullets Trusted Friendly Democrats....

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ya he better BTFD because some of the newer BMWs don't even have a dipstick to dip.


alexcojones's picture

Dear Don: Please consider building a "Starter Wall" around ChiRaq

Emergency Ward's picture

On a 128i?  That's a good one!

The Fonz...before shark jump's picture

No 7 series you tolerate it but driving a 1 series might as well have the plate say goEBT

budd_dwyers_gun's picture

Should have invested in an E30 M3 a 5-8 years ago. The current valuations are insane, along with any air-cooled Porsche.

artichoke's picture

Air cooled Porsches are a pain in the ass.  Gotta adjust the valves every 8000 miles.  Shifting gears is more like rowing with your right hand, although maybe the later ones fixed that endearing trait.

I've had a 911.  Still, if I could find a nice low-rust 914, I might bite.  They were that much fun.


Butter That Fuckhole, Democrat.
Better Than Food, Dude.
Best Trade- Fear, Destruction.
Bugger The Fucking Douche-bag.
Best Take Food, Drugs.

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I did it long ago

Automatic Choke's picture

Beware Totally Full Diapers

firewolfsblog's picture

Bury The Fucker Deep

Implied Violins's picture

Beer, T... uh, Ok - F... er, um... ok, D...??

Fuck it, beer is enough.

dizzyfingers's picture

A Weekend in Afghanistan Is Safer than a weekend in Chicago. STAY AWAY!

yogibear's picture

Was that Chicago Fed president:'s Charles Evan 's license plate?

Now it's all about the Fed pumping stocks higher before the November election. It's why Obama met with Yellen.

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whoa, slow down one series. Dude must be killing it with that strategy. 

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whoa, slow down one series. Dude must be killing it with that strategy. 

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xtranormal for the win.

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'Sell Vol' was the license plate on a Ferrari also spotted on Clark Street except a bit south near the Board of Trade.  Same mindset.  Bigger balls.

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Back the Fuck Down

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Broke The Fuck Down?

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A 1-Series? Come on man, stop trying so hard.

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Bet Trump Fucks Democracy?