Obama Slams Door In Putin's Face, Refuses To Discuss "Very Dangerous" Missile Defense System

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Authored by Eric Zuesse, via The Saker,

Actions speak louder than mere words, and U.S. President Barack Obama has now acted, not only spoken. His action is to refuse to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s biggest worry about recent changes in America’s nuclear strategy - a particularly stunning change that is terrifying Putin.

On Sunday June 5th, Reuters headlined “Russia Says U.S. Refuses Talks on Missile Defence System”, and reported that, “The United States has refused Russian offers to discuss Washington’s missile defence programme, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov was quoted as saying on Sunday, calling the initiative ‘very dangerous’.”

Russia’s concern is that, if the “Ballistic Missile Defense” or “Anti Ballistic Missile” system, that the United States is now just starting to install on and near Russia’s borders, works, then the United States will be able to launch a surprise nuclear attack against Russia, and this system, which has been in development for decades and is technically called the “Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System”, will annihilate the missiles that Russia launches in retaliation, which will then leave the Russian population with no retaliation at all, except for the nuclear contamination of the entire northern hemisphere, and global nuclear winter, the blowback from America’s onslaught against Russia, which blowback some strategists in the West say would be manageable probems for the U.S. and might be worth the cost of eliminating Russia.

That theory, of a winnable nuclear war (which in the U.S. seems to be replacing the prior theory, called “M.A.D.” for Mutually Assured Destruction) was first prominently put forth in 2006 in the prestigious U.S. journal Foreign Affairs, headlining “The Rise of Nuclear Primacy” and which advocated for a much bolder U.S. strategic policy against Russia, based upon what it argued was America’s technological superiority against Russia’s weaponry and a possibly limited time-window in which to take advantage of it before Russia catches up and the opportunity to do so is gone.

Paul Craig Roberts was the first reporter in the West to write in a supportive way about Russia’s concerns that Barack Obama might be a follower of that theory. One of Roberts’s early articles on this was issued on 17 June 2014 and headlined “Washington Is Beating The War Drums”, where he observed that “US war doctrine has been changed. US nuclear weapons are no longer restricted to a retaliatory force, but have been elevated to the role of preemptive nuclear attack.”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has tried many times to raise this issue with President Obama, the most recent such instance being via a public statement of his concern, made on May 27th. Apparently, the public statement by Antonov on June 5th is following up on that latest Putin effort, by Antonov’s announcement there that Obama now explicitly refuses to discuss Putin’s concerns about the matter.

The fact that these efforts on the part of the Russian government are via public media instead of via private conversations (such as had been the means used during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when the shoe was on the other foot and the U.S. President was concerned about the Soviet President’s installation of nuclear missiles 90 miles from the U.S. border) suggests that Mr. Obama, unlike U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1962, refuses to communicate with Russia, now that the U.S. is potentially in the position of the aggressor.

Russia is making its preparations, just in case it will (because of the Aegis Ashore system) need to be the first to attack. However, some knowledgeable people on the subject say that Russia will never strike first. Perhaps U.S. President Obama is proceeding on the basis of a similar assumption, and this is the reason why he is refusing to discuss the matter with his Russian counterpart. However, if Mr. Obama wishes to avoid a nuclear confrontation, then refusing even to discuss the opponent’s concerns would not be the way to go about doing that. Obama is therefore sending signals to the contrary — that he is preparing a nuclear attack against Russia — simply by his refusal to discuss the matter. In this case, his action of refusal is, itself, an answer to Putin’s question, like slamming the door in Putin’s face would be. It’s a behavioral answer, instead of a merely verbal one.

The geostrategist John Helmer discussed on May 30th the question of when the “Trigger Point” will likely be for Putin to decide whether there is no reasonable alternative but to launch — and for him then to launch — World War III.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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edotabin's picture

Another Cuban missile crisis.

Nothing happened then and nothing will happen now.

khnum's picture

Im sorry you are greatly mistaken there is nothing the calibre of Kennedy or Mc Namara remotely available

giovanni_f's picture

eeeeee-xactly. With the US run by a bunch of anal-rententive hungry ghosts, the situation might be more dangerous than ever.

Harlequin001's picture

Maybe now Putin will take out the Western financial system, starting with the Comex...

If he doesn't then he's just part of the system, and this is cooperation between east and west to thin the world population.

Bumpo's picture

I can't imagine Obammy slamming any doors, nor Putin being the least bit 'terrified'. I can believe Putin is pissed off though, and he can do more with 50 Billion than the US can do with over 500 Billion. Russias silent subs alone are enough to keep the Neocons up at night.

Manthong's picture

Trump should make a big deal out of this provocation.

It is inane.

monk27's picture

Putin doesn't really want to talk to Obozo. He knows full well that our guy is an idiot who's on his way out. But he plays the PR chess to perfection by making Obozo look even dumber that he really is (if such a thing is possible)...

WordSmith2013's picture
INTERMARIUM: The Most Dangerous Geopolitical Chess Game On Planet Earth




Until folks understand the real back story to the INTERMARIUM, it's difficult to make sense of the chessboard dynamics in 2016.

new game's picture

stand back, remain calm, and look at the insanity of the aggressor.

pure compilation of a handfull of sociopathic physcopaths...

the enemy within. hellery on that short list...

Blackfox's picture

Have you ever heard the song "kinky sex makes the world go round" by The Dead Kennedys?

Check it out, it's about East ands West having a war to thin the population out, it's pretty awesome - nice vid with this one too.



Jeffersonian Liberal's picture


Nah. His goal is to get us in a hot war against the Sino-Rusoo alliance, a war he knows we cannot win.

That will set up for a decimation of our military whom, like Bill Clinton, he loathes.

The end goal?

To force the US to surrender either to the alliance or to a global over site that further reduces the sovereignty of the US.

May not all happen on his watch, which is why they need "the first female president" who is being portrayed as a hawk, to prove that women can be fighters.

OldPhart's picture

We're in a War Criminal Government run by a bunch of pussy assed Urban Cowboys.  What's the worst that can happen?

new game's picture

an oversized hat blows out the sunroof of a escalade...

MFL8240's picture

- a particularly stunning change that is terrifying Putin

Russia has twice the weapons and twice the missle defense as the US and this is suguesting Putin is concerned. If so its because he understands what a nuclear war means while this fool is too stupid and does not care about American lives.

prefan4200's picture

Obama WANTS to destroy the US and American lives.  His view is that Americans are racist, power-hungry, colonialists who have lorded over the world for too long and need to be put in their place and marginalized, if not outright destroyed.  Something will happen between now and January 2017 to delay or negate a new president being sworn in.  Just watch.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

Well Kennedy was a sexually-obsessed coward and Mc Namara led the US into the Vietnam war.

Parrotile's picture

Compared with the current encumbent Kennedy was the pinnacle of "relatively sane". Kennedy WAS prepared to negotiate, but remember those many "unfortunate incidents" that very nearly started WW3 during that time of heightened tension, including the US depth-charging a Russian sub in INTERNATIONAL waters (the B-59 Crisis).

Oballsup is following his script , and unfortunately for us all the script authors may be blinded by hubris after all those "Easy Victories" in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, or maybe "their" managers have other ideas - hence the renewed interest in buying land in New Zealand, and buying places in those "luxury Bomb Shelters" mentioned on ZH over the past few months.



Multi's picture

Sorry Russia, but if the US Government thinks they can get away with fucking you...  they WILL fuck you. Call it whatever doctrine you want, but that's the actual foreign policy the US has followed over years and it WILL continue to do so.

Russians are not dummies, they know this. But, in my opinion, they are too corrupt to open their society to free markets to boost economic growth and be able to compete. Don't worry too much though, you just have to hold on some more years, the US economic might has been going down the drain since the beginning of this century, and the military power can only follow suit.

monk27's picture

Thinking you can get away with something, and doing it, are two very different things...

Multi's picture

You are right, I should say "they WILL try to fuck you"

edotabin's picture

The markets aren't free.

dogismycopilot's picture

bit thick aren't you? nuclear missile systems have become much more complex since the 1960s. All it takes is one malfunction in Romania - a missle blows up in its hanger/launcher - and the Russians think it is the heat signature for a first strike and they let their birds fly.

You, mate, haven't a fucking scooby doo.

naiverealist's picture

". . . such as had been the means used during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when the shoe was on the other foot and the U.S. President was concerned about the Soviet President’s installation of nuclear missiles 90 miles from the U.S. border). . . "


This "historian" fails to mention the reason the Russians put missiles in Cuba was because the US put Jupiter missiles (long range nuclear ICBMs) into Turkey.  These put Moscow and the Western Soviet Union in the crosshairs.  As soon as Kennedy agreed to pull out the Jupiters from Turkey, Russia pulled their missiles out of Cuba.


Russia was merely responding to US provocation.  That provocation was not new, as iun the 1950's Gen. Curtis LeMay was always flying B-52s (remember the nuclear armed SAC bombers flying 24 hours a day) into Russian airspace, just daring them to take a shot.  Thank goodness that the Russians did not bite.


The concept of a winnable nuclear war is pure, unadulterated madness.

khnum's picture

The Pentagon believes it has full spectrum dominance,total superiority of land sea and air and that a nuclear was is now winnable and yet a bunch of religious zealots in old toyotas have run them ragged now for 15 years,Netanyahu is in Moscow today and his body language was not good nasty things are afoot.

3Wishes's picture

Pentagon dont like the cold steel up them.

dark fiber's picture

Idiot playing right into Putin's hands one blunder at a time.

inosent's picture

This is what happens when the jewz get upstaged on the world stage. As the JewSA is the only sock puppet for zio Corp, the only tool they have in their kit to use and manipulate and f-k over the world, naturally, after Putin re-creating Russia as a Christian country and eviscerating the Mossad proxy war to take out Assad, and having failed miserably using the oil short to BK Russia, and that Putin is now 100 times more popular in Russia and around the world, the only thing the jewz can think of is to take a page from their playbook of lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, swindle, distort, false-flag, fear monger, war, nuke, destroy, wipe out, etc.


Erase the jewz from the uSa, the uSa restores the Christian Principle, and there is not only no problem with Russia, but Russia becomes a natural ally.


May the jewz all rot in hell for all eternity for being the singular source of all the world's horrors and nightmares. May the American ppl kick these good for nothing freaks off the continent forever.




edotabin's picture

Please hold......... we are too busy trying to figure out which bathroom to use. If we ever figure that out we may eventually move on to other things.

Nobodys Home's picture

I miss the days of "the trough"

Boy that water's cold. Deep too!

OldPhart's picture

I remember it as a bridge, not some lowly trough.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

...and the river had a rocky bottom.

Byte Me's picture

Good rant. Possibly slightly genocidal, but WTF.



inosent's picture

Killing is, of course, inconsistent with the Christian Principle. However, there is such a thing as self defense. That should not be overlooked.

Blackfox's picture

Send them all back to Israel - nobody need get hurt or killed this time over. No need to give them ammunition for another Holohoax 2.0


Check out all the newspaper articles BEFORE 1939 claiming 6 millions jews are dying/under threat etc. It really is amazing...


inosent's picture

indeed. Good link, btw. been up to speed on that 'little' propaganda detail for a while now. bookmarked and saved to hard drive :)

Déjà view's picture

Putin does not dance when 'Net & Yahoo' insists. Nobel Peace Prize winner yez SIR, Wolfowitz wolfpack et. al. which tune this time SIR?

Restorative_Ally's picture

Can we please stop claiming that the 2 planned Aegis ashore systems can shoot down Russian ICBM's traveling to the continental US? It rather damages your credibility. They can't now and never will be able to in their current form. Even the supposedly upcoming versions would probably not make their targets in time to intercept missiles launched from even extreme western Russia. The only real concerns for Russia about the AA system are their ability to function as a backup battle-management system, their ability to down ballistic threats targeted at European counties, and most importantly (the main concern, and for some reason unspoken) their ability to host tomahawk cruise missiles in their vertical launch systems. Most of the concern of a first strike by tomahawk can be relieved by placing an agent near the site with a phone, and remember the US can park a ship to launch them anywhere they want. 

In fairness, it ought to be noted that Russia has very advanced ABM systems already in service, many of their anti-air systems serve the dual purpose, and most of Russia's are mobile by nature.

Nexus789's picture

I agree with your comment. They keep making the claim these systems can shoot down ICBMs. Patriot was so great that the Israelis spent tens of millions on it to upgrade it.  Russian jamming capabilities are not fully know and it’s likely that the Aegis could go dark. The Russian philosophy re radars and missiles is very different with multi-band radars and multiple types of missile within linked systems.

Restorative_Ally's picture

Jamming could do it if it was close enough perhaps, but my money is on two dudes and a mortar tube to knock it out. The simpler, cheaper and more reliable the solution, the better. 

dark fiber's picture

The issue in not the real capabilities of the Aegis system the problem is that such a system may create the impression to many idiots in the White House that Russia's retaliation capability can be neutralized. Now think of what will happen of you give a certifiable sociopath like Hillary the impression that she can provoke someone with impunity.  Given the number of dangerous  nutcases in congress and the pentagon, I think you have the recipe for an extinction level event.

blueRidgeBoy's picture

No, we can't.  It's much more fun pretending how much we miss the good old days of MAD

MilesN's picture

Hk-55 voice on - Clarification: It is western idiot jourmo meatbags that are making this claim. Putin voiced his concerns plainly in an internal interview in mid-May (cant find original video stream right away, but here is the text (russian) http://izvestia.ru/news/613533) Basically his worry ios not interception capability. His worry is that sites are closed off for any outside inspection (despite Russian pleas to the contrary) and as such could be refitted (or built from the get go) as a launch site for small to medium range nuclear tipped missiles. now THIS is a worry.

Nobodys Home's picture

For decades, I've wondered whether the cold war....hasn't been agreed upon between both countries to boost mic profits and covertly do what is blatantly done now. As Obama stated as an original presidential goal: "Redistribution of wealth"


Restorative_Ally's picture

I strongly suspect cold war 1 was a jewish plot to increase profits and enslave the masses, especially since they owned both nations. I'm not certain about this one, but it is certainly possible.

Nobodys Home's picture

The more I read the more I realize I have been indoctrinated. The more I realize I may be still be being indoctrinated, by everything I read.

Modern day Russia indeed has a bolshevic beginning. The Fed indeed has many close relationships with GS. London...The Rothchilds..... etc.

Kahzars...Judeans.....Bankers.....Neocons....Mega Corporations.....Who's Who in the world of deceipt and control?

It does seem that enslaving the masses is the goal. Jews? Who the hell are they? Perhaps that is disinformation.

Whoever rules the roost today has practiced and refined their craft for many years. I don't believe anything I believe!.....

Except my family and community and their safety and health are important and worth fighting for.

khnum's picture

I dont know whether there is good and evil anymore ,maybe all thats out there is various forms of evil fighting for the food on the table- in any event I will not shed 1 drop of sweat nor blood for any cause anymore other than those I love and care about

Nobodys Home's picture

It might come down to that, but until it does I do still try to give back...Even so, I'd give that up and protect my family first if things change for the worst.

OldPhart's picture

At your back brother.


We will all have to do waht we can to protect our communities with what we can afford, afterthat it's neighborhood, then famiiy.

I'm remote enough that getting to the family level will put me far from any freeway; and a two to six mile line of sight isn't so bad on our main road.  A twenty mile line of sight elsewhere is even better.

I love the desert.