China Orders 1,000 Heavy Transport Aircraft "Based On The Experience Of The United States And Russia"

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As tensions escalate to dangerous levels in the South China Sea and in eastern Europe, an interesting decision has been made be the Chinese government.

According to Sputnik, back in January the People's Liberation Army Air Force was preparing to develop a new fleet of stealth fighters and heavy transport aircraft. The heavy transport aircraft, the Xian Y-20 transport, was going to be built in order to give Beijing a "fast and reliable platform" to deliver arms and soldiers over long distances.

Model Y-20 Transport

During a technology exhibition in Beijing, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) elaborated on the governments plans for the Y-20. Although originally thought that Beijing would want only 400,  "More than 1,000 Y-20s will be needed" said Zhu Qian, head of AVIC's large aircraft development office - the reason? "Based on the experience of the United States and Russia" Zhu says.

Now that's an interesting nugget of information. So due to the fact that the US and Russia are at odds, China needs 1,000 heavy transport aircraft - why would that be, is China planning on getting involved if ever the US and Russia got into a military dispute?

The Y-20 weighs roughly 220 tons, has four turbofan engines, and can carry up to 66 tons of cargo at a range of about 3,230 miles. This means the heavy transport aircraft can reach everywhere in Europe and Asia, the US state of Alaska, Australia, and North Africa.

So to summarize, due to what's happening between Russia and the United States, China has ordered nearly triple the amount of heavy transport aircraft it originally intended so that it could take tanks and other military equipment anywhere in Europe.

Which reminds us of what we reported earlier today. As China sailed a warship by disputed islands that are claimed to be controlled by Japan, Japanese officials also stated that a two Russian vessels were also spotted in the contested zone. Something tells us that there may be a military alliance in the works between Russia and China, and that could present significant problems for the US as it tries to bully both simultaneously.

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 The aircraft is only as good as it's engines. China builds crappy jet engines.

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Hence the high order number  ;)

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  ^^^ What he said ;-)

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It works for Amazon.  Make up in volume what you lose in profit (pilots).

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I just ordered a swing for my wife. Upon delivery the U bolt connecting the seat to the back which was welded...had broken in half. Made in China bullshit. Returning.

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I ordered a swing for my wife too.

The noose seemed slippery and well made.

Keeping it.

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credit to Mervyn King...

not only they send naval ships to the doorsteps of Japan, to meet up with Russian's...

they also double ordering transport planes (guess what purpose)...

no longer "defense only" ?



Well, people in the Dresden meeting will be happy...

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You mean the Bilderberg meetings this weekend?

They will be planning all the coming mayhem!

I didn't see any Chinese on the list?

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That was the propaganda list for public consumption.

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"China Orders 1,000 Heavy Transport Aircraft"

China orders from whom??? Does ZH mean "China plans to manufacture..."?

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Does ZH mean "China plans to manufacture..."?


You have to wonder about that though. I mean, aren't they in trouble because they've overspent on infrastructure already? How's this going to help? You'da figured they'd have learned their lesson. 

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They're going to airdrop monuments onto their replica cities.

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If Chinese people can discard there newborn infants  because it was born a female , to the nearest orphanage , yea... I would say they are are accustomed to the throw-away mentality.

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I agree, if it was an American they would try to sell it for $500/- before abandoning it....

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You moron.  The kidneys are worth $500 alone.

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China discards females. In the USSA males want to become females....or at least pee and shower with the females.

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Has Brucey offered a slightly used penis and testicules on Ebay yet?

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They manufacture like bullshit because they are selling it to idiot Americans who they know will keep buying garbage items all while China builds its FRN surplus. They also know that the American corpratocracy who own most of the associated businesses dont give a fuck either because they have their pockets lined from the beauty of globalism...Chinese aren't as dumb as you think.

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China builds crappy jet engines….

Let’s analyze that for a second …… ask yourself this question:


Does China build engines and sell them or does China build engines to your specifications and engineering requirements and then sells them?


The plastic toy you get from Walmart that breaks after a day of use comes from China but so does your iPhone …. China manufactures what you tell it to manufacture. Does Walmart sell $49 DVD players or do they sell $500 DVD players … which one do you think Walmart ordered?





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Even the Russians are smart enough NOT to sell the Chinese their " vectored thrust" technology.

  When it comes to metallurgy and tolerance, the U.S. is still ahead of Russia. [ for now]

 An airframe is worthless without a reliable powerplant.  Chinese jet engines look like used tubes of toilet paper.[ antiquated turbojet tech unless you want to go hypersonic]

 They don't have hy-bypass [ 777 gen-ex] technology. They haven't mastered, the skills required to spin a 10 or 11 foot fan blade at 100,000 RPMS.


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Not so. The Russians clearly know Titanium better than we do - think of why we need their RD-180 rocket motor.

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   No they don't. They build good high powered engines for their Fighters and multi-role bombers.

 Come on--- seriously???  GE9X

 I'm no fan of Jeffrey Immelt, but 2 of those on a Antonov An-124 Ruslan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  would get the job done easily. Add another two for redundancy. The fuel costs would still be lower than the burn on those four toilet paper tubes.

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perhaps but the russians certainly not as stupid and corrupt when it comes to the bottom line of national policies like the US morons running this shit show are.

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we (clinton) gave  them nuke technology, what makes you think they dont have the specs and ability to manufacture a quality engine for themselves.

Yen Cross's picture


They probably do.

  When I see it in action, I'll believe it. Maybe they're having trouble tooling up, with all that rehypothecated  copper on their hands?

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The clinton who probably made the decision to give secrets and level playing field (treason btw) is very close to 4 more years.

Where are the people on this... come on. How can it possibly be... kidding, we dont exist anymore or we will soon see about it.

Edit:Wow just heard drudge talking about the very thing re hill vs sharing secrets. amazing syncronous deal there

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Last four times I visited PRC they were using German machinery, German tunneling equipment to build subways, German Krupp-Thyssen escalators German subway cars etc. What make you think the Chinese will go anything other than put together German parts to build anything? The Germans will be happy to supply quality German engineering to their #1 trading partner.

Seen it with my own two eyes. German brand machinery is everywhere and if USA and PRC have conflict we will be fighting German, machines, again.  

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  These gals and guys? Home - English - Siemens Global Website

  Your comment sounds accurate.

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What make you think the Chinese will go anything other than put together German parts to build anything?

Because.... urgh.... they are being operated by Chinese? LMAO....... I like it how everyone thinks modern technology is all shake-and-bake.

We'll see.....

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no worries, Amerikan coporations will end up transferring the technology to them through stupid globalization schemes. 

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10 foor fan at 100.000 RPM? You are jongling with zeros a lot.  you know how fast rotates a turbocharger in the automobile engine??????????

But you are not alone, at this point intime another 7 believe your nonsense.


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  It sounds crazy, doesn't it? An eleven foot ceramic fan spinning @ 100K RPM's @ FL 35 with 300 hundred passengers.

  <> silly me?


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"It sounds crazy, doesn't it?"


Sounds impossible. The tip of a propeller must *never* exceed Mach 1, very bad things start to happen when it gets even close to that. Isn't that common knowledge? First or second year physics class?


Looking for a site to make the calculation for me:

Propeller Tip Speed Calculator:

132    * Prop Diameter. In inches.
100,000 * Engine Rpm. ( Max )

39,270 = Prop Tip Speed in Mph.
51.2 = Prop Tip Speed in Mach. Maximum performance between 0.8-0.92 Mach.

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Wouldn't it give something like 50x (minimum) too much thrust, even if it could be build out of Neutronium or something? ;)

land_of_the_few's picture

The fan spins generally at a max of up to 6K RPM, to not let the fan tips get very supersonic and create high drag. Clearly, the bigger diameter the fan, the slower you have to spin it to avoid this.

Apparently A320 sounds a bit like a chainsaw at max thrust at takeoff for this reason .... engine is IAE V2500 and max 5,650 RPM equates to about mach 1.4 for 63.5 in fan (5ft 3in / 1613mm)

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They don't have hy-bypass [ 777 gen-ex] technology. They haven't mastered, the skills required to spin a 10 or 11 foot fan blade at 100,000 RPMS.

Not to worry, somewhere over at one of the MICs is a big fat donut-munching fatbody whose classified computer access login is 1234. And if that fails, there's a hiring manager at Boeing or Lockheed who will hire 2d generation Mr. Wang Bang who will sail through his FBI background checks with flying colors and promptly start downloading the entire database of his new employer the second he gets his own logon access.

What they can't design they steal and copy. Sums up about 99.9% of their rocket-like technologial ascent.

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 You're correct. They have better technology now.  GE9X

  How's that MI6 job treating you?


  The original GE motor was tested  @ 120 thousand pound of thrust, with 99% efficiency. The total sustained thrust loads are over 150K.

  The new motor is detuned, for Euro Standards, and still produces easily 130k LBS of thrust with 20% less fuel burn, and 30% less noise.


 I'm not taking sides, but I am presenting technology. If you shrink the size of that fan blade, reconfigure the igniters, and pull a few compressor stages, you've got a Mig something,with a small gas tank, loaded with ordinance.

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I wanna see a transport aircraft with afterburners and vectored thrust ;) Like that Renault Espace with the F1 motor ;)

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I know a guy who worked for Pratt & Whitney. About a decade ago, he told me the US Gov had approved the sale of a test plant by P&W to China. The guy (as was I) was flabbergasted that that would have been allowed, as the test plant is what’s needed to continuously refine and improve state of the art engines. We are cutting our own throats for the almighty (but not for much longer) dollar.

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I guess Hellary will have to give them enfine technology like Bill gave them stealth and carrier technology (documented).

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Good memory division on this site.

..and recall that commie-lib Hazel O’Leary, Secretary of Energy (1993-1997) decided that color coded area access badges were not PC enough and too easily recognizable for nuclear secrets access at Los Alamos (and likely elsewhere).


Good timeline of Clinton’s sedition:


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Hellary? are you talking about Hilary  C--Tin

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Are you mentally challenged?

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As Stalin said: Quantity has a quality all its own.


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The aircraft is only as good as it's engines. China builds crappy jet engines.

Not if those Chinese transports have Russian turbofans on their pylons!!!

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    Russia builds crappy High-Bypass turbofans. Look at at their entire fleet of heavy lift aircraft.  It takes six fucking engines to get an aircraft of the tarmac partially loaded.

 That was my point from the start. I clearly stated that Russia builds good engines for their tactical airwing.

 In order to fight a strategic war, you need reliable [heavy lift assets] in order to fortify your lines.

  Russian technology excluding nuclear propulsion and ICBM's has tactical reach issues. The U.S. fucking with Russia is really stupid!!!

  Russia is a vast landmass.

   Russia just wants to protect it's sovereignty.

  Those slopehead Chinese are another topic all-together

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We will give (or they will steal) our technology on engines and maybe this Y-20 has a lot of C-17 and Airbus technology.  See this new Russian Jet, the MC-21. PW engines and components galore from Western companies all trying to get another piece of a pie for the replacement Russian fleet.

Yen Cross's picture

  Uhhh, when it's deployed in the numbers required to sustain an advantage, I'll buy you a huge bar of silver.

 Putin doesn't have expansionist ideas. Russia is resource rich and undiscovered.

 This is about Western interests trying to exploit Russia. [ The Arctic rsources]

  BTW, China and Russia are just co-Operating.