New Tensions Erupt In The East China Sea, This Time With A Russian Twist

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In the latest round of tensions to erupt in the East China Sea, Japanese officials say a Chinese warship was spotted for the first time near disputed islands that Japan claims control over.

The islands are called Senkaku in Japan, and Diaoyu in China, and while China regularly sends nonmilitary patrol vessels to the area, this was the first time a Chinese warship was spotted. Japan's Vice Foreign Minister Akitaka Saiki summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo around 2 a.m. to express serious concern over the matter. The warship, a frigate, was spotted less than 24 nautical miles from the uninhabited island chain the NYT reports.

The above islands are known as Senkaku in Japan, and Diaoyu in China

The Chinese frigate entered a band of ocean around the disputed islands that are just beyond exclusive territorial waters in what Japan claims as a "contiguous zone." Japanese vessels were in contact with the Chinese frigate as it approached the zone and warned it for about two hours to change course before it entered.

"China's actions unilaterally escalate tensions in the area, and we are seriously concerned" said the Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga at a news briefing, while adding that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered the Japanese Navy and Coast Guard to be on alert.

China responded in kind, with the Ministry of National Defense saying "We've noted the relevant reports. The Diaoyu Islands and affiliated islands are Chinese territory. For China's military vessels to pass through waters under the country's own jurisdiction is reasonable and legitimate, and other countries have no right to make irresponsible claims."

In an interesting twist, Japan said two Russian vessels were also spotted in the islands contiguous zone around the same time, though it was unclear whether their presence was connected with the Chinese frigate. Japanese officials said they did not protest the Russian vessels.

Japanese foreign minister Akitaka Saiki said that "China has its own particular claim, Russia doesn't, so we distinguish between the Chinese and Russian actions and respond accordingly."

Of course the situation begs the question whether or not Russia and China were working the East China Sea together in a show of somy type of solidarity with one another, or was it purely a "coincidence" that on the heels of all of the US led tension in both China and Russia lately that the two would both be in the same waters just after the US promised to keep its military might in the region for "decades to come."

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The islands have been long disputed between the two nations, recall that back in 2012 anti-Japan sentiment exploded in China when the Japanese government purchased the islands from a private owner, something China of course viewed as illegal.

The event spurred riots in China, and the protests got so severe that  Japanese firms with production within China had to shut down, with expatriates urged to stay indoors. The situation further escalated to the point where in late 2013, China unveiled an "Air Defense Identification Zone" in the region, which required that any overflights submit their plans to Beijing in advance.

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N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Jun 9, 2016 4:45 PM


I bet Tom Clancy is sure pissed he missed all this.  

johngaltfla's picture

For some reason, other than our nukes, I don't think the Russians are too worried about our politically correct transgendered and neutered military:

US Dept of Defense Official: Russia Could Destroy NATO in 60 Hours (VIDEO)
N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) johngaltfla Jun 9, 2016 4:56 PM


But, lets not forget that the publisher of this is a "politically correct transgendered and neutered" US Dept of Def Official (Big-MIC) who is trying to get more loot for his socialist Big-MIC scam.


This was the same scam run throughout the cold war:  Those godless commies have a new TANK.   It's the BEST tank in the whole-wide-world: The T-N + 1 (where N = that last tank they had).


The smart-n-savvy people always use fear to get the dumbasses to give them more loot.  It's worked every since the end of WW2 (which we lost when we never disbanded Big-MIC).


johngaltfla's picture

No, this guy is a lower level schmuck who just produces reports. His role at DoD is just translating the obvious into blather the politicians can comprehend. The situation is bad, real bad, if we go to war with Russia and/or China. For some strange reason, I don't think the idea of the USA being without a functioning financial system or power grid for over 2 months has sunk into the thick heads on Capitol Hill. They don't understand the next war will be far beyond a bunch of tanks, planes, and ships fighting it out.

MalteseFalcon's picture

If Japan wanted to secure its claim on the island they should drop a nuclear power plant on it.

Freddie's picture

MIC Criminal/Pentagoner to Congress Creep:

"Yeah we know the F-35 is total shit like many other USSA weapons systems but give us another $3 trillion that you can steal from taxpayers."

Evil evil clowns.  The Russians do so much at 1/10 the cost.  The USSA and UK stuff is always breaking or does not work. Ships that are crap too.  Missiles that are two generations behind the Russians.   The Neo/Zio Cons want endless war.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Hard to say if that's real or just the military seeking more war toys and funding for the MIC.

acommenter's picture

Some context needed: The Russians could destroy NATO in the Baltics in 60 hours.


Nexus789's picture

The rest of it would go soon after though. The only military of any use is the US. The rest are about as useful as tits on a bull.

mary mary's picture

Offensive militaries are only good if you're going to invade somebody else's country. 

No country needs a military the size of the USA's.
Especially the USA, with Canada on one side and Mexico on the other.

The USA military is the size it is to serve the lobal Banking Empire, which invades other people's countries regularly.

Icahn C Yourshorts's picture

NATO = Need Another Take Over...

Same as it ever was.

Freddie's picture

Those "farmers and miners" in Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) could probably defeat every NATO country except the USSA. Germany and the UK included.

Old video from 2014 with "Givi" not giving a shit during a Grad attack by the zio-nazis from Kiev.

Hard men that you do not want to tangle with.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Russia is not to be fucked with, but do bear in mind, the guy who wrote this report was really saying: "if you don't want Ivan to conquer Europe and rape your daughters, we need MOAR defense spending!" Of course, Europes daughters are now being raped anyways by the hajis they so fervently supported along with the USSA.

Squid Viscous's picture

your move Obozo!

this is chess, not checkers

abyssinian's picture

The dumb Japs got Obama! Oh wait, they are doomed! Shithole Abe can go bite a pillow... Biggest clown. 

Uncle Tupelo's picture

Cue The Rally Monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fuck the Japanese USSA vassals, simple. They have not been a real CUNTry since WWII, or Germany for that matter.

That fako Hirosima has done wonders for the jewUSSA.

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Maybe lay off on the meth before you post next time. Coherence isn't your strength.

Allen_H's picture

Prove me wrong Langley mother fucker!

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

"Hey! You sank my battleship!"

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Fiat bubble, soil and trouble.

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commie (not verified) Jun 9, 2016 5:03 PM

It is clear that Russia is bent on provoking the US. So if our Euro missile defense gives us the opportunity for a preemptive strike--take it and incinerate the bastards. 

luckylogger's picture

Good one!!!!!!!

That ought to get you about 50 down votes from the putin luver  trolls!!!


mary mary's picture

No fair repeating your message 3 times, so I can't give you 50 down votes without choosing which of the 3 to downvote.

Tall Tom's picture





The clown seems to not understand that Nuclear Winter is an EXTINCTION Level Event.


Most people just do not realize that the vast majority of the quantity of the Oxygen in the atmosphere is generated in the World's Oceans by phytoplankton.


Phytoplankton produce sugars from Carbon using SUNLIGHT. The byproduct is OXYGEN which is transpired through the ocean waters into our atmosphere..


Lacking sufficient SUNLIGHT phytoplankton die by starvation.


Thus the atmoshere becomes DEPLETED of OXYGEN...which will kill OXYGEN you and I, and himself.


That is the major problem of the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.


It is not ignorance. In many instances it is a result of INTENTIONAL IGNORANCE or outright stupidity.


Nobody wins a Global Thermonuclear War. Even the "victors" will be vanquished as they succumb to slow suffocation.


But he wants to take a chance with not only his life, but your life, and my life also,..because he just REFUSES to believe the measured observations of the same phenomena that happened on Mars back in 1971, and observed by NASA's Jet Propusion Laboratory's  Mariner 9 Mars Orbiter.


He rejects the Empirical Evidence. That was a serendipitous event as that Dust Storm enveloped the enrire Martian Globe at the arrival of that probe. Althugh the surface was not visible (FOR A YEAR) because of the opacity caused by the suspension of dust in the Martian Atmosohere we could still measure Ground Temperatures and correlate that to a massive decline in Solar Flux and Intensity.


The decline was dramatic. That percentage of decline in the amount of sunlight would kill off every living organism that uses Oxygen to metabolize along with every plant on the surface of the Globe.


So he chooses to use human beings as a passive Human Shield. That is how much of a COWARD that this jerk is.


The problem is that people as himself believe that scientists just dream up a line of horseshit wiuthout it having anything to do with reality. Of course he believes this shit because he does the same.


I cannot believe just how dense these people are.



luckylogger's picture

Good one!!!!!!!

That ought to get you about 50 down votes from the putin luver  trolls!!!


luckylogger's picture

Good one!!!!!!!

That ought to get you about 50 down votes from the putin luver  trolls!!!


i_call_you_my_base's picture

You should enlist and join in on the fun.

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keyboard rambo chiming in

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keyboard rambutt chimping in.

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Keyboard retard chiming in! :)

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Well actually he is a suicidal maniac who is chiming in.

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You are one stupid fuck. BTW, there is virtually scenario where we could hit Russia without them being able to retaliate. But you probably live in Israel and could give two shits if a few nukes land in the US. Hell, you might just be poised conveniently on a nearby roof top to video record and dance.

Tall Tom's picture





A Global Thernonuclear war will kill all of us.


The projections of the catastrophic results of a Nuclear Winter were computed with onlu ONE PERCENT of the Global Arsenal being detonated in large cities.


It is an ELE.

optimator's picture

International waters, any country has the right to sail there.

Allen_H's picture

You think your borders spread around the globe? Exceptional.

Lost in translation's picture


Everyone knows the United States has no borders.

Tall Tom's picture





That is the inherent problem of Globalism versus Nationalism. Globalists desire weak borders and Nationalists prefer strong borders.


Of course the centerpiece of this Hegelian Dialectic is the State.


You are offered either a Globalist State,or a Nationalist State. Thus the debate is controlled from the outset with the underlying ASSUMPTION that the State must exist, that the State is necessary..


So I offer an alternative of the abolishment of the State. That idea is the largest threat to those who reign inpower behind the scenes as the State serves that purpose.


When given a choice think about the frame of the argument and just what the underlying assumptions are. The underlying assumption is generally the unstated agenda. The argument is framed so that the underlying assumption will not be challenged.



shovelhead's picture

Anyone feeling froggy?

Sometimes this kind of shit leads to more than hurt feelings.

"China has announced ownership over entire Asian continent."

quartzo's picture

of course...

that is a retaliation to the US incursions close to the artificial chinese islands...

coast's picture

Tomorrows headlines"

Tensiions mount as ISIS warship enters china sea territory.  The warship, "s.s.bullshit" was apparently stolen from an Iraqi port, left there by the united trucks and american made ak-47's could be spotted on the deck.  ISIS militants seem to be hungry, because thru radar, there were angry voices all asking for a "snackbar"????

Consuelo's picture





 Wait until these foreign policy blunders bleed over into economic actions.    The steel tariff spat is like a gnat on the ass of a pissed off rhinoceros by comparison.   Neither China nor Russia wish to accelerate their divestiture from U.S. hegemony any more than a pace which suits their plans, but if provoked enough to accelerate - then what...?    The 'dual citizens' steering U.S. foreign policy are so full of themselves, that they have taken leave of their senses. 

Skiprrrdog's picture

Whatever happened to the long running joke known as the FBI probe of Hyena Rodent Clinton?

Does anyone remember that?

Broken vows of secrecy?

Illegal servers in basements?

Deleted emails?


abyssinian's picture

Also the ugliest lying cunt in the US. 

Eddielaidler's picture

Steer a massive typhoon there and the Spratleys are gone. Do we have that capability? Now that is owning the weather.

coast's picture

If you do a search "russia troops training in the united states" its weird, I dont understand.

mary mary's picture

Yes, it's weird, and silly.  Goes back to a movie made for teenagers during the Cold War.  "Red Dawn".

nibiru's picture

So everything is happening according to the plan. China slowly getting the edge in economy, currency reserves, gold reserves. Now they have a lot more people to 'use' militarily and through their heroic death to gain some more assets - be it islands, factories or simply more power.


Of course, Russia is the primary ally - and this is why all the conundrum about Ukraine and Anaconda '16. Beat/pull Russia to yourself and then take on China.