Generation Snowflake: Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings And The Wussification Of Our Young People

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Submitted by Michael Snyder by The End of The American Dream blog,

Why do so many of our young people instantly break down in tears the moment anything seriously offends them?  Have we raised an entire generation that has been so coddled and that is so spineless that it is completely incapable of dealing with the harsh realities of the modern world? 

At colleges and universities all over America, students are now demanding “safe spaces” where anything and everything that could possibly make them feel “uncomfortable” is banned.  And “trigger warnings” are being placed on some of our great literary classics because they might cause some students to feel “unsafe” because they may be reminded of a past trauma.  In this day and age, our overly coddled young people have come to expect that they should be automatically shielded from anything that could remotely be considered harmful or offensive, and as a result we now have an entire generation that is completely lacking in toughness.  That may be fine as long as you can depend on Mom and Dad, but how in the world are these young men and women going to handle the difficult challenges that come with living in the real world?

Author Claire Fox has a great deal of experience dealing with these overly sensitive young people, and she has dubbed them “Generation Snowflake”

Claire Fox, head of a thinktank called the Institute of Ideas, has penned a coruscating critique of “Generation Snowflake”, the name given to a growing group of youngsters who “believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable”.


She said British and American universities are dominated by cabals of young women who are dead set on banning anything they find remotely offensive.

Some time ago Fox was giving a speech to a group of young women during which she brought up the subject of rape, and she was completely stunned by what happened next

Some of the girls were sobbing and hugging each other, while others shrieked. The majority appeared at the very least shell-shocked.


It was distress on a scale appropriate for some horrible disaster. Thankfully, however, I wasn’t in a war zone or at the scene of a pile-up – but in a school hall filled with A-level students.


What had provoked such hysteria? I’d dared express an opinion that went against their accepted way of thinking.

In the western world, political correctness is often taken to absolutely ridiculous extremes in attempt to keep people from being exposed to anything that could remotely be considered “offensive”.  For instance, just consider a couple of examples from the United Kingdom

This hyper-sensitivity has prompted the University of East Anglia to outlaw sombreros in a Mexican restaurant and caused the National Union of Students to ban clapping as “as it might trigger trauma”, asking youngsters to use “jazz hands” instead.

Could you imagine banning clapping?

But this is actually happening.  Anything that might make someone feel the least bit “uncomfortable” is now being labeled as a “micro-aggression”, and at schools all over America “safe spaces” are being set up where young people can avoid anyone or anything that may make them “feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged”.

The following is one definition of “safe spaces” that comes from Wikipedia

Advocates for Youth states on their website that a safe-space is “A place where anyone can relax and be fully self-expressed, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, age, or physical or mental ability; a place where the rules guard each person’s self-respect, dignity and feelings and strongly encourage everyone to respect others.

And this is not a fringe movement at all.  These “safe spaces” are being established at some of the most prestigious universities in the entire country, and in at least one case a “safe space” included “calming music, cookies, Play-Doh and a video of frolicking puppies”

At Brown University – like Harvard, one of the eight elite Ivy League universities – the New York Times reported students set up a “safe space” that offered calming music, cookies, Play-Doh and a video of frolicking puppies to help students cope with a discussion on how colleges should handle sexual assault.


A Harvard student described in the university newspaper attending a “safe space” complete with “massage circles” that was designed to help students have open conversations.

Are you kidding me?

The real world is tough, and we need to teach our kids to be tough.

Trying to recreate a kindergarten environment for men and women that are supposed to be adults is not going to help anyone.

Another big thing that students are demanding now are “trigger warnings” on any educational materials that may potentially upset someone.

According to, a “trigger warning” is “a stated warning that the content of a text, video, etc., may upset or offend some people, especially those who have previously experienced a related trauma.”

At Harvard, students are being told that they are now free to skip certain books if reading them would make them feel “unsafe”.  I wish that I could have used this excuse back in my college days, because then I would have had much more time to spend with my friends.  The following comes from the Telegraph

Literary classics are now considered potentially “unsafe” for students to read. Reading lists at some universities are being adapted to come with warnings printed beside certain titles: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald (Trigger: suicide, domestic abuse and graphic violence) and Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (Trigger: suicidal tendencies).


In some colleges, professors have been known to tell students that if a book makes them feel unsafe, they are allowed to skim it, or skip it altogether, a Harvard Law professor told this newspaper.

Now that we have defined “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”, I am going to define a term that I used in the title of this article.

“Wussification” is the act of turning someone into a “wussy”.  And defines “wussy” in the following manner…

A person with no guts. A person who whines all day and sits around and cries like a little baby for years over nothing. Will blow anything out of proportion and create drama to forget about their sad miserable lives.

If our young people need cookies, Play-Doh and videos of frolicking puppies to deal with the challenges in their lives right now, what in the world are they going to do when the things really start falling apart in America?

The real world can be exceedingly cold and cruel, and our young people need to be equipped to handle whatever life will throw at them.

Unfortunately, we have raised an entire generation of overly coddled boys and girls that have never learned to become men and women, and as a result society as a whole will suffer greatly.

* * *

Just a reminder, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake...

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Budnacho's picture

I am Jack's complete lack of suprise...

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It started with the ban on Lawn Darts, gone downhill since

Arnold's picture



Not bad, but the hip gyration that Elvis presented was the turning point.

Budnacho's picture

Actually, it's when women were allowed to show their knees at the beach...that's when it all civilization truly began to unravel...

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No topper to that....uncle.

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The Saint (not verified) Arnold Jun 10, 2016 7:37 PM

The millennials are the generation that will let mankind become ruled by robots.  The Terminator movies are a true story.

Arnold's picture

Possibly,.... Mr sn#SNT 615SER3

Radical Marijuana's picture

That may become so, The Saint ... However, I feel that is too optimistic an expectation.

In a world with an abundance of weapons of mass destruction, there is no intelligible ways to "be tough."

While I agree that people are being raised to be more and more unrealistic, what, pray tell, is the realistic alternative?

How can the human murder systems be operated after the development of weapons of mass destruction ???

How can one sanely "be tough" when real fighting would result in everyone dying?

While I agree that the "wussification" is another indication of the overall ways that civilization, based upon enforcing frauds, becoming exponentially more fraudulent, and therefore, that civilization is necessarily headed towards series of psychotic breakdowns, I AM NOT AWARE OF ANY PUBLICLY SIGNIFICANT PRESENTATIONS OF HOW TO OPERATE BETTER DEATH CONTROL SYSTEMS ...

In my view, Snyder has provided another superficially correct analysis, which presumes that it is still possible to take for granted what it may mean to "become men and women." Actually, the established systems based upon being able to enforce frauds, which are automatically becoming exponentially more fraudulent, are out of control criminal insanities. The ruling classes are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths, while those they rule over are becoming increasingly impotent and incompetent political idiots.

Snyder correctly points out that more and more young people are becoming impotent and incompetent political idiots, however, he does NOT provide any realistic ways to resolve the issues that the ruling classes are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths. The ruling classes, may well be "tougher," but they too have become criminally insane.

There exist combined money/murder systems, whereby the debt controls are backed up by the death controls. The vast majority of people have been conditioned to not want to understand that. Indeed, the established systems are almost totally dominated by the best available professional hypocrites, and those are the "leaders" that younger people today are mostly following.

While it may be the case, that there are developed autonomous robots that murder people, it continues to be extremely problematic that thousands of years of history, based upon successful warfare, in which it worked to "be tough," has relatively recently, become criminally insane. Presumably, advanced robots, which developed sufficiently complicated models of their world, with models of themselves withing their models of their world, would then rediscover all of the psychological and political problems that human beings always had. In my view, Snyder is not remotely close to even being in the right ball park to admit and address that issue.

In the post-modernizing world, to really fight a war means that everyone loses. Autonomous robots with weapons of mass destruction would destroy each other. Similarly, to really fight a revolution means that everyone loses. Most people who indulge in some old-fashioned notions about some Second American Revolution are indulging in nostalgic nonsense, where they pretend that the world was still as if there were only paper money frauds backed by gunpowder weapons, instead of actually being globalized electronic money frauds, backed by atomic weapons. In my view, most people are relatively quietly becoming more and more insane, while young people are growing up in that increasingly insane society. The established systems are MAD Money As Debt, backed by MAD Mutual Assured Destruction. Those systems are currently cruising on autopilot, due to the inertia of social habits, especially because the first generation that grew up while those became MAD REALITIES is still alive today.

The vast majority of young people are NOT informed that they are actually living inside of systems based upon globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic bombs ... However, one can then ask the question, what could they do, IF they were properly informed about those realities?

"Dear children, you are growing up in a civilization based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, which has become exponentially more fraudulent. There is no reasonable hope for your foreseeable future. Please indulge in fantasies, and be as unrealistic as possible, because it is politically impossible to do anything to prevent yourselves from being severely screwed, at an exponentially accelerating rate, unless there were some series of miracles, which, by definition, probably are NOT going to happen."

I am NOT aware of Snyder ever providing anything more than superficial analysis of those problems, correctly predicting that the systems are headed towards crazy collapses. Moreover, I have never read anything from Snyder that actually admits and addresses the issues regarding how to operate the human murder systems after the development of weapons of mass destruction. Indeed, although there are theoretically possible solutions, based upon series of intellectual scientific revolutions, and profound paradigm shifts that apply to the perception of the death control systems in general, and the murder systems in particular, those theories are NOT something which are at all popular, since those are based upon recognizing the degree to which civilization based upon the excessive successfulness of the applications the methods of organized crime, as to "be tough," have driven civilization to manifest runaway criminal insanities, where the technologies to create autonomous robots that can murder human beings are rushing ahead at about an exponential rate!

In pathetic ways, many young people have been adapting to living inside of criminally insane sociopolitical systems, run by the best available professional hypocrites. However, I do NOT regarding Snyder as proposing and promoting anything better, since he presumes that he already can simply say "become men and women," after technologies have become trillions of times more powerful and capable, such that whatever it used to mean to "become men and women" is no longer relevant, except, perhaps, in very abstracted ways.

toady's picture

weapons of mass destruction! Holy shit! How could you not tell me you were gonna say that! You know it would traumatize me! Take your micro aggression and get the fuck out of my safe space!



Billy the Poet's picture

It started with the ban on Lawn Darts, gone downhill since


Ayn Rand said it's all Kant's fault. Listen to her describe university students in the 1970s.

whatamaroon's picture

Being pubiesient in the 60's and 70's woemens lib was at first great~ think mini skirts and no bras, then the wemminz thought they were equal to us, been downhill since.

Radical Marijuana's picture


That was the point I also made in my reply below.

Vatican_cameo's picture

It started when they edited out the Violence in Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam Cartoons, followed by the Road Runner and Daffy Duck.  The true sign of decline in our society.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I think the beginning of the end was Women's Suffrage. \shitstorm

Radical Marijuana's picture

Women's Suffrage gained traction after the industrialization of warfare, such as with the development of machine guns and dynamite.

See my reply above for more elucidation of the meaning of that. Thousands of years of the history of warfare developed those systems were worked best under those previous conditions. However, the development of weapons of mass destruction changed everything. Since there no longer can be any real fighting to exhaustion, as in the old days, it became possible to allow homosexuals and women into the armed forces. After the industrialization of warfare, the old-fashioned patriarchal values, selected by thousands of years of previously successful warfare, were no longer working. As the industrial revolutions continued to advance at an exponential rate, pretty well everything developed during thousands of years of the history of Neolithic Civilization became increasingly insane.

Movements like Women's Suffrage were promoted by professional hypocrites. They did not properly engage in deeper analyses of how and why the history of warfare had selected for patriarchy, etc. ... Indeed, I suspect that your "Normalcy Bias" includes taking for granted that Woman's Suffrage misfired, because it actually became another manifestation of professional hypocrisy, because it did NOT admit and address the chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life, which require that there be some death control systems.

Human history selected for the surviving systems of organized warfare to become triumphant, by developing in the ways that they did. However, at the same time, those systems drove their own destruction, by becoming excessively successful, such as by developing an abundance of weapons of mass destruction, which made warfare become stark raving madness, risking collective suicide. Women's Suffrage was a kind of superficial response to that, back in the earlier days of the industrialization of warfare, which was already making manliness become nuts, while making warfare end up an overall losing proposition. Hence, the abundance of paradoxes, ever since about the first "modern war," which was the American Civil War.

Tragically, the Second American Revolution and/or Second American Civil War are shaping up to become overwhelming outbreaks of collective insanities. I WISH that it were possible for more people to sufficiently change the ways that they thought about the death control systems in general, and the murder systems in particular. However, what the article above tends to demonstrate is that people are becoming even less able to think better about those.

Since money is measurement backed by murder, more people should understand that. However, instead, the trends are towards more people becoming even less able and willing understand that, rather than more able to understand that, as demonstrated by the social facts which Snyder has outlined in the article above.

dilligaff's picture

40+ years ago, my best friend got lawn darts for his birthday. Back then they had sharp points on the ends. His sister had a really bad throw and it stuck in my friends leg, just above the knee. After we finished laughing our asses off, we pulled it out, put a bandage on it and continued playing.  These days it would have been major law suit...

deimos178's picture

I grew up in the 50's and 60's playing war in the woods, walking 2 miles to the lake to swim by myself at age 10 and never got a participation trophy. I'm going to eat the lunches of those whiney little bitches.

NoWayJose's picture

No one plays 'war' like that any more. Unfortunately, what I learned doing so has ruined many a modern 'war' movie for me - where idiots stand up to shoot. I cringe when 4 guys in Afghanistan tumble down a cliff, then all four go hide behind one rock and chat - while the Taliban outflank them on 3 sides. Spread out and use your superior weapons and scopes!

European American's picture

BB guns. House unlocked. Played all over the neighborhood and came home for dinner (in ths summer) when I was 7, 8, 9. No such thing as a helmet for riding a bicycle. Kissed girls behind the backstop. Watched cartoons saturday morning then went out and had unbounded fun in the "woods". Took my pocket knife to school and showed it to my friends. I do think the 50's and early 60's were the last of the great years for kids growing up in the USA. Does every younger generation seem weird to the older generation before them, or have we truly  entered a new realm with the snowflake gerneraton. I wonder how they are going manage (in their safe spaces) when the revolution takes center stage?

Bollixed's picture

I also grew up in the '50s and 60's and the week I graduated high school at 17 I hitchhiked from DC to Daytona, Florida for a few days and then hitchhiked from Daytona to St. Pete's. Stayed a few days with strangers, and then hitchhiked back up to the DC area. Nothing overly unusual about that journey. It's just what we did back in the day.

Powerslaved's picture

You described my childhood to a T. Born in '67. I think I'm from the last generation to understand that childhood. Pre-technology as well. I tell my kids they don't know what they are missing. Life pre smart phones and wi-go. I wil also add this, back then you could make money as a kid. I started deliver newspapers at 12. Caddied at the wealthy country club from 14 to 16. I've never worked less than 40 hours a week since. I was taught that if I wanted it I had to go out and get it myself. Best lesson ever taught. Unfortunately not taught by many anymore.

Tall Tom's picture




I was raised back in the 1960 sand 1970s also.


We had BB Gun Wars, I went through similar experiences. You could bring your Pocket Knives to school...although Mom did not approve.


We really were not rich in the 1960s...and the 1970s were very tough times with unemplyment and moderate inflation.


Why did our generation coddle our children in the 1980s? Why did that generation coddle their children even more? Did our unwise use of out faux wealth spoil the children and grandchildren? (That Stock Market Boom was all borrowed money as Deficit Spending exploded during the 1980s while American Industry was gutted...Faux Wealth)


Well we are getting our just desserts.



Parrotile's picture

TT - you might (not) be too surprised to hear that it's much the same Down Under. With the probabilty of a "real" WW3 scenario rising, in view of my "advanced years" I was rather expecting my chances of survival to be slim-to-nil, however in view of the capabilities / limitations of "The Opposition", I'm thinking that my survival odds may be considerably better :-)


A similarly "mature" colleague calls today's phenomenon "Learned Acopia", which sums it up rather well, don't you think??

Amicus Curiae's picture

yeah...what the F? happened to our mob?

we went from resilient n hardy in the 50s/60s

to bloody near useless by the 80s

I thought it was just my class mates who were useless n thick as a plank due to poor ed and area

then I figured  it wasnt just  my school but most of them..and its not improved in any way since

all this money for the best ed n teachers? for jackshit results

juLiar and the gonsky report

the amount of people falling over for that funding is obscene and it wont do a damn thing to improve em.

Id be up for childabuse because my kids would be pen n paper users no net and pc gamers

and theyd be bloody well working around the house and land or else go hungry as I did.

you dont work- you dont eat mum was pretty clear on that ;-)

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) deimos178 Jun 10, 2016 7:38 PM

If you don't die first.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

No offernse to those who serve or choose to and this is a simplistic even non-sensical observation but it struck last week what is wrong when two elite pilots crash, one spl forces teams is rescued from a mountain, not sure could have been averted by but tragically that 9 army soldiers drowned on base and then somewhat contrary you have this

Normalcy Bias's picture

Life is going to kick the shit out of these pansies, most of whom will end up on SSRI's - so, we all have that to look forward to.

g speed's picture

no--they will embrace suicide --the thing that scares them the most---

Normalcy Bias's picture

Yeah, they (and their SSRI's) may decide to suicide YOU.

nmewn's picture

Now it can be told as he approaches 18.



Squire got his first gun at the age of seven which I had restored after finding it muzzle down in the Fenholloway River, a Remington semi-auto rifle, his first shotgun at ten. He can pull my Hoyt bow back now and gut & skin out anything he shoots. He's A-B in his college courses as a junior in high school and scary smart in maff.



And unfortunately for me, my opposite politically as many young people are these days, tomorrow he weeds the flower beds as I sit under the "socialist shade tree"...watching & pointing...the weatherman says its supposed to be hot ;-)

Normalcy Bias's picture

I've known for a long while that you were a wise man.

Here's another lesson for your son: After sitting under the shade tree "watching & pointing," (and drinking cold beer, hopefully) when he finishes his work, pay him only HALF of the agreed upon amount - that will teach him about taxes!

nmewn's picture

Indeed...but first I've got to teach MYSELF not to pay him BEFORE the actual labor is'm really starting to believe it's all my own fault.



This I can rectify ;-)

Arnold's picture

Then send him a 1099.

nmewn's picture

Actually that would be a real eye opener for he'd have to show his expenses to offset his income, like him paying me rental for the gloves & shovel he uses.



A "progressive" taxation win-win lesson for him, including his aching back.



Which would be Faaarrreee! ;-)

True Blue's picture

I was thinking give it all to him; then take back half (saying "FICA, Social Security, State, Local...") and then turn in plain sight and give it to the neighbor kid who did nothing.

I don't think you need go so far as pulling a gun on him when you extract the 'taxes'...

Normalcy Bias's picture

I still remember my first real paycheck, and asking my Dad, who in the hell is this 'FICA' bitch? He laughed, knowingly...

Arnold's picture
Mine was 80 hours, 0.85 per hour net pay $65.00.

it was quite a shock as well.


Normalcy Bias's picture

I was thinking, shit I worked my ass off for that money (which I did, and I even got scabies as a bonus!), I was 17 w/no children, but I had 'dependents' anyway.

It was a brutal awakening.

Riga's picture

My mom's younger brother was given a pistol at the age of 5, which he used to shoot squirrels, which his mother skinned and turned into stew.

Arnold's picture

Good for him,

Chances are 50-50  that I could hit a tree rat with a small caliber handgun.

Amicus Curiae's picture

I think most of them ARE on SSRI already

part of the problem

Arnold's picture

There is a great deal more mental illness afoot  since they closed the State institutions.

Shrinkology used to be a growth, if not lucrative business.

European American's picture

Shrinkology morphed into pharmaceuticology...the quintessential, lucrative business.

True Blue's picture

So... you're saying 'they have a little blue pill for that'?

whatamaroon's picture

You aint just whisitiling Dixie.

BigDuke6's picture

This article is dumb.

So merica needs another war to keep it tough?

Which jew MIC war machine tool of the elites wrote this gash.


Arnold's picture



Nope, needs a couple less of you.

barron58's picture

In my lifetime I've seen us go from the Greatest Generation to the snowflake generation.  How we have fallen.