Moscow Warns Of Prompt Response After US Sends Destroyer To Black Sea

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Having sent not one but two aircraft carriers into the Mediterranean in what, as we reported yesterday, was meant to be a "clear message to Russia", the US decided to further antagonize Russia when on Monday it sent the US destroyer Porter in the Black Sea "for a series of drills with allies and forces of partner nations in what the United States called a routine deployment", the US Navy announced.  To be sure, the US Navy was quite clear about its intentions with these deployments: “It provides some needed presence in the Med to check…the Russians,” the official said. “The unpredictability of what we did with Truman kind of makes them think twice.”

The guided-missile destroyer, USS Porter

Well, as we said yesterday, "we expect Russia to respond promptly", and sure enough it did just that when earlier today the Russian Foreign ministry, cited by Reuters, said Moscow would respond to a U.S. naval ship's entry into the Black Sea with unspecified measures, saying it and other deployments were designed to ratchet up tensions ahead of a NATO summit, the RIA news agency reported. And this time, the US is not covering up behind some fake diplomatic pretext, and freely admits its intention is to fully antagonize Russia by sending a heavily armed vessel in what is the Russian equivalent to the Gulf of Mexico.

Russian state media reported that the USS Porter, a U.S. naval destroyer, entered the Black Sea a few days ago on a routine deployment, a move it said raised hackles in Moscow because it had recently been fitted with a new missile system. Of course, this is in addition to the two aircraft carriers already on location in the Mediterranean as the US is seemingly eager to dramatically escalate tensions with Russia, this time over sea.

"Of course, this does not meet with our approval and will undoubtedly lead to response measures," RIA cited Andrei Kelin, a senior Foreign Ministry official, as saying about the USS Porter's movements. He also said the deployment of U.S. aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean was a show of force which in his view deepened a chill in ties between Moscow and Washington caused by Russia's actions in Ukraine and Syria."

As regards the overall situation of course there is a definite increase and stoking of tensions in our relations," he was quoted as saying. 

“There is nothing special about the movement of US vessels in this case. We know that aircraft carriers are moving in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere, they have a right to do so, this is freedom of navigation,” he said. “But in general, this is a definite increase in [Russia-US] relations and all this is done ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw – this is a demonstration of force,” he added.

While we don't know what the "unspecified measure" that Russia will respond with is just yet, it is certain to provoke further escalation between the two military superpowers, which as covered extensively in the recent past, have also escalated in the nuclear arena to the point where security experts are warning that the "Risk Of Nuclear Dirty Bomb Is Rising On Poor US-Russia Relations."

Sadly, it increasingly looks like that just the first great depression ended in global conflict, war in some capacity is inevitable this time as well.

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We are not there to defend Turkie.  It's the other reason.

Nor does Russia want or need to intimidate them.  They're not so petty.  In any case being a NATO member - one is a bit immune from intimidation anyway. 

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My uncle was on one of these lone Black Sea destroyers in the 1960's

Said he thought he was being all slick getting around being drafted and not having to go to Vietnam, and ended on a single ship in the middle of the most hostile waters surrounded by Soviet Union.

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And lived to tell about it along with all of his mates.

I was in the Black Sea too, in the late '70's.  No Soviet ever threatened me.  However when I returned to Georgia, I almost got lynched.

Visited a Soviet country as well - Romania.  A wonderful time was had by all.

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If the Russians dare to send their ships to our shores, we will deploy a bunch of geriatric Baywatch Lifeguard-babes to keep us all safe!   ;-)


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I do sincerely wish that we had some common sense God fearing folks in charge of our National Defence instead of the seemingly maniacal neoconservatives. I do worry that our lives, and the lives of our children, are at risk with the hubris of the present group of "leaders" who genuinely seem to believe that a preemptive nuclear strike is a viable strategy. As Einstein said, "I don't know how WWIII will be fought but WWIIII will be fought with sticks and stones"


God help us all.

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We get Trump in and we will be trading with Russia not fighting a unnecessary war with a country that is not our enemy. We get Clinton, well all I can say is load up on iodine and stock up your bomb shelter.

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WWIII is an actual a goal of the Satanic bastards running the US right now.  They want to use it to depopulate the globe, and as a way to bring in a global government.

Hopefully good people can stop it, but if not,  you better prepare yourself and your family.

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Yeah?  I hope they have detailed plans, personnel and materials to keep the water circulating through scores of spent fuel pools around the norther hemisphere   full of the thousands of tons of radiactive "spent" fuel; because if they cook off, higher life on this planet is finished.

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From what I understand they are only going to destroy the US military targets, and then use that leverage to get us to join a new global military. That global military would then win the war, and then hello global scientific dictatorship/technocracy.    I would imagine they do have a plan for the spent fuel rods and the like.   They're not suicidal.

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Once we have President Hilary she's going to be so desperate to distract people from her criminal email and FBI shit that she will gladly light the fuse on one of our cute little B-61 battlefield nukes

Then shit's gonna get real real fast

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Pretty sure Einstein would have called it WWIV, not WWIIII... Just saying...

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You do know (avatar) what a flag upside down means? I do.

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For some reason it is not rendering right. It is supposed to be 2 squared 

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This reminds me of the period I refer to as the "calliope music era".

It was when Obama had 3 carrier groups constantly circling Iran in the Mediterranean, the Arabian sea and the Persian Gulf.

The talk was "the pressure from this will cause an overthrow of the mullahs in Iran."

As far as I can tell Iran brushed it off.


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PTB readying up for war to pass special war laws and cancel elections. How convenient ...

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As consolation they'll let her ride a nuke like Major Kong.

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Yeah, this is just baiting Russia to do something, anything.  Even if they just use "strong language" to voice their annoyance, the garbage-juice-spewing MSM will use it to feed the talking points about Russia's "escalation" and "aggressive stance". 

Naturally, countless morons will fall for that BS.

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Does anyone really think Generalissimo Barry will do a damn thing overt? This guy likes to fuck 'em in the ass with drones, not outright confrontation. ie the "red Line" in Syria.  Or, is he giving HRC a shot at claiming to be a "peace Maker". 


Anyway, does he not realize how Putin has pantsed him several times already? Or, is that the hobby he really likes just before he "slow Jams"?



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Hillary is no peace maker, the Russians will not do anything unless directly attacked. They know the election is right around the corner and they know what candidate is a war hawk (Clinton) and what candidate is reasonable.

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The 35-year-old US Army Vet (big dude, bearded) from Tennessee - who was wearing a short skirt and red hosiery - was taken into custody where he reportedly told officers “he would need a key from the vehicle he was operating" to release the chastity belt.  His girlfriend has the other key as a necklace.  -

Tell Putin not to worry.  Just relax; time heals all wounds.

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Whether you agree with them or not, what the US is doing, is what the Neocons think is a brilliant chess move, called a Fork.


The are Baiting and Pre-Positioning, using ruses and pretexts. Note the 2 aircraft carrier groups in the Med.


They are like the Boa: encircling and constricting.

BarkingCat's picture

Do you mean anaconda??

They are not even hiding their intentions anymore.

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Smells like the Defense lobby needs a bump in zee revenue...

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YouTube videos or it didn't happen.

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Are the Russians really worried about a couple of boats ?  

NoDebt's picture

Boats with guns and guided missiles on them?  Yeah, slightly.

If the Russians sent one of their cruisers up the Chesapeake Bay, what do you think the US would do?


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pull a casino boat alongside and rip off those Russian sailors out of their pocket money? just a thought

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In Soviet Russia, tight one-armed bandits soon become no-armed bandits.

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30 years ago- a long deceased friend pulled alongside a Russian government vessel with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black... sometime while he and the Russian captain were emptying that bottle over the next couple hours, he Sandy Bergered a classified Russian government map down his pants. Said secret map was then used as a smoking gun in a bizarre Perry Mason like cross examination at the Peace Palace in the Hague, that then screwed a Soviet ally on a boundary decision.

That sort of non-conformist originality and aggressive risky behavior is not tolerated in the US military anymore. Although in fairness, my friend was actually promoted off the US Air Farce flight line to the relative comfort and luxury of an air conditioned government desk, but it was actually a .gov budget saving measure for his boss given the large number of times he had been shot down over North Vietnam.

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Stupid comment, I could ONLY imagine what Washington would do if a "couple Russion Boats" were sitting our coast...

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A "Prompt Response" is sinking the ship without warning.   Russia is such a pussy. 

Miles Ahead's picture

You once again mistake pussy for brains.  We all have done that in the past - on multiple occasions too.

Why play into your adversary's plans?  The US would love to have one of it's ships attacked and it would not matter if it were sunk with all sailors on board.

They are looking for escalation, and are therefore baiting Russia.  Only a fool would take the bait.

Patience.  With that, Russia wins by default.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Perhaps Russia is waiting for the U.S. Missile Shield to be completed in Poland/Romania. 

grunk's picture

The U.S. will sink its own ship if the Russians won't do it.

Anything for a war.

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Indeed, risky times for the crews of older ships that have outlived their strategic usefulness.

Their value is so much greater as  false flag martyrs.

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It is just like these TV series where the extras always die instead of the main characters.

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Only if Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are on it.

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Only because the previous battle cry Remember the Virginius, sort of highlighted the fact that Americans were stirring the pot and instigating insurrections overseas a century and half ago... It's a good thing the Cuban junta/exiles in NYC who bankrolled the Virginius were so plugged in with both the local yellow journalists and the Congress critters in DC...

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There must be a gulf of tonkin somewhere in the Black Sea

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It's the "Gulf of Tonkinski".


Old carriers (Eisenhower and Truman) and old ships need to be retired in style.


It would be poetic justice if the latter were hit by a tactical nuke. The Japanese would dance on the roofs. As might some other people in the Eastern Med., doing the Mitzvah Tanz.

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When all else fails, the bankers take you to war.

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Main_Sequence (not verified) grunk Jun 10, 2016 12:15 PM

...and they'll get the Israeli's to do it.

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I once believed we were the good guys.

Apparently I've gotten older and wiser.

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I'm trying to wrap my head around that too.  Were politicians more sane just a generation ago or have they always been this fucked up?

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What happened to the USS Sitting Ducke ?