Paul Craig Roberts On The "Frustrations Of Telling The Truth"

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Some examples of the 'abuse' one gets when telling the truth:

If I criticize the Israeli government for abusing Palestinians and stealing their country, the Israel Lobby accuses me of being an anti-semite who wants to repeat the holocaust. In the same batch of emails, anti-semites denounce me for being too easy on Israel and covering up for the Jewish conspiracy against mankind.


When I write about the One Percent using the government to loot the economy, I receive emails blaming me because I worked for Reagan “who started it all by cutting tax rates for the rich.” These people have no conception of supply-side economics, its purpose, success, and the way it prepared the way for Reagan to negotiate the end of the Cold War. At one point in their lives they read a left-wing screed against Reagan, and that is the extent of their understanding. But they are full of blind hate.


When I write about Washington’s crimes against other countries, I receive emails asking me where I was during Iran-Contra and Grenada. Apparently, they think that a Treasury official can run the State Department and Pentagon. Some of the readers are so confused that they think Reagan overthrew Allende in Chile. Alllende was overthrown in 1973. Reagan was inaugurated in 1981. It is dispiriting that there actually are people this ignorant and so proud of it that they will accuse me of helping Reagan to overthrow Allende.


When I point out the dangers of the reckless folly of Washington’s aggressions against Russia, China, and the independent Muslim world, superpatriots denounce me for being anti-American. There is a stratum of the US population that thinks that it is a criminal act to disbelieve the government or to question its judgment and motives. “You are with us or against us.”


When I document the death of the US Constitution and the rise of the American Police State, “law and order” conservatives admonish me that the police state only appies to terrorists and criminals and does not apply to law abiding citizens. They are convinced that Snowden and Assange are traitors, and no amount of evidence or reason can convince them otherwise. Neither can they be convinced that in the 21st century, law has become a weapon in the hands of government and no longer is a shield of the people. The Rule of Law in America is dead.

All of my life I have confronted the vast bulk of humanity living in a false reality created by self-serving powerful interest groups and the government that they control. People believe the lies that define their reality, because they lack the education and the emotional and intellectual strength to confront the obvious lies.

Every truth-teller confronts this barrier every day of his or her life. Every truth-teller wishes he/she could force red pills down the throat of the population.

In American today there is nothing true that you can say that does not result in a heaving of abuse. The safe course is to repeat all the lies that come out of Washington and the presstitute media.

To go against the Matrix, you need all of the superpowers of The One.

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kliguy38's picture

Relax Paul and just keep being a patriot......We all need your voice....and we do know that no good deed goes unpunished

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

'Truth' is in the eye of the beholder. Though some beholders appear to be deaf, dumb and blind.

Future Jim's picture

and now ... he is also a whiny bitch.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Future Jim Jun 12, 2016 8:24 PM

Jim, you just earn your ballscouts badge of honor for eating massive amounts of cock.

Wear it proudly.

maskone909's picture

FUCK U JIMMY. We love u mr PCR! Keep doin what u do

santafe's picture
santafe (not verified) maskone909 Jun 12, 2016 9:59 PM

Unfortunately, it's the CURSE.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

PCR is respectable but he might as well be talking about himself.

Thoreau said "many hack at the branches, few strike at the root".

PCR tells truths, but they are branch hacking truths.


Want a truth Mr PCR. Lets see if you're brave enough to act on it.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

So let me guess?... You must be the "whiny Kike" at CNN that works for Wolf Blitzer that defames individuals like PCR as an anti-semite "for money" and calls it journalism?!!!

Future Jim's picture

Take note. Son of Captain Nemo has just outed himself as a zionist shill trying to provoke others to incriminate themselves.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

How would others 'incriminate' themselves?

Future Jim's picture

By following Son of Nemo's lead and piling on with more extreme anti-jew talk. The ADL likes to get them to self identify ... but ... how do you not know this?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I did not assume to know what you meant when you used the legal term 'incriminate'. Therefore I asked.


Rational people do this.

Future Jim's picture

but ... you assumed I was using a legal term ...

monk27's picture

I assume you're a moron ! More so, I'm pretty sure I'm right. Keep posting though; I need confirmation...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

No dice Jim

Don't know how long you've been on ZH, but my comment(s) speak for themselves and proud of it  I might add considering how much damage the Zionist Tribe has done to this Country through it's idle threats and actions everywhere else on this planet!

Future Jim's picture

You keep injecting anti-jewish statements where it is not relevant. That's one of the things a zionist shill would do - an agent provocateur.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

So Jim you've been here for 6 years.

Let's talk about my favorite subject and then ask me again if I'm a Zionist shill "provocateur"?...

BobEore's picture

Nice guess guy


but 180 degrees off course. Whiny kikes luv their PCR - if your quote bracketed phrase is referring to Israel-first zionist lobbyists. And Stockholm Syndrome victims luv their captors. It's all coming together now smashingly this very weekend, as we see the convergence of the moneypower's hands/tentacles in the various sectors which this alternative news media outlet covers.


First, the purely political. A guy named Adam Bennett Schiff has been chosen to represent the "facts" of the case against our very own new millenniums Sirhan Sirhan - yet another mind controlled chump pushed into the limelight when the sionist gun-control/muslim hate porn lobby got desperate enough to pull out all the stops!

according to Breaking911, an FBI source reported to CNN that the shooter was known as suspected ISIS sympathizer

Check. Adam Schiff/the Tsarnaev Bros - here we are years later, and nobody seems to have learned anything at all. Adam Schiff - an Israel firster assigned to take the role of the one who "approves" the Iran deal

and play pals with the Palestinians, the better to enforce the clssic Leninist CONTROL BOTH SIDES strategy that still works like a charm on the hypnotized westerner. "Relic gone bad", my right foot - relic gone undercover. Check.


Craig Paul Roberts - high level apparachik from the Reagan era - that moment in time when the full court embrace of the US government by the Trotskyites rebranding themselves as "neo-cons" became official. More deep undercover work will be needed to swing folks into full compliance with the CONTROL BOTH SIDES strategy. Who's a player? Best candidate will be a goy - how bout a 'deep south' goy to go 'deep undercover' ??? Check/


And here we reach the other element which the ZHeeple here obsess with: the hard money scam. We've just seen the hard core of the 'believers' go full retard this weekend wihen the simple truth of the deception gets laid out in clear concise detail. Agitated dupes throwing the kitchen sink at the messenger. Never been a better time! Cause we are now on the brink it seems:


This just in: the US Mint gold and silver coin program was one of the very first[poisoned]fruits of the Reagan neo-con revolution. Their control of Treasury has been absolute ever since. The plan to drain away the federal silver reserve was an outgrowth of the talks between Kissinger and the red Chinese. The ase program was designed to get the missing "leased" silver back home to it's panda owners without cost to the guys who stole it - as per usual, it's the taxpayers who have footed the bill. Zio's luv their "double" dirty deals even more than their plain dirty deals. And this one's a classic!


There you have it = the convergence of two separate story lines into one: build up the frenzy for a self-destroying war of west against east, take guns away from owners, and reduce the only folks smart enough to see the need to get out of fiat to penury by selling them phony "insurance." FULL RETARD NOW - junk away retards - it's YOUR nuts in the fire, I'm just reporting the facts.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


I'm actually not that naive, but to be perfectly honest I wouldn't be at all shocked to find some kernels of truth to what you just pointed out.

Absolute fact to what you said about the Zionists loving it when the goy goes "swinging"... But only on the stuff they know they can manipulate that can't be supported through hard evidence and facts... This is why you will never see a Bob Kagan, Bill Kristol or  Dennis Ross ever mix it up over 9/11 with the engineering community at large.  There is a very good reason why John Gross and Shyam Sunder haven't seen the light of day at NIST since 2007 when the likes of James Gourley came to life with the FOIA subponeas that took nearly 3 years to obtain following the Commission Report along with Steven Jones, Niels Harrit... I rest my case!

The issues regarding the Ag markets and China is of interest as I did not know about the esoterics of that before you presented it here. But again with everything else we already are still discovering about Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman in the 70's and 80's  and their collusion with the BOE in manipulating the PM markets which Zerohedge's contributions are quite franlky unequalled, it is not surprising in the least to discover many things we never knew before about the intervention of the Fed and to the extent that they did more than 40 years ago in those key commodity markets long before any of us were aware of it.

BobEore's picture


Capt son,

No doubt in my mind that your are "not naive" - in fact, I was tempted to respond to Big Jim's jump into a mistaken direction by pointing out to him that you were not 'agitating' for a self-disclosure process on behalf of ADL = things have gotten much more sophisticated in the world of 'data collection' since that used to be a factor on sites like this one. But I wanted to stay on the central issue.


We live in a world of deception. Bespoke deceptions tailored to every possible profile, every distinct affinity group and taste. So what the outside observer often sees now is the bizarre spectacle of the serially deceived wearing their controllers " sponsor message" on their forehead whilst spouting out the most inane party line cliches which merely serve to emphasize the triumph of hubris and arrogance over native common sense and survival instinct. That is indeed what the zio-cons thrive on = spotting the inner weakness of a vanity and worked the victim over with relish!


Betrayed by their bought n paid for political masters, outwitted at every turn by shell game operators who will promise protection from "social breakdown" while profiting from it's inception, I fear greatly for the chances of the brethren in the wester world to break free of the hypnotic trace - this weekend's latest provocation is a sign that we are reaching the final stages of a grand deception designed to break the wallets and spirits of those who the rest of the world once relied upon to lead the defense of our human birthright to freedom from tyranny.


When I look back and remember the pitched battles we fought on this very space to disclose the real nature of the Boston psyop - and other earlier manifestations of state-run false flags -  against the operatives of the usual suspects who fought a losing battle to control the debate with smoke and fear porn muzziephobe mirrors...


I can't help but notice how few are the hedgers left who can be counted upon to stand up against the daily tide of drivel which now infects the space with the lowest level of trash talkin mind-controlled misdirection of the IDENTITY OF THE REAL ENEMY.

Implied Violins's picture

I keep trying to post on ZH, but find my internet connection going down at quite inopportune times - anyone else having this issue? Over the last month or so, it is hit-or-miss if I can get on line after 6 p.m. I live in Cal, if that matters.

Anyway: I had a great post on PCR ready to post on his last article when my connection died. Just as I was posting, in fact. But to reiterate: I have often posted on his stuff on ZH simply to remind people that PCR inevitably 'brings it' with regard to the 'evil west' and the FED, and always tells truth...


He NEVER addresses the BRICS and the possibility that they are a part of this globalization scheme, playing the part of 'good cop' and thus indirectly smoothing the way towards their mousetrap by making the east seem like knights in shining armor when compared to the evil USA, when if anyone looks at China they can see that 99% of their population suffers in comparison to ours. Anyway, something to think about, if I can even post this - already I see I am down and will have to save this and try again later...

BobEore's picture



but find my internet connection going down at quite inopportune times

I live on the other side of the world from you, but it's now a chore and a half to get a comment up here successfully. Line drop offs are a constant feature when I try to go from preview to save. So much dark stuff going on behind scenes here and elsewhere I've just given up worrying about it. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, save your words before posting, and then take a screenshot after it's gone up.


Roberts is "limited hangout." He can scoop more guys into the web of deceit than a spider can catch flies. I've written on this particular modus operandi several times -including here


    "In these stories, I have maintained that the movement of money, gold, and power to Asia, being currently touted in the occidental media as a 'game changing' shift in world governance and economic systems, is really more just a part of a pincer movement by which the same elite which controls the west plans to included the burgeoning populations of the east into their tax farming and wealth extraction schemes. Having pretty much denuded the west of it's wealth, those players have turned their hungry gaze eastwards towards fresh pastures! 

The role of the occidental 'alternative' media in this process has been an astonishing one to observe - not just for it's obvious complicity in the advancement of the monopoly financial cartels frauds, but for the sheer hypocrisy of it's marketing! A tool of the elites which presents itself as a friend of the little people, and advances storylines which make villains out of fall guys and leave the real perpetrators concealed. The fact that this media gets away with their cognitive dissonance of disinformation every day without challenge has opened my eyes to just how far along the way the west is to a complete collapse in the independence of thinking - and of finances, which we have come to think of it's traditional legacy! There will be no resistance the complete rendering of the former free world into neo-feudal colonies of the elites - because there will be no will to resist their stealth program! Tricked at every turn into believing black to be white, good evil, and pain to be gain, the sorry remnants of western civilization are being prepared to accept - even to welcome - their collapse and enslavement!"

and here

"now we are witness to the stage by which it is hoped to consolidate these initial successes with a follow-up phase in which national sovereignities and identities are replaced with a corporatist-controlled super-national allegiance. In keeping with the long-ago formulated Rosicrucian style “revelation of the method,” this stage is characterized by the apparently open announcement of a GLOBALIST project with the ancillary ANTI-GLOBALIST dialectical opposite number – from which basket of ‘choices’ the punters are expected to make their ‘free selection’ of team to support. In the case of our specific focus, this facile set up has produced the remarkable spectacle of those many denizens of the western ‘democracies’ whose public pronouncements of disdain for their own governments, in favor of fealty to ‘eastern powers’ gives the impression of a repeat of the kind of commie fellow traveler type of dupe by which the Bolsheviks gained an army of sympathizers with which to undermine their enemies in the west!"

and here

"Stories in the alternative media regarding the notion that China, India, and the rest of the “BRICS” alliance of nations are poised to become ‘cartel busters’ they scoop up most of the worlds’ gold and silver.... have amplified the importance of this theme. A horde of bloggers anchoring their narratives to the notion has arisen to entice impatient metal holders to their sites via suggestion that their troubles will be over any day soon as result of this ‘chess match’ between east and west."

\but as I said to SOCN above - I greatly fear for the chances of the brethern back in the west to ever break free of their hypnosis!


doctor10's picture

Hmmm  "Schiff" where have we heard that name before-almost 100 years ago precisely in fact




GRDguy's picture

Right you are, Cog. I'll stick with this ol' sayin':

"Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold."

Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)

VWAndy's picture

Truth and love are one hell of a combo. Just saying.

Pumpkin's picture

'Truth' is in the eye of the beholder. Though some beholders appear to be deaf, dumb and blind.


And Satanic, can't leave that one out.

junction's picture

The question remains, what is the end game for the NWO?  When I read about insane plans to colonize Mars, I wonder, do these Council on Foreign Relations members know something we don't, about some impending world disaster?  Nice summary, PCR.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Nobody knows the endgame and certainly not the "NWO" crowd.  They aren't special or super intelligent people.  They're not even very bright, but they have power... for now. 


"I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away". - Percy Bysshe Shelley

SgtShaftoe's picture

Yes, I know of them.  I'm not impressed. 

August's picture

>>>They're not even very bright, but they have power... for now.


FWIW I'd say that the NWO crowd are as a group "moderately bright", and some are very bright indeed.


While the primary requirement may be sociopathy and/or unbridled ambition (to be "as gods"), there are a shit-ton of sociopaths in the world, and many have university educations, but only a fraction of them are able to ascend into The Crowd; don't underestimate the intelligence of those who do ascend. 


While some off the Crowd are dumb bunnies (e.g. Mr. Obama), other are extremely sharp.


Atomizer's picture

The sooner they leave, the quicker Earth will renew. They will only last about 90-120 days. Mars is a hostile environment. They will die of radiation exposure, no atmosphere. Fire up your ship and get the fuck out of here. 

Raging Debate's picture

NWO's always a good feel good mutual cover for looting. A supposed cause. 

Mars could be about a mutual species cause toward bigger, interstallar travel something to unite instead of divide. 

At this point however, from a pure scientific view, Mars landing of humans offers little. The idea of it is now near 100 years old. 

Now with quantum physics, the reality is exploration of the entire universe with conscious 'bots' (being us) going the speed of light where time stops. Where we recompile 'oursleves' at any place in the universe and to exist in whatever biomechanical form we choose.

No, we are not there yet but close enough in decades to say Mars is a waste of time outside of a mankind wonder and untiter. A ittle on the journey to and from Mars could probably  be certainly be learned and applied.. From that perspective, I say worth it. Heaven knows we need a more intersting focus in the short term than looting and robbers. 



Sanctuary2's picture

ISRAELIs are not Semitic-so dont worry about being called "anti-semitic"-its all a myth!

Hell, you arrest an Israeli for robbing a bank and he will scream that youre "anti-semitic!"

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Two articles from The Grumpy Old Man in the same week? How did we get so lucky?

"in my day we didn't have these fancy automated teller machines. Each state only had one bank, and your purpose in life was to stand in line at the bank. There were only ever two tellers working and one was always on break. But we didn't mind. You were born, stood in line at the bank, transacted your business, and then died. And that's the way it was and we liked it! We loved it!"

With apologies to Dana Carvey.

wildbad's picture

Then there is the super majority who reads and sees the truth in your writings.  Most read you, nod their agreement and honor your truths without transposing them with mental alchemy into pure poison.

I appreciate your writings and vast experience.  You are one brave SOB.  To be writing about the evil machine with an inside perspective must be like cryptonite to the globalists and neocons.  This is not a common path for someone to take who has seen the beast from the inside.

My prayers and thanks to you for a long, long life PCR.

Right-on Left-off's picture

To go against the Matrix, you need all of the superpowers of The One. 

Therein lies the ability and power to opt out of the Matrix.  Be true to yourself and first find out who you really are.

Atomizer's picture

I've watched and posted this link numerous times on Zerohedge. Thought Krugman was just a UFO nutjob. Looking back, he was talking about illegal immigration. It all makes sense now.

Krugman calls for space aliens to fix U.S. economy. 


Grandad Grumps's picture

JMHO, when we target one side of a dialectic or another in an attempt to reveal some inconvenient truth, then there is always room for criticism. It is not possible to tell the truth on an intentional distraction. Their point is to show a face of conflict and division ... picking on an individual entity, only plays to their plan.

I have come to believe that all of these organizations/ people/entities/leaders are allied and aligned with each other at their topmost layers ... and that they in turn are simply controlled by a higher malevolent power that has been in control for millenia. That higher power positions its leaders and organizations to a predetermined plan, sometimes aligning and sometimes dividing the underlings for the purpose of making it look as if the underlings are making decisions.

But the big lie is wearing very thin and it is becoming more clear that the higher power is always in control (and very intelligent, if not especially creative). It acts as if it is a program, simply following a script that has been followed many times before.

If you want to make a difference, then find the correct target that controls all, find its weaknesses, expose it, expose the weaknesses and hold on. The biggest problem for most truth tellers is that they have not found the correct target. The truth will set you free.

fbazzrea's picture

the target you speak of is widely known... yet few speak aloud the name without fear, which further strengthens its world, dark, self-serving and ever hungry for power, thus tightening its harnesses on the human beasts of burden without so much as a single bond, like greyhounds pursuing their lure, rather a folly for naught than real pursuit of ideals worthy of mankind.

free human beings awaken. manifest your own reality. turn off the wi-fi scrambling your true sense of self. unplug. the rabbit is in the hole. no need to chase it. starve it out.

rejected's picture

Ignorance of the truth and arrogance to be proud of it.


Yep,,, American's in a nutshell.

Iranian Dictator's picture

Or is it the red condom or the blue condom? Either way your getting screwed by the same dick.

WTFUD's picture

It would give most a huge boost to see PCR get a slot in DT's team to nullify Kagan in Hill Da Beast's Neocon corner.

David Rockefeller's picture

It 's the sad human condition. Roberts is brilliant, and clearly sees the warped political landscape. But even he has his sad blind spots.  For instance, America's slide towards greater inequality (e.g., firing the air traffic controllers) and militarism (e.g., invading Grenada because they gave democarcy a chance; bringing the doomsday clock as close to midnight as it had ever been) clearly began with Reagan.  Moreover, Reagan was an ignorant puppet, not the real thing.  I still recall a Helen Caldicott's speech, saying that what scared her most about Reagan was not his militancy, but his ignorance of what a nuclear missile was.   And then there's is Reagan well-known McCarthyism while head of the Actors Screen Guild--and yet he is Roberts' hero, probably because it was Reagan who gave Roberts the most power he has ever had.  I could go on, but will end with a warning:  Remember, we are all fallible, and must try to minimize our own tendencies of becoming tontos del culo.

Nobodys Home's picture

Are you really David Rockefeller?

:P) There! I feel better now.

Raging Debate's picture

What if he was? He made a couple salient points. My only point is this: The merchant class has for history recorded bought off the political class and warped the rule of law and the concept of justice to self destruction. The Rockerfellas have not supported a global Republic so whatever noble intentions are destroyed by not supporting justice. Justice is NOT security. No justice, no peace, investment failure always follows. 

fbazzrea's picture

his words are not those of the David Rockefeller of infamy--for sure. (: 

Clowns on Acid's picture

You are a self absorbed moron. You can barely write, not to mention think logically.