Russia Is Developing Gliders That "Guarantee Penetration" Of Any Missile Defense System

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The launching of the European missile defense system (Aegis) by the United States in May has repeatedly been criticized by Russia as an attempt by the US to take away first mover advantage in the event that the US ever decided to attack.

While Russia has already indicated that the deployment of of Iskander missile systems would be one certain response to neutralize the the anti-ballistic missile defense system, Russia has wasted no time in developing future responses.

Russia's new Yu-74 ultra-maneuverable hypersonic glide vehicles may be the next response that will be unveiled. Russia has been developing hypersonic weapons during the past few years, and as Sputnik reports, those weapons would have a speed between 3,840 mph (Mach 5), and 7,680 mph (Mach 10). The system uses sophisticated technologies for maneuvering against a wide range of missile defense systems, and allows precise and rapid delivery of warheads.

Although the system specifications are top secret, reports say that the gliders are developed to be loaded onto onto Russia's RS-28 Sarmat, the state of the art heavy liquid propelled ICBM which is currently being developed for the Russian Army. The RS-28, which has been given the codename "Satan" by NATO, has been in development since 2009 and is alleged to render all current missile defense systems obsolete.

Designed to carry up to 24 nuclear-loaded Yu-74 gliders, each Sarmat ballistic missile will be able to hit any target located within a 6.2 thousand mile radius in one hour. Each glider can be equipped with a nuclear warhead, electronic warfare (EW) applications (disruption of communication systems), or false target simulators.

"These features guarantee penetration of any existing and prospective missile defense system of a potential adversary. By adopting such systems, Russia's Strategic Missile Forces will significantly increase their efficiency" said one analyst.

Last year, Russia conducted a series of tests of the Yu-71 hypersonic attack aircraft. The Yu-71 is part of a secret missile program codenamed "Project 4202", and the during the tests the glider was said to reach speeds of up to 7,000 mph. Furthermore, Russia has reportedly successfully tested the Yu-74 as well. The glider was launched from the Dombarovsky missile base in the Orengburg region and hit a target located at Kura Missile Test Range in northern Kamchatka region, the Russian far east.

French journalist Victor Ayoli noted that Russia is taking NATO's saber rattling in Eastern Europe very seriously and will do whatever it takes to secure Russia's borders.

"Russians are ordinary people. They are afraid of war and they really want to avoid it. The last one cost [the Soviets] more than twenty-eight million lives. But once lured into war, they fight it to the bitter end. This unique trait of the Russian national character the West has misunderstood countless times in the last 1,000 years," Ayoli emphasized.

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As the US led NATO continues to play around with Russia, it is crystal clear that when Russia announced that it will respond to NATO's actions "Totally Asymmetrically", they very well meant it.

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DownWithYogaPants's picture

Could it be........Satan?!   -- Church Lady --

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) DownWithYogaPants Jun 12, 2016 3:24 PM

We are building those delivery vehicles, too.  And so is China.  Soon, we'll be able to nuke each other in just a few minutes instead of having to wait 30 minutes or so for an ICBM to get here.

BuddyEffed's picture

The purpose and idea of a glider as the final stage in long range missiles is that the boost phase can get you in the general area and traveling at a very high speed while still very far away and over the horizon, but precision requires further maneuverability. Old style manueverability needed rockets to provide thrust which have heat signatures that are detectable. Passive gliders are simpler and less easy to detect and hard to defend against with countermeasures or intercepting missiles.

mkkby's picture

30 years ago smart people said the "star wars" defenses could be easily and cheaply over loaded by MIRVs, or lots of decoys.


Well, here it is.  The idiot MIC has spent trillions on anti missile missiles.  The smarter russians counter with MIRVed gliders, decoys and movable ICBMs.


It's all silly.  Ground hugging cruise missiles were always impossilbe to defend against.  They can be launched from subs off the coast (or any decent-sized boat), or be concealed in large trucks.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) The Saint Jun 12, 2016 3:34 PM

Buddy, that's true for conventioal explosives but nukes generally don't need that much precession unless the target is very hardened.


The other advantage is that there is no anti-missile defense against a manuverable vehicle traveling at between Mach 4 and Mach 7.  Yet.


BuddyEffed's picture

Variance on a 6000 mile trip could easily be 100 miles without fine tuning and a guided descent.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) BuddyEffed Jun 12, 2016 3:41 PM

There is also the possible threat of the Rods of Thor or Rods of God if they exist.  The U.S. military was working on them but supposedly decided the cost to put them in orbit was prohibative.  They would drop down at around Mach 10 and not necessarily need a nuclear warhead.  Whether these exist or not is anyone's guess.


BuddyEffed's picture

Not a lot of bang for the buck in boosting kinetic mass to drop from orbit. Very inefficient. You have to expend as much energy in rocket fuel to get a massive rod into orbit as the energy you would expect to get out of the collision when high speed rod meets building, bunker, or even dirt.
Also, regarding variance of even a few miles on a 6000 mile trip, that's all it takes to be on the wrong side of a mountain or ridge line which would deflect a blast upwards and provide shielding.

conscious being's picture

NASA has to call Russia and place an order if they want to lift anything heavy these days.

onmail1's picture

Ha ha so USA need to send their warheads up

using Russian rockets ?

nibiru's picture

Russia + China = the only threat that actually can break the US military.

BlindMonkey's picture

The Mexicans have done a better job of invading the US that China or Russia ever will.  When the US breaks apart in a civil war, it will be Mexico that is credited with doing the heavy lifting.

True Blue's picture

And it is funny, we got into WWI over the 'Zimmerman Telegram' -which was a discussion between the Kaiser's Gov't and Mexico that in the event of war with the US, Germany would support Mexico if they decided they wanted to try and re-take the Southwest US.

Grave's picture

whats going to happen is zionazis will try to invade russia through their proxy lackeys again (france/napoleon, germany/hitler, and now usa)
ww3 will be short, russia steamrolls, takes over and liberates europe again, while china/india/north korea steamrolls and takes over americas
middle-east will be glassed over

Captain Obvious.'s picture

Adolph was a naughty boy. He told the Banksters to fuck off.

His fight was with the Bolshieviks of Satan  Stalin.

5 nations attacked the Bolshieviks in the USSR.

Name them.

Of cause the good ol UAS did what the Banksters told them to do and attacked Their Friend. 

You have got to give the Yanks credit. They are so cute, so cuddly so Neotenic. 

Churchill?  He lost everything in the 1920 stock market crash.A Banker, the Rothschilds bailed him out. He was baught and paid for.

By the way. Hitler had No landing craft.

Nexus789's picture

The other and more realistic threat is the collapse of the US economy. Can't support all those toys and tin soldiers without money. 

Spungo's picture

This is getting scary. That fear of a no win situation is probably what prevented WW3 during the cold war. If our leaders firmly belief that it's possible to strike Russia without any significant retaliation, due to Aegis, it seems inevitable that we will attack them.

no ita lever's picture

Nobody wins during a Nulcear Winter my friend....I'd rather be fried up front and go to the Kingdom of Heaven where I belong!


Jesus said, do not put too much stock in Worldly Possesions, they are fleeting! Even though most here think of him as a sky wizard, if you truly read his words, they are the truth and the light!



SilverSphinx's picture

In a nuclear war there are winners and losers and because a nuclear war is not likely to be an all out, all at once, delivery of nuclear capacity there will not likely be a nuclear winter. Also modern warheads are smaller, with dial-a-yields and pinpoint accurate delivery = less crap thrown into the air than back in the days of the cold war.


A nuclear war will most likely be a protracted, years long, exchange of saber rattling and threats, maneuvers of forces, negotiations, tit-for-tat, occasional warhead detonation on military targets, more saber rattling and threats, maneuvers of forces, negotiations, tit-for-tat, occasional warhead detonation on military targets etc.

Victory will actually depend on the political will to ignore civilian calls for peace at all costs.

The first country to capitulate to it's civilian population will be the loser, and most of the civilians in the warring countries will survive healthily.

But there will winners and losers, and the winning country will transfer wealth & resources from the loser to itself as usual.


hxc's picture

I admire your optimism, but I sadly don't share it.

madashellron's picture

And why is it Nato is poking the Bear rightnow?

NotApplicable's picture

Desperate times require desperate measures.
Or so I'm told.

chunga's picture

I'll guess and say petro-dollar is under pressure and Russia is the biggest remaining threat to global bullies.


It would be great to see a Brexit and have other countries follow suit. I don't expect to see that though, it will be rigged.

no ita lever's picture

LOL, everybody is poking everyone else, don't ya know? It's a polk-fest LOL!!!! MOAR WOAR!


The Lucifarians and Muslims want moar bloodshed! yay for mankind!



NotApplicable's picture

Something else that's totally asymmetric? Defense contractor growth.

They call that a "win-win."

no ita lever's picture

A good defense wins Championships!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

THE best A$$-symmetric weapon that Russia & China can launch, is...


GOLD - backed Currency.


In the meantime, the NWO march continues toward establishing numerous Super-State regions in the world. For example...


Ex.1: NAU (Northern American Union), with vassal states in the Americas to provide cheap resources and labor.


Ex.2: The EU is intended to expand to the very borders of Russia. Russia knows this, and is growling and flexing, to deter Neocons (Ziocons) from trying to take over the NWO that will be Russia 2.0: same size as now, but under Zionist rule.

Ex.3: China.

no ita lever's picture

And JUST BY CHANCE, we still do have 8K tons of gold in Ft Knox, what then? I know it may be a stretch, but you and me don't know squat about what is where.


You can make a case of the west to east flow of gold, but it is not in itslef conclusive. The manipulation and rehypothication is so rampant, one cannot tell anymore.




EDIT: you do know more Gold and Oil is STILL in the ground, than has ever been extracted, right?

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


more Gold and Oil is STILL in the ground, than has ever been extracted

and fewer brain cells are in your head than are in a guppy's 

no ita lever's picture

That is the truth of it my friend. Up in Alaska we have the largest oil basin ever found and we cannot touch it, wildlife preserve and all.


As for gold, just look it up.



SilverSphinx's picture

And we shouldn't touch it as long as we can burn Saudi and Iranni oil, at low prices, instead of our own.

Volkodav's picture what cost to extract?

is more difficult, prices must rise

is dollar less worth, even more so...

reader2010's picture

How many Mericans are willing to volunteer for the Russisks when the war becomes hot?

no ita lever's picture

The Russians GUARANTEE PENETRATION, or is it our DEATH? The US is putting up a shield and the Russian's threaten us with anihilation, well well. If you think either side is sane, then you have lost all comprehension skills.


All Gov'ts/CB's have gone rougue, it is pointless to say otherwise, ALL of them!



War Machine's picture

In terms of targeting tactics in the context of the political dynamic that sustains the anti-Russian aggression and corporate news propaganda, (not to support the idea myself please note), if I were Putin, I'd be treating Israel as 'quasi-NATO' and identifying Israeli military and intelligence sites and assets as Retal-Strike targets.

That's not, again, to say thats a good or bad thing, but Israel is supporting foreign/jihadi mercs in syria that are attacking Russia's allies - the lawful government of Syria. It is a us 'ally'.

It could be deemed quasi-nato.

Now, if a strike on Russia could mean Israelis dying - do the neocons and neolibs still want to keep poking the bear?

Regardless of that, it could be justified as a preventive strike. Etc.

I would be much more afraid of the Russian navy and the possibility of Chinese assistance (perhaps with satcomm stuff?) than our pentagon sure seems to be.

I wonder if the US has more subs than they state officially.

They'd sure better, for the sake of those nice carriers.

quadraspleen's picture

"I wonder if the US has more subs than they state officially."


Everyone has more subs than they state officially.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Understood. But I see no value in letting your enemies know whom you plan to target, or where. As this would not lead to Deterrence (as some think or claim), but to a continued arms and tech race.


I'd imagine that Russia is developing laser systems that can be put on a space platform on short notice?


p.s. If a nuke war is imminent, I do see value in striking a non-NATO state, to deter further escalation.  E.g. a small ME state that has the US by the balls. And you strike them via a proxy also, or via some clandestine method.


"All is fair in love and war", right?

quadraspleen's picture

Cue a $5bn DARPA "Glider Awareness and Defence Program"


Dragon HAwk's picture

I read somewhere that most first strike scenarios, take out the white house first.

  just thought i would cheer you guys up on a Sunday.

29.5 hours's picture


"Designed to carry up to 24 nuclear-loaded Yu-74 gliders, each Sarmat ballistic missile will be able to hit any target located within a 6.2 thousand mile radius in one hour"


Real scary vapor-ware. I am surprised they don't claim it can be powered by Brawndo© in a pinch.

Meanwhile, their *real* missile system has a range of 30 miles...



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The Russians are the only ones to have a space station and are the only ones to ferry people and supplies up there, and you make some asinine claim about 30 miles?

Are you fucking retarded?

29.5 hours's picture


Yes, I am retarded but that does not obviate the fact that the Iskander has an effective range of 50 kilometers. If they want to wipe out the White House ( a noble endeavor) then they would have to first take Baltimore.



Volkodav's picture

even compromised WIKI tells otherwise...

why you persist to post really stupid?

Some artillery have more than 30km..

bid the soldiers shoot's picture




Single-stage solid propellant



500 km (250-310 miles) for Iskander-M


280 km (170 mi) for Iskander-E



Speed 2100 m/s cruising (hypersonic)[7]
Raging Debate's picture

Yep, and that was 1940's/50s tech. Google Atomic Annie for artillery range discussion. Point is, better to have Russian minds as allies then enemies. 

Parrotile's picture

2S35 Koalitsiya-SV - Range (precision guided munitions) "up to 70km"; the "latest" Russian self-propelled gun.


2S7 Pion (introduced way back in 1975) - Range (standard rounds) 37.5km, but with rocket-assisted rounds ("RAP") the useful range can be extended to over 55km. Even with the standard rounds the flight time is such that the gun can fire one or two rounds (fire rate of 2 round per minute), and drive off, BEFORE the first round hits the target.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

The Russians are the only ones to have a space station


Don't you mean the Chinese?