Violent Riots And Looting Are Now A Daily Occurrence In Venezuela

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Last month we reported that citizens in Venezuela had finally become so desperate for food that angry mobs flooded the streets and looted all of the supermarkets that were rumored to still have anything left on their shelves.

Not long after, tired and hungry protesters took to the streets of Caracas once again, this time marching toward the presidential palace as they chanted "No more talk - we want food!." The mob was able to get within about six blocks of the palace before police in riot gear blocked the way, and began to shoot tear gas into the crowd to disperse the protest.

And now, as president Maduro remains defiant on allowing a referendum to take place to vote on his ouster, food riots and violent looting are taking place every day in a stark reminder of just how far the socialist utopia has fallen.

More than a quarter of the estimated 641 protests in Venezuela last month were over food, a figure that has risen every month this year, and the enormous social unrest in the country is something that should keep Maduro awake at night much more than the politics of it all. Despite hours in lines, Venezuelans increasingly find that coveted supplies of subsidized flour and rice run out before they can buy them. Many people are skipping meals, getting by on mangoes stripped from trees - or taking matters into their own hands and doing things such as rushing stopped food trucks and stealing whatever food is available as we showed last week.

"We're not eating. People are desperate for a looting." said Miza Colmenares, a mother of three who had spent the night in line at a supermarket and had not eaten since the previous day when she had eggs for breakfast.

From Reuters

Supermarkets have become flashpoints across Venezuela, one of the world's most violent countries.


More than 10 lootings occur every day now, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, and are increasing in the usually more insulated capital.


More than a quarter of the 641 protests last month were for food, according to a tally by the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, a figure that has risen every month this year.


Venezuela's angry streets are arguably a bigger threat for Maduro than the political opposition, which is pushing to remove him via a recall referendum this year. One recent food protest came within blocks of the Miraflores presidential palace.


It is a remarkable turnaround for a government which prided itself on social welfare programs such as Cuban-staffed medical posts and subsidized supermarkets. It won elections time-and-time again thanks to devoted support from Venezuela's poor.


But with their beloved former president, Hugo Chavez, dead for three years and the economy deteriorating rapidly, many former "Chavistas" have turned on Maduro. "Behind all this is the president, the rat in his palace, eating riches while we fight to buy pasta," said homemaker Maria Perez, 31, once a Chavez supporter, at the El Valle supermarket.

As the citizens slowly come to the realization that the socialist government that promised everyone they'd always be taken care of can't possibly follow through on those empty promises, the citizens have gone to a survival of the fittest type attitude toward the situation.

"HOODED AND ARMED" For months now, groups have ransacked delivery trucks that crash or suffer flat tires. But in recent weeks, there has been an increase in frustrated shoppers storming supermarkets after food runs out as well as cases of communities or armed gangs organizing lootings, sometimes reportedly to re-sell the goods.


In the small roadside town of Tacuato in the remote Paraguana peninsula late last month, residents and delinquents frustrated after spending the night in line for no food decided to loot the next passing truck.


"If you have a son who says, 'Mommy I want my bottle,' and you don't have milk to give him, in a moment like that you don't think of anything else and you grab everything you can for your family," said one woman, asking to remain anonymous to avoid compromising her job.


Also in late May, a group stormed a small store in the Andean state of Tachira after the owner declined to sell all the corn flour she had, preferring to keep some for the next day.


"They waited for nightfall, watched me get on the bus ... and some 70 people came up, hooded and armed," said the store owner, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.


They stole a TV, cash, and eight bags of flour, said the owner, who has not dared re-open her store.

As we noted the violence isn't just among the looters vying for scraps of food, police also attacked and robbed journalists covering recent protests in Caracas, and as Reuters further reports, a policeman is now being charged in Tachira after a woman was gunned down following a looting attempt earlier this month.

"We're going to tire of this. There will be something like Caracazo for sure" said Yubisai Blanco, as she clutched her two bags of pasta after waiting seven hours in line.

Caracazo references a time when hundreds died during riots and looting sparked by yet another economic crisis in the country.

The swift deterioration of a nation should be a very clear wake up call for everyone, even in places, or perhaps especially in places such as America where the prevailing attitude toward this type of social unrest is "it won't happen here." All it takes is a slight disruption in the supply chain of many supermarkets and millions of Americans will be without food very quickly, it's important to always keep that in mind. Being prepared is always in everyone's best interest.

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knukles's picture

When I first read the headline I thought it said in LA

D Nyle's picture

No tears here, they voted for it, so live with it.


Same with US, if they vote for Hillary, I will Import every job over minimum wage to the US and turn the US into Venezuala ASAP, this way the death of liberals of hunger or worse will only thing left to laugh about.

nmewn's picture

Feel the Bern kiddies.

mary mary's picture

Go to bed with the Clintons, you wake up with the Clintons.

bloofer's picture

You forget that, by and large, the defining characteristic of a liberal is that they are government employees. The will get paid when no one else does. There may not be anything to buy....

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) knukles Jun 12, 2016 4:16 PM


mary mary's picture

Soon.  HS working hard to move a few million into LA from Caracas. 


Because, it's in the Constitution (the Democratic Party Constitution); Democrats HAVE TO rescue violent people and bring them to USA.  Therefore - IF Hillary gets elected - there will be NON-STOP 24/7 BUMPER-TO-BUMBER "train to freedom" from EVERY Latin American country to EVERY Democratic USA city.  Can probably have 300-million moved in by the time Hillary's first 4-year term ends.  I'm thinking a Nobel Peace Prize, plus another Nobel Peace Prize for outlawing gun ownership (for all Americans EXCEPT the rescuees).

Francis Marx's picture

Take a good hard look at that my hombres. That will come here sooner or later. Especially if Hiltary gets in. 

Davidduke2000's picture

Obama is behind these riots and killings in Latin America because they refuse to be vassals for the US.

It may get nasty for a while but obama will be out within 6 month and Latin America should hold out these six month until Trump become president and stop this nonesense. 

SgtShaftoe's picture

The president is in about as much control of the country at this point as I am.  If you want confirmation, you need look no further than JFK.  Obama even was caught mentioning why he didn't do all the things he promised "I didn't want to be JFK'd". 

Their problems are a combination of CIA destabilization as well as their insane internal governance.  There are no easy answers for that country.  Many people and interests have defecated in that punchbowl. 

mary mary's picture

So, Obama actually admitted he backtracked after he got elected because he chickened out?  And then he nevertheless ran for a second term, after admitting that he had betrayed all his supporters?

Obama Term 1: Obamacare

Obama Term 2: Golf

Joebloinvestor's picture

Wait till the military starts going hungry.

skinwalker's picture

I thought preppers were crazy nutjobs? 



Seriously: imagine what would happen if everyone had a firearm. If you belive this sort of thing is coming to the USA, then not only do you need firearms and shitloads of ammo*, you will have to be more skilled with your guns than the rest of the population. I suggest formal training. Plinking at the range is great, but doesn't capture the realities of combat shooting. If you have a limited budget, you may be able to find a recent Iraq vet willing to show you some stuff for a small fee. To my mind, even a small amount of training, provided it is of decent quality, will put you very far ahead of the average desperate suburbanite who may accost you. 


With myself, my wife and I for the past few months have been taking a very intensive firearms course as well as Krav. The goal is not simply to get better at defending ourselves, but also learning skills that I can teach others. In my immediate family I have six healthy adults in their 30's. My wife and I are the only ones with any self defense training, but give me a month and I can whip the rest of them into shape. Will we be navy seals capable of handling any enemy? Of course not. However, we will be a small unit with a basic level of training and experience, and to my mind that should be sufficient to repel most looters. 


*if you don't require a dolly to move your ammo stash, you don't have enough. 

RadioFlyer's picture
RadioFlyer (not verified) skinwalker Jun 12, 2016 6:34 PM

I'd advise another dolly with cans of loaded magazines, cause a bucket of bullets is as useful as cheese curds when the horde is coming your way,

Oldrepublic's picture

no fear, police and the army is well fed and well paid.

downwiththebanks's picture

Here's a great piece on the coup-mongering fear-porn to which ZeroHedge subjects its readership daily:

"Prime Minister Madura, the $170 Hamburger, and the Rising Floodwaters of Shonky Venezuela Coverage"


The piece begins, "Weighing in on Venezuela's political and economic situation is in vogue right now, and every pundit and his dog wants to have their say. Unfortunately, many of these pundits know very little about Venezuela, and get basic facts wrong. The latest offender is the influential US free market think tank, the Cato Institute. On June 7, they published an opinion piece bashing Venezuela's president, 'Nicolas Madura'."

Whether it's the President's name, position, or the rate of inflation, the same media whores attempting to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution in 1999 still do so today--with the help of the fascist fanboys at ZeroHedge.

Another piece  demystifies the "choc full of lies" story posted by coup-inciters at ZeroHedge featuring Julio Borges little bloody nose.  


Riots are a daily occurrence because the same right wingers who cannot win an election attack government offices every day.  The food shortages (induced by the oligarchy) camouflage this fact.  ZeroHedge never attacks the coup-inciting oligarchy from the MUD (yes, the pro-fascist oligarchy that can't win an election call themselves MUD!) or the violence they incite.  Nope--they cheer them on!  The fascists attack government offices almost daily and are portrayed on these pages with the same affection they show republican party stooge and Romney puppet, Ron Paul.


Weirdly's picture

Oil.  It is what runs the world.  Madura or not. 

nmewn's picture

You seem a nice level headed commie fellow so tell me, just how long does a dictator get to wear a military uniform and give speech after speech about "revolution" to the peeps when he's the one actually in charge of the, ya know...government?  I mean, it's not really a "revolution" anymore when he's the guy calling the shots as Supreme Douchebag. I've always thought that kinda weird for his own propaganda purposes, a cog-dis sorta thing.



Prolly jus me tho ;-)

downwiththebanks's picture

I'll throw it right back to you, as a defender of fascist oligarchy and CIA ratfucking:  how many times did this same pathetic oligarchy try to defeat Chavez with violence?  With elections?  How many times did these losers, who fascist fanboys at ZeroHedge portray as dignified crusaders for social justice, FAIL?!  


Bottom line:  nobody, apart from fascist apologists and racist lemmings, supported the Carmona decree in 2002.  And nobody supports it now.


That's why they pimp-up crises and frame-up bloody noses--they can't win otherwise.  A little fake blood, and ZeroHedge will slob your knob no matter your fascist hooligan pedigree!

bookofenoch's picture

Ok. That does it. You're absurd.

downwiththebanks's picture

Says the author of the Carmona Decree.


Credere, obbedire, combattere

orez65's picture

"... I mean, it's not really a "revolution" anymore when he's the guy calling the shots as Supreme Douchebag."

It's not as weird as the Castro's refering to their "Cuban Revolutionary Government" which happened 58 years ago !!!

umdesch4's picture

I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt, because I want to know the truth, so I clicked on the links you sourced, from this site. I have to say, it's a nice little bit of blogging, but it's extremely unprofessional, and highly questionable. I'm sure some of what they're saying is true, but every time they descibe a "smoking gun", they're always making reference to facts, figures, video, and pictures with no sources, no links.

Example: "When interviewed, protesters alleged that they were “pushed” by pro-government “colectivos”, but video footage showed opposition supporters walking past the breached police cordon. "

Then what? No reference to any of this video footage. I can't find it now, but I've already seen video footage that showed the opposite.

Sloppy. Stinks of propaganda to me.

downwiththebanks's picture

For the smoking gun, you need the ability to do basic currency conversion.


The smoking gun is the pure idiocy of those who claim to act like they have a clue what's happening in this nation since 1998, like those at the Guardian, all the while pimping a coup like the fascist fanboys here at ZeroHedge.


Borges is a media whore with no credibility, who used this "event" to make himself look the victim and garner sympathy with ZeroHedge commenters.  Clearly, it worked.  Too bad that counts for jack $hit, and he's still far from the coup he hopes to create.

bookofenoch's picture

Sure, dude. None of it happened. Like people robbing the chicken truck... Filmed at universal studios, huh?


Pull my other finger.

downwiththebanks's picture

OMG:  people robbed a chicken truck.  Better have a coup.  I can see the NY Post headlines the next day "Coup from the Coop".  In case you're wondering, that's the fascist fanboy line here at ZeroHedge. 


That, and of course Uncle Sam would never, ever, ever, ever have anything to do with induced food shortages in a South American country that has veered far afield from Henry Kissinger's acceptable political variation.  


And as we know:  bookofenoch=Henry Kissinger.

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jun 12, 2016 4:50 PM

"Violent Riots And Looting Are Now A Daily Occurrence In Venezuela" 


Why?  Did Trump start doing speeches there too? #BlackLivesMatter


Trump 2016

silverer's picture

These pathetic socialist sociopaths simply cannot let go and admit failure. They can't even try to accept help or try another way to lead. Their egos are so totally cast iron, they'll starve the entire population to death so they can stay seated in their throne. It amazes me.

Polymarkos's picture

They're mentally ill. It's the only explanation--they deny reality, undertake to pursue a phantasm at the cost of even their own lives, and view others only as tools to be used. Nutters, every one of 'em.

downwiththebanks's picture

Keep laundering drug money and selling human beings, Mr. Capitalist.  


I suppose it feels ok when all you do is push buttons all day, even when you're evil.

downwiththebanks's picture

Captial's knob-slobbers have a historical memory of about 3 seconds!


I suppose it also amazes you that the fascist oligarcy has tried pulling this same shit--pimping their media whores to incite a coup--for nearly 2 decades.  


With no popularity and no program (except sell out to Uncle Sam and the CIA), one really has to wonder why the MUD has the support in Venezuela of... well.... MUD.  Nobody gives a shit about a comments section full of petulent little bankers, which is basically the Venezuelan oligarchy.

Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) Jun 12, 2016 5:42 PM

ah civilization.  isn't it just the best???

green dragon's picture

"coveted supplies of subsidized flour and rice run out before they can buy them"

There is food, however the poor cannot afford it! It is the subsidized food that is in high demand in areas of poverty.

Should the pro-wall street group gain power, will the poor suddenly be able to afford to pay for unsubsidized food?

Most likely the social programs will be cut, government industries will be privatized, world bank and/or IMP will make loans.

Will this create jobs for the unskilled poor? Will this create education and training for the unskilled poor so that can be employed if jobs are created? 


New government or old government it is likely that they will continue to pay China in oil, and pay foreign dept. This will leave little for domestic improvemnts.



gcjohns1971's picture

The horrors that follow Socialism through history as flies follow dung are never acknowledged as Socialism's product.


Always it is dismissed as someone else's evil conspiracy, even when the Socialists wall themselves off from the rest of humanity.


Apparently the Socialists will only be free from conpiracy when the last man murders the second to last.


Such is the blindness induced by the anticipation of enjoying another man's earnings.

downwiththebanks's picture

Capitalism--built off a profitiable run of genocide, land theft, human trafficiing, arms smuggling, and the drug trade--has a proud legacy!


Meanwhile, turn your head away for the 17 straight years in which CAPITAL has attempted to overthow the Bolivarian Revolution.  No wonder your coup-loving oligarcy of media whores whines so much on their own private networks--it sucks to be such gigantic losers for such a long time.


Especially when they know that Reuters and the fascist fanboys at ZeroHedge will suck down their drivel no problem, it probably makes them feel a lot better!

SgtShaftoe's picture

If you don't want to live the same way as those described above move out of the cities NOW.  Move to the country, get some chickens, ducks, rabbits, geese and in a pinch, your next meal will be no farther than the back garden. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Average of 600 civilians a week not including armed forces getting killed every week in Syria...

1,000 civilians a month getting slaughtered in Iraq + the 2 million that are dead or missing since the U.S. invasion and occupation since 2003.

Yemen...  Libya...  Afghanistan...

Thousands starving to death in Venezuela with no body counts of those killed either by use of force from the government or between looters and merchants...

Palestine after 60 years and probably better than 2 to 3 million slaughtered in those six decades... and 3 Israelis get whacked and it dominates the news for 2 solid days!!!

50 murdered Americans in 1 day and it dominates every news orgainzation around the World!!!

Any wonder why we're hated by everyone else in the World so much?!!!



gonetogalt's picture

Next door to the east, here in Guyana things are fine, but lots of Guyanese are re-patriating.

40 years ago, the situation was reversed. Forbes Burnham, Cia & MI6 annointed had run the country to 150:1 vs USD (from 1:1 parity a few years before) (See economic hitman for generic details) and no foreign food was allowed to be imported because of lack of foreign currency. So the great fortunes were made running smuggling boats from Venezuela, bringing flour, onions etc.

When you kick out the white people and take their shit there's a price.


bookofenoch's picture

Thinking of Georgia Guidestones. Starvation is a rough way to reduce the population to 500M.

Couldn't we just go back to fluoride and vaccinations?

Polymarkos's picture

Wasting away in Bernie Sandersville,

Looking for my lost roll of TP

Some say there's the CIA to blame,

but I know it's Soshalizm's fault.

downwiththebanks's picture

Polymarkos:  another fascist fanboy stroking to the Carmona Decree!

Defecation's picture

Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezeula. Will you stand up to the petrodollar?