Arrest Of Accomplice Of "Lone Wolf" Orlando Shooter Expected Soon

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As we reported first thing this morning, contrary to media reports that Omar Mateen had acted as a "lone wolf" when he singlehandedly killed 49 and injured over 50 - a monumental task outside of video games and Hollywood - something about this story just did not make sense, especially since according to eyewitness reports, suppressed from the mainstream, there were likely several other perpetrators involved with Saturday night’s terror attack.

As it turns out, the police and the FBI may have to "adjust" the narrative, because according to WFTV, an arrest of an alleged accomplice of Mateen will be "made soon."

As WFTV further reports, "sources told Channel 9 Monday that law enforcement could possibly make an arrest in the next few days of someone who allegedly helped the Orlando gunman carryout the mass shooting inside Pulse nightclub that killed 49 people on Sunday."

However, the station adds, citing US Attorney Lee Bentley, "We have no reason to believe that anyone connected to this crime is placing the public in imminent danger at this time." Unless, of course, there is a "reason to believe" that the narrative that had been peddled all along about a lone-wolf style killing, when in fact there was at least two or more perpetrators, was a glaring lie.

For now, however, the authorities are scrambling to create the new story, and as WCVB adds, a US government official said that no arrest is imminent.

It's almost as if the government itself can no longer keep its official story straight.

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Hang em' high from a tall oak tree. Beer for the horses. Paris: the future of Islamic terrorism

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cue white male "homophobe" "gun nut" that he met at his "security guard" job

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santafe (not verified) Squid Viscous Jun 13, 2016 9:31 PM

They realize the American People are NOT buying that one lone gunman could kill 50 people, so they're adjusting the fictional script.

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Numerous eye witness accounts of multiple accomplices didn't help

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I have it on good faith that Oman was last seen with 40 beautiful virgins in a far-off place.

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No arrest will be made. They will shoot the patsy, execute him on the spot. Dead men tell no tales.


Are you the lucky patsy?


Am I the lucky patsy?


We will see just who wins the patsy lotto.

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Have you also noticed that when one manages to survive, they dope them up and you never hear a word from them again. Even their attorneys fail to put up any kind of defense (see Boston Bombings) in what should have been an easy acquittal.

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In the shade of John Hinckley Junior style?


He is craaaaaaazzzzzzeeeee...a real lunatic.


Nobody will ever believe a word that he says.

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They've finally identified the other perps in this fiasco.  His initials are F.B.I.

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And like Mateen he is a drunken gay who has be frequenting the bar for the last 3 years, often so paralytic from alcohol that he needed carrying out. Yes, another 'fundamentalist' no doubt.

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Have you also noticed that when one Boston Marathon alledged bomber managed to survive he was all in one piece, then he had his larynx shot out? He's alive, in prison, but hasn't said a word since.


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They are just taking their time picking out the right patsy to hang this on. When the time comes they will "have" to kill whoever. Don't worry though, the "crime" scene will have lots of planted evidence and a willing media convicting the party of the crime. What is telling for me is that they must be getting close to the end of whatever it is they are planning. They don't even care how shabby the coverup is or what evidence is leaked anymore. They own the narrative and if only half believe, they win. It could have been Hillary in that nightclub with a full auto cackling away while mowing down the proles and she would still get elected after the media spin. Only a full reset has any chance at real change.

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But ... but ... but Bath House Barry said earlier this killer acted alone, no sign of Islamic tearrism and in fact, Barry put the blame for the massacre on Americans!


So why are the fbi now looking for an "accomplice?"

The Dems and main stream media propagandists are furiously trying to spin this as a gun issue when it's obviously a 100% failure of Obama's and Congress immigration policies.

drivenZ's picture

how was this a failure of Obama's immigration policies? unless you'd like to start deporting born and raised 30yr old Americans. Is that what you're advocating? please think. 

jcaz's picture

Who said anything about Obama's immigration policies?  And unless you're a clueless snowflake,  take a look at what is happening to the 2nd-generation Muslims in this country-  they're not assimilating into the All-American boys you want to believe.

Wake up, tool.

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Virgin goats.

There, fixed that for you.

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Even Joe "The Retard" Sixpack can't buy this shit. Do the spook cunts that pull these stunts actually have any brains whatsoever? I'm fucking insulted every time by how stupid they think I am, but maybe it's just that THEY are actually drooling morons.

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It'd be funny if this turns out to be a scorned lover thing.  Well, as funny as something like this can be anyways.  Its like the old joke, how do you seperate muslim men from boys?  With a crowbar.

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"The true terrorist leader of ISIS sits in the Oval Office continuing his campaign to destroy the United States of America from within, especially using the Department of Injustice, the Feral Bureau of Intimidation and the Department of Homeland Screwups, aided and abetted by the treasonous scum in the Mainstream Media Oligopoly."


AMEN to that: The muslim HNIC is doing a dandy of a blow job! Paging Reggie Love..............

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Hey, Tylers!

Here we go again. The FBI left Omar Mateen's condo unsecured after they finally went inside at 11:30 last night. Same as San Bernadino. This report comes from a journalist who was on the scene before the FBI arrived.


Start at 29:00. Portion finishes at 34:50.


The clip does contain one erroneous statement. There is mention of a Tsarnaev brother. The person involved was someone connected with one of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Tall Tom's picture





Same script?


Well...If it works then why change it?


You'd think that they'd have some imagination.


But with the public mentality today...who needs it?

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Oh wait, there's a little more about the FBI. That part runs from 44:00 to 45:04.

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) HedgeAccordingly Jun 13, 2016 9:46 PM

Billions and millions spent to get the keystone cops

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Somebody better tell obama there coming for him.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

Their what is coming for him?

BaBaBouy's picture

It's They're as in They Are ...

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You damn spelling bee ralevictorians!


Let's see if who get's arrested has also been scoped out by FBI already and released. It's a tough call cuz I don't want to see moar FBI but I would like to see better FBI.

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Sorry, there is no there there.

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Obama has his head up his  ass and cannot hear.

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 Dead man walking.

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Why no pmsnbcnn questioning about why the cops let everyone bleed out for 3 hours?


SubjectivObject's picture

Because they were fukking scared, that's why.

Everybody gets scared dammit.

Like pussies.  Like they get scared.

Take away a cop's state backing, and all you got is a pussy.

Squid Viscous's picture

a guy at one of the sunday morning "briefings" had the balls to ask, probably shit-canned by now

Tall Tom's picture




Like AIDS man.


You want AIDS? Go for it.You bury your hands in AIDS infested blood. Show me how fucking brave, er, stupid that you are.


The HazMat Team needed to be called in with all of that tainted blood.

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A gay Sandy Hook?  (with Sandy Hook being a proven hoax)

sugarbunny's picture

and where all the gory footage of bleeding dead and wounded?  They love to show that gruesome stuff; I hardly saw anything of the sort in the televised media reports I saw.

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Notions.... pelitors 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture


Maybe they're lining up Omar's old man.

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He may suicide himself with a dirty bomb. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Can't have the creepy, camera-lubbing Mr. Omar Sr. making Muslims look unhinged zealots whilst HRC22 is trying to steal an election.


BTW, I know I shouldn't criticize ZH cuz its free, but you guys flat-out screwed the pooch with your recent bad and glitch-inducing site changes.  Trainwreck.

azusgm's picture

The upgrade has been an upgrade for me. I'm using a laptop with Firefox if that makes a difference.


Also, the banner at the top is a navigating plus.

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"But he was such a...good boi!"



When he wasn't kicking his wife's ass, hurling insults at people and groping them at metal detector in the ole court house, of course.


Sounds like the proper Transportation Authority/Homeland Insecurity material to me! 


Let me introduce everyone to Irene Martin, large-ass-in-charge, bureaucratic, SJW nightmare with an attitude...prepare yourselves..., you can't "unsee" that...that is reality ;-)

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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's no surprise the father preached hatred against homosexuals and mos tlikely Christians and "non-beleivers" also.


And yet the fbi were following this killer for how long? I mean come on, are they THAT incompetent? Hopefully more facts come out about this collassal failure of the fbi, of Obama and of Low Retta.

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No "arrest" yet b/c they are still interviewing struggling actors and they have not found the right "man" yet.


Of course, the next person up on the casting call is named James Flannery, and is blond haired and blue eyed so they think they have their guy to fit the narrative...

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Bucking Ofama, PLOTUS (Pathological Liar Of The United States) Barack Hussein Obama, ordered the Mainstream Media Oligopoly blackout on covering the facts that Mateen was not the only murderer in the Orlando false flag operation. [Mateen worked for the thugs at the Department of Homeland Screwups!] The Bucking Ofama administration has been secretly aiding Radical Islamist infiltration into the United States via the southern border and elsewhere and has also encouraged Radical Islamic groups to recruit and to spread their murderous hatred within the United States. Following the Orlando murders Bucking Ofama will launch another big effort to ban the sale and possession of firearms by law abiding American citizens.

Also, the Feral Bureau of Intimidation allowed Mateen to obtain firearms because he did not represent a threat to the political parasites or the Feral government. If he had been a United States military veteran and supported the Revival of the United States Constitution and peacefully opposed the Feral Police State the FBI would have "Ruby Ridged" or "Waco'd" him. But, Mateen suited the Bucking Ofama administration agenda and he was allowed to proceed with his fellow Radical Islamist conspirators to commit mass murder.

The true terrorist leader of ISIS sits in the Oval Office continuing his campaign to destroy the United States of America from within, especially using the Department of Injustice, the Feral Bureau of Intimidation and the Department of Homeland Screwups, aided and abetted by the treasonous scum in the Mainstream Media Oligopoly.