How Muslim Countries Treat Homosexuals

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Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

The left wingers are spouting gibberish about this having nothing to do with Islam or Muslim beliefs. Bullshit. Muslims hate gays and think they should die for their lifestyles. It’s their law.

Source: WaPo

10 nations where the penalty for gay sex is death

By Colin Stewart

Ten nations with large Muslim populations have laws providing for the death penalty for same-sex activity.

Only a few actually impose the death sentence. Exactly how many is a difficult question.

The 2016 State-Sponsored Homophobia report from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, lists 13-14 places that threaten the death penalty for homosexuality, including the basic 10 plus several specific variations:

  • One where executions occur — and go unpunished — despite the fact that there is no death-penalty law (Iraq);
  • One that has approved a death-penalty provision but has not yet incorporated it into the nation’s laws (Brunei);
  • One that conducts executions but is not recognized as a nation (the Islamic State, also known as Daesh, ISIS and ISIL);
  • One where, in theory, a particular interpretation of its laws would provide for the death penalty but, in practice, no executions have been reported (United Arab Emirates)

The ILGA list is quite similar to this blog’s list of those 14 countries, printed below:

A best-information-available list of countries/regions where executions for homosexual activity are carried out or are provided by current or future law:

Nations with such laws on the books; executions have been carried out

1. Iran
2. Saudi Arabia


Nations with such laws on the books; no recent executions reported

3. Sudan
4. Yemen

Nations with such laws on the books in part of the country; no verified executions for homosexual activity

5. Nigeria
6. Somalia

Nations with such laws on the books; no executions reported

7. Afghanistan
8. Mauritania

9. Pakistan
10. Qatar

Those are the “ten nations with large Muslim populations” mentioned in this article’s first paragraph.” In addition, executions and possible executions are an issue in four other places:

Nation with no such a law on the books; executions are carried out by militias and others

11.  Iraq

Not recognized as a nation; carries out executions

12. Daesh/the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah

Nation where such a law was scheduled to take effect in 2016 (but might not)

13. Brunei Darussalam

Nation where some interpretations of existing law would provide for the death penalty, but no executions have been reported

14. United Arab Emirates

News coverage in all of those nations is unreliable at best, so specific evidence of executions for same-sex intimacy is rare.  What’s known about some specific countries is cited below.

In Somaliaa gay teenager was reportedly stoned to death in 2013, but those reports have not been verified.

In Nigeria, the BBC reported in 2007, “More than a dozen Nigerian Muslims have been sentenced to death by stoning and for sexual offences ranging from adultery and homosexuality. But none of these death sentences have actually been carried out as they were either thrown out on appeal or commuted to prison terms as a result of pressure from human rights groups.”

In Sudan, the death penalty is in frequent use, but there are no recent reports of executions for same-sex intimacy.  In 2014, Sudan ranked at No. 6 worldwide in number of executions (23+) for various offenses, just below the United States, with 35, according to Amnesty International.

Similarly, Yemen is No. 7 in frequency of executions overall, but the death penalty apparently has not been imposed recently for homosexual activity.   Researchers for Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board reported more than 10 years ago, “Information on whether such sentences have been carried out was not found.” More recently an article on Yemen’s gay community in The Tower magazine stated, “Traditionally, that death penalty is not enforced, but citizens have been imprisoned for their sexual orientation.”

Saudi Arabia is  No. 3 among the world’s most avid executioners, with 90+ in 2014.  At least in the past, beheadings were imposed for homosexual behavior, including three men in 2002. Imprisonment and lashings are a more common punishment for same-sex activity.

Iran is No. 2 in the world for frequency of executions, behind China.  Those include executions for homosexual activity, although the facts are often unclear or misrepresented in such cases. (See, for example, “Bogus hanging in Iran, bogus tweets in Egypt” and “Series of public hangings in Iran, including 2 for sodomy.”)

Evidence is a bit clearer about two war-torn areas — Iraq and the territory controlled by  Daesh/the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).  The ILGA report of 2015 noted that “Iraq, although [the death penalty is] not in the civil code, clearly has judges and militias throughout the country that issue the death sentence for same-sex sexual behaviours. … We are also aware that in the Daesh(ISIS/ISIL)-held areas the death penalty is implemented (although a non-State actor, it is listed in the report). ” For examples, see:

In some nations, the death penalty is on the books but is not imposed. ILGA in 2015 stated:

Brunei Darussalam is due to activate the death penalty for same-sex sexual acts in 2016, but it seems likely that like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Qatar although it is on the statute, it will not be implemented.

ILGA reported in 2016 about Brunei: “there is no sign that the threatened death penalty is to be implemented.”

According to the U.S. Department of State, Mauritania belongs in this category too.  A U.S. Department of State cable from 2009, released by WikiLeaks in 2011, indicated that Mauritania has never imposed the death penalty for homosexual activity or any other crime.

ILGA reported in 2016 that “although is understood that the United Arab Emirates has not implemented [the death penalty] under the Sharia code, it remains a possibility under interpretations current in the Emirates.”

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drendebe10's picture

Wutta fukn great religion & culture...

New World Chaos's picture

"I've never known a gay Arab, but I've never known a straight one either." - someone on the internet

Two men kissing = gay.  Good excuse for this DHS terrorist idiot to pull the pin before the election. 

Assraping little boys = "sexual emergency".  We should cherish this unique tradition of a beautiful non-Western culture.  We would be blessed by such diversity of perspectives on what it means to be gay.

philipat's picture

Not even to mention how Islam treats WOMEN? It is incomprehensible to me how the Progressive Feminist Left defends Islam, even Radical Islam. Time to wake up and smell the coffee America, even the Snowflakes...?

beemasters's picture

It's funny/sad how many western media and individuals pretend to be compassionate towards the gays, women, children of Arab nations, but accept their deaths as a "collateral damage" when wars are waged by the government and allies.
They won't even mention/wanna know how many innocent gays, women and children have been killed in the illegal wars.

Muh Raf's picture

Looks like you 'men' at ZH won't be happy till Muslims allow men into the ladies toilet. Well guess what. It's not going to happen in most of those countries, so if you're an undercover pedo like most gay men, don't go there.

Grimaldus's picture

Nobody gives a shit what Muslims do except progressives. Progressives war on Muslims at the same time they import them into their countries. The progressive stupid.

True constitutional conservatives would never intervene in Muslim affairs in Muslim lands, preferring to just do good business with whoever is not dead. Recognizing that Islam is a political system more than a religion and that Muslims will never assimilate into a non-Muslim country, immigration of Muslims would be stopped. And reversed. That's just the way it is dude.

Are you so very proud of your prophet beheading 900 men and boys? You must aspire to do the same eh?







DownWithYogaPants's picture

Know what the good thing about homosexuality is?


..........You can roll over and talk about sports!   barump bump kish!  I'll be here all week folks!

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Yeah... all those tight ends, rim shots and hole in ones.

Billy the Poet's picture

A gay guy just murdered 49 people. Maybe there is something hinkey about them.

youngman's picture

The old joke USED to be ...The only good thing about that they do not reproduce...

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Muh Raf Jun 14, 2016 7:05 AM

And now there are multiple sources - his wife, the guys he asked out/dated - claiming that Omar Mateen (the gay bar killer) was gay.  Interesting turn of events.

kiwidor's picture

Not surprising at all. it's common knowledge in the psych professions that the reactive types are closet homos.  this is supported by studies into response patterns /perceived identity/ tolerance of 'other'.

kiwidor's picture

Of course we don't want muzzies in the ladies loos.  No need, you already sit down to pee.

As for the hoary old chestnut about gay=pedo, everyone knows that not only is the assertion false, it is the harbour of developmentally disturbed straight men, such as yourself. You are probably a pedo, Muh Raf.

One's children are safer in a house full of queers, or a house full of bikie gang folk, than they are in the house of the Vicar or a muslim. 

New World Chaos's picture

Political correctness is a brainwashed cult, created and controlled by elite Jews for purposes of social engineering.  Its secret goal is the creation of a world financial dictatorship run by Jews for their own benefit.  This requires (1) divide and conquer, (2) Marxism, (3) destruction of other power bases such as nations, families, and self-sufficient communities, (4) de-evolution of the white race, and (5) destruction of Christianity, because it comes with too many accurate prophecies. 

PC works towards these goals by creating a new heirarchy of oppression based on how many victim points one is born with.  Victim points also determine one's inherent goodness.  At the bottom of the scale are straight, white, Christian males.  They have no victim points, which autoatically makes them PC's Devil.  Female = 1 victim point.  Brown Muslim = 2 victim points.  People with more victim points are automatically better than those with less, and therefore they have a license to commit certain crimes against those with less victim points.  Robbery is par for the course (as long as Jews get their skim).  Rape is also permitted.  It will be see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil from everyone on the left, on pain of being called horrible names and possibly losing ones' job.

Crimes commited by leftist governments do not count.  Communists can starve 100 million people and it will never be mentioned.  Obama can support terrorism and genocide (via ISIS) because Obama has 4 victim points, which makes him immune from all criticism.  This also creates millions of precious victims who can then be sent on to victimize Europe.

There is another dynamic driving feminists.  Surely you know women who, if they end up with a man who tries to be nice, will disrespect him, withhold sex, blow minor transgressions out of proportion, and bludge him into the ground.  Then they will shack up with a player or an abusive loser and give him everything, and make endless excuses for him.  This is a finely evolved strategy called "alpha fucks, beta bucks".  Feminism itself is a giant Shit Test.  Western men collectively failed the shit test by letting feminists get away with their ridiculous shit.  Therefore they will wreck Western civilization, the only civilization that was ever nice to them, and welcome in a bunch of violent losers because at least they have balls.

philipat's picture

Um, no because I always avoided American women. My logic is as follows: The US comprises only 4% of the Global population of 7 Billion. Of the remaining 6.7 Billion, about half are female, so about 3.35 Billion. Of those, many are absolutely gorgeous (I have been married to one, in my single marriage, for over 30 years) and the vast majority want to be feminine and enjoy being treated as a real woman by a real man.

So why waste time with American bitches who are fucking clueless as to what they want and why?

BobEore's picture



My logic is as follows:


If enough "real men" turn away from "American bitches" then the powers working to destroy our western world via - amongst many other tactics - poisoning relations between the sexes -


will be forced to stop pursuing their evil agenda against us,


because we will have taken care of the problem for them.




"Will that be good for my stash man?" "I dunno, but if you don't buy now, it's gonna be too late later!" Exceptionalist logic is exceptional.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

How do you tell if your room mate is gay? 


........... You're sucking his dick and it tastes like shit! ............barump bump KISH!   



PhiliPat is correct.  I'm not even sure "American Women" are even woman in the most strict sense.  You have to really search to find one that's even reasonably attractive and when you do find one that is because her sexual market value is so high her attitude is going to be completely worthless.  Being "American" is an attitude and work ethic.  I've found many foreign girls to be much more American in the metaphoric sense and certainly much more attractive.   Example:  A Japanese girlfriend I had was the hardest natural worker I've ever seen in addition to be so sweet, funny and easy on the eyes that I have ever encountered.  White women born in America long ago jumped the shark so far as I can tell and I've banged a bunch.

BobEore's picture


Not a big fan of the species myself at this point - invested way too much of my personal time attempting to rescue gals whose personal issues extended beyond the point any sane person would go. Either you broke free or you went down with them.


But I'm not sure that tragic state of affairs - and I do mean TRAGIC - entitles me, you, or anybody else to simply take the whole kitnbootle and label them "bitches" or perhaps even more extremely suggest that they are not "women." There's simply too much of pot meets kettle in Merikan "men" deciding whether Merikan "women" meet the specifications of the term. Call me a hopeless optimist, but I believe it's possible that we could be more gentle with each other.


But all that is entirely secondary to what I was attempting to get at. If at this point everybody closes the door on each other  - gender wise - that means that the usual suspects who I firmly believe to be behind what is an active campaign to discredit men in women's eyes - and vis versa - will be the only winners. Please don't think for a minute that I am proposing to have the answer to that mess - I've taken a rain check on the whole affair by enjoying the charms of middleeastern gals - who are not at all hung up under the covers, not matter the covers they might dress in btw!


In the long term, a solution and a reconcialiation not found means an ethnic continuum and a once proud people no longer present. I simply cannot bring myself to 'give up on' wester world women in principle. I republished my personal take on the alternative to calling them all "bitches" a little while ago. I guess I'm just ol fashioned.

justdues's picture

New World Chaos,  best truthyness of the day. A good way to start my morning anyway . Thanks brother

Ghordius's picture

"It is incomprehensible to me how the Progressive Feminist Left defends Islam, even Radical Islam." have you tried to understand?


the progressives, the feminists and the leftists usually defend Islam, period, from being attacked, period. I am neither a progressive nor a feminist nor a leftist, just a moderate centrist. but when a rabid anti-Islamist like from the Gatestone institute attacks "Islam, period", I have to side with them


Radical Islam? yes, RADICAL ISLAM is a scourge of the earth, that has to be eradicated. together with radical Christianity, radical Hinduism, radical Shintoism, radical Rastafarianism, and yes, even the radical Spaghetti Monster from the Sky


that word, radical... there lies the difference. it rhymes with fundamentalist, extreme, "far", and so on. it does not rhyme with moderate nor with peaceful, nor with tolerant


what you don't understand is the difference between Islam, period (with it's 1'000 million followers) and Radical Islam with it's zealots


why? that's what I don't understand, and would like to

snr-moment's picture

radical environmentalism?


and the "why" has to do with how well any group polices its own radicals.

Ghordius's picture

why not? if a radical environmentalist is willing to blow up things and people? the point about radicals is how far they are willing to go for their fervent beliefs, isn't it? meanwhile, how do you police the whole earth? as a "single", smaller group with little global reach?

Ghordius's picture

I already did. with this: "it does not rhyme with moderate nor with peaceful, nor with tolerant"

where, in any religious scripture, be it Christian, Jew or Muslim, do you see a mandate for any honour killings? some stuff is cultural, not religious

Ghordius's picture

extremely interesting map. +1

let me see: the safest countries on earth for women, with "high level of security" are, according to this map... Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden

does it fit the usual representations here on ZH? some here think differently, don't they?

snr-moment's picture

I guess that's why your rape epidemic has touched such a nerve, isn't it?  It's where the biggest difference lies. 

snr-moment's picture

and i just love how you divorce culture from religion.  in this case it might be called anthropomorphism.

Ghordius's picture

lol, that's a good one. if you don't divorce culture from religion.... well, then you have religious war, or cultural war, or both. in all three cases it's war

the answer to that is simple: secularism. problem is, it's an "-ism", and as such one of those words that are being extirpated from the vocabulary, in some places

snr-moment's picture

secular europe has had no war???  That's hysterical!!! It's also why you can't recognize the danger.  Not everyone is as, uhh, civilized as you euro types.

Ghordius's picture

that's not what I wrote, buddy

snr-moment's picture

oh, here's a last little bit of humor for the post-modern culture with the death wish.

Umh's picture

You nailed it, some peoples religion is to intertwined with their culture and this need to be understood by people that assume religion is an optional part of culture. Religion may be an optional part of my culture, but it seems to be tightly coupled with the current rash of Islamic "migrants".

BobEore's picture


You appear to have developed a rather radical dislike of the word radical squire. I hope that doesn't mean we will be required to add yourself to the list of those things to be excised from the earth brother!


Especially since rooted in the word's implicit meaning is not "extremism" but "core" or "that from whence comes" = the return to the root of things. At the root of our various differences - culture/race/gender/geography/ - there seems to be one essential facet which belongs to us and us alone - separate from all other primate species. The capacity to choose. Just like at the core of our being lies a knowledge of moral compass, so in the backs of our minds sits a conscience which never really disappears, no matter the cross currents of convenience/connivance/corruption or concupiscence. We know right from wrong.


You want to know why people aren't seeing the difference tween extremist Islam and the religious persuasion itself? There's a cloud a of toxic malevolence sitting over the wester world; it's slowly corroding that innate capacity to know - and the ability to choose. Good people -millions of them, are slowly but surely turning down that moral compass at the behest of a sly insertion of mind control between them and their own real thoughts. It's getting downright frightening to watch from afar. Those who are still lucid enough of mind to see through the psyops - this article being but one of the plethora of pre-planned followups to the Orlando G4S production - and to note the gradual dimishing of cognitive function on the part of their fellows,


need be speaking up now. This is not a drill, not a test. They are getting ready to make the move which is designed to cut the west off from it's root of civility for ever. In other words = it's now or never! Silence is complicity. And there are no innocents when the hand of kabbalist talmudism works it's dark magic of scapegoating you for it's crimes against humanity.



Ghordius's picture

thank you bob for this excellent excourse into the root of the word radical, from "radix"

civility, btw comes from city. like civilization, civil means, at the end, tolerant, moderate, able to work out differences, being able to peacefully live with Others

I am using the word "radical" here this way because it has intruded into the US political vocabulary, recently

that "toxic malevolence sitting over the wester world; it's slowly corroding that innate capacity to know"? it corrodes the vocabulary

hence my words, in protest

meanwhile, I disagree with your "We know right from wrong". most people lack a "moral compass". most people adopt one from the outside instead of trying to build one from the inside. it's cheaper, it's easier and it makes some evolutionary sense, particularly for small groups, and even more for individuals

BobEore's picture


people lack a "moral compass". most people adopt one from the outside instead of trying to build one from the inside.


I knew it!


That unreconstituted Augustinian pessimism about the nature of humanity is still hovering like a dark cloud of malevolence over Europe!


Every body has a 'moral compass' - factory equipped - whether they choose to use it or not. That mad monk(and undercover Manichean)tried to pretend we have no free will - and therefore are free of conscience. Apparently he still has some followers.

I'd like to understand why?

Ghordius's picture

BobEore, note that I wrote most people lack a moral compass. you say everybody has it, but it's a choice about using it or not

then let me adapt to your view and state it differently: most people choose not to use their moral compass, or adopt an external one

why? observation, for example. add some moral relativism to the fray, if it makes you happy

of course we all have free will, imho. but it's limited in many ways. I can only will what I know, for starters

and conscience is even harder to define. I know even my dogs have a conscience, and feelings of guilt, but it's different, for them. there, it's about breaking my rules. but my rules are the rules of the pack, and so dogma and everything, for them

we really have to discuss this, one of those days. must think how to tackle the thing so that we indeed can

Odegaard Falls's picture

There is in fact inherent unviersal morals codes amongst the human species from cultue to culture, country to county, these are biological cognitive systems, that as our wise friend said can be chosen, they are there, and you have experienced these unviersal thoughts of do-goodery so stop being a douche, the right thing to do quickly comes to mind almost instaneously.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

There is only one radical religion: Mooslem.


It's the only religion with an organized terrorist effort.  The rest of the religions do their thing without any issues on this basis.  Don't try that "Everyone is doing it" argue with me.  You're not dealing with some crack head that you're accustomed to fooling here.  And that's ALL you could fool with that argument.

Ghordius's picture

"It's the only religion with an organized terrorist effort"

your understanding of history is a bit limited, here. just one single example for you:

note that those terrorists were disguised... as Arabs

Grimaldus's picture

Only one "religion" (political system) is at war with the others.

Maybe even you can guess which one.







kiwidor's picture

let's put it in simple terms even a woman can understand.

radical islam comes from islam.  islam is based , like all other silly religions, on absolutist assertions that are the record of illogical and broken thoughts.

one cannot rid the world of radical islam without ridding the world of islam.

replace 'islam' with any religion of your choice. 


There is no difference between the radical and moderate forms of a religion ; they all stem from errors of thinking and must be eradicated.



BobEore's picture

Assraping little boys/girls


Yupper! Mouth-breathers' mantra follows:


Damn muzzies movin in on our Merikan exceptional perogatives agin!


What we allow our own leaders for decades to do to kids who have been kidnapped and subjected to taxpayer funded satanic programming


should in no way be taken as a barometer of the 'barbarity' of present day western culture. We need to collectively "look away" from the depravity of a system which allows


Franklin Omaha/Presidio CA\"the Finders"/Brussel-Dutreux/Saville-Britain's pedophile culture at the highest echelons of power


so as to better focus of what folks in far away places do on the dark side! Crimes against our kids are lamentable, but hey! Let's keep things in perspective here OK? Just as our high standard of living relies upon the wide spread placement of military installations to support local economies, our politic-judicial system relies upon the continue ability of our leaders to have the widest choice from a menu of sexual preferences so as to be able to enjoy the fullest measure of personal freedom as our proxies!


You're goin down retards. And you deserve it. Exceptionally.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

4Chan will always have videos of some Africans getting nacklaced (putting a tire around someone and setting it on fire) for those so interested...

azusgm's picture

If in Iran, sex change surgery is a way out of the death penalty.

kiwidor's picture

pure insanity.  " we wont' kill you, instead we offer you wholesale endocrine and genital mutilation"

AdolphLustig's picture
AdolphLustig (not verified) Jun 14, 2016 1:27 AM

Better than christians who let their kids get buggered by priests and cut the tips off their kids penises off like the filthy jews.

Homosxualty is not allowed in the bible babble and still you have faggots prancing around like midget lepers and christians "turn the other cheek"....

I has a discussion today with a cross dresser who could not see how bad it was for its mental health being a poofter.

I say kill all faggots/lesbians and wipe thet shit off the planet.
For the children.

Zero Point's picture

I take it English is a second language? After Retardinese?

Multi's picture

Catholics do not mutilate children genitalia, just so you know.