Soros Buying Gold On BREXIT, EU “Collapse” Risk

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George Soros is again buying gold and selling and going short stocks due to BREXIT and EU “collapse” risk, after a six year hiatus from the gold market.

Gold in USD (2009 to 2012)

The multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, the man who “broke the Bank of England” and one of the richest and most powerful men in the world has now publicly warned that inflation is likely soon and is voicing concerns about BREXIT, the disintegration of the EU, a Chinese financial crash, global contagion and a new World War.

Soros Fund Management, which manages around $30 billion for the Soros family, is now aggressively selling and going short stocks and diversifying into gold and shares in gold mining companies, due to his now even “gloomier” view of the global financial system and the global economic outlook.

Soros has become more involved in trading at his family office, due to his many concerns and the risk that “large market shifts may be at hand”, according to a person familiar with the matter as reported by Bloomberg.

Soros recently warned that the EU is “on the verge of collapse” because of its handling of the Greek economic crisis and refugee crisis and said the prospect of a BREXIT from EU Superstate posed a fresh threat to the EU.

Soros, 85, has been spending more time in the office directing trades and recently oversaw a series of big, bearish investments, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing private information. Soros Fund Management LLC sold stocks and bought gold and shares of gold miners last quarter, anticipating weakness in various markets, according to a government SEC filing. The Wall Street Journal earlier reported Soros’s decision.

The smart money such as Soros, old money such as Berenger Bank, large institutional money such as Munich Re and Blackrock, who understand diversification and gold’s function as a store of value continues to diversify into gold. There is an awareness with these smart, “insider” money of gold’s benefit as a hedging instrument and safe haven asset but also an awareness that the outlook for prices is very positive, at these depressed levels.

The less informed money continues not to appreciate the risks that are again building in the system. Risk appetite remains high and there is a distinct lack of awareness regarding how risks, such as BREXIT and contagion in the EU, may impact financial markets and traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, property and indeed deposits.

Governments, economists, financial advisers, brokers and of course bankers did not see the first crisis coming in 2008 and they are not seeing it now. Some are simply not informed or aware of the risks and others choose to ignore them and spin the illusion that all is well and there is nothing to be worried about.

The cosy consensus and groupthink of economic recovery continues and there is a remarkable lack of a plurality of opinion and lack of debate regarding the risks posed to savers and investors today.

The real risks of another global financial crisis as warned in recent days by Martin Wolf and Japanese Prime Minister Abe are largely being ignored again – as was the case before the first crisis.  A few market observers are warning about and again they are largely being ignored

The inability to look at the reality of the global financial and economic challenges confronting us today will see investors suffer financial losses again. In the coming crisis, depositors and savers are also exposed due to the new bail-in regimes.

Real diversification and an allocation to gold bullion coins and bars remains the key to weathering the second global financial crisis.

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Everyone is shorting the Pound . The BOE is liquidating. Volatility indexes are through the roof.

I am betting on a Yes to exit vote.

100% Sure the Pound is going to take a hit either way the Brexit vote goes.

Quite frankly the Pound should and could take a hit.

IMO it's been over-valued as a currency since the end of WWII.

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John Exeter's pyramid looking horrid unstable right now...

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You know we're nearing the last chapter when Georgy uses the the "W" word!

The only thing he left out of course is that he will be the one instrumental in starting it!!!

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"The inability to look at the reality of the global financial and economic challenges confronting us today will see investors suffer financial losses again."

Indeed - the passing off of a fake storyline about China/Brics and unicorn golden skittles for all has placed western metal investors in a dangerous cul de sac of complacency from which -


if not rescued, will likely result in the impoverishment of most - thus ending a centuries long run of "free men" at liberty to be masters of their own fates - with the ignominious capitulation to the moneychangers which they thought to have avoided


by purchasing "insurance" from the moneychangers themselves!

WTF are you saying - in two sentences or less - I got no time to dmodd... My dealer's at the door!


You snoozed - you loozed. Wilfull ignorance is no defense against fraud and malfeasance. Capiche bro?


SOROS BROS/[this word hidden] - JOINT INVESTORS IN 'breakin the [piggy]bank' of the lil guy who "never saw it comin!"


alterius non sit qui suus esse

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Actus me invito factus non est meus actus,ad litem,ad lucem,ad meliora!

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Are you eventually tryin to beat Falak Pema at his home turf?

He is the Master of artful speech and twisted wordings paired with historical references.

Try harder.

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You try harder


I'm coastin here, just havin fun.


Good ol falak and I go way back - you, not so much.