Thanks America: Spending On Military Weapons Saw Its Largest Yearly Increase In A Decade

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For those who who thrive on conflict (ie: countries with a strong military industrial complex - read: United States), 2015 was a year to be proud of.

The world defense market climbed to $65 billion in 2015, up by $6.6 billion from 2014 the consulting company IHS Inc said in its Global Defence Trade Report. That's the largest yearly increase in the past decade, led by Saudi purchases which jumped about 50% to $9.3 billion in 2015 according to Bloomberg.

As it continues its conflict in Yemen, and with an eye on countering Iran, Saudi Arabia's purchases consisted of Eurofighter Typhoon jets, F-15 warplanes and Apache helicopters, as well as precision-guided weapons, drones and surveillance equipment according to Ben Moores, a senior defense analyst at IHS Aerospace, Defence & Security who wrote the report.

Egypt became the world's fourth-biggest weapon's importer, spending almost $2.3 billion in 2015, ramping up from spending $1 billion or less before 2013. Moores says the higher spending by Egypt is being underwritten by France and other Gulf Arab states.

Iraq spent nearly as much as Egypt as it shifts money from operations and personnel toward procurement, IHS said. The country is battling Islamic State militants in the Anbar province and is preparing for the eventual battle to retake the northern city of Mosal.

Moores says that the IHS doesn't foresee oil prices recovering beyond current levels for another three years, which means oil exporters may have to cut back on procurement in the future - (or the US can just offer a discount for "slightly used" equipment, one or the other).

Another interesting point from the reports, as Bloomberg notes, is that states bordering the South China Sea increased defense spending by 71% since 2009 in attempt to deter China. Those purchases were for items such as aircraft and anti-ship missiles the IHS added.

From an export perspective, everyone will be shocked to learn that the United States was the top weapons exporter in 2015, supplying almost $23 billion in goods and equipment, of which $8.8 billion went to the Middle East.

"Going forward, the total may exceed $30 billion as deliveries of the F-35 begin to ramp up" the report said, referring to the next-generation fighter aircraft built by Lockheed Martin.

Russia came in at the world's No. 2 exporter, and is likely to increase its trade with Iran  as the country begins to replace its aging air force equipment, a massive undertaking that could cost $40 to $60 billion according to Moores.

France is poised to further its exports as well, as it builds a $39 billion submarine order it won from Australia earlier this year.

As we previously noted, the global arms trade is absolutely huge, and is continuing to grow as exporters stir up conflict in order to grow GDP look to help keep the peace with global arms sales. Remember this information the next time we hear about the imminent threat Russia poses, or about how the US just needs to make sure it sticks its nose into the South China Sea disputes.

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Here is a graphic (more here) showing the global arms trade between 2011-2015, with the usual suspects exporting and the Middle East significantly increasing imports.

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Russia. Second in world in arms Purchases...Booming sales

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Can't we all just get along?

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woot woot, made millions on war, expect to make millions more soon. Once people figure out we are a predator species (eyes forward, none on the side or back) and have no natural enemies except ourselves, then they see that war is our natural state. You can fight it all you want, but that leads to being cannon fodder. Embrace or Die

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Going forward, the total may exceed $30 billion as deliveries of the F-35 begin to ramp up

...and, after peaking around $30 billion, begin to decline as America's 'allies' discover they've paid Ferrari prices for a winged Edsel.

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Bit unkind re the Edsel as at least it did the basic things. Not so sure the JSF will be able to do the basic things let alone survive.

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Point taken.


I was going to compare the F-35 to a winged Trabant, but I thought it would have been too demeaning to the Trabant.

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 It's not the dog it's made out to be. It's just not any more capable a fighter, than, non-stealthy aricraft in air-to-air dogfighting. It actually supercruises due to unanticpated body lift. But, use of fuel for systems cooling, methinks was a dumb idea. They should have built 2 or 3 airframes to cover  mission requirements and not try the swiss army knife one airframe approach. Flyaway costs have fallen compared to where estimates once were. Military planners and aerospace engineers steered by politicians should never build an airplane. They should have had the next John Boyd of F-15 fame design it. Of course he never was a favorite of the Pentagon Industrial Complex. They tried to jail him for using computer time to re-design the dog they were buying. That plane as aforementioned became the F-15. Bottom line: designing mission specific airframes, then, dropping avionics in them works best (usually). It's not an edsel with Ferrari prices. It's a computer with Ferrari prices masquerading as an airplane that needs a new engine. "MOAR!" for less. It's a snob good. But at this juncture we are locked in. And our comrades at arms will never get the full flavor of our avionics. So, in that sense you are spot on.   




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AdolphLustig (not verified) Jethro Dull Jun 13, 2016 11:35 PM

Get off the drugs son.

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All on the Nobel peace prize winner, an illegal indonesian kenyan alien muslim fudgepacker 

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And Uncle Skam is thinking about banning weapons for it's own sheeple.

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The MIC kindly thanks The Nobel Peace Prize winner for creating so much war and profit.

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Did you notice that ONE pacifist country is entirely MISSING from the map "showing the global arms trade between 2011-2015"?

Thanks Jews! [Public Service Announcement]



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Look them up under heading: Dept. Of Offense

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Change you can believe in.

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  It looks like all the cronies have their ExIm pals back in their pockets.

  ^ BTW--- Did I forget to say Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio can choke on a bag of DICKS???

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  Who voted for this?

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Got my "Point of View Gun".  Cost me three solar systems, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Unfortunately, though, I can't get it to work yet on any MSM types.  Do they have implants or something?

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Now for the real mind blower. Check out how much the U.S. taxpayer is really spending on "defense":

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Yeah, we'd better outlaw the sale of assault rifles to individuals, because if we only make it against the law to buy assault rifles in the Middle East, ISIS and Al-Queda won't be able to get weapons.

So many fucking woodem posts out there opening up a knot hole to spout "wisdom".

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What is the point of this article. ZH - you are hitting a rough patch on some of this shit you are putting online. Get new writers. And stop reposting these senseless waste of keyboard clicks. 


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AdolphLustig (not verified) plum plum plum Jun 13, 2016 11:33 PM

If you don't like these articles you can always join free republic and jerk off old jim robb.

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There's plenty of propagandists/trolls out there who get paid for their mission. When someone posts facts and figures, that'll be deleted poste-haste.

The current line is to be negative about everything in Russia, you know the whole country of 143 million is just bad. Otherwise you are branded a Putinbot, need a tin foil hat, are a moron or idiot, etc. It is also necessary to call Putin Putler. Next; Kurds; just mention their 300 year old fight for independence should come to an end with independence like dwarf country Montenegro, and you cop it. (These are NATO bots, who do not wish to lose access to Kurdish territory, hoops, Turkish territory.) You can also join a discussion about Ukraine, maybe better not.

The powers who rule us, the 1 %, the Colluding Class, have a death wish for the world. It is not possible to win the fight against Russia, China, in the ME, in Afghanistan, AND fight the destructive forces within, i.e. Boston, Orlando, Sandy Hook. If they cannot see that they are biting off more than they can chew they make the same mistakes like Napoleon, and Hitler, and Stalin - and that's how they'll end up, too.

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AdolphLustig (not verified) uhland62 Jun 14, 2016 7:15 AM

The kurds are just jews, and Russia has always been our enemy.

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Shed Boy's picture Saudi Arabia buys the most....Amurica sells the most...And the same Saudi Arabia has funded 20% of Hillarys campaign? Wasn't she secretary of state?....hhmmmm.......hmmm....

I'm thinkin it's Hillary in 2016. Bought and paid for by the Saudis and the M.I.C.

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Hol-E fuck, check out the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi want to see how to kill, bomb and maim? That is the place to go.

Unreported in US news, Yemen is now on the receiving end of US munitions and cluster bombs which are some nasty little fuckers. Course the kids who find the unexploded ones can't help but pick them up because they look like fucking footballs.

Thanks to HRC for making the MIC the PTB in the NWO. 

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Israel didn't even make the list. Strange given that everyone in the region hates them and wants them "wiped off the map."

I suppose that this is Israel's version of 'don't ask, don't tell.'

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"But you need to remain disarmed" !!!

This is your government we are here to help you.