Bilderberg Chairman Warns Brexit Possibility "Extremely High"

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Just day after their mysterious annual meeting in Dresden, it appears The Bilderberg Group's gravest concern is Brexit. While everything from The Middle East to Donald Trump was on the agenda, the remarks this week from AXA CEO (and Chairman of The Bilderberg Group) Henri de Castries that there is an "extremely high" probability that the U.K. will vote to leave the European Union and investors will face “a true landscape of uncertainties," suggest the establishment is concerned.

As Bloomberg reports, neither the U.K. nor the EU region is prepared for negotiations that would follow a vote to leave on June 23, de Castries said at a conference in Paris...

“If they remain, the situation isn’t simple either, and this is underestimated by lots of people,” because the result will be interpreted differently by each side, he said.


De Castries, who is stepping down from France’s largest insurer at the start of September, became one of the few executives to speak out on the likelihood of a British vote to exit the EU. The Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, backed a so-called Brexit on its front page on Tuesday. Several polls on Monday also put the “Leave” campaign ahead. The pound and European stocks plunged.


If the U.K. votes to leave the EU, any complacency in the subsequent negotiations could encourage some other countries to seek special treatment within the political bloc, threatening "to accelerate the unraveling of Europe," de Castries said.

Think that this is a "tempest in a teapot"? Think again. If the chairman of The Bilderberg Group is worried, then that means all of these entitites are 'worried' and preparing...


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He's wrong!!



It's a certainty!!  BREXIT!!

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Brexit or Unelected Totalitorian Control, hmmm. Appears the Davos Bilderburger types have overplayed their hand.


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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Bumpo Jun 14, 2016 12:20 PM

So he read yesterday's news?

And why doesn't the Queen - not the band but the ruler of Great Britain, have any say in this?  Does she really want to have to answer to pompous psychopaths in another country?

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The Queen has very little actual power. She is in thrall to the politicians and bureaucrats Her position is merely ceremonial, not functional - sort of like what the position of President of the United States is becoming, except, of course, for the power her great wealth brings. I have no clue as to why the citizens continue to tolerate and pay for this travesty. They say it brings millions in tourism. 

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Things that go bump Jun 14, 2016 1:07 PM

Ah.  Interesting.  So the Queen might want to perform with Queen to REALLY bring in the tourists.

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Actually she has tremendous power, both informal with the allegiance of the armed forces and a large section of the nation, and also with powers to dismiss and approve governments.  But she is not supposed to use them outside of the ceremonial acts, so to act and dismiss a government and rule herself without there first being a crises requiring such drastic measure is unheard of, but one of her representatives did dismiss a Australian prime minister in the past.  In reality any such use of powers would require something like government colluding with foreign enemies and then action on the advice of civil servants.

The way though that the parliamentary democracy works is that the queen is never wrong, because she rules on the advice of her ministers - that's parliament, if they make a bad decision then it was their fault in technically giving bad advice and the people can choose new ministers.  The prime minister goes once a week at least to Buckingham palace to talk with the queen on the events, I can only wonder what does get discussed, but Thatcher seemed to be quite close to the queen.

I actually like the system as it means we have one less political position and have excellent people like Prince Philip in high places, imagine the alternative, President Tony Blair, it would be enough to make you vomit.

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She has little power when it comes to legislation. She has considerable specific powers, some rarely used (like the ability to dismiss the PM, whom only she can appoint).  The armed forces swear allegiance to her, not to parliament (which didn't work out well), and she is commander in chief. She's a bit more than a fancy hood-ornament adorning the vehicle of state:

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"The establishment is concerned". Concerned? They should be scared shitless because their control is beginning to unravel as we the people slowly awake from a long slumber and undertsand that we are being screwed by these psychopaths. But I'll concede that doesn't sound as good for the purposes of a Bilderberg press release!

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In a world where people desire to do whatever they want with whom ever they want for whatever reason they want, these guys don't have a chance of participating. Let them become has-been's in their luxurious mountain caverns. Long live freedom of choice.

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I believe the Bildebergers and their masters themselves are planning Brexit.

They want and need a summer of chaos in Europe.

Brace yourselves.

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Id prefer to hear what the band has to say

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Heavy Jun 14, 2016 2:18 PM

As long as they preface any statement with "fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round" I'm good with them.

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Why not? The Crown has answered to the Rothschilds for centuries.

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maybe because she is not that bright and has nothingto say?

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The Chairmen can go fuck himself, no one gives a fuck what he thinks. Fucking cunt

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Correction.  We care what he thinks.  We just don't care for what he WANTS.

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time nearing for mass killings in GB.

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Watch for mine(d) games with these.

Brexiteers need to be inside the vote counting to have any chance at all.

"The Castrator", how apropos.

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"Brexit will lead to unraveling of EU"


If the TPTB want a 1 world government, the first thing that needs to go is national soverenty.


So it would seem that TPTB, want a brexit, to start the process mentioned above?

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The Involved have a lot to lose with a Brexit, you can be sure the results will be rigged in their favour....

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Did I just have a Deja Vu? 


Compare the map of the relationships from this article to this one:



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Kind of like a Trump movement in its own way but somewhere else.

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Jun 14, 2016 12:08 PM


Wasn't that guy the villain in the last James Bond movie?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Is that what a bleached anus looks like?

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I haven't heard a single reason why a Brexit is a bad thing. People saying "yes yes uncertainty will be bad and volatility" but no one can say why. 

Will trade within the EU seize? No one will trade with Britain anymore? What are the reasons it is bad?

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) One And Only Jun 14, 2016 12:14 PM


The top 10% won't be able to loot as efficiently.    The top 10% own and operate all of Big-Gov and Big-Corp, so for the top 10% it's really bad.

One And Only's picture

I don't see how this affects anyone, the 10%, the 99%, anyone. Britain doesn't even share a currency with any other country. 

This is all just bullshit.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) One And Only Jun 14, 2016 12:25 PM


London is the capital of financial fraud.   I think the top 10% are worried the other European financial centers will have an advantage if BrExit happens.  It's like any country that has an advantage in a particular industry: in this case it's fraud (instead of, say, steel).    You don't want to do anything that weakens your advantage. 


You are probable right that it won't really make a difference.  The highest evolved London sociopaths will always find a way, but the immediate reaction of the top 10% would be: change is bad because it might affect my wealth.

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As I  understand it, Brexit would make Ms Merkel of Deutchland very upset, and she might unleash another London Blitz.

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The problem is if BREXIT happens and people notice that nothing really bad happens, maybe if GBP drops a bit then UK exports even rise and employment picks up a bit.  That's bad because it shows the other EU countries that THEY CAN ESCAPE.  Then it gets into Game Theory and first mover advantage and who is the first Euro member to jump and go "Full-Iceland" with massive "new" currency devaluation, exports boost, employment gain.

THATS what is bad...




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His head must weigh 50 pounds on its own...

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Ask Obambi.He always have an answer(at his teletubi)


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Obama is a Bilderberg 'bitch'. He got the job because he played the 'house (ahem)  boy'  and served the Global Plantation's Massahs their mint juleps on the veranda better than Hitlery did. Google June 6 2008 Chantilly Virginia

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Then get on it asshats. World is scary eh? When it's not rigged your way. Grow a pair thieves.

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Dude definitely needs a creepy villain cat to pet and cuddle with as he dictates his grand manifesto to the world.

peddling-fiction's picture

His master who is behind the scenes does have the villain cat.

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Europe is sinking, and will sink to the bottom. The UK is broke, so what's the point in being tied to a sinking ship. The only people that want to stay in the Euro are either ignorant, or they are bankers. Germany is just as broke as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and even France .. I vote leave, but I will be surprised if we will be allowed to whatever the polls say today.

damicol's picture

Why can't ISIS go and shoot cunts like this if they want more friends

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Perhaps the City of London banksters want BREXIT?  That would result in many less palms to grease.

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England is toast if they don't leave.  People are finally waking up.

Victor von Doom's picture

Only so much as to what would be best policy. The people still have no idea how owned they are. Serfs aren't allowed to vote the King off his throne. Britain stays, regardless of the "vote".

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If the vote will officialy be "out" then you know that is was their intention.


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Polls have started to show significant lead for Brexit after their meeting started. I suspect that they decided to slice up Europe starting with Brexit. But most people disagree.

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Most people are mostly wrong.

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Brexit means the EU is a broken Western experiment.  Remaining countries must be at least reflecting?


EU will become socialism for the masses led by a separate elite class (Brits don’t like the idea as they prefer humbling themselves to their own elite leaders).


Will build mistrust and thus political challenges in all areas of security, trade and cooperation.  Electronic surveillance/hacking a surviving requirement.


Obama would not have weighed in if it wasn’t significant to US well-being. 


Currency wars could get interesting quickly.


As goes “the city” and its financial institutions, so goes Britain.


It is not the end of the world but surely a sign of major change….manly for the West.


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If Britain leaves the European Soviet Union, the "danger" is not too much complacency in subsequent trade deals.

Whatever deals, Britain will be more successful outside and that's why other peoples will try to follow suit.

And the oligarchy's grip on power will be challenged.

Brexit, then President Trump: Anus horribilis for the socialist oligarchy...

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Followed by Le'Pen winning in France, Italian banking collapse and the fall of Merkel in Germany.

The basic contempt for democracy of the globalist elites is now coming home to roost.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Jun 14, 2016 1:05 PM

Deze esteemed gentlemen are pillahs of da community and members of the Legitimate Businessman's Club.  It would behoove us to listen to what dey have to say.

RattieNomNom's picture

Now we must start looking at GEXIT! (exit of globalist game globally!)