Islamic State Leader Reportedly Killed After Coalition Bombing

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Several months ago, when ISIS' oil money started to dry up as a result of Russian airstrikes severing key supply routes with Turkey, we predicted that it is only a matter of time before the entire conflict (because technically there is no war) involving the Islamic State would quietly be swept away from the front pages, since the primary objective behind ISIS - the removal of Syria's president al-Assad - had failed, with the arrival of Russian military forces in Syria. We also suggested that the most effective way to achieve this would be through the elimination of the Islamic State's figurehead, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

And now that the conflict against Islamic State forces is making rapid progress both in Iraq and in Syria, with forces rapidly closing in on the ISIS capital of Raqqa for one final major battle before ISIS is relegated to the trash heap of US-funded "has been" terrorist organizations alongside Al-qaeda, it is only fitting to have a bin Ladinesque send off to Baghdadi as well.

Which is perhaps why on Tuesday morning, Asian, Iranian and Arab media all reported that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died on Sunday after his hideout was bombed by the U.S. led-coalition. The news about al-Baghdadi’s death, first reported by Western Journalism, came after an Iraqi TV channel reported last week that the ISIS boss had been wounded near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Iraq's Al Sumariya TV cited local sources in Iraq’s Nineveh province who told the channel that al-Baghdadi and other ISIS leaders had been injured by a coalition airstrike on the Islamic State’s headquarters near the Syrian border. When Col. Chris Garver, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition, was asked if he could confirm the Al Sumariyah report, he said that he had “nothing to confirm” at that moment.

It wasn't just the Iraqis: on Tuesday Indian and Iranian media also reported they had evidence of al-Baghdadi’s death and released a video with images of what seems to be the corpse of the ISIS leader. In Khabar, a Hindi-language news channel in India, was the first outlet that published the images.

Other media reported that Amaq News Agency, an outlet that is linked to ISIS, had published an official statement that read: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by coalition air strikes on Raqqa on the fifth day of Ramadan.” Meanwhile, the British news site Mirror, cited Iraqi security officers who claimed al-Baghdadi died in Mosul, Iraq. 

“Iraqi aircraft hit Baghdadi’s convoy as it was moving towards Karabla to attend a meeting of the Daesh [ISIS] terrorist leaders,” the Mirror reported, citing an unnamed source in Iraq.

A statement from Amaq news agency linked to Islamic State said: "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by coalition air strikes on Raqqa on the fifth day of Ramadan." Another source claimed he died in Mosul, Iraq - another ISIS-held stronghold.

As we have reported previously, Al-Baghdadi has been traveling around to avoid being captured or killed by his many enemies. He traveled from Syria to Mosul at least twice over the last six months and reportedly visited Libya, where he helped organize the conquest of a large part of Libya’s coastal plain.

The self-proclaimed caliph was born as Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri in 1971 in Samarra, Iraq. Al-Baghdadi later claimed the tribe he belonged to descended from the Prophet Muhammad. The ISIS leader obtained bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a doctorate in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad. After the American invasion of Iraq, al-Baghdadi helped to found the Islamist group Jamaat Jaysh Ahl al-Sunnah wa-l-Jamaah. He was arrested by U.S. forces on Feb. 2, 2004, but reportedly was released in December that year after he was designated “a low-level prisoner.” Other reports claim that al-Baghdadi remained in custody until 2009 and that he was imprisoned with other future ISIS leaders.

In May 2010, according to folklore, al-Baghdadi became the leader of Islamic State in Iraq, the official al-Qaida branch in the country, and organized a string of deadly suicide attacks that escalated after the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. He remained the group’s leader until the founding of ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that came into being after the group expanded its activities into Syria.

On June 29, 2014, out of the blue, al-Baghdadi announced the establishment of a worldwide caliphate, a move that was harshly condemned by many Islamic governments and led to a conflict with al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The move was also facilitated with the funding of various nations, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, while according to declassified reports, the CIA was also instrumental in ISIS' formative years which would be used as a blunt object to eliminate Al-Assad from power.

The death of al-Baghdadi will likely be a serious blow to the Islamic State after the organization already lost more than 40 percent of its territory in Iraq and Syria and suffered a string of battle losses recently.

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dogismycopilot's picture

Obama & Co trying to make everyone feel good so they can start their gun grab. Meanwhile, ISIS fighters are like rats on a sinking ship - running to Turkey and catching direct flights on Turkish Airlines to Europe.

This Ramadan Offensive Message has been brought to you by Turkish Airlines, the Airline of  choice for Islamic Terrorists. Ramadan Kareem fellow infidels.

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Only need to kill him two more times ... I hear you get a free Spiderman towel when you punch the card for the fifth time.

kliguy38's picture

whack o mo.........ya can't make this bullshit up

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

and obama was pissed at TRUMP. 

what the hell, shouldnt he be directing the anger to ISIS, and muderous fools like this kid who shot up the place. 

Man, the US is going down. I have no faith in the US and its leaders anymore. Welcome to turds-ville. *sad face*

NoDebt's picture

Will they bury him at sea, in accordance with Islamic tradition, like they did with Bin Laden?


gatorengineer's picture

no they will let McCain have a viewing first....

maskone909's picture

Copy that ghost rider, bombs hit target. Facial pubic hair all over the mosk. Over an out.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

No, it wasn't first reported by Western Journalism. It was reported yesterday at SyrianPerspective.

Also, the US-led coalition wasn't responsible, unless the Syrian Arab Air Force has joined it in the last few days.


From the linked article: "Do not believe the Western Press which will try to take credit for the assassination."

gladih8r's picture

John McCain is flying the ISIS flag in front of his house at half-mast today.....

Crawdaddy's picture

Tongue in cheek I know but McCain is the a well known yardstick of "Who the Fuck do we Hang?" When in doubt, hang a McStain and known associates.

BobEore's picture


Squabbling over credits for another psyop?

Where will it all end = Jack Ruby offs Carlos the Jackal while Dieudonne is revealed to be a cyrogenically preserved Borscht Belt Mort Sahl?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by coalition air strikes on Raqqa on the fifth day of Ramadan.”

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, like Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri scion of Jewish parents, will be retired just as his "Simon Elliott" moniker was retired, and when refitted with appropriate new ID and locale will be quietly decorated and rewarded for service to the tiny terror state in the s e Med.

Travel and accomodation arrangements for air-lifting such precious package to safety will be handled by the junior partner of the deal

A vertiable tsunami of bullshit is besetting us this week as the followup to the Manteen majic show. Anybody ever seen him and Joshua Ryan Goldburg in the same room?


I didn't think so!

Banker Buster's picture

They make a "we killed isis leader" press release when it is convenient.  Just like the Osama Bin Laden announcement.  

Offthebeach's picture

I thought Muhammad was their leader. And, he lives in the minds and hearts of a billion people.

One folower down, a billion to go. Good luck with that.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"Attention! Your attention, please! A newsflash has this moment arrived from the Malabar front. Our forces in South India have won a glorious victory. I am authorized to say that the action we are now reporting may well bring the war within measurable distance of its end. Here is the newsflash –"Bad news coming, thought Winston. And sure enough, following on a gory description of the annihilation of a Eurasian army, with stupendous figures of killed and prisoners […]"

Orwell, 1984.

Omega_Man's picture

if true CIA lost a good man there, will his body be flown back to Israel for burial?

conscious being's picture

Funny, but likely the case, Omega.

This guy says Al-Baghdaadi's dead and that ISIS forces are starting to loot and run away as the Syrian Arab Army advances on Raqqa, the ISIS capital. Just a few miles out of town right now.


gonetogalt's picture

Good fucking riddance.

khnum's picture

So this guys been killed by drones twice,bombs once and once by special forces as well he usually dies shortly after a major terror incident each time too

espirit's picture

Yeah, I was also thinking this is like the sixth time he's been kilt.
Regular whack-a-mole he is.

Arnold's picture



“Iraqi aircraft hit Baghdadi’s convoy as..."

This is the most puzzling part of the passage for me.

Didn't the Iraqi military hand over most of their equipment to ISIS?

Due North's picture

I hope we can close this matter with a proper burial at sea...

khnum's picture

or a quiet service on the international space station

nmewn's picture

And the brilliant Obama handlers then rushed to the media room to once again mansplain (in the strongest possible terms!...even)...that there is no such thing as an extremist/radical/terrorist Islamist...lmao!

lakecity55's picture

Hey, this is like, the 5th time the guy has been killed!

Maybe he has a lot of Hasbara doubles!

espirit's picture

Actually the jackasses at State are having a hard time keeping their lies in order.

ACES FULL's picture

They don't even try anymore.

wisefool's picture

I think this is only the second time they said they got him. Standard NATO war on terror requires three successful missions before they have to get a carrier ready to bury him at sea, like OBL, on the USA tax payers dime.

When russia announces something like this, they only do it once, and they don't have aircraft carriers, so the poor terrorist masterminds  don't get a proper burial.

resaci's picture

Al-Baghdaadi’s death at the hands of the Syrian Air Force.  

AL-RAQQA:  All the news is confirmed.  If you include the families of the rats who infested Al-Raqqa, then, over 5,000 have just left the city heading for Al-Mawsil in northern Iraq.  And it gets even better.


Grandad Grumps's picture

Hoe many times can you kill the same guy.

I found it interesting that the daughter of one of my close friends, who is in California taking make-up classes so that she can work in the movies was able to do a virtually 100% likeness of Al Bagdagi on a fellow classmate.

It makes one wonder how real any of this is and whether Obama really did play Bin Laden for the cameras.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


It makes one wonder how real any of this is and whether Obama really did play Bin Laden for the cameras.

You might want to ask Tim Osman about that...

Jack Oliver's picture

Obama is Osama is not even close to being 'Far Fetched !!


Barry - Michael - Reggie - the Williams brothers !!! Makes the 'Obama is Osama' theory

not only FUCKING likely - but positevely 'pedestrian' for these insane FUCKING IDIOTS !! 


Imagine what their REAL assessment of the American 'collective' IQ is ??? They think 

you are ALL braindead FUCKING MORONS - that's what they think of you !!

adeptish's picture

He just got the Lee Harvey Oswald termination, in spades.

SquadronVBF94's picture

Now Obama has a real reason to lower the flag to half mast.

wisefool's picture

And another star carved into the see why aye patio?

Spungo's picture

Dressed like a wizard and has a beard? Y'all look alike.

IridiumRebel's picture

Ever notice these dudes are killed within 72 hours of a massacre linked to them?

jughead's picture

How many times have we killed this guy now?  

espirit's picture

Shhh! You're not supposed to be keeping track.

WTFUD's picture

Been in business around 20 years and would never have guessed it was profitable to kill your own recruits after investing $billions in them. Damn, who'da thunkit?

Smerf's picture

Life insurance is great for that.

Ms No's picture

Life insurance used to be great for that.  Now the interest is too low.  That's another thing starting to get shaky.  You have to pay more for the insurance, decrease benefit or walk away. Those companies are going to start falling like dominos too.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

I thought his name is Simon Elliott.

I Write Code's picture

We killed him on the holy month of Ramadan?  For shame.  Obama should bring him back to life and apologize to him, to all of ISIS, and to the American people.

Ms No's picture

Watch what you wish for because they might bring him back.  They could put him on ice for a while and then kill him again and throw him off of a ship.  We have had HUGE problems with zombie Hadjis in the past.

Jack Oliver's picture

If he has been killed it wasn't by the US - The Syrian Arab Army did it !! It was reported days ago !!


Good chance he is actually FUCKING dead if the US are reporting that THEY did it