Just Spotted In Front Of The New York Fed

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Disposing of the evidence?

h/t @Dawson_JE

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Shredding dollar bills, print too much! 

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* yawn *  - normal document retention policy in action...


Nothing to see here, next map...


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Downsizing?  Fargo style? No witnesses, no crime!

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Really?  So they have no problem finding the print key, but cant find the delete?  I bet Hillary can show them the way...

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Is this the new way they get rid of bodies in New York now?

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That where old Bankers go to Die

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Making 'Murika great one page at a time

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I'd be alot more worried if they parked a cement mixer outside.

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That's probably where they filed the Benghazi documents, too.
And the ISIS documents.
And the 911 documents.
And the narcotics documents.
And the disastrous Fast and Furious documents.
And all the false flag documents.
And that little weasel Holder's documents.
And that other smelly little weasel Nuland's documents.
And every fiasco document in recent history.
etc., etc., etc.

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FreezeThese (not verified) fleur de lis Jun 14, 2016 9:21 PM

When they're outside BNY its a headline

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The funny ending to this story would be finding out that "Shred-it" was actually owned by Russian's who selectively withheld shreading until everything was properly scanned.

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Recycling and re purposing is important to our National Psyche.

Will we get hard copy of Hillery's SOS e mails from the Russians?

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Don't let 'em fool ya.  They're stealing the gold bullion under the guise of shredders.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Next stop, JFK or Laguardia.

To be loaded on private jet, for "offshore disposal".

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

maybe its a covert delivery .... venezuelan or ukrainian perhaps?

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You don't have to shred digitized money.  Just call in hillary to delete it from the server.

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and she never forgets her password because she doesn't have one.


it's top secrets on the honor system

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Pity it ain't a soylent green truck.

Janet Shalom Bernanke's picture

If we are lucky, they will stuff Dudley in that wood-chipper.

and his fat bitch crime boss too.  


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William Dudley takes the lead in bailing his real boss, Goldman Sachs.

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New twist on the Nail Gun.

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Looks like the truck that was parked in front of Enron HQ. Enron used Shredco.

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Destroying documents by the truckload

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Going full Enron.  Shred it like it never happened.  This is where all the FOIA inquires go. 

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Better the shred than some gelatine planted in the basement

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they've already scanned all the docs and saved them to hillary's private, very secure (cough, laugh) server.

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Print it. Shred it. Kill it. 

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They came, they saw, it got shredded.

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OrangeJews (not verified) Jun 14, 2016 6:42 PM

You know it's serious when they come to you.  This way you can see it be destroyed instead of have it in a large bin to be shredded later with others' papers.

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"When there's something wrong,,, in your neighborhood,,,,,,WHO YOU GONNA CALL????????? CALL SHRED IT!!!!!!!!!

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FYI Website.

"Because at the end of the day, your customers, your employees, your reputation and your success depend on it."

Therefore, fugetaboutit


Of course you don't see the driver. He was asking for directions to the secret entrance.

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There's a loading dock on Maiden lane, looks like the same street.

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The recycling in Quebec government offices is collected by Iron Mountain Canada. I don't know anything about the company, but the name gives one pause.

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I have used Iron Mountain for ~20 years. A whole business based on storing and shredding documents for a fee. What a business model.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

What if they store that which you asked them to shred?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Great for storing Irreplaceable docs, pics, art, "insurance policies" (activated via a dead man switch), and other Appreciating Assets that might otherwise be confiscated or lost in a boating accident.

stant's picture

Why can't they just use burn barrels and curse in German while they pile it in

boattrash's picture

Hey Stant, why can't we just burn down the whole motherfucking Fed?

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fed is evacuating as Trump is going to trump them 

conscious being's picture

Stop the Trump bullshit. Show me one shred of evidence that Trumpo plans to confront, let alone do away with The Fed.

You guys are like the beaten wife. The PTB keeps pissing in your face and you call it lemonade. Trump Humpers, they're overrunning the site. The Fed is scared of Trump? You may qualify as the most delusional Trumptard yet.

shovelhead's picture

Yeah. Let's do nothing. That'll fix them but good.


Maybe you could start up a "Curling Up in Despair" movement.

conscious being's picture

shovelhead to the rescue. Not.

Shovelhead, I think you are a hasbra, aren't you? Serious question. Why does the hasbra contingent here want go hump Trump so bad? The fact that you are a supporter ought to be the kiss of death for Trump's campaign.

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You guys are like the beaten wife. The PTB keeps pissing in your face and you call it lemonade. Trump Humpers, they're overrunning the site. The Fed is scared of Trump? You may qualify as the most delusional Trumptard yet.




Trumptards are females in men's bodies, seeing to be lead, rather than to lead their own lives. It is what happens in FEMINIZED societies.


You can throw the facts in their face, like Trump EMPOWERED Hillarity Clinton's 2000 US Senate Campaign and FINANCIALLY BACKED IT and they will just ignore it.


Trump is just as evil and culpable as Hitlery as there is no difference in the culpability of a Hit Man and the culpability of the party that pays them for the Hit.


The commentary is becoming more useles as these people depreciate the value of the site. Many old timers have disappeared from posting commentary.


I agree. They are like battered females. I pointed that out in a post the other day.


The choice for the lesser of two evils is still a choice for evil.


Nobody can argue that point. Nobody will argue the point as I can demonstrate that Trump EMPOWERED HITLERY.


There is no hope for most of these people. You need to be feeling sorry for them instead of anger. They will end up as victims, victims of their own choices for evil.


They will reap what they sow. God Almighty shallnot be mocked. There is no saving them.


Actually I am laughing at them as they wallow in their hatred, the blinding hate which muddles up any clarity for reality. They have been afflicted with a strong delusion as they are reprobate.


Yesterday there were some Trumptards posting that they were welcoming the Gay Community into the fold.. They have no morals and have been given over to a reprobate mind. The Bible actually predicted that is what happens when society rejects Moral living. It is an astute observation of human civilizations that is timeless.


I am going to broadcast this to the Church blogs, using the links to the Zerohedge article, which will serve to erode any Evangelical Christian support. They already know that Hitlery loves the gays and will not support her. When I point out that Trump and his supporters loves the fags then they will hopefully stay home and...



Vote No Confidence this November


There are other venues than Zerohedge. There are better ways to fight these people. I will hang them by their own words.


As Chris Dakota has written there are Trump Campaign operatives present and working this site. 


Get ready for this, Trump Campaign. Your silence is an implicit aproval.


You can choose the Christian Right or you can choose the fags. Remember that it is not just South Carolina looking at you. But you will not have both.

g speed's picture

or you could chose to be in bed with lying Ted---oh he's gone??  how can the "evangalist contestant" just pack up and leave---a second coming maybe??

Why don't you evangelists get a life----you had your chance with Jimmy Carter and fucked up the country so bad it was almost unrepairable--just saying--

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Trump said he'd replace Yellen. 


He also cynically said the Fed would keep the economy afloat to help Hilbama until after the election and then let it crash. Where he'd go from there if/when the bottom falls out is uncertain, but he certainly doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would sit quietly and be the bag holder for central bankers, or anybody for that matter, when the SHTF. I think that's why they're so afraid of him.


If anybody has a Jacksonian streak in them it's Trump. You can't stump the Trump.