Industrial Production Plunges For 9th Straight Month - Longest Non-Recession Streak In 100 Years

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For the 9th month in a row, US Industrial Production declined YoY - down by 1.4% - with 0.4% monthly drop twice as bad as expected. Every subcomponent of the data also declined markedly. Most worryingly, and despite near record highs in stocks, this is the longest streak of IP weakness without a broad economic recession in US history... it's different this time?

Every segment is in decline...


Leaving this the longest streak of industrial production weakness in US history without an 'official' recession...


We are sure this doesn't matter - just transitory...


Charts: Bloomberg

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"his is the longest streak of IP weakness without a broad economic recession"

we're in a recession.  the BIS (or whoever) will admit that once stocks are already down 30% and the sheeple have already been sheared.

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Actually it's just the longest lie of the last 100 years...

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True that! It began in 1913 when old Woodrow sold us down the river to the Fedbanksters. Since that point, the dollar has lost 98% of it's value and countless wars for profit have ensued.

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maybe if they send up some Kenyesian B-52s to level the country...that will help to get the market back up

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I'm livin in my own private own private Idahoooooo


The Keynesian B-52's should be so entertaining:

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In other words, its a fowkin recession

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I suppose this statistic might matter more if the US actually MADE anything....(other than some cars and a handful of other stuff)....but these days most real goods are manufactured somewhere else.    We do still ASSEMBLE a few things in the good ole US,  slapping together just enough parts to qualify for the flag decal and "Assembled in the US" label.    

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Economic data is all over the place.  No matter, the economy is the Federal Reserve.  

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The US does produce a lot of weapons. So we have that.

starman's picture

Every young  latino drives a brand new car around my socal city!?

How the F%ck they do that I have no clue!?

I can barely afford my health care insurance! 

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This calling it a non-recession is just another way of saying depression. It's like negative interest rates. As you pay them to hold my money? That's crazy, both are saying the same thing, " Main street is in a depression"
We need to wake up....stop this madness. Bankers do not rule. It's their money they have created? So lets just give it back to them. Dissolve the Fed and send the 5 banks back to Davos with all their junk bonds off the books free money/debt they have put upon us as a free America. The "usury" ponzi of the Rothschilds should be coming to a end. Only thru chaos, or not?

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Hear hear! I posted before reading yours. I was thinking we are in a depression and not a recession but decided not to challenge the non believers too much. If all the SNAP/EBT/welfare people had to stand in bread lines in the streets to eat, it would be seen as a depression but because of cards and the mass media's assistance, it is kept hidden. This is why there are so many disbelievers because they are largely shielded from the truth.

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hey the rich people can save us by buying more stuff!


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The ZH writers seem to be addicted on the word "plunge".

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All you need to look at is, the range of industrial production in that 1st graph. It is a wedge shape. Eventually, it will just be indiscernible blips up and down, meaning we are producing nothing.

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ThrownOffZHTwice (not verified) Jun 15, 2016 10:44 AM

Does anybody think government-produced statistics are reliable?  The employment and inflation statististics have nothing to do with reality, why should anything else be accurate?

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

In a world with x2 production over capacity, a ponzi scheme for a pension, a ponzi scheme in FIAT money, ZIRP, NIRP, negative yield government bonds(like Germany), saturated markets in the West for durable goods, a bloated services economy selling shite, a corrupt free-market, a corrupt government and by extension corrupt political class, coupled with crony capitalism, my god people what the fuck do we expect? Thank god with have a MSM, feeding us shit and diverting our attention to real issues, like Taylor Swift and the Kardashians. Don't forget Dancing with the stars.

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With 46 million on food stamps, 100 million out of the work force and 110 million welfare recipients, I think it qualifies as a recession.

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i'm in US manufacturing, and just as the chart shows, beginning in Ocobter new orders collapsed and book/bill ratio plummented, together the death of the petro dollar and the TPP have brought these industries to their death cross. everyday we become more dependant on countries who hate us, to support our critical needs industries.

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Whatever happened to the long running joke known as the FBI probe of Hyena Rodent Clinton?

Does anyone remember that?

Broken vows of secrecy?

Illegal servers in basements?

Deleted emails?


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The bail-ins are coming. Bailouts for banks and brokers but bail-ins for depositors.