Obscure NY Filing Exposes Clinton's Millions In Foreign Donations

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Submitted by Richard Pollock via The Daily Caller News Foundation,

Clinton Foundation officials used an obscure New York state charity board filing amendment to disclose that the non-profit received $17.7 million in donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The specific foreign governments involved and the particular amounts they each gave were not disclosed on the document, entitled “Exhibit A” and filed to the public charity division operated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann, a Democrat. The money was given between 2010 and 2013 when Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.

The amended document included a line that was present in November 2015 when the foundation announced revised federal tax filings for the four years. The line added in January 2016 said: “All other government grants came from foreign governments” with a total figure for each of the four years that equalled $17.7 million.

The foreign donations are still not listed on the financial portion of the foundation’s web site despite a claim in November by the non-profit’s president, Donna Shalala, that “there is nothing to suggest that the foundation intended to conceal the receipt of government grants, which we report on our website.”

Criticism of the the latest revelation concerning Clinton Foundation tax returns came from across the ideological spectrum.

Leslie Lenkowski, an expert on philanthropy who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1993 as a founding director of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a government-operated volunteer organization, told TheDCNF that the Clinton Foundation was “an appearance of a conflict of interest waiting to happen.”

President George W. Bush later appointed Lenkowski to also serve as CEO of the corporation in 2001.

Similarly Sandra Miniutti, vice president of Charity Navigator, which grades and ranks the financial disclosures of charities, said her group expects more transparency, not less from non-profits.

“I think more transparency is better than less and this is an issue that the public is questioning.  Yeah, they should make it a point to be more transparent about it and share that information,” she told TheDCNF.

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova told TheDCNF that the foundation’s failure to break out foreign government donations specifically was part of an effort to “protect” Clinton while she headed the Department of State.

“There is no doubt that the foundation purposely refused to make public certain things as a way of protecting the Secretary of State during her tenure,” DiGenova charged. “The entire process to hide information from the public is completely inconsistent with a public charity.”

DiGenova predicted that “the new revelations will up the ante for the FBI.  This will just add fodder to the ongoing investigation.” The former federal prosecutor also doubted that the $18 million figure was accurate.

“There is no reason to believe that the $18 million figure is complete,” he said, citing the “unreliability” of past foundation accountings. “It may very well be much, much more.”

Cleta Mitchell, a partner in the Washington, D.C. law office of Foley & Lardner LLP who frequently represents conservative nonprofits, slammed the Clintons for “their determination to disguise what they are doing.”

The New York filings also were unusual in that the latest foundation submission constituted a third “official” revised version of the Clinton Foundation’s financial statements for those years.

Clinton officials last November publicly issued a second revision to their Internal Revenue Service form 990 filings that covered the same four years.

At the time, foundation officials revealed at least 29 separate “amendments,” including new revenue numbers and income from Clinton speaking engagements.  But foundation officials did not list dollar amounts from foreign government donations.

During Clinton’s tenure at State, the foundation operated in at least 29 countries, including places that contained rampant corruption such as Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine, Haiti, Mozambique, China and South Africa.

The amended Exhibit A also revealed how foreign government gifts vastly overshadowed domestic government contributions during her State Department tenure.

In the foundation’s revised 2010 filing, $7.8 million of $8.8 million in all government grants originated from foreign governments, according to the exhibit. In 2011, $2 million of the $3 million were foreign donations.

In 2012, $3.5 million came from foreign governments while only $300,000 came from domestic government sources.  And in 2013, nearly 100 percent of the $4.4 million of the government donations came from overseas governments. Only $23,000 came from U.S. government entities, according to the exhibit.

The disclosures likely will fuel charges by presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who claims Clinton turned her secretaryship into a huge “hedge fund” where “the Russians, the Saudis and the Chinese all gave money to Bill and Hillary and got favorable treatment in return.” Trump demanded that the foundation return $25 million from the Saudis.

Clinton defended the foundation but admitted last week in a Politico interview that in “one or two instances” some foreign donations aiming to influence her office may have “slipped through the cracks.”

A 2008 Memorandum of Understanding between the Clinton Foundation and Valerie Jarrett, then-vice-chairwoman of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team attempted to limit and in some instances to ban foreign government to the Clinton Foundation and its many projects.

The FBI currently has two criminal investigations involving Clinton and the foundation, with one focused on her use of a private email server located in her New York home to conduct official diplomatic business instead of a secure government communication channel.

The second investigation is focused on allegations of “pay-to-play” efforts in which Clinton traded policy or other official actions in return for contributions by foreign donors to the foundation.

DiGenova and Mitchell were also critical of Schneidermann for his inaction on the foundation’s filing.

“One has to wonder what the New York State Attorney General is doing,” DiGenova said. “He’s a very partisan Democrat.  And it is readily apparent that he intends to do nothing about the Clinton Foundation.”

Mitchell agreed, saying “the Attorney General of New York has a statutory and fiduciary responsibility to conduct an investigation into the Clinton Foundation to determine whether this entity is engaged in fulfilling its charitable mission.”

Neither the Clinton Foundation nor Schneidermann responded to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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Takeaction2 (not verified) knukles Jun 15, 2016 4:03 PM

I hate to say it...but I think Clinton might win...,,,why...because of the ignorance that you are soon about to see in this video...there is hope though. This black kid is awake and smart.... Watch this little Black Kid debate this Black Lives Matters black guy with the truth.  Wait until you hear the ignorance of the BLM guy.  This kid that debates him needs a medal.  WOW. (NOTE: Watch how frustrated the kid gets when the BLM guy just spews the lies that he has been fed..)


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OrangeJews (not verified) Takeaction2 Jun 15, 2016 4:05 PM

What difference does it make?

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Takeaction2 (not verified) OrangeJews Jun 15, 2016 4:07 PM

I can hope can't I??  I think Trump would be better than Hillary...  Don't ruin my fucking dreams....LOL

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Let her walk.

She is not as venal as to require a “quid pro quo” now is she?

Oh, wait just a sec there……..

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crooked hiLIARy....  nice arkansas white trailer trash

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Takeaction2 Jun 15, 2016 4:22 PM


It's too bad the Red Team spent the last 50+ years kicking "those people" in the face.   If they'd been smart enough to realize how conservative "those people" are they might be winning some elections now.   The Red Team is dead in California because of that.  

Oh well,  you are probably right about Hillary winning.  

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) venturen Jun 15, 2016 3:51 PM


The corrupt to investigate the corrupt?   Yeah, they'll get right on that one.

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Right ...

It's Like Wolves Guarding The Wolves Guarding the CHICKEN COUPE ...

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Maybe I am naïve and just tilting at windmills…

..but I have a feeling that Trump will be to the DOJ what P12 sandpaper on a belt sander is to a hardwood floor.

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Fox! How is that investigation on the Hen house murders going...

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lets keep things in perspective here.  Recall the BUSH/CHENEY cabal and the call for investigations

whilst HALLIBURTON/KBR et al were ripping us off for not a few measly millions but billions and billions right?

The Clinton's are small time thieves in comparison. Heck, at least the Clinton's took it from furriners unlike the

BUSH murdering thieves.  Tarring O'bama w/ the same brush as these two seems a stretch to me.

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... fat fukn chance, fat fukn chance

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Seriously people? You're going to let slime be president?

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) css1971 Jun 15, 2016 3:50 PM


People have been voting Red and Blue Team for how many decades now?   What has changed?   And they keep voting the same?  

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She'll either win the Presidency, or go down like none before her.   And she won't go alone.



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"GO DOWN", you say, hmm ....

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Go down on Huma Wiener. Again...

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My bet:  She'll go down like the Prime Minister in the original BBC "House of Cards". 

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I wonder if anything has slipped through Huma's crack recently...

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I will take that bet wiener!

shhh just so it looks legit

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Well, that seems like a lot of money - I wonder if they expected some sort of quid pro quo for that? Hmm, a real headscratcher.

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Jun 15, 2016 4:14 PM


Best government money can buy.   When has it ever NOT been so?

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And how much did Billary get paid for running this 'charity'?


9 figures I believe.

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Satanic lesbian psychopath: "enemy, domestic" Fifth Column hireling white-trash.

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) iAmerican Jun 15, 2016 3:56 PM


Anybody in particular?   Or just in general.

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Winthrop Rockefeller's Arkasas white-trash pedophile rapist, the Butcher of Waco's beard.

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Or "Commander in Chief". Excuse me while I go get my Pepto.

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Can a person sue the governmet to make them enforce their own laws?

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That's one fine description   !!!

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No wonder Hollywood loves the Clintons, actors stick together.

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Well the level of shit has reached the level where mainstream media can no longer keep a lid on it,so with each new revelation of treason its destroy the message or the messanger or distract with non issues such as where little Johnny can take a dump.The world is amazed at the treasonous bullshit just pouring forth into the public domain yet Americans themselves do nothing its as if they are deaf,dumb,blind and stupid,they have entered terminal madness of the end times and biblical denial as their Satanic masters play demented games with Russia and China...this will not end well.

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what do you expect when you drag 20 million through a Vichy dc trailer park.

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Too bad that the lamestream media will never let this get out to the general public. They're the gatekeepers of corruption.

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A lot of people are going to vote for her.  We are adrift in a sea of idiots.  I look to Looney and Jack Burton to advise us on this issue.  I am thinking about moving up to the permafrost line.  Then I suppose I will have to live off boiled rabbit turds and moss.  Reminds me of "Squaws along the Yukon are good enough for me".

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Oh, you're talking about the good old days. Yes, take me back to the gay 90's with a good doctor and dentist. And no Fed.

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And this is the "person" we are being "ordered" to "elect" ?


Jesus fucking Christ.


Now you know why I have gravitated towards UFO's, aliens, and the conspiracies thereof. If any of the Greys are monitoring this please follow my IP to my office and come pick me up and get me off of this planet. I don't care how many fucked up experiments you perform on me. They won't be as bad as the ones "they" are planning for all of us anyway...

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Has anyone here seen the movie "The Village" ?


If so, have any of you actually considered doing what they did after seeing how terrible society has become ?


I know I have....


At the present, I am not really sure if I even want to survive the coming re-set. I might just want to die as quickly and painlessly as possible when the SHTF.

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Artemis Rand Lives Jun 15, 2016 4:26 PM


If you're in the top 10% I suggest you wait a few more years.   You'll find the world is always ending, and yet, here we are.    Eventually, you'll understand that you were simply born with a brain that has Morality OCD instead of Model Train OCD.    We all don't get the best brain configurations, it's just luck.

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In the world I see you are stalking elk through the canyon forests around the ruins of the Rockerfeller centre,and the are no Mark Zuckerbergs

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Crooked Hillary. The name says it all.

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Hillary is audtioning for her gig on Game Of Thrones. 

How is this witch even still active in politics?  Oh...  I know...  there are millions upon millions of dumbasses.

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It's not like Hillary was caught with her hand in Nuland's cookie jar. It's far more serious than that. Lol

Imagine if DT was accepting bribes from rogue states; they'd be a SWAT TEAM surrounding his Offices and a periscope up his jacksie. MSM would all over this.

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17.7M$...entry fee to the Clinton Foundation and State Department...
Try more like tens of billions for eventual direct access to the White House.

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Paid to leave the door open and a light on.