Beijing Orders Apple To Stop Sales Of iPhone 6 Models

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Apple has been told by Beijing's intellectual property regulator to stop sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the city.

The two iPhone models infringe on a Chinese patent for exterior design held by Shenzhen Baili for its 100C smartphone, the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau wrote in a statement on its website according to the WSJ.

As we reported in May, China is now conducting security reviews of foreign tech products, and we remind everyone of what president Xi Jinping said about stopping its reliance on foreign technology:

According to the New York Times, Xi's outlined the direction in which he is planning to take China as it relates to technology and cyber security. "One viewpoint holds that we must close ourselves off, make a fresh start, thoroughly shake off reliance on foreign technology and rely on indigenous innovation to pursue development. Otherwise, we would always follow in the footsteps of others." Xi said. Adding that China must find a middle ground and determine "which things can be imported but have to be secure and controllable; which things may be imported, digested and absorbed for re-innovation; which things can be developed in collaboration with others; and for which things we must rely on our own strength and indigenous innovation."

From the WSJ

Beijing’s intellectual property regulator has ordered Apple Inc. to stop sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the city, ruling that the design is too similar to a Chinese phone, in another setback for the company in a key overseas market.


It wasn’t immediately clear what impact the order would have. Some mobile-phone stores in the city said they had already stopped selling the two models months ago, switching to newer models. Apple will soon end production of both models, according to a person familiar with the production plans.


The two iPhone models infringe on a Chinese patent for exterior design held by Shenzhen Baili for its 100C smartphone, the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau wrote in a statement on its website dated May 19.

An Apple spokeswoman in China didn’t immediately reply to phone calls and an email Friday. A phone operator at the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau on Friday evening said no one was available to answer queries.

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We will await the response from Apple, whether it's given in a statement or just discussed in the next 10-Q in regards to how this will impact the company.

Still we find this move by China fascinating given Tim Cook's recent 'peace-making' visit...


Of course, Tim Cook has reached out to his personal PR man - Jim Cramer - to explain that this is "not true" but the brief bounce in AAPL is fading...

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Spungo's picture

Since when does China give a shit about patents or copyright?

Looney's picture

... Beijing Orders Apple To Stop Sales Of iPhone 6 Models

China must’ve caught Apple manipulating iPhone 6's CO2 emission.  ;-)


NoDebt's picture

You see what happens, Tim?  You see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass?


thesonandheir's picture

Cramer got the cuttlefish and asparagus from Timmy.

auricle's picture

Going to be really hard to keep the S&P green when you take down one of the FANG's.

Manthong's picture

.. just another good excuse to devalue the yuan and...

..just a damn good thing those slopes aren’t in the TPP.


.. and I hope exquisite sarc is appreciated in FC or I will have to smack you hard in your rippled Abs.


PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

China mast have cught Apple with the same thing Edward Snowden talked about.

Fisherman Blue's picture

Since Obama and Tim Cook suck cocks.

XAU XAG's picture

Since Bamby Boy.....................put a large tarrif on.....................Steel!

SuperRay's picture

Wow- the multidimensional irony is impressive. ????

Manthong's picture

..including long, rusty rod insertion?

in thick, wet, warm places with aggregate?

..mostly rice or cat entrails?


They might have a domestic need for all that rebar.



baldknobber's picture

Wait until you see the one they put on aluminum

XAU XAG's picture



Just went to DEFCON 4 and HOT



Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Indeed. Still hard to determine whether the leftists running this shit show are doing this deliberately to destroy America and the next generation or whether they are really just so stone fucking stupid they have no idea what they are doing.

I tend to favor the first possibility. There must have been someone somewhere along the way that warned them and they just grinned.

XAU XAG's picture

Always go with the second


 they are really just so stone fucking stupid they have no idea what they are doing.



Thinking you know what you are doing is right and knowing what you are doing is right are two very differant things

t0mmyBerg's picture

I would agree with the incompetence thesis.  Also though I am sure that after the FBI tussle here China wants nothing to do with a phone with strong enough encryption they cant get at whats on it.  Human rights is not embraced by Xi or anyone there

Is this name taken's picture

After the war, Forrestal urged Truman to take a hard line with the Soviets over Poland. He also strongly influenced the new Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy, concerning infiltration of the government by Communists. Upon McCarthy's arrival in Washington in December 1946, Forrestal invited him to lunch. In McCarthy's words, "Before meeting Jim Forrestal I thought we were losing to international Communism because of incompetence and stupidity on the part of our planners. I mentioned that to Forrestal. I shall forever remember his answer. He said, 'McCarthy, consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.' This phrase struck me so forcefully that I have often used it since."

harami's picture

Begun, the trade wars, have. Again.

harami's picture

About the same time they started caring about human rights.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

When they can impose said rules to their advantage.

It's like liberals telling "stupid" "Heartless" "mean-spirited" "inflammatory" "conspiratorial" conservatives not to call people by unfriendly names and not to use labels.

Shizzmoney's picture

When they started to realize they don't need to rely on America for "ideas" anymore, and that they can just dev and steal and make these phones themselves without some overpaid, overhyped, executives gate keeping.

Nationalism is on the rise everywhere, for good or bad, and China is no exception.  

You are right though, the irony is LOL considering China's history of making mock offs of popular brand name products.

HalinCA's picture

When it is their patent ... could be Apple didn't bribe the right bureaucrat?


silverer's picture

It's not the patents and copyrights. It's the money. They're just playing the game.

svayambhu108's picture

Only a few bad apples... the economy is fine /s

Jlasoon's picture

China first policy lol - that's racist!

Fisherman Blue's picture

I hope this queer stock goes to zero.where it belongs.

new game's picture

fuck apple, china, kankles, and the liar in chief. the feds, jamie and loyd too...

i'd say fuckem all, but there is still some decent folks out there, possibly the majority.

seems to be the people we "elect" to rule over us. FUCK THEM IN THE BENT OVER POSITION!


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TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jun 17, 2016 8:19 AM

Funniest part of the story is the belief that Chinese companies could hold "original" patents.  "We stole the iPhone idea first, don't bring that iPhone here!"

Lone_Star's picture

Exactly. I am no fan of AAPL, but the last thing the Chinese invented was fireworks.

Cruel Aid's picture

They are exceptional thieves. And they get quid pro quo plans from traitors here.

baldknobber's picture

China has over 1 billion people, if we can get just 1% as customers, thats 10 million customers. Said every suit in the nineties.



Hows that working out for you?

Seasmoke's picture

R&D.  Receive & Duplicate Department. 

joeknows's picture

The chinese are theives who only care about the chinese.  They are NOT trading partners.  Trump is right....again.

Troy Ounce's picture



Says who? An American? 

cowdiddly's picture

How you like chinese steel now roundeye?

RawPawg's picture

I-Phones Wars

Leads To Real Wars

new game's picture

good, because a good fist fight might just solve many of lifes problems. first off they suck and need their asses handed to them for cheating lying and deceiving. second merica needs a good bitch slapping to wake it the fuck up.

maybe trump will get merica bitch slapped by russia via nato stupidity.

wtfdo i know anyways-lol...

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

It's a sign of the times, but and it is a but. The U.S enforces egregious claims of copyright infringement against companies in the 3rd and developing world nations and if these nations don't comply, the USSA(not militarily), but via punitive sanctions, applies the screws. Fuck the Chinese and Fuck the USSA government. They both deserve each other. The USSA even wants to extend the time a drug can become generic. Cunts.

azengrcat's picture

Can't make iPhone in America people, you can stfu now.

DaBard51's picture

Hmmm, where is the link to the China aftermarket price of iPhone 6 models?




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

Kina's picture

Funny, Apple getting the same treament they kept trying on Samsung.


Apple tried to say they owned the 'rectangle' as a design for a smarphone ffs. lol

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Serves Apple right for using ChiCom labor for their "created in America" products. 

USA transfer of jobs to the ChiComs has made it all that much easier for them to steal tech knowledge and business process intellectual property from US manufacturers, just like the Japanese before them.  This transfer of jobs and IP was paid for, in part, with taxpayer dollars through the Commerce Dept.,, to ensure that anyone remaining in USA labor force would be uncompetitive.  You paid to induce the theft of American jobs and IP.  Well, at least we still manufacture FRNs, so everything will be OK. 

"Free Trade".  Huh!