The Untold Story Behind The "Mutiny At The State Department" Where Dozens Demand War With Syria

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Confirming once again that the entire US Middle-East campaign over the past 4 years has been one ongoing plan to destabilize and eliminate Syria's president Bashar al-Assad from power - certainly including the involvement of ISIS which as we reported a year ago was "created" and facilitated by the Pentagon as a tool to overthrow Assad, an analysis which yesterday gained renewed prominence - overnight the WSJ reported that dozens of State Department officials this week protested against U.S. policy in Syria, signing an internal document that calls for "targeted military strikes against the Damascus government and urging regime change as the only way to defeat Islamic State."

In other words, over 50 top "diplomats" are urging to eliminate Assad in order to "defeat ISIS", the same ISIS which top US "diplomats" had unleashed previously in order to... eliminate Assad.

While one can understand the US state department's relentless eagneress to create yet another failed state led by a US puppet ruler, one wonders if at least the boilerplate justification could not have used some more fine tuning. 

Amusingly, the whole thing is wrapped in a narrative that the State Department is ready and willing to "mutiny" against Obama's pacifism, because you see it was Obama who has been so successful in extricating and removing US troops from harm's way in both the middle east and Afghanistan. Oh wait...

Here are the full details from he WSJ:

The “dissent channel cable” was signed by 51 State Department officers involved with advising on Syria policy in various capacities, according to an official familiar with the document. The Wall Street Journal reviewed a copy of the cable, which repeatedly calls for “targeted military strikes” against the Syrian government in light of the near-collapse of the ceasefire brokered earlier this year.


The views expressed by the U.S. officials in the cable amount to a scalding internal critique of a longstanding U.S. policy against taking sides in the Syrian war, a policy that has survived even though the regime of President Bashar al-Assad has been repeatedly accused of violating ceasefire agreements and Russian-backed forces have attacked U.S.-trained rebels.

More spin: why has Obama been so "against" unleash a full blown invasion on Syria? "Obama administration officials have expressed concern that attacking the Assad regime could lead to a direct conflict with Russia and Iran."

Oh so that's why the nuclear arms race is now officially back, just a few weeks after the US launched a ballistic missile shield over Europe, in the process shifting the entire post-cold war nuclear proliferation balance of power. Got it.

Meanwhile, the attempt to paint Obama as a liberal, peace loving dove continue:

“It’s embarrassing for the administration to have so many rank-and-file members break on Syria,” said a former State Department official who worked on Middle East policy. These officials said dissent on Syria policy has been almost a constant since civil war broke out there in 2011. But much of the debate was contained to the top levels of the Obama administration. The recent letter marked a move by the heart of the bureaucracy, which is largely apolitical, to break from the White House.

Oh, if only Obama would be more willing to install even more pro-US puppet regimes... like in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Ukraine and so on, and so on... Clearly all of these have turned out so well, that certainly things would be so much better in the middle east. Well, maybe not, but at least that damn Qatari pipeline would finally start flowing.

So why leak this now:

The internal cable may be an attempt to shape the foreign policy outlook of the next administration, the official familiar with the document said. President Barack Obama has balked at taking military action against Mr. Assad, while Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has promised a more hawkish stance toward the Syrian leader. Republican candidate Donald Trump has said he would hit Islamic State hard but has also said he would be prepared to work with Russia in Syria.


The cable warns that the U.S. is losing prospective allies among Syria’s majority Sunni population in its fight against the Sunni extremist group Islamic State while the regime “continues to bomb and starve” them. Mr. Assad and his inner circle are Alawite, a small Shiite-linked Muslim sect and a minority in Syria. In Syria’s multisided war, the regime, Islamic State and an array of opposition rebel groups are all battling each other.

It gets better:  “Failure to stem Assad’s flagrant abuses will only bolster the ideological appeal of groups such as Daesh, even as they endure tactical setbacks on the battlefield,” the cable reads, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

But wait, as the Pentagon itself admitted, the "Daesh" was carefully bred by the US government precisely for this reason: to overthrow Assad. Don't believe us? Read the following line from the leaked document:

“… there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).”

Does not compute.

There is more: "The cable asserts Mr. Assad and Russia haven’t taken past cease-fires and “consequential negotiations” seriously and suggests adopting a more muscular military posture to secure a transitional government in Damascus."

The Russian-led force is also pushing toward Raqqa from the south, making the march on the Islamic State stronghold a strategic and symbolic competition between the rival coalitions. Islamic State is also being rolled back in Iraq, where U.S.-allied government forces have retaken major cities and are advancing in Fallujah, the first city the extremists fully occupied back in 2014

Well, sure: with Russia's backing of a sovereign nation, why should Assad fold to relentless US pressure. Actually that may well be the point: the US is humiliated that a small, feeble middle-eastern nation dares to defy it for years, just because it has the backing of the Kremlin. We don't need to explain the ugly optics of this.

Perhaps the real reason why the cable has "emerged" now is because due to Russian intervention, ISIS will soon be history:

Although Islamic State is losing ground to multiple, U.S.-backed offensives in Syria, Iraq and Libya, Western diplomats say they worry the group has embedded itself so deeply in the population that it will be a major influence for years to come, eventually going underground as its quasi-army is defeated.

And finally, one last reason emerges: the US is merely pandering to Saudi demands, something it has clearly done very well ever since the Sep 11 attacks which covered up Saudi involvement:

The cable also echoes the growing impatience among U.S. Gulf allies with the lack of military intervention targeted at the Damascus government to force Mr. Assad to resign and make way for a transitional government. Peace talks between Syria’s government and opposition collapsed in April over Mr. Assad’s fate, with the regime insisting he should stay in power, while the negotiated cease-fire continued to disintegrate. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have pressed the U.S. to provide more sophisticated weapons to rebels. But Washington has resisted.

In other words, if the US does fold and proceeds with military strikes, i.e. full blown invasion and war, on Assad, it will once again be Saudi Arabia that is running US foreign policy, and pushing the US nation into what may be a state of open war with Russia.

We can only hope the American people wake up and stop this travesty before Saudi Arabia's favorite presidential candidate is elected president.

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Looney's picture


Since when the State Department employees, instead of the DoD, call for “military strikes”, let alone “against a democratically elected government”?

Since when the “diplomats” of the Executive Branch declare war?

The assholes who signed the “internal document” are traitors. Their names must be published and they should be prosecuted for treason.

Freackin’ neocons! They are willing to sacrifice and send both Carrier Strike Groups to the bottom of the Mediterranean, just to start the nuclear war they think they can win.


mtl4's picture

I'd promote them right to the front lines myself, much more entertaining.

NoDebt's picture

So Obama is..... sort of the "good guy" in this?  

I'm so scared and confused.  I really do need to go to my safe space now (under my bed, clutching scissors).

I have a feeling this is just prelude for when HRC becomes president and she finally feeds the MIC what it's been demanding all along- all out war in the ME.

Looney's picture


After yesterday’s anti-gun speech in Orlando, 0bama should’ve gone straight to Disney World to take a dip in the alligator-infested pond.   ;-)


Ignatius's picture

No need to go to Disney World, the "pond" at the State Department is infested with the far more deadly NeoCons.

We are so fucked.  US foreign policy is murderously insane.

ThanksChump's picture

"We are so fucked.  US foreign policy is murderously SUICIDALLY insane."


Fixed that for ya.

Ignatius's picture

Yeah, I'll take that fix. 

Pinto Currency's picture


Saudi and Israel benefit from an attack on Syria (Iran) - not the US.

Ignatius's picture

It also serves US hegemony.  Israel and the neocons have apparently and successfully alligned their interests with US hegemonic interests.

beemasters's picture

Seriously Tylers...still no mention of Israel despite Hillary's email on wikileaks that confirmed
Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel???

NidStyles's picture

Yep, just take a casual look at who is working in the State Department. It's all fucking Jews everywhere.

chunga's picture

That's so hateful and spiteful and true! It's not possible to take anybody that refuses to see it seriously.

'Biggest US aid package in history - will go to Israel'


Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated that the Obama administration was prepared to give the biggest military aid package in history, calling it “the largest single pledge of military assistance from the United States to any country in our history, cementing an unparalleled security relationship all the way to 2029".

froze25's picture

The House of Saud is scum, they are financing Terrorist and spreading Wahhabism world wide through mosque building. They support the migration of Muslims to the west. They must be stopped.

Keyser's picture

No more dispicable than their neighbors, the yids, although the jews are a little less hamfisted in their approach... 

santafe's picture
santafe (not verified) Keyser Jun 17, 2016 8:57 PM


4freedom78's picture

And no way he is going to pay the bill.

WTFRLY's picture


beemasters's picture

I am not against Jews at all and we shouldn't, but constant (mainstream/alternative) media over-protection of Israel isn't doing good for the Jewish population everywhere. It only incites hatred which is what the Zionist rulers probably want. Why? So they can throw some Jews under the bus yet again in the name of anti-semitism to amass more sympathy and power.

Zero Point's picture

Wonder how many dual citizens signed that document.

fleur de lis's picture

@Ignatius -- is there even one American male left in the Pentagram or have they been neutered by the State Dept psychopaths and misfits as well?

TahoeBilly2012's picture

"Taking off his turbin he says is the man a Jew, working for the clamp down"

Dormouse's picture

There must be some problem with Syria's central banking system, maybe it's privately owned and nationally managed. Who knows, they must be terrorists.

shovelhead's picture


Top secret. Are you encrypted?

Pliskin's picture

Nah, alligators won't eat Muslim meat, they think it's dirty.

Ethnomycologist's picture

If he only had a son to take along.

jefferson32's picture

Unless you understand what September 11 is, none of this planned chaos in the ME makes sense. Most people know (or feel) 911 was the largest psychologcal warfare and propaganda operation post-Holocaust. Still, I find it useless to discuss any politics with anyone not grasping that self-evident fact.

jaxville's picture

  Actually the holohoax was the same thing (psychological warfare and propaganda operation).  Like 911 and this recent statement from State, the chosen are no doubt behind it. It's good to always have a scapegoat and the Saudis fit the bill in this case. 


Keyser's picture

Yes, the yids have leveraged their holocaust victimization for far too long... If you actually read newspaper articles post WWII, you will find claims that the death toll of the holocaust was 600,000, not 6,000,000... Still a terrible event, but not on the same magnitude of scale as wiping out today's entire population of Israel... 

Moe Howard's picture

Israel DEMANDS failed states on all borders, using it's State Department Fifth Column.

michigan independant's picture

Yes your corrent and...

They are the quietly Open Borders officials within the State Department, termed the “Black Dragons” 

 DSS special agents refer to these people as Black Dragons. Even when Congress provides clear guidance to the State Department regarding issues of security (e.g., the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986), the Black Dragons do their best to strangle the programs, and this constant struggle produces discernable boom-and-bust cycles, as Congress provides money for new security programs and the Black Dragons, who consider security counterproductive for diplomacy and armed State Department special agents undiplomatic, use their bureaucratic power to cut off those programs.

Compounding this perennial battle over security funding has been the incredible increase in protective responsibilities that the DSS has had to shoulder since 9/11. The bureau has had to provide a large number of agents to protect U.S. diplomats in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan and even staffed and supervised the protective detail for Afghan President Hamid Karzai for a few years. Two DSS special agents were also killed while protecting the huge number of U.S diplomats assigned to reconstruction efforts in Iraq. One agent was killed in a rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the other by a suicide car-bomb attack in Mosul.

The demands of protection and bureaucratic strangulation by the Black Dragons, who have not embraced the concept of the ARSO-I program, has resulted in the OCI program being deployed very slowly. This means that of the 200 positions envisioned and internally programmed by Bureau of Consular Affairs and DSS in 2004, only 50 ARSO-I agents have been assigned to posts abroad as of this writing, and a total of 123 ARSO-I agents are supposed to be deployed by the end of 2011. The other 77 ARSO-I positions were taken away from the OCI program by the department and used to provide more secretarial positions.

Krungle's picture

I would not go so far as to call him the "good guy" but it does seem there are some factions leading nations in schizophrenic policies. We are at once snubbing the Saudi's and trying to subtly (or not so subtly) drop 9/11 at their feet, while simultaneously pandering to their foreign policy designs. Our forever ally turned client state in the UK is trying to unshackle itself from the beast. The Israeli's, who, along with the Saudi's, have run much of our foreign policy, are making overtures to Russia (even as Russia is stomping on their Greater Israel project). We are triyng to start a suicidal war with Russia, but Shell (and many other huge multinationals) are in St. Petersburg right now trying to make deals with Putin. Shell wants to partner with Gazprom to build a pipeline to Europe through the Baltics, while the Baltics are demanding more NATO provaction of Russia. I could probably go on for a while on the internal conflicts and self-defeating policies, but the point is that as we approach the shit hitting the fan, the elite will splinter and try to rearrange their alliances to best survive whatever is coming. 

Of course, assuming HRC is installed as dictator "POTUS" as expected, in every instance she will pick the most psychotic decision (which might be exactly why we see once allies trying to distance themselves now...).

MalteseFalcon's picture

"The “dissent channel cable” was signed by 51 State Department officers involved with advising on Syria policy in various capacities, according to an official familiar with the document."

Publish the document, out the 51 and sack them.

Quite simply electing Hitlery means war with Russia aka WWIII.

When you talk with Hitlery voters (assuming you have not ostracized them yet) be sure to mention WWIII.

Nexus789's picture

A conflict that the Russians and Chinese have no doubt been preparing for as they know that the Washington degenerates are insane. 

udopia's picture

Among friends and associates, most Hillary supporters watch Oprah and The View, have always voted Democratic, and are excited about the historical implications of having the first female president.  It doesn't get any deeper than that.  They only watch network news as a type of criminal drama and are not interested in history in the least.  Trump supporters are equally deceived.  They think that their only responsibility is to vote Trump and all problems will disappear.  I am pretty sure that WWIII or a Venezuela type economic malady are the only things that can wake most people up.  Socialism is too entrenched and politics too cowardly for any type of gradual improvement.  Whenever I travel out of country, most people are amazed that Americans can be so wealthy and so stupid simultaneously.  That cannot continue.

centerline's picture

Can't disagree.  Unsustainable for sure.

MalteseFalcon's picture

I've actually gotten traction by pointing out Hitlery's bellicose nature.

Most "voting my vagina" voters are completely unaware of it.

They think she is the peace candidate, because vagina = peace.

Actually vagina = piece.

froze25's picture

Most of her supporters only care about her being a woman, and don't see she is a psycho .

Lugnut's picture

What I read in that is basically Obama doesnt  need the bother of a hot shooting war in last 6 months of R&R, and the State Depaarment wants to install their own friendly puppet before Russia has a chance to install theirs.

Not sure how that 'defeats ISIS, as those 2 dots are certainly far apart, and not connected by that twisted logic. If Libya is any example, they'll create a power vacuum and the radicals will step into power.



sam i am's picture




There will be no all out war with the ME, because Russia and Iran (with allies) would demonstrate that the U.S. doesn't have military, but a bunch of background actors from the Central Casting, walking around in stage costumes carrying props. Remember, how Iranians arrested two US military boats crawling with marines? Why would those guys surrendered rather than fighting back the "enemy?" Because they couldn't, and they still can't .

not dead yet's picture

They were well inside Iranian waters and they knew it. They were also outnumbered and outgunned. No sense commiting suicide for some ill conceived spy mission gone wrong. Odds are when they were briefed for the mission they were told that unless the Iranians opened fire to just surrender and we'll have you back in time for the weekend bash.

XAU XAG's picture

In other words, if the US does fold and proceeds with military strikes, i.e. full blown invasion and war, on Assad, 

it will once again be Saudi Arabia that is running US foreign policy,


and pushing the US nation into what may be a state of open war with............................. Russia.


Dolar in a vortex's picture

What about the Joooos?

I thought they ran the US?

shovelhead's picture

Netanyahu tells me the NWO is strictly free range organic Semite Jew run with no artificial Kharzarian fillers.

Khazarians can donate but are out of the big picture.

opport.knocks's picture

Odd - I understood that Bibi's dad was Benzion Mileikowsky, a Jew from Russian occupied Poland, hence a Khazarian. Or are you implying that the Khazars are habitual liars and deceivers, in which case carry on...

froze25's picture

Not all jews from that part of the world are part of the Khazarian sect.

bigkahuna's picture

Russia has spent a lot of time painting the back story that the US sponsors ISIS and is responsible for ISIS's actions whilst sitting back and letting the bimbos and geldings that are in charge of foreign policy make complete morons of themselves.

I am not so sure that Russia would be alone with Syria should the neocons get their way. 

One item I do suspect is that the DoD wants nothing to do with Syria. It seems that they had a "quiet conversation" with bozo the last time he attempted an attack/invasion of Syria. It is a different year though, and those generals were probably put out to pasture in favor of good little sycophant generals.

The psychos who signed this and believe this need to elaborate what is the return on this terrible course of action to the US citizens on whose behalf they claim to operate. 

In any case, if we see generals start to get behind this crap, we as citizens need to start protesting in earnest - that means a little more than smoking pot, throwing up peace signs, and shagging in the streets...

BorisTheBlade's picture

Diplomats are perhaps being heavily pressured by the Saudis. They won't have to go to war, armed forces will. Some combat generals, it seems have a better grasp on potential consequences, even if express it very carefully:,2016/03/09/army-general-tapped-central-command-opposes-no-fly-zone-syria.html

Just a hint: a no fly zone over Syria means any aircraft that does not comply will be shot down, that includes both Russian and Syrian air force.

Moe Howard's picture

What about IDF attacks? Will they be OK?

Miles Ahead's picture

we as citizens need to start protesting in earnest - that means a little more than smoking pot, throwing up peace signs, and shagging in the streets...

@Bigkahuna: Hey buddy, all your other stuff is good but this here... we did a little more than what you read about in your history book.  We stopped the war against Vietnam, secret bombing of Laos and Cambodia.  That's a 3-fer. Don't know what generation you're a part of, but ain't shit happened like that since.

Keep it real.