Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO "Warmongering" Against Russia

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As we reported in just the past week, not only has NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean... 


... but even more troubling, was NATO's assessment that it may now have grounds to attack Russia when it announced that if a NATO member country becomes the victim of a cyber attack by persons in a non-NATO country such as Russia or China, then NATO’s Article V “collective defense” provision requires each NATO member country to join that NATO member country if it decides to strike back against the attacking country.

Specifically, NATO is alleging that because Russian hackers had copied the emails on Hillary Clinton’s home computer, this action of someone in Russia taking advantage of her having privatized her U.S. State Department communications to her unsecured home computer and of such a Russian’s then snooping into the U.S. State Department business that was stored on it, might constitute a Russian attack against the United States of America, and would, if the U.S. President declares it to be a Russian invasion of the U.S., trigger NATO’s mutual-defense clause and so require all NATO nations to join with the U.S. government in going to war against Russia, if the U.S. government so decides.

Also recall that the attack on the DNC servers which leaked the Democrats confidential files on Trump and Hillary donors lists were also blamed on "Russian government hackers", before it emerged that the act was the result of one solitary non-Russian hacker, but not before the US once again tried to escalate a development which may have culminated with war with Russia! 

Throughout all of these escalations, the popular narrative spun by the "democratic" media was a simple one: it was Russia that was provoking NATO, not NATO's aggressive military actions on the border with Russia that were the cause of soaring geopolitical tension. Ignored in the fictional plot line was also Russia's clear reaction to NATO provocations that it would "respond totally asymmetrically" an outcome that could in its worst oucome lead to millions of European deaths. Still, no matter the risk of escalation, one which just two weeks ago led to assessment that the  "Risk Of Nuclear Dirty Bomb Surges On Poor US-Russia Relations", NATO had to maintain its provocative attitude .

All NATO had to do was assure that all alliance members would follow the lead, and nobody would stray from the party line.

And then everything imploded when none other than the Foreign Minister of NATO member Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, criticized NATO for having a bellicose policy towards Russia, describing it as "warmongering", the German daily Bild reported. And just like that, the entire ficitional narrative of "innocent" NATO merely reacting to evil Russian provcations has gone up in flames.

As AFP adds, Steinmeier merely highlighted all those things which rational persons have known about for a long time, namely the deployment of NATO troops near borders with Russia in the military alliance's Baltic and east European member states. However, since it comes from a NATO member, suddenly one can't accuse Russian propaganda. In fact, NATO has absolutely no planned response to just this contingency.

"What we should avoid today is inflaming the situation by warmongering and stomping boots," Steinmeier told Bild in an interview to be published Sunday.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier

"Anyone who thinks you can increase security in the alliance with symbolic parades of tanks near the eastern borders, is mistaken," Germany's top diplomat added.

Needless to say, Russia bitterly opposes NATO's expansion into its Soviet-era satellites and last month said it would create three new divisions in its southwest region to meet what it described as a dangerous military build-up along its borders. This is precisely what NATO wants as it would be able to then blame Russian effect to NATO cause as an irrational move by the Kremlin, one to which the kind folks at NATO HQ would have no choice but to respond in their caring defense of all those innocent people, when in reality it is NATO that is desperate to provoke and launch the conflict with Russia.

And now even its own members admit it!

In its latest ridiculous escalation, blamed on Russia no less, NATO announced on Monday that it would deploy four battalions to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to counter a more assertive Russia, ahead of a landmark summit in Warsaw next month. Well, as Steinmeier made it very clear, NATO's deployment to provoke Russia was precisely that. As a result a Russian "assymmetric" response is assured, and this time it may even spill over into the combat arena, something which would bring infinite delight to Washington's military-industrial complex neocon puppets.

In an interview with Bild on Thursday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Russia is seeking to create "a zone of influence through military means". "We are observing massive militarisation at NATO borders -- in the Arctic, in the Baltic, from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea," he told the newspaper.

How do we know Steinmeier hit it nail on the head? The neocon Council of Foreign Relations trotted out its "fellow" who promptly took to character assassinations and demanding Steinmeier's resignation, instead of asking if perhaps a NATO-member country accusing NATO of being a warmongering provocateur, is not the real reason why Europe is back deep in the cold war, with an escalating nuclear arms race to go alongside it, courtesy of the US military industrial complex whose profits are entirely dependent on war, conflict and the death of civilians around the globe.

As for the unprecedented reality in which NATO's biggest and most important European member is suddenly and quite vocally against NATO and as a result may be pivoting toward Russian, we for one can't wait to see just how this shocking geopolitical debacle for western neocons and war hawks concludes.

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bugs_'s picture

Gentlemen you can't fight in here!  This is the War Room!

palmereldritch's picture

Maybe a tell that the Jo Brexit narrative is not getting enough traction and the Demons have something more sinister planned to corral the sheep...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"And just like that, the entire fictional narrative of "innocent" NATO
merely reacting to evil Russian provocations has gone up in flames."

I recommend marshmallows, lots of marshmallows. Because this fire is gonna be a long and hot one.

tmosley's picture

Trump will make this man PM of Germany, before releasing Germany from its long servitude.

knukles's picture

Save the Goats from Goat Raping Muzzies.

santafe's picture
santafe (not verified) knukles Jun 18, 2016 7:11 PM

Germany is absolutely right. The truth of the warmongering against Russia:

two hoots's picture


General Lieutenant Hans-W. Wiermann :  German Military Representative NATO to the Military Committee NATO and to the European Union.


Hmmm, guess Herr General Wiermann failed to inform his fellow countrymen?

I smell a political rat.


jeff montanye's picture

at least as cogent and timely an observation as "fuck the eu".  

don't you love it that obama may have to respond to a russian penetrating hillary's criminally private server with a nato war against the russian federation?  it's not that he wants to, mind you, but that's the way the law is written.  if millions die sorry but it's the law.

apparently not like the laws against fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, etc. etc. etc. that characterize the banksters' ongoing greatest control fraud in the history of the world.  no that would inconvenience campaign contributors and is a totally different matter.

Omen IV's picture

whoever has the ultimate smoking gun in the form of emails from Clinton needs to get it done - all this saber rattling and cyber support from NATO is because they have the goods on Clinton


Putin or Assange needs to release now before Obama  escalates and we are all in a mess


The Germans smell it - all about protecting the Clintons

lakecity55's picture

With The Server being used as a bogus reason to invoke Article 5, we may see a nuclear exchange before the end of July.

Hope that I'm wrong.

The recent  FFs by TPTB have failed miserably. They are now very, very desperate and very, very dangerous.

Would you have thought even a month ago that the gay peeps would now be arming up? That an illegal server in The Rodent's basement would become a Cause for War?

 The Evil US Empire's Hubris has obliterated Common Sense.

I hope we live to see August.....

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Immediately after the Ukies shot down MH17 (July 17, 2014), the Nuland/Obama regime began preparation of a NATO invasion of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of eastern Ukraine using Dutch and Australian troops with US air support and German ground support.

According to Dutch sources, the military plan of attack was aborted when Germany refused to participate directly, or allow its bases and airspace to be used. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the Dutch were pulling their troops out of the plan on July 27.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his cabinet continued to plan the operation with the US for another 10 days.

And yes, the international commission investigating the MH17 crash believes the Ukrainians launched the missile which brought it down.

This commission today is in a precarious situation - to announce the truth, that it is Ukraine that shot it down; it can't do it because of political motives. If somehow, they try to falsify data persuasively and announce Russia as a culprit, as a result, it would mean that the world would immediately receive absolute proof from Russia that the Boeing was downed by the Ukrainian army.

This is why the commission is saying things like the missile might have been launched 'accidentally' and that they have no experience investigating 'complex' incidents like this.

Freddie's picture

Ha Ha.  The Dutch and Aussies would have gotten their arses kicked by the LPR and DPR.  I rate the Aussies as tough bastards and Dutch have some good troops too.

They are not Donestsk or Lughansk farmers and miners who don't give a shit.

My favorite from 2014 - Givi not giving a shit during a Kiev (ZATO) Grad strike.   Givi makes Chuck Norris look like a pu*sy.

Here is Givi, Motorola and PM Alexander Zakarchenko at a victory parade.

Givi the Boss at 2:06

OldPhart's picture

An American salute to the militia defending their population.

Our time is coming...soon.

Déjà view's picture

Most Germans prefer HRC. Frightened by fair trade Trump! Selling goods to a bankrupt nation Trumps peace and trade with a rising east. Also worried Trump will charge more for basing U.S. troops in Germany. 


IndyPat's picture

The Germans likely had a look at the server, as well. As did the French and British. To not do so would be crazy.
So, the NATO allies had a look and know what's there.

To call this a hack...and thus put it on the order of an 'attack' is pure silliness.
It's called espionage. You don't go to Nu-Qu-Lar war over snooping.
If we did, Israel would be long gone.

All of this is tons and tons of bullshit.

J S Bach's picture

NATO has been on the wrong side since it backed the Bolsheviks in 1941.  It's good to see the vanquished finally waking (us) up to the facts of history.

oncemore's picture

They propped up Hitler.

They supported both sides.

Ghordius's picture

nato did not exist in 1941, "Dumpfbacke"

and anyway, it's being used too often as the incorrect label, here

see? Told. You. So.

Freddie's picture

Bolsheviks (non Christians murderers)  = the same people today - Soros, Nudelman, Kagan, Bushes/Clintons/Obola, various zio/neocons, EU-SSR, State Department, banksters, Pentagram and the rest. 

The Bolsheviks were backed by western/tribe banksters.  Their goal was to take Russia's resources and murder 25 million Christian Russians.

I hope the Russians never forget the evil that was done to them and by whom.

fencejumper's picture

A fact of history: NATO was founded 4/4/1949.

RiverRoad's picture

So now Hillary is our Helen of Troy, and we must fight a war because Russia penetrated her?????

What the heck, the slut spread for Russia.

IndyPat's picture

The hideous mug that launched a thousand MRVs.


mickeyman's picture

Poland should be happy.

What happened the last time Germany and Russia got together on something?

Rubicon727's picture


847328_3527's picture

He realizes Germany will be the first to be annihilated when the shtf all to please the Nobel Prize Winner. Seems like at least one top German feels for his people ... for a change.

nuubee's picture

I applaud the balls on this guy, but is picking a fight with Russia really their biggest problem after Merkel, Hillary, and Obama sold them out to the Muslim hordes?

erkme73's picture

I don't know where I saw it a couple days ago, but there was a townhall meeting kind of setting with Putin, where he explicitly said there is only one superpower in the world - the US.  And he doesn't understand where the US aggression is coming from.  Heard nothing of the sort on the MSM channels, tho.

philipat's picture

Could it be? A politician with some integrity? And probably also without s suicidal death wish, recognising that a nuclear war with Russia would begin in Europe and major German cities would be the first to get wiped out together with millions of German deaths? This used to be known as "common sense".

wildbad's picture

this is literally the FIRST time I can agree with schweinmeyer on anything.  this is clearly germany signaling that the amerikans have just goe too far. germany has lost billions in trade with russia and the crazier amerikas rhetoric gets even the globalists have to say something.  especially the ones who will be the targets of russias reactionary high tech weaponry

king leon's picture

As soon as a war with Russia goes nuclear , it goes USA.

Franktastic's picture

all happening within 48hrs after NATO makes the last poke of the bear...Russia is more ready for NATO, than NATO is ready for Mother Russia.

nuubee's picture

Putin is a dictator, but America shares a value system with Russia, we share almost no values with the Arab Islamic world.

I'd rather be friends with Russia than Saudi Arabia.

johngaltfla's picture

No matter what the Euros say, they are compliant with their Brussels, Berlin, and Washington banksters owners. And the fighting is on in a low-intensity way unless you're in the middle of it tonight. Minsk might as well never happened.

06.18 23:00 ET – Ukraine Civil War: Heavy Fighting in Mariupol and Donetsk Tonight (VIDEO)
Supernova Born's picture

Putin serves the interests of the Russian people with infinitely greater paternal loyalty than that Obama does Americans.

conscious being's picture

Please explain how Vladomir Putin is a dictator. Maybe it's time to put down the WaPo?

YourAverageJoe's picture

Me too. Very few Niggers, Beaners and Syrian refugees there and the under 30 women are pretty nice.


I would never encourage any son or daughter to join the US military, and it is my hope that we see more service personnel posting those "I did not join the US military to fight in a Syrian civil war!"

Current service members: Please retire once your terms are up. Pull the teeth from this rabid dog.

johngaltfla's picture

They are retiring in droves. It's why our readiness is in the toilet. Or as I said earlier this week:

The US Military is Not Ready for World War III
Captain Obvious.'s picture

It's a man's duty to take a bullet for his family.  That's what Valhalla is for. 

Men are expendable agents and women are precious objects. 

If you are a man you are not a precious object.


jeff montanye's picture

war with russia might not be germany's biggest problem.  depends on how able mr. putin is to defeat the warmongers without using (much) war.

regarding germany's being sold out to the muslim refugees by merkel, obama and hillary, don't forget to include the real movers and shakers, the likud/mossad party of israel who sold out merkel, hillary and obama (ok they were indicating they were for sale).

BarkingCat's picture

Second. Poland is going to get it first.

johngaltfla's picture

Rotterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, and London all get it the same time as Poland. Russia isn't a 3rd world raghead military power. They understandn the concept of use it or lose it and will hit every major capitol to force some to the peace table or out of the war in week 1.

strannick's picture
NATO going to war to defend the honor of Hilary Clinton. Its like shes a modern day Helen of Troy. While Bill goes to Pedophile Island and Hilary locks the door for meetings with Huma.
847328_3527's picture

This guy's a wuss; all he needs to do is utilize the "tried-and-true" German arms length defense against any attackers such as Russia. 

It's been proven to be effective; less then a dozen young German girls and boys are attacked/raped per week by the rapefugees now using this "Kohln defense."

ebear's picture

" shes a modern day Helen of Troy."

LOL. Helen the hairdresser of Troy Michigan maybe.

HowdyDoody's picture

I think Hitlery's honor was lost many, many years ago - 68 or so.


OldPhart's picture

The bitch could die and I'd shit in her grave.

Looking forward to her Sirhan Sirhan moment.  I want to see her face as some Bernie supporter piles 30 .45 rounds into it.  Hopefully, the first bitch is nearby to catch a few, too.  I'd save that scene and replay it for the rest of my life in delight.  [See, grandson, sometimes America WORKS!  Nutcases cancel out other nutcases.  It's called checks and balances.]


detached.amusement's picture

probably be the first real grassroots shooting most ZH posters ever saw