Caught On Tape: What Happens In China When You Don't "Exceed Expectations"

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In exceptional America's new normal, there is no consequence for under-performance. In China, however, as this shocking clip shows, for Rural Commercial Bank employees that do not "exceed themselves" there is one punishment... Public Spanking!

As China People's Daily reports, a bank manager spanks employees at a Rural Commercial Bank for not "exceeding themselves" in Changzhi, Northern China...


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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

That's gonna leave a mark.

<You would think the union would say something to management.>


Stackers's picture

The beatings will continue until moral improves

Harlequin001's picture

This is what's wrong with the world. You don't need a gun to turn round and deck that fucker, just a little spine.

Zero Point's picture

Any cunt hits my wife like that is going to be eating with a straw.

Supernova Born's picture

Paul Ryan would sponsor legislation to allow employers to beat employees.

And of course he'll continue to support unlimited H-1B's to undercut every single middle class worker in America.

Realize Paul Ryan is forward thinking. Once every US worker has been replaced by a lower paid foreign replacement, employers are going to have to have some means to motivate their workforce.

Al Gophilia's picture

It was Trump who caused this.

mtl4's picture

I'd tackle that mofo right on stage and open up one hell of a can of whoopass for trying shit like that, no job is worth that rubbish.

glenlloyd's picture

Yes, Ryan would do that, because he's that kind of douchebag

FinalEvent's picture

In the West they'll get a nail gun.

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"But but but...THEY buy gold!"

Boris Alatovkrap's picture


Yu su pei king be li be li gu chai ni zu!

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

kinda OT but ZH hasnt covered it yet.

China's silver stockpile has gone from 233 metric tonnes to over 1700 - since August last year, and that data stops april - so I imagine they are over 2000 tonnes now

Has the West made an ageement with China to limit China's international clout? (i.e. chin is saying behind the scenes 'we're getting too unstable and we need to flip the lid on gold, but we cant get the gold we need fast enough without upsetting the price suppression scheme we both need'  and the West has said 'here, take silver instead' )


Conax's picture

It's not so much instead as it is 'also', I think.

The Chinese are very angry over their lent out silver stack.

It's a sordid tale.

BobEore's picture

The Chinese are very happy about their lent out silver stack -

as it has produced returns many times over now, in terms of influence, as well as mere tonnage of the stuff.

It's a sordid tale, with starring roles for the usual high level traitors, internationalists, and opportunistic 'investment bankers' run amok in dealing out party favors and influence via a crony state "capitalism" which has now converged with a crony state "communism" to form a toxic puddle of east-west collaboration in bankrupting the west.

But that's way too complex a storyline to process for the majority of those with an interest in hard assets. So let's stick with the standard issue one: 

It's a happy tale of panda bankers and unicorns - who fluff up the pillows of smiling stacker somnolists every night and croon lullabies of moonshots and sun-filled horizons of shiny metal. Brought to you by a bunch of happy-go-lucky guys with inventory to move and deadlines to meet.

Thoughts? Who needs em>I GOTS lots - of ases -buck over spot!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Anything is possible, including China lying through their teeth.

Keep stacking bro. Silver is your friend.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I'm pretty sure the third person from the left hid some extra padding in his undies. He needs the wedgie treatment.

knukles's picture

This is another reason that we have to vote for Hillary who will selflessly, relentlessly pursue for the good of the people!

No more bosses,
no more looks,
no do this or that
or you're fooked.

                                More EBT Alll Around, Boys!

I approved this message in between coughs, dizzy spells and eyes seriously focusing while room spins


Fuck yeah!  Inside every Chink being Spanked is an American trying to get Out

Proctologist's picture

If she got a free shot at Billy's bottom I'm pretty sure she would swing about twice as hard!

Supafly's picture

Costs me $150 to get a good spanking here.  Already applied online.

remain calm's picture

They ain't series until they do the Chinese water torture drill

ACES FULL's picture

Dude would get his ass whipped.

navy62802's picture

Where I'm from, this man would be found hanging from a tree in the middle of town.

Gold Eyed Cat's picture

In the 80s my dad worked for ATT.  They sent some management team from Japan to his office and attempted to make the blue collar guys do calisthenics in the lot where they parked the trucks.  I wish I could have seen 4 Asians trying to get 50 redneck phone men to do jumping jacks and touch their toes in front of their vehicles.  I bet it was a riot.  At that same time they banned smoking on property so all the guys started dipp'n and spitt'n... everywhere.... on everything.  Asians left.  Their new policies left with them.

4freedom78's picture

This simply show the epic failure of the western world on dealing with a communist dictatorship, instead let them collapse on them self like the Soviet Union , we help them to switch to a fascist dictatorship, a great achievement thanks to our globalist cabal.

Cruel Aid's picture

We, great distopia read and we, the people, didnt do that, it was the enemy within who did it. And they did it, got caught and got away with it... there is some math in there.

venturen's picture

Bernie loves the socialism communism dynamic

ZippyBananaPants's picture

That's got nothing to do with a bank. The Chinese are porn freaks. Later in the video the guy pees on everyone to cool their ass blisters.

Arthur Schopenhauer's picture

I'm spanking my monkey while I watch this video loop repeatedly.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

It's nation of slaves. Most Chinese have been conditioned for the last 5000 years to be fucking slaves. How do you think the commies were able to get away with 70 years of plunder? Slaves. Fucking slaves.

techpriest's picture

Conditioned? They've burned through several dynasties. The Mao dynasty will be no exception.

runningman18's picture

Burned through?  Not really.  Wars between competing dynasties and controlled color revolutions still produce a slave population.  One slavemaster falls and they replace him with another slave master.  There's no hope for the Chinese while they continue to embrace collectivism and admonish individualism.

War Machine's picture

What about the Russians?

Thing is the Chinese know they're slaves and want more freedom.

Americans have no idea they're slaves and want less.

Conax's picture

I felt sorry for the little girl on the right end. She got the first double, then another one.


This 'boss' would need his insurance paid up at all times over here. We don't play this shit.

techpriest's picture

These workers don't have enough guanxi. If they had enough guanxi with powerful people they would be the one holding the paddle, and if they had enough with average folks then 200 of the employee's friends would show up at the boss's house the next day.

It's a literal case of whipping boys for the department. It can only work if there are no other options. Even with "hard times" here if I had to deal with 1/100th of that my resume would be going out, and I'd be calling consulting clients for some extra work.

RAT005's picture

And with no one to her left she got the hardest most full swing swats.

dark pools of soros's picture

and she got more spanks later for dishonoring him with her display of shameful public crying

Powerslaved's picture

Now that's slapstick comedy.

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You call THAT a spanking?  :-)

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xythras (not verified) Jun 19, 2016 9:06 PM

The phags would be thrilled. MOAR MOAR !!!

They will start to underperform..well, not actually, they always underperform for gossiping more than others.


billwilson's picture

Looks like a Trump kind of event.

harami's picture

Wait... What I pay money for in seedy BDSM clubs they do for free to employees in China? /s

auricle's picture

The person taking the photo likely won't be taking any more...

yogibear's picture

They'll be an involuntary organ donor.

HippieHaulers's picture

Remember, China is the model for global "governance". Europe is lost. The oxidant is lost. USA is the last hope for freedom. What would an American alpha make have done in this situation?

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Good model for Congress...

mahershalalhashbaz's picture

Capitalism in it's purest form... can't GET more neo-liberal than that, by gawd!