Wayne State University Drops Math As General Requirement, Will Replace It With "Diversity"

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By Derek Draplin of Michigan Capitol Confidential

A faculty committee has proposed adding a three credit hours requirement in diversity to the general education curriculum at Wayne State University. It also recommended that WSU drop its university-wide requirement in mathematics, an idea that was carried out on June 13.

“We are proposing the creation of specific ‘Diversity’ courses, with students required to take one course in this designation,” said a document from the General Education Reform Committee, which is recalibrating what the university will expect from all students who earn a degree from the state university. It released the proposal in May.

The committee report said, “These courses will provide opportunities for students to explore diversity at the domestic level and consider the ways in which it intersects with real world challenges at the local, national and/or global level.”

In announcing the change in mathematics, the university said, "This decision was made largely because the current (math) requirement is at a level already required by most high school mathematics curriculum."

Committee co-chair Monica Brockmeyer told the Detroit Free Press, “We felt the math requirement was better left to the various programs and majors to decide and to decide what levels of mathematics would be needed.” She added, “We still continue to support mathematics at Wayne State.” The university has announced that the math requirement in the general education curriculum will be dropped until 2018, or until it is replaced by a new program.

Ashley Thorne, the executive director of the National Association of Scholars, which promotes liberal arts education and academic freedom, was critical of the recommendations.

“Colleges and universities use general education requirements to ensure that students learn the subjects it deems most important,” Thorne said in an email. “Wayne State University’s decision to drop math and add diversity to its requirements reveals that its leaders do not have their priorities straight.”

“Mathematical ability is an objective and practical skill that will serve students the rest of their lives, which is why it has traditionally been a core part of college curricula. ‘Diversity’ is not an academic subject. It is a concept invented to classify people by their social identities,” she said. “Focusing on individuals’ race, ethnicity, sex, and sexuality in this way has been demonstrated to lead to racial animus, segregation, stigmas, discrimination, and poor academic performance. It also politicizes education.”

The College Fix first reported on the diversity requirement. Brockmeyer, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, made $176,760 in 2015 in her job as the associate provost for academic success.

The committee’s proposal for the new curriculum recommended replacing the math requirement with a quantitative requirement and creating “quantitative experience courses.” It’s unclear if the quantitative courses will replace the math requirement. The goal of those courses, according to the committee, would be for students to develop "the ability to interpret quantitative representations of information (such as graphs and tables), and the ability to use quantitative information to communicate in a purposeful way."

In the 2015-16 fiscal year, 32 percent of Wayne State’s general fund budget of $602 million — or $190 million — came from Michigan taxpayers in the form of state aid.

According to the most recent information released by WSU about its demographics, 27,578 students are enrolled. Black students make up the largest minority, at 4,881 students, or approximately 18 percent of the student body. The 2,057 Asian students represent 7 percent. There are 15,004 white students, making up 54 percent of the student body.

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Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Do Starbuck's baristas need math?

knukles's picture

Another Spawn of Political Correctness in a Democratic area over-lorded by Detroit

Ain't it an indictment of the Democratic Party that they've run Michigan schools and in particular Detroit for decades and the kids need to be taught something about Diversity in their college years?
The Democrats Have FAILED

AlaricBalth's picture

I sure am glad they didn't drop Afro-Centric Women's Poetry or Pre-Columbian Customs and Culture. That would have been a tragedy. If I'm going to take out thousands of dollars in student loans, I expect to learn something useful in the real world. Math is for Nerds and Dweebs. Who needs it.

Supernova Born's picture

How much student debt will they graduate with?

More than they can ever know.

Arnold's picture


Wayne State University https://wayne.edu/
Wayne State University

A premier research university serving a diverse body of motivated students in vibrant Midtown, the cultural center of Detroit.

Supernova Born's picture

America could save a boatload of money by offering financial aid applicants 10K cash instead of student loans in a one time irrevocable decision.

If you don't have more than 10K worth of motivation going into college how are you ever going to graduate or pay back 100K if you do?


johngaltfla's picture

Well, not knowing math does give them the inside route to becoming Fed Chairman.

Supernova Born's picture

America has "lapped" Idiocracy in less than 10 years.

O C Sure's picture




Laissez Faire City, anyone?

jcaz's picture

Don't need no math to cash yo' welfare check, yo.  Pat them on their heads, tell them not to trouble demselfs wif no math.

SumTing Wong's picture

I'll keep teaching at the top-notch engineering institution I'm at. Diversity is great...we need MEs, EEs, CEs, BEs. We don't care what they look like.

espirit's picture

But will they eat pork?

Inquiring minds want to know.

HopefulCynical's picture

God damn Cultural Marxists.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Math is too close to statistics which we all know is "raysiss" since it reveals that not all races produce offspring with equal average IQs.

Ignatius's picture

A real slap in the face to Asians, if ya ask me.

MalteseFalcon's picture

They've got unlimited oil.

They've got unlimited printed money.

Unlimited power.

There is no more need to be bounded by God's reality.

Or anyone else's idea of order.

They are bounded only by their imaginations.

Their only desire is to exercise that power and marvel at it destructiveness.


Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

I'm struggling to choose which 'diversity' course to take: (1) Izda check ready; how to max yo welfare and take back what da evil white man stole; (2) Black Lives Matta; how to use violence and destruction to score even more free shit; (3) Who's yo Daddy; why .gov, when your 'Dim' candidates get elected, is always looking out for you!

Rhetorical's picture

We still don't have tattoo. Well wait a min....

Old Doctor's picture

Ha ha. Good one! However, this won't be a problem for long. When the Chinese buy the rest of Detroit and 'relocate' a couple hundred thousand workers there, the 'Urban-centric' issue will change quickly.

Old Doctor's picture

Ha ha. Good one! However, this won't be a problem for long. When the Chinese buy the rest of Detroit and 'relocate' a couple hundred thousand workers there, the 'Urban-centric' issue will change quickly.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I propose offering DNDU101 as a requirement for all matriculating freshmen.

Supernova Born's picture

A degree in "Aspiration" will be next.

It can be used to qualify to claim that the holder was an "Aspiring _________/whatever " when they come to an untimely end.

Omen IV's picture

You got it wrong !

Put up $10k to either get their tubes tied or a vasectomy

Better than an education for all concerned

techpriest's picture

Advertise it in a Women's Studies class - it should end the feminist problem right then and there.

Mr. Bones's picture

Great idea.  Trouble is, the cash out option would be racially loaded.  Excuses would be made and the whole idea rolled back with the people who made the "wrong decision" keeping the 10k.  Then they'd get loans wash rinse repeat.

wildbad's picture

i'm speechless..and so will the graduates be.

Donald J. Trump's picture

The math thing is one issue as common core is making useless math and I think the divershity push is going to backfire.  My children are way more racist and intolerant than I ever was and had not taught it to them.  They are experiencing it first hand and are rebelling against it.

BarkingCat's picture

interesting point. I just heard an discussion where one of the participants lives in Italy. He said the same thing about teenagers there. 

They have it forced on them and supposedly what they say would be considered radical in the deep south back in the 1950s.

techpriest's picture

Tolerance comes out of a situation where it is mutually beneficial to both parties. This happens in a booming economy.

When times are hard, people get tribal, and no amount of "education" will change this very basic fact.

CJgipper's picture

I disagree.  It comes from experience.  You should visit Detroit or Chicago for 10 minutes.  If you don't get shot, you'll learn a lot about what your kids are experiencing.

ACES FULL's picture

Yep,all this shit is gonna end well.


Falling Down's picture

LOL, they won't be able to figure it out

Tall Tom's picture





Even after taking a course in Basic Algebra they still will not be able to figure it out. To most "students" that course is just a form of torture.


The POINT is that most of the people enrolling in our Universities are not University Material. In years past, when Universities were ethical and not chasing the easy money of Federal Financial Aid, most of these students would not have ever even been considered for admission.


But that is what has changed. And because of Equal Opportunity the Universities were forced to open doors to the unqualified. And Administrations are more than happy to take the subsidies to put up with the inconvenience.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Has anyone run this by Bruce Wayne? I sense the Joker behind this caper.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

This makes total sense.

Dropping the math requirement shows that they are targeting their recruiting at a specific market segment: retards seeking college degrees. This demographic is experiencing more growth than any other group of potential college students.

Fortunately (and not coincidentally) this same group cannot possibly comprehend the concept of a devalued college degree. The diversity requirement plays to this strength. By making students view retardation as an advantage and keeping them happy about being retarded, Wayne State can keep them cheerfully signing student loan applications for years. This then dovetails nicely with the removal of the math requirement, because interest rates are just too complicated for humans to understand anyway.

DetectiveStern's picture

In a cashless society barista's won't need to count change.

ebworthen's picture

Exactly.  The Dream Factories are adapting to the new reality.

When kids who can't read graduate High School, why expect Math as well?

It's all about self-affirmation and how they feel, their dreams, and selling them a dream.

Donald J. Trump's picture

Good point.  They are taking advantage of the mentally challenged.  They sense that smart people are harder to come by and buy into their system.  Those good with maff can figure out that its not worth it.  Stupid folks belive what they're told.  For example, common core says 2+2 is approximately 4.  If you say it is definitely 4, you get it wrong.

Socratic Dog's picture

That's correct, if you take into account rounding.  "2" represents any number greater than or equal to 1.5, or less than 2.5.  Say 2.4 or 2.3.  2.4 + 2.3 = 4.7.....which rounds off to "5".  So "approximately 4" is reasonable.

mvsjcl's picture

My sister is a professor at Wayne State. We don't talk much.

Omen IV's picture

What does a "professor" do at WSTATE

Omen IV's picture

What does a "professor" do at WSTATE

Omen IV's picture

What does a "professor" do at WSTATE

BurningFuld's picture

Repeats things over and over.

JohnG's picture



You mispelled WASTE.

too_big_to_fail's picture

Let's compaire those enrollment rates in about 5 years.





lincolnsteffens's picture

What??? Today is not April 1st!!!!  Is this from the Onion?

junction's picture

Soon, Wayne State will change its name to Wayne State Diversity.  By the way, does anyone know under what circumstances the Educational Testing Service (ETS)can be forced to release the handwritten essay portion of Obama's Law School Admission Test?  30 years ago, it was much easier to put in a ringer to take the LSAT but forging the essay portion would be tough.  Assuming Obama actuatlly even took the LSAT instead of the completed test being added to the tests bundle while on the way to ETS.

ShrNfr's picture

His "What I did on my summer vacation" essay that got him into the Law Review has been known to have been destroyed.