Italy's Anti-Establishment 5-Star Movement Delivers Dramatic Victories In Key Mayoral Races

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Until now, Italy's 5-Star Movement has been viewed a protest and opposition party, however a second round of mayoral elections on Sunday changed that.

As we reported earlier this month, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement candidates in the key cities of Rome and Turin had advanced to the second round of voting in each mayoral race. In Rome, the largest stage for voters to show displeasure with politics as usual under Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, residents were seeking new leadership to put an end to the recent turmoil which included corruption allegations, poor management, and political upheaval. On Sunday, voters in Italy's capital decided quite definitively that it was time to move in a new direction.

5-Star Movement candidate Virginia Raggi, a 37-year old lawyer, was elected Rome's first female mayor by winning a stunning 67% of the vote in the second round. Raggi trounced Roberto Giachetti (Prime Minister Renzi's Democratic Party candidate) who took down just 33% of the vote the WSJ reports. The election of an anti-establishment 5-Star Movement candidate is a statement in itself, however by taking 67% of the vote over Renzi's candidate, a resounding message has been sent that the voters want change.

“We will restore legality and transparency to the city’s institutions after 20 years of poor governance. With us a new era is beginning.” Raggi said.

Another political blow came for Renzi in Turin, where yet another 5-Star Movement candidate was elected mayor. Chiara Appendino won 55% of the vote as the 5-Star Movement candidate, defeating Piero Fassino, the Democratic Party incumbent who took 45% of the vote.

As we discussed after the first round results, Prime Minister Renzi is facing significant challenges within the country, least of which are weak economic growth and a banking sector on the verge of yet another major crisis. The key political losses in Rome and Turin will only bolster the 5-Star Movement, as it now has the opportunity to govern and prove what it can do for the people, while Renzi faces quite a challenge to put forward any type of reform agenda.

The runoff results in Rome and Turin were a neat and unmitigated defeat,” the Democratic Party said on Sunday night, calling a national party meeting for Friday to analyze the “national indications” of the elections.

There remains a constitutional referendum that will take place in October, and the result of that referendum is something that Renzi has staked his political future on. The referendum itself is to sharply reduce the powers of the Senate, and cut the number of senators by two-thirds, but more importantly, Renzi considers the constitutional overhaul as his flagship program, and as the WSJ notes, if voters reject the referendum Renzi said that he would resign.

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These key election results signal that like in many other nations, the Italian people have had enough with the "establishment", with politics as usual, and are prepared to move in a different direction. If the 5-Star Movement continues to gain further support, Renzi may want to start packing his bags in October - then again, what politicians say and do are always two different things, so the chances of Renzi actually resigning if the referendum fails are quite slim.

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Is the next step Itexit?

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Next up will probably be another female being murdered by a mentaly ill person while he is shouting "Italia prima".



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Oh good.......a lawyer......AND a woman!


Clearly our work is done here.


Isn't Hillary both of those?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



So is Barack and Michelle.....but they can't practice we don't get into that.

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I think those records are sealed, too.

Just think, the current Bath House could be a guy from Compton. The real Bath House, who was being groomed with a fake legend and all, might have died in an accident. TPTB simply picked up a random guy who somewhat resembled him and went on with the plan!

We will never know the identity of that Masked Man!

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If she shaves her arm pits and does not have hairy nipples, she has my vote!


... actually, every anti-establishment candidate will get my vote next election esp the ones who run against the present batch of corrupt DC people who are fighting to deny the Will of the Peeple, EVEN IF they have hairy arm pits!

The entire DC is a Farce bee-ond beleaf.

ArgentoFisico's picture

The 5 stars movement has become much more "moderate" lately, no more talk about exiting the euro ... and they are having contacts with the powers that be. They resemble more and more to that kind of left "Tsipras style" that talks a lot but on the main, real issues seems to be with the european status quo

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Controlled opposition, it always works.

halfasleep's picture

"Everybody's got a price." The Italians are no strangers to grift. Hopefully we're wrong.

foodstampbarry's picture

Hiring another lawyer is not anti-establishment, it's just a new thief seated at the table.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

people got change in Greece, and somehow the new pols acted just like, er no, worse than the old?? curious is it not?

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Id vote for her regardless

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Do they want Hope as well as change?

Sh0t's picture

Just in time for Gladdio: Redux

Sh0t's picture

Just in time for Gladio: Redux

Fred C Dobbs's picture

They have real elections in Italy?


ArgentoFisico's picture

The last 3 presidents of the government were not elected by the people (Monti, Letta, Renzi) ... ehm ..

oncemore's picture

Nobody except Italians pay attention to that fact, that there have been 3 color revolution sin Italy to save establishment.

Indeed, they replaced dully elected prostitute,  by three other prostitutes withou even asking the people.


Something simmilar hapenned in Czech republic as well: a coup organized by CIA, when 3 years ago CIA via the local agents and masonic mass media organized a coup d'etat in Czech rep. removing and destorying a primeminister. In Czech republic the issue was, that the old primeminister wanted to buy nuclear power plant from Rosatom and not from Westinghouse.

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So young, so full of hope! The Italians are being thrown a bone. There is no hope and there is no change unless it is by the design of your masters.

Global Hunter's picture

In that picture of her above, her smile appears to be sincere and there is life in her eyes.  I'm not used to politicians having qualities like this.

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A lawyer?

I'd rather trust anarchy.

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While it remains to be seen if things will change in Italy this is a good sign. A better sign would be prosecution of progressive usurper government criminals en mass.






kanselier's picture

go go go!
Free democratic left !
Anti -EU

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There is no doubt that the “Italian people have had enough with the "establishment", with politics as usual, and are prepared to move in a different direction”. The question is, exactly what direction this change takes. Are there going to be changes in wealth distribution and austerity policies? Will the government actively go after tax evasion by wealthy Italians? Will Italy carefully examine its relationship with NATO and the EUs economically destructive Russian sanctions? Until proven otherwise, Italy's 5-Star Movement will amount to little more than shifting chairs on the Titanic. Time will tell……..

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5 star is just how you say Syriza in Italian....

kanselier's picture

Thats an irrelevant question though.
The last decades the left-right difference has been capitalized by the establishement to secure their own position.
In Greece extrem left and extreme right formed a goverment together!
They had totally different vieuws regarding some key issieus!
But they were bonded against status quo corporate elitsm!
Anti establishement doesn't need to result in war like the nazi's vs the communist in world war 2!
The real problem is if someone is pro status quo or against! 

Why do you think a lot of Bernie Sander supporters will vote for trump instead of Killary?
Its exactly the same!
2 different aproaches can work together to kick out a failing approach! 

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Hmmm...wonder how long it'll take for an Italian Jo to be "butchered" by some random psycho?

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Good news - now towards Italexit...

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The only way an elected politician can produce meaningful change is spend their entire first term putting out in from of the people what they've been denied for years: The truth, and the realistic viable options. It's a lot of work to undo the rhetoric, lies, propaganda and damage that scores of politicians have caused with empty promises. Yes, bring the pain out for all to see. Educate the people with the truth, and explain what will and won't work. Engage the people until they have an adequate understanding of what has really gone down all years past, and then maybe you can start to fix the mess.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jun 20, 2016 8:09 AM


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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jun 20, 2016 7:58 AM

I say women are at their best in the bedroom and the kitchen. Do you really want to see babes like this one in political office... or where she belongs?

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Hey, she won the office.  Her sex may or may not have had something to do with that.  I will wait and see before I critic her.


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Dear Britain, 

Send Money,




PS Beppi sends his regards....

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Beppe Grillo is Mustard, the bees knees, the dog's bollocks, the Real Deal. Takes a back seat and not drunk on any Power Trip.

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I am all for replacing old croocked politicians with fresh blood, but seriously a female and a lawyer?????

Maybe Italian women are more sane than German or Scandinavian ones because those crazy bitches are destroying their societies. 

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No BC Italian women are more insane; however you're always guaranteed a 'rocky' ride.