Martin Armstrong On Assassination Conspiracies: "There's Too Much At Stake To Allow Brexit"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via,

Jo Cox

There is disturbing opinion circulating about Jo Cox may have been assassinated to prevent a BREXIT vote. Many are starting to believe there is a conspiracy plot connecting the dots to ensure a sympathy vote to remain within the EU. People are pointing to the familiar tool of assassination often used to achieve political agendas.

Kennedy 50cent half dollar

Of course there is the Kennedy assassination that many believe was orchestrated to create the sympathy vote to start the Vietnam War when in fact Kennedy vetoed such a measure.

But the more recent assassination was on September 10th, 2003. Anna Lindh  (1957 – 2003), was a Swedish Social Democratic politician who was a member of parliament from 1982 to 1985 and 1998 to 2003. Anna was elevated to minister for foreign affairs by prime minister Göran Persson in 1998. She was widely considered to be his successor as party chairman and there was much hope that she would become prime minister.


Lindh was a supported of adopting the euro. She became the face of joining the new EU and was to be on a TV debate when in Stockholm on the afternoon of September  10th around 4 pm, she was attacked with a knife while shopping in the ladies’ section of the Nordiska Kompaniet department. Lindh was to appear on a televised debate later that night on the referendum about Sweden’s adoption of the euro. At the time of the attack, Lindh was not protected by bodyguards from the Swedish Security Service.


Then there is the unsolved assassination of prime minister Olof Palme in 1986. Palme was accused of being anti-EU and more pro Soviet. His assassination did clear the way for Sweden to join the EU, which was finally presented in the Swedish European Union membership referendum of 1994 approved, which gain only a 52% majority.

While Silvio Berlusconi was not assassinated, the EU did stage a coup against him because he wanted to take Italy out of the euro. Then there was the Greek Prime Minister Georgios Andreas Papandreou who wanted the Greek people to vote on any bailout to stay in the euro. He was told by Brussels there would be no referendum.

The recent Austrian election was rigged with the closest race in history decided by the mailed-in ballots. As the days have passed, the results of the Austrian presidential election have become far more suspicious.  The official results claimed the far-left candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated Norbert Hofer from the Freedom Party of Austria by just 31,000 votes, 50.35% to 49.65%. Again, the fate of the EU hung in the balance. The provisional result in voting reflected major polls released in the last days before the election, which all showed Hofer with the clear majority of public support over his rival coming in at 53% to 47%.

The Scottish youth called their referendum to leave the UK a “REVOLUTION” and felt very betrayed by what they called the over “65” crowd who just wanted their pension checks from London. It is clear that when people are voting with paper ballots, they vote can easily be rigged. There were countless photos of how they committed outright fraud to ensure there would be no “yes” vote.


David Cameron basically said reading between the lines – the younger generation lost and their fate is now settled “for a generation.” This degree of arrogance is not going to be helpful. Governments will not reform and that brings us only to the point of our rising civil unrest that will rip the systems apart. No one in charge will address the long-term. They are only concerned about one vote at a time.

So is there a conspiracy? Perhaps. They would never investigate themselves, so all this is has been suspicion. What is clear, has been that the EU will collapse if BREXIT is allowed. There is far too much at stake to allow this vote. The burning question will be, just how they cover it up and at what cost?

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Bank_sters's picture

Why have a vote when polling is so accurate? Problem solved.

In the meantime, fear and market manipulation will work wonders on vox populi.

Brexit ahead- cable collapses, ftse plunges- oh no your pension is at risk.  

Bremain ahead- markets surge, property values increase, unicorns still shit sugar cookies.

If Greece, Spain and Ireland are any indicator of future votes, I'd say Britain is fooked.  I personally have no faith in voting if it cannot be independently verified and currently, it can't.

BullyDog's picture

There will be blood on the streets..  Oh wait they already pulled that trick.. 


Meet the new boss same as old boss but meaner.


philipat's picture

And if that Plan B (The murder) had not been sufficient to reverse the Brexit momentum, then Plan C would have been the Diebold voting machines, which have been proven to be susceptible to, shall we say, software "adjustments" in other countries.

The UK sheeple MUST understand that no matterhow tragic this murder was, it is NOT the main issue, which is the future of the UK, it's sovereignty, indpendence and legal system.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Talked to my British ancestors today......they say....get the hell out of there!

J S Bach's picture

Put the lid on the pressure cooker, seal it tight and turn up the heat.

It will ultimately explode violently.  Let us make sure that the right people get scalded.

froze25's picture

That's the way I see it. The EU either breaks up in a orderly fashion or it burst from internal pressure in a chaotic fashion. The fools on top seem to think the chaotic one is not possible but history isn't on their side.

Ignatius's picture

I'm just happy that Martin was able to resolve all my political assassination conspiracy concerns in one short post.  Thanks, Martin.  Really, I mean that, I have no more questions.  And if I do I'll call you first and only, which is silly 'cause you answered 'em all.  Wow, I'm feeling better already.

philipat's picture

Vince, You should they go back as far as the Magna Carta?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



do they go back as far as the Magna Carta?


Great time I see them.....I'll ask.

philipat's picture

Vince, and if you see the spirit of the "radical islamic terrorist" involved in the Orlando "incident". you might want to ask him what really went down also? Although he is probably too preoccupied with his CIA -provided 70 virgins in your space. Did you get that by the way? Sounds a hell of alot better than fucking Hillary? Just a thought....

Motasaurus's picture

Mine go back to 1066. 

They say stay, but it's time for a good old fashioned slaughter in the halls of power. 

philipat's picture

Hmmmm, 1066 and all that? Perhaps plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose, oui?

TheReplacement's picture

Why do you think he's dead?  Have you seen a body or something the rest of us have not?

metachron's picture

My ancestor signed the Magna Carta (many of us are related to Moulton I'm sure) and I'm in favour of human freedom and the solidarity of the Comonwealth. Brexit affords a future of territorial and monetary sovereignty, and you may not ever have another shot at gaining even minor freedoms.

philipat's picture

Yes, of course. And Common law is based on a recognition that the law should be based on the the will of we the people. In a common law jurisdiction, the people are free to do as they choose UNLESS prohibited by law. Conversely, in a Civil law jurisdiction (As in all of the balance of the EU), the law is set by Government edicts and regulations, so the people must follow the State. So which provides more democracy and freedom?

I MISS KUDLOW's picture

im trying to buy some high quality stawks today but no one ever discusses stawks for 8 fuckin years now we listen to fed talk every week promising rates hikes which will never ever happen,,,,,does anyone know of a young booming company to invest in? i have some private company offers but they are all associated with marijuana and i feel im betting against america with that, thats our growth area,,,,,,does anyone know why we keep taling grexit brexit, japan etc but nothing over here about united states,,,kyle bass says hes looking at a 300 bagger? is that japan? gold? currencies? negative rates in us? our president has put everyone on notice we are dealing with the JAYVEE TEAM he mentioned gold over in japan,,,,whats going on?

waterwitch's picture

Texas has been talking about leaving for quite awhile.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Man, our opinions don't count for jack shit...

Now pass the bong, it's not a microphone.

Antifaschistische's picture

Plan A was with the Plunge Insurance team attacking the Pound to drive fear into the sheeple.  The same team (joined by EU and the US teams) are driving the Pound higher to convince the sheeple that the current trend is their friend.  LOL

The best thing for the Pound would have been distancing itself from the EU so it can be the primary go to currency when the Euro falls apart.  TPTB know this, and want to keep England as locked into the EU as much as possible to ensure they all go down on the same ship.


philipat's picture

Actually, in the UK the "hot spot" is house prices (because most Brits only have equity in their houses), which is what Qa'moron and Osborne hit. So, if we Brexit, house prices will collapse, sterling will tumble, the UK economy will collapse and we will have WWIII.

Of course, many of these things may happen anyway, but of course they will then be blamed on "changes in the world economy, especially in China" and all those other far away places that nobody really knows or understands.

It's really sad but true that Democracy only really works with a well-educated population? Which might explain the dumbing-down of the education system over the years? Nah, just a coincidence......

Antifaschistische's picture

A house, and a piece of property represent real wealth.   How that wealth is denominated in fiat currencies changes nothing about the fundamental value of a real asset.

However!  People behave based on their own perception of reality.  And if they perceive a loss in 'wealth' they will adjust their spending accordingly and then you do have the domino's falling from there. in Australia, US, Shanghai, etc..are all living on artificially inflated, CB counterfeited, debt induced real estate bubbles.  That's going to burst regardless.  We will all go down on that ship...except property taxes in the US which have become criminal.

RockySpears's picture

No machines used in UK referenda.


Paper ballots only, counted by hand.  Maybe you can play with postal, but the rest are hand counted within hours of being cast.


Anyone may observe the voting.  As an observer, you can follow boxes from storage to counting table.

 It would take 100s of people to rig a paper ballot.

  Too many conspirators needed.  IMHO



philipat's picture

Great to hear that and if so I stand corrected. It was my understanding that UK ballots had moved over to Diebold. Of course, even paper ballots CAN be rigged, but they do leave a larger footprint of rigging which remains availablke for recounts for whatever reason. Thanks for the correction.

Winston Churchill's picture


I acted as an observer at several polls.Had free rein of the station.

Rubicon727's picture

You can't really be that naive. Do you know how many voting ballots have been seen & pictured following elections in Italy and other European countries? Boat loads!!!!!

robobbob's picture

a dozen videos of Scottish vote rigging, always in favor of staying. sacks of uncounted leave votes

stacks of statistically anomalous mail in votes in Austria

It can and has happened and not a single person going to jail

more importantly, the results remained in favor of the elites outcome.

it really doesn't take that many people being given a wink and a nod to get the snowball rolling. and the thing is, no special skills or risk needed. any old useful idiot can join in by sliding the odd vote into the trash when no one is looking. a few dozen here, a few dozen there. pretty soon they add up to to real numbers.

DanDaley's picture

You have to admit, she did have an expendable look about her.

philipat's picture

If Martin Armstrong is so convinced regarding "conspiracy theories" how come he doesn't see the conspiracy manipulation of Gold by Central Banks? Perhaps he sold out at some time, perhaps for securing his relaese from custody, to the very "establishment" he now "suggests' might be slightly crooked? Just askin....

enosenose's picture


Because MA himself is full of pile of shit & no better than Dennis Gartman. 

philipat's picture

Great analogy. They are both congenital liars who never publsih anything that would prove the results of their strategies. They both keep it undocumented, for obvious reasons, whilst conning people into paying them for "advice".

Bay of Pigs's picture

His comment about Kennedy above is absurd and laughable. Most of his views on history are either warped or factually incorrect. And why he isn't held accountable for his bad calls is beyond me.

Yet here at ZH he has many defenders and worshippers. A sad state of affairs.

philipat's picture

And also, what happened to Armstrongs infamous 2015.75 prediction? The markets are still higher Martin, but of course only as a result of the conspiracy manipulation that you now seem, so reluctantly, to be recognising? You might need some more "quiet time" to think it through a little further?

Or, of course, perhaps your proprietary "models", which your subscribers pay so much to access, don't actually work? Just like Gartman?

Al Gophilia's picture

If a Brexit would bring on a collapse of Europe, is that all it would take? If so then at this point, what difference does it really make?

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Valid point, however Brexit would be like a pressure release followed by a slower collapse that allowed people to mitigate the impacts.

Bremain, like so many other measures implemented by the status quo statists, is aimed at propping-up the edifice so that the result in a sudden and catastrophic collapse that further enables their orchestrated transfer of wealth while imposing more controls and eroding more liberties.

Like all delusional megalomaniacs however, TPTB overestimate their own potency while underestimating the ferocious anger of the hungry masses.

Fuck em'. They will get exactly what they have asked for.

Light your torches, sharpen your pitch-forks and roll out the guillotines.

"They got the guns, but we got the numbers..."

cowdiddly's picture

Your going to beleive an ex convict or value his opinion? Fuck Martin Armstrong.

VinceFostersGhost's picture ex con......with a LOT of gold.


Not that I'm saying anything here.

cowdiddly's picture

Then why is he always badmouthing gold. Ive got more gold than that clown. Its obvious he sold out to get an early release and is now nothing more than an establishment shill to me.I don't believe a word he says since he got out and his tune changed 180 degrees since then. If people can't connect those dots then suck up his drivel. You don't end up where he did by being moral or was not a crook, PERIOD. Just another corrupt Ivy league sellout scumbag as far as I'm concerned.


silverer's picture

The PM manipulation has been known for many years. That fraud we see on COMEX and the London exchanges was called a long time ago on many write-ups and videos posted by Paul Craig Roberts, who served as former president Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

Al Gophilia's picture

If a Brexit would bring on a collapse of Europe, then really,  is that all it would take? If so, then at this point, (considering their balance sheets), what difference does it really make?

philipat's picture

I'm not really concerned about the rest of Europe. To be honest it's doing a great job of destroying itself anyway. My immediate concern is the future of the UK.

BarkingCat's picture

He does not deny it is being manipulated but claims the manipulation is short term and in both directions. 


philipat's picture

Which to anyone who understands how Comex works is clearly BS?

robobbob's picture

I like Armstrong's articles and commentaries, but one thing I find troubling is that nothing is ever a conspiracy.....except his own court case where the cia, sec, russian oligarchs, and wall street banks all came together with federal prosecutors and a federal judge to rail road him in order to get at his "secret" recipe for investing. and then later, when he still refused to hand over the information, prison officials joined the conspiracy to engineer an attempted hit on him.


And while i'm more than willing to listen to his evidence and grant him the benefit of the doubt, he bends over backwards to excuse and wave off any talk of over arching conspiracies of the global cartel and their world shadow government, all while openly talking about how government officials are colluding with big banks to rig economies around the world. Libor rigging. FX rigging. Gold fix rigging. But for some reason, he never calls any of those things a conspiracy.

SuperRay's picture

Thanks for nothing Martin. Why even post this pointless jabber?

GeezerGeek's picture

Because it gives all of us here at ZH a chance to demonstrate our ignorance?

shovelhead's picture

I thought every article did that?

But I do enjoy the elaborate theories and conjecture of the more fevered members with oceans of links bookmarked to "prove" their imaginings with the old 'appeal to authority' logical fallacy rather than making a case that will stand on it's own logical conclusions.