Republican Operatives Launch All-Out Effort To Unbind Delegates, Deny Trump Nomination

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

If you think that Donald Trump already has the Republican nomination locked up, then you don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes.
 It has long been my contention that the elite will move heaven and earth in order to keep Trump from ever setting foot in the Oval Office.  One way that they could try to do this is by attempting to deny him the nomination at the Republican convention next month.  Over the past couple of days, the Washington Post, CNN and a whole host of other mainstream news outlets have been reporting on a new “last-ditch effort” that has been launched by Republican operatives to get the Republican convention Rules Committee to unbind all of the delegates and allow them to vote however they want.  As you will see below, they can do this, and if they get enough votes they will do it.

This current effort is different from what we have seen so far during this campaign season, because it is actually being organized by the delegates themselves.  The following comes from the Washington Post

Dozens of Republican convention delegates are hatching a new plan to block Donald Trump at this summer’s party meetings, in what has become the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP presidential nominee.


The moves come amid declining poll numbers for Trump and growing concern among Republicans that he is squandering his chance to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. Several controversies — including his racial attacks on a federal judge, his renewed call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States and his support for changing the nation’s gun laws — have raised fears among Republicans that Trump is not really a conservative and is too reckless to run a successful race.

This movement is being spearheaded by a delegate from Colorado named Kendal Unruh.  She is actually a key member of the Republican convention Rules Committee, and this is very important for reasons that I will explain below.

For her, it is not about getting some other specific candidate nominated.  Rather, the entire goal is simply to stop Donald Trump

This literally is an ‘Anybody but Trump’ movement,” said Kendal Unruh, a Republican delegate from Colorado who is leading the campaign. “Nobody has any idea who is going to step in and be the nominee, but we’re not worried about that. We’re just doing that job to make sure that he’s not the face of our party.

So what will it take for Unruh and her allies to be successful?

As Fox News explained, there are basically two courses of action…

To prevail, Unruh needs a majority of the 112 members of the convention rules committee, which has two delegates from each state and territory. Then, a majority of the full convention’s 2,472 delegates would have to approve.


There’s a Plan B. If Unruh can win over one-fourth support from the rules committee — just 29 delegates — the full convention must vote on her proposal. So far she’s got around 10 supporters though some prefer delaying the rule’s impact until the 2020 convention, she said.

On Thursday night, Unruh was on a conference call that included at least 30 delegates from 15 different states, and the Washington Post says that regional coordinators for this effort have been recruited “in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Washington and other states.”

One individual that took part in this conference call on Thursday night told CNN that calls are pouring in from people all over the country that want to be part of this movement…

I will tell you, about every two hours people contact me about how to join this effort,” Lonegan said. “This has never been done before, so there’s no textbook on how to do it. So we’re building an organic effort, state by state, to convince members of the Rules Committee to sign onto a rule that unbinds the delegates to vote their moral conscience.”

So could the Republican convention Rules Committee actually do this?

Could they actually unbind all of the delegates and allow them to vote however they wished?

Well, yes they actually could do this.  As Time Magazine has explained, the Republican convention Rules Committee essentially has the power to make up any rules that they want…

It has the power to review and amend all of the rules of the Republican Party, pending ratification by the full convention. If it wanted to, it could insert a rule that says only candidates with blue hair could be the party’s nominee. It’s that powerful. In a contested scenario, the Rules Committee would be ground zero for fights over who and how candidates are nominated on the floor, as well as how the convention itself is conducted.

And thanks to political wrangling by the Cruz campaign, we do know that the rules committee is dominated by delegates that are loyal to Cruz

The convention rules committee is made up of one man and one woman from each of the 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. Dominated by party insiders and loyalists to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—who aggressively worked state conventions to secure slots on the committee—it remains to be seen what the committee’s appetite would be for such a dramatic break from the existing rules.

If I was Donald Trump, I would be taking this very, very seriously.

But at this point he seems to be brushing it off

“I have tremendous support and get the biggest crowds by far and any such move would not only be totally illegal but also a rebuke of the millions of people who feel so strongly about what I am saying,” Trump said in a statement. “People that I defeated soundly in the primaries will do anything to get a second shot — but there is no mechanism for it to happen.”

Right at this moment we still have about a month left before the convention.

So that gives those involved in the anti-Trump movement quite a bit of time to rally their forces.

The rule change that would unbind all of the delegates and free them up to “vote their consciences” has already been drafted.  Here is the text of the proposed rule change…

Preserving Delegates’ Ability to Vote Their Individual Conscience


The secretary of the national convention shall receive and faithfully announce and record each delegate’s vote in accordance with these rules. If any such delegate notifies the secretary of his or her intent to cast a vote of conscience, whether personal or religious, each such delegate shall be unbound and unconstrained by these rules on any given vote, including the first ballot for the selection of the Republican nominee for President of the United States, without the risk of challenge, sanction, or retribution by the Republican National Committee. Allowable personal reasons shall include the public disclosure of one or more grievous acts of personal conduct by a nominee candidate, including but not limited to, criminally actionable acts, acts of moral turpitude or extreme prejudice, and/or notorious public statements of support for positions that clearly oppose or contradict the policies embodied in the Republican Party’s platform as established at the national convention.

I have warned about the great political shaking that is coming to this nation, and if this rule change is even attempted at the Republican convention it would create seismic shifts in the U.S. political landscape.

Of course there is still one huge question that I have not even addressed in this article yet.

If Trump has the nomination taken away from him, who would the Republican nominee be?

Some are convinced that it would be Paul Ryan, but I believe that it would be somebody else.

Mitt Romney has certainly not hidden his disdain for Donald Trump, and right now he is quietly waiting in the wings.  If the anti-Trump forces get their way, I believe that he would be the man that ultimately walks away with the prize.

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lolmao500's picture

People are looking to get hanged

Occident Mortal's picture

Since becoming presumptive nominee, Trumps standing has collapsed.

What is he doing about winning over the remaining votes he needs for a majority?

Supernova Born's picture

Paul Ryan has shown himself to be a dangerous traitor and Trump needs to give him a nickname and take him down before the convention.

Paul Ryan's list of contributors looks a lot like Hillary's. What a shock.


NoDebt's picture

Maybe the R's should nominate Hillary.  Then she'll have to run against herself.  In November the Rs can claim she lost, making them happy.  The Ds will be happy that she's now president.  Both sides get what they want.

Rare moments of genius like this are why I earn the big bucks, kids.

philipat's picture

If the Repugs do this it will be a clear demonstration for all Americans that there is no democracy in either existing party or indeed in America period. In reponse, I would recommend that Trump forms an alliance with the Bern and runs on an independent ticket. The details could be worked out later, perhaps Bernie could be placed in charge of Wall Street reform where he might actually do some good. Whatever it takes to kill both of the establishment parties and start the process of genuine reform.

Shift For Brains's picture

Absolutely agree. A Trump/Sanders ticket would be a steamroller no neolibtard could escape...and one I would proudly vote for.

People should start sending the Trump campaign pleas to consider it. They wouldn't have much time so they would need to hash it out beforehand.

Donald, it. DO IT. You will unhinge every RINO and limousine liberal in America and you two just might be able to turn the ship of state away from the rocks long enough for some real change to happen.

We literally have nothing to lose. DO IT and let the chips fall where they may.

DownWithYogaPants's picture


And Paul Ryan does look like Eddie Munster

rbg81's picture

Ryan is a real POS. Say what you will about the other side, but they know how to close ranks and stick together. Unfortunately, the GOP has too many people like Ryan--slick weasels who will stab their brother in the back for a puff piece in the Washington Post.  Rubio and Kasich are cut from exactly the same cloth, but Ryan has elevated it to a fuking art form.

I think the original plan was for the GOP to annoint him as a savior at a brokered convention. However, Trump’s margin of victory makes that infeasible. So, instead, he wants to “Goldwater” Trump’s campaign. That is, ensure Trump loses so badly that the Party will simply annoint Ryan in 2020.

The big reasons I support Trump is because he is not part of the disasterous establishment and he is a Fighter.  Both McCain and Romeny basically threw their campaigns as far as I'm concerned.

Although Ryan imagines himself to be clever, he is just succeeding in making himself toxic and destroying his Party.

new game's picture


I could rally behind the party of intellectual honesty, IH, but oh shit that went out of form in the 90's ...fuck the republicans

JRobby's picture

Ryan has to have closets "in the closet there are skeletons lined up ready to talk" (Kirkwood)

JRobby's picture
re·pub·lic r??p?blik/ noun noun: republic; plural noun: republics
  1. a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.
    • archaic a group with a certain equality between its members.


Anasteus's picture

If this really happens and Trump will indeed be eliminated despite the heavily prevaling support of the people he gained in the primaries, America becomes officially a cryptofascist dictatorship regardless of all the sideshow being played by delegates, superdelegates etc.

onewayticket2's picture

more likely, you'll get a Hillary/Kasich type ticket.....D and R are largely the same.  "a time for unity!" or some BS like that.


the spectrum is DC vs Everyone Else.....not R vs D.

indygo55's picture

The story that he is down in the polls is propaganda. They "say" he is down to create the impression in the electorate that hes popularity is waning. Nothing could be further from the truth. His rallies are more popular than ever. I've been to one ant it was sold out and completely full in hours. Trump is always filling the largest venues.

It all conditioning by the compliant media, the pundants get their paychecks and marching orders from the Establishment. They promote what they are told to promote. 

If Trump is thrown out there will be civil war in the USA.



froze25's picture

The polling can't be trusted.  Trump has demonstrated that time and time again. 

VinceFostersGhost's picture



The rumors of Trump's death.....have been greatly



Got that from my good friend Mark Twain.....pretty cool guy!

Froman's picture

Sanders has demonstrated that as well (that polling cannot be trusted).  Additionally, it is the middle of Summer.  The majority of sheeple are already tired of hearing about the elections due to the lying MSM and will not truly begin to focus on them until September which is still a long way off.  Trump has proven that he is extremely adept at manipulating the media. The majority of sheeple have the attention span of mosquitos. Trump continues to build his warchest of cash over the next 12 weeks and then come labor day he starts pounding cankles so it will be very fresh in the sheeples minds come early November.

Ms. Erable's picture

If Trump wins, the FSA riots every chance they get; if Hitlery or another RINO is installed, that person will be viewed as illegitimate by those that think voting matters (still quite a large segment of the population).

Civil war is baked into the cake at this point, no matter the election/selection outcome.

robobbob's picture

who says his standing has collapsed?

DNC operatives and their media whores working hand in glove with GOPe traitors to ruin Trump?

One good outcome of all of this lying and cheating is that is lays bare the FRAUD of democracy in America.

There is ONE party. It is the Establsihment. And no one else is allowed.

Another poster suggested a Trump/Bern independant run with Bern put in charge of Wall Street reform

I could get behind that

mary mary's picture

He already has a majority of MILLIONS of voters.  Troll.

DosZap's picture

MY  sentiments exactly, he continues to give speeches to   people already committed to vote for him.

What the hades is that doing?, LOSING.

With a 70% disapproval rating I  WOULD BE trying to make myself more likeable(VOTE for me ).

Less than 120 days, and ONE debate Sept 23rd?,what the hell they waiting on..............Xmas.

He should be pushing her to meet him face to face with brutal attacks on her records(a long one with ZERO  success,except for stealing uber millions from Arabs) not Bills penis.

scm's picture

Best joke this election season:

Trump is an outsider.


MasterControl's picture

Just make sure you stay home on election day.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

.........If you plan on voting for Shrillary.

If you are voting for Trump go to the polls.

smithcreek's picture

Seriously, the whole ZH "only I can unwrap the mytery wrapped in a riddle" crap is old.  Just throw in the word "sheeple" a few times and you will be the complete tool package.

shovelhead's picture

I wish your Dad unwrapped that condom.

mary mary's picture

The American people are outsiders.  Just ask anyone on K Street.

drendebe10's picture

The republicant establishment  turds need their skin sandpapered off & buried in salt.  They all want the corrupt lying cheating hiLIARy to be "elected" so they all can continue cornholing working tax paying US citizens.  

leftcoastfool's picture

If the idiots in the Republican Party actually pull this off I hope the Trump supporters burn Cleveland to the ground with Kendal Unruh, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mittens, and every other despicable piece of shit NeoCon in the convention center when it goes up.  What the F**k is wrong with these cretins, thinking they should be able to overturn the decision of millions of Republican primary voters?  Time to hit the reset button!

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Time to hit the reset button!"

You mean the 'reset trigger', do you not?

Dormouse's picture

Don't forget to wipe your own memory after you're done.
—Monty Burns

beemasters's picture

Just get Sirhan Sirhan and the polka dot thing will do the job nicely. Unfortunately, imho the end doesn't justify the means.

GUS100CORRINA's picture
JRobby's picture

The Church is corrupt

Just another corporation. The election of their last CEO reflects total corporate operation. The cover up of misdeeds reflects total corporate operation.

VinceFostersGhost's picture





Yeah.....scattered them and they migrated across the Caucus mountains....


Why does my drivers

license list my race as

Caucasian again?

tmosley's picture

The Khazars migrated West. Jews more or less stayed home. What we have seen for the last ~1500 years has been the synogogue of Satan--the Jews that are not Jews. Real Jews look like Arabs and Ethiopians, not white people.

Cloud9.5's picture

All churches are not cut from the same cloth.  The self-righteous turned on us and spit on us so we left, forming our own church.  Our church is made up of excommunicated First Baptist, Methodists, Episcopalians and Catholics.  We are made up of the Pauls and Marry Magdalens, those who have fallen from grace for one reason or the other and returned to the body of the church. We are not Six Flags over Jesus, but we are a tolerant lot, doing our best to lead better lives.  We do vote, and the majority of us will vote for Trump. Many of us see that we are at the end of empire and that trying times are upon us. Some hope to be raptured out of this mess while others expect to have to slog through, it picking up the pieces as we go along.  I personally don’t expect to make it out of this alive so, that places right smack dab in the middle of the latter group. Occasionally we sit down and drink a glass of wine and relax, because after all, a little wine is good for the digestion.


Hide and watch my friends.  Vote your conscience and heed the advice in Luke 22:36

detached.amusement's picture

 while some churches dye their colors one way or another, they are so cut from the same cloth of the abrahamic root, parrot the original lie and augmented histories.  it is the entire abrahamic root that is corrupt and eveil, that just puts on a happy face once the conquering is done.

ThanksChump's picture



They are keeping their superstitious nonsense out of the grown-up's discussion. Why are you yelling?

mary mary's picture

The Vatican is working with Hillary and Merkel to import Muslims into the USA and Europe.

The Pope even personally took time out and imported some Muslims into the Vatican.

The Vatican has apparently decided to ally with the most violent Muslims it can find, to bring down democracy in the USA and Europe.

Come to think of it, the Vatican has ALWAYS done that.

The Vatican is not your friend.

shovelhead's picture

Playing with the alterboys?

HenryHall's picture

If they deny Trump Republican nomination he will run as Independent. With a good chance of getting elected.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I fear that's the plan... (and, perhaps, always has been.)

Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) HenryHall Jun 20, 2016 3:29 AM

And the Republicans will be wiped off the face of the planet for blatantly cooking the results.


Amazing how "glass bubbled" this stupid twat Kendal Unruh really is.



Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) HenryHall Jun 20, 2016 7:32 AM

Trump has no chance of getting elected as a Rep candidate let alone an independant. You confuse the wailing of a very vocal minority with the wishes of the broader country.

What will happen though, and you should consider this in your planning, is that when the great-great-grandchildren of the old south rise up they will be cut down like blades of dry grass. 

The only thing that Trump has truly been successful at has been as a fulcrum for the revolutionary element in America, but by supporting him and espousing violence openly you have defeated yourselves.

The same thing will happen to the Democrats, in time, certainly before the next election, however, it will be very different from the vortex of self destruction that is the Republican Party.

Shift For Brains's picture

You don't know much about grass down South, do you?

ThorAss's picture

" If the anti-Trump forces get their way, I believe that he would be the man that ultimately walks away with the prize."

How can losing to Hilarious be considered a prize.