Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter's Wife

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According to CNN, Federal investigators are trying to find out more specifically what Omar Mateen's wife, Noor Salman (profiled here), knew about the planned attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. The intent is to bring evidence before a federal grand jury to determine whether or not charges will be brought against Salman.

As US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said today, federal authorities are going back and looking at all of the contact with Omar Mateen, as well as those around him in order find out if there is anything that was missed.

However there is one rather large problem with one key person in the investigation, it appears that Noor Salman is missing and may not even be in the state of Florida anymore. In an interview the Sun Sentinel conducted with Seddique Mateen, the shooter's father, Seddique said that Salman was "not around here."

"If you're looking for Noor, she's not here. I cannot say where she's gone, but she's not around here." Seddique said.

The Sentinel went on to report that while reporters were outside Seddique's house, St. Lucie County sheriff's deputies arrived, went into the house for a few minutes, and then left without comment.

And perhaps most disturbing of all, according to Breaking911 citing CNN, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that she doesn't know if Salman has left the state or not.

We believe the source to CNN's assertion that Lynch doesn't know where Salman is came from a press conference held today whereby Lynch said the following in response to an inaudible question: "right now I do not know exactly the answer to that, I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now"

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If this is accurate, how it's possible that Noor Salman has given federal authorities the slip is beyond our comprehension. Perhaps the department needs more funding, that always seems to do the trick.

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I haven't seen this many down votes since MDB's last piece in the "Accredited Times"

RAT005's picture

Since the Obamanation has convinced us there are no Islamic Extremists, the lady is not an Islamic Extremists so it doesn't matter where she is.  There, problem solved. 

blindman's picture

it is none of your or anybody's business
the whereabouts of them that work for
three letter agencies. i would learn something
to see the autopsy and cadaver of the alleged
shooter, also the alleged voice recordings.
that would settle a great many questions.

zeronetwork's picture

This BS keeps giving and keeps giving.

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The larger issue is how could the most powerful people in the US lose a muslim wife that probably hates America as much as her husband. All because our leaders refuse to let any information out which might lead people to believe this is another Radical muslim attack in America. And that... Is what pisses is off at Zero Hedge. Just let us know what's happening, not what you want to tell us what's happening.

Makes us think shes missing because they want her to be missing. For god sakes, I can't get out of a parking ticket. They LOST her?

So we're left with only two questions. Either our government made a mistake and is bullshitting us or... are they the most incompetent people on the face of the planet. I''ll give you the benefit of the doubt and go with they are the most incompetent people on the face of the planet.

philipat's picture

Or the whole thing was a fake and they are now covering up the truth by removing wittnesses with any real insight or information and forcing others peripherally involved (ER staff for instance) to sign NDA's?

Normalcy Bias's picture

Affirmative Action is a MOTHERFUCKER!

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Good lord, is there ANYTHING that this Administration can't screw up!

max2205's picture

They interviewed her and let her go just like her non terrorist husband 

They are Muslims you know so it's cool 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Redheart Jun 22, 2016 9:10 AM

It's Adolf dumbass

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Main_Sequence (not verified) santafe Jun 22, 2016 12:43 AM

Who wants to bet that there will be a MSM news story shortly about the wife being spotted on a ultra grainy CCTV camera feed at Ataturk Interntional airport in Istanbul, en route to Syria to join ISIS.  

There will probably be a witness that arises stating that the wife swore allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi while she was having kebabs while waiting for her flight.

Just like that hot Moroccan girlfriend of Mohammed Coulibaly who allegedly inviolved in the Charlie Hebdo shooting and allegedly shot up a Jewish grocery, before he went out in a blaze of glory and got lit up by French police.

There always needs to be a loose end, and that loose end conveniently gets placed to where the USSA-Israeli military focus needs to be.  In this case, Syria.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Yeah, she's in Hawaii at the free mansion that was given to Prez. Zero.

So sick and tired of this shit.

Ms. Erable's picture

I'm sure the Department for Hiding Suspects (DHS) was working closely with the FBI and DOJ to keep tabs on her whereabouts (wink wink nudge nudge).

Farqued Up's picture

FBI put her on a plane out of the country. She knew more than they realized, a liability like the Saudis after 911.

Fisherman Blue's picture

Low-Retta be unqualified and fat.

Sanctuary2's picture

Clinton has her bound and gagged in a chest. After she warned the FBI about her husband-we simply CANNOT have this info coming out-she HAS to be made out to appear as: dum deee dum....."THE MUSLIM ENEMY"!   duh duh duh duh.....

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Chris Dakota (not verified) 1980XLS Jun 21, 2016 10:47 PM

Sorry but I don't believe one word  she or the FBI is saying.

Living has given me these views.

drendebe10's picture

Who is more corrupt & incompetent? The fudgepacker or this c*nt?

drendebe10's picture

Who is more corrupt & incompetent? The fudgepacker or this c*nt?

OldPhart's picture

Can't find the wife.

Yet, we're supposed to believe that the NSA can parse through all our bullshit and issue 'do not fly' notices that are then use to declared 'do not sell' to gun shops.


How fucked up is this?

JRobby's picture

Go from a "policy" where everyone is detained without council to no one is watched.

How unique?


Thom_333's picture

Alternatively DHA has helped her disappear. Knows too much. Dangerous info about conncetions into administration and WH.

Thom_333's picture

Alternatively DHA has helped her disappear. Knows too much. Dangerous info about connections into administration and WH.

g'kar's picture

the stench is getting more and more unbearable

Amalgamated Tang's picture

If only someone had been watching Noor since the shooting, we might know where she is. Sadly, all of the agents were called in to help delete the words Islam and Jihad from the shooter's transcripts, so no one was available for survellance.

Amalgamated Tang's picture

It's the same problem the AG is having with the Hillary emails. There's no one to review the evidence, because all her agents are out trying to invent crimes to blame on Trump.

arby63's picture

It is the manifestation of total incompetency. The FBI is a bunch of useless hacks. No value at all. This isn't James Bond here. We're talking Mayberry RFD. It's a mess.

jeff montanye's picture

that's the limited hangout.  like bush should have seen the possibility of 9-11 and so is a poor executive rather than  he helped plan, initiate, execute and coverup the treason/mass murder.

nmewn's picture

So...lemme see if I got this straight...the massive federal bureaucracy that had a (Redacted) on the (Redacted) list and then took him off the (Redacted) while leaving him with a (Redacted) carry license and openly said they were considering charging her with (Redacted) is now...missing?

So how were they going to protect us again?

Ms. Erable's picture

Protect you? That's classified.

nmewn's picture

lmao!...well...I meant "normal people" who obey posted signage & "laws".

But you got my point ;-)

Ms. Erable's picture

Oh.. you're Little People?


Sorry, we don't have a protocol in place for that patently absurd request.



Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Best place for 'protection', I mean 'correction' is a FEMA camp.  You can rest assured, the raghead bitch wont be there.


Zip_the_Zap's picture

They are not "protecting" us, we are goofball Americans. We love this shit. In fact, HBO is lining up the sponsors for: "Terror in Orlando" the story of a Right Wing gunman shooting up a Homosexual Club.

nmewn's picture

lol...insidious isn't it? So, by my count I've got registered (Redacted) mass shooters 5...registered (Redacted) mass shooters...zero.

Maybe they should ban the sale of gunzzz to these moonbat registered (Redacted) and just leave us the hell alone ;-)

g'kar's picture

my next user name will be "redacted"...after all we are all redactable

nmewn's picture

Yezzz...but some are moar redactable than others ;-)

847328_3527's picture

Her arrogance is only surpassed by her incompetence.


I feel sorry for the fbi who have to listen to her.

1980XLS's picture

The hero's pensions are safe. No worries.

richsob's picture

Wutta fukn great Attorney General and FBI.

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That's what happens when you put a menopausal black lady in charge of national security. Should you expect different? She doesn't.

samsara's picture

I don't think anyone will see Noor again.
One loose end tied off.

fleur de lis's picture

Yep, loose end is right.
She knew way too much.
LLynch, the CIA, and the FBI know exactly where she is and who put her there.