Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter's Wife

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According to CNN, Federal investigators are trying to find out more specifically what Omar Mateen's wife, Noor Salman (profiled here), knew about the planned attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. The intent is to bring evidence before a federal grand jury to determine whether or not charges will be brought against Salman.

As US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said today, federal authorities are going back and looking at all of the contact with Omar Mateen, as well as those around him in order find out if there is anything that was missed.

However there is one rather large problem with one key person in the investigation, it appears that Noor Salman is missing and may not even be in the state of Florida anymore. In an interview the Sun Sentinel conducted with Seddique Mateen, the shooter's father, Seddique said that Salman was "not around here."

"If you're looking for Noor, she's not here. I cannot say where she's gone, but she's not around here." Seddique said.

The Sentinel went on to report that while reporters were outside Seddique's house, St. Lucie County sheriff's deputies arrived, went into the house for a few minutes, and then left without comment.

And perhaps most disturbing of all, according to Breaking911 citing CNN, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that she doesn't know if Salman has left the state or not.

We believe the source to CNN's assertion that Lynch doesn't know where Salman is came from a press conference held today whereby Lynch said the following in response to an inaudible question: "right now I do not know exactly the answer to that, I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now"

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If this is accurate, how it's possible that Noor Salman has given federal authorities the slip is beyond our comprehension. Perhaps the department needs more funding, that always seems to do the trick.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) I am a Man I am Forty Jun 21, 2016 9:07 PM

On the private jet with liquor in the front and child sex slaves in the rear.

silverer's picture

It was part of the plan. She was told to "disappear". So she did.

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Too busy censoring 911 calls.

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Ah, she is Entitled,
in her pathology.

The AG is a Entitled Puppet in a Place of Power.
They expose themselves, always, eventually.

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I'll gladly skip that part, thanks anyway.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

some fbi agents just decided to make L Lynch look like an idiot..good job guy's

insanelysane's picture

She can't be with ISIS because the President, FBI, and MSM have already come to the conclusion that these people had nothing to do with ISIS.

nightshiftsucks's picture

Yeah she was a bad actress and would have given the whole fake shooting away.

Hamm Jamm's picture

She's wearing her invisibility Ring !!    sooooo sneaky, thats what all the evil masterminds have 

Don't blame the fbi for this embarrassing F-up ...  she's too clever for them


bunch of IDIOTS !

Al Bondiga's picture

Would not surprise me if she gets suicided.

Handful of Dust's picture

I expect nothing less then this from the Soweto O'Bama administration. This must be awfully comforting to the victims of the massacre many of whom most likely voted for Soweto.

noob's picture

Extraordinary rendition?

Yeah, they're probably eating her right now...

The Simpsons - Jimbo Burger

bugs_'s picture

Flying away to a non-extradition country on a Saudi Prince's jet with her 9 grand worth of jewelry.

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Too bad we can't lose Loretta "no bankster left behind" Lynch. She'll surely have a place in Shillary's cabinet.

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Or under the Rodents desk, on her knees...

Berspankme's picture

Lynch has the right name

1980XLS's picture

Only if it comes back at her.

Davidduke2000's picture

For 30 years I came to the conclusion that anything comes from the government is a lie regardless what level of government. Everything come from the courts is a lie, regardless the level of court.

Everything coming from the media regardless what type of media is a lie.

Everything coming from the UN, the World Bank, the IMf is a lie.

Everything coming from banking institutions, food industry, most of big industries is a lie.

Everything coming from the department of defense is a lie.

Everything we see we hear every second, every minute, every hour, every day and night, every week, every month, every year, every decade is a lie.

Please add to the list.

arby63's picture

Fish counts and limits

Deer counts and limits

Firearms deaths

Vehicle deaths

Tax revenue

T-bill sales

Welfare expenditures

CIA/Black Budget estimates


Jack Oliver's picture

"All the TRUTH in the world adds up to one big LIE" - Bob Dylan (Things have Changed) 

Cabreado's picture

"Please add to the list."

For 30 years you've neglected corrupt representation,
and allowed on your watch a defunct, criminal congress to congregate, control, and destroy.

For 30 years you didn't know how it was supposed to work,
or you shunned the design,
or you thought there need not be a "government" at all.

Most likely, for 30 years you never gave any of it a thought at all.

For 30 years you called it wrong,
and gave power and license to the controllers, and the criminals.

Cabreado's picture

Perfect response.

You put a lot of thought into that, too.

You sound like a person who is fed up;
and prefer self-determination as a rule...
That is all well and good...

But you don't get a free pass.
It sounds like you want one,
but don't understand how it works.

And the cycle continues...

ebear's picture

"And the cycle continues..."

along with the told-ya's from those who know best.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Blacks and whites are the same except for skin color.

logicalman's picture

This whole story started to look like a sieve about an hour after whatever happened, happened.

It's been downhill from there.

arby63's picture

Now I am utterly convinced that this whole thing is some type of fixed event. I won't use the word "false flag" as it has simply become a label. I will say that this shooting didn't happen the way it has been described--if it happened at all.

I'm not paying taxes anymore. I'm not doing shit. This government can kiss my ass. Period.

Cruel Aid's picture

They will nirp you, then they wil raise and force you to sell.

Biggest whipsaw in history coming

Not nec you but mkt goers

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"I carry a gun 'cause a cop's too heavy."



noob's picture

What's wrong with this administration?

They can't even spit out a good false flag these days.

lakecity55's picture

Hey, they are, after all, 'affirmative-action' false fags, err, flags.

Kina's picture

She is 'only' a woman so the fundamental Islamists wont waste too many resources on her.

Maybe somebodys sex slave somewhere in Afgahnistan, Mexifornia, Europastan, Ameristan, a hand-me-down

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Easy to lose what you have no interest in finding.

Kina's picture

Eric Holder

Loretta Place-holder

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What do you expect from a government entirely populated by Affirmative Action morons? Competence? Intelligence? Ha!

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News Alert: The FBI is no more higher trained than your local country sheriff. They have more toys to play with but their all a bunch of girly men. Just happens to be true.

blue51's picture

That FBI agent in charge in Orlando, the bald guy with the goattee, reminds me of Bernard Kerik of the NYPD on 9-11. Looks sneaky as fuck, and is in on the jackassery , and bullshiting.

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She's behind you . . on no she isn't, oh yes she is . . excellent Panto . . and Matinee Mateen did all his own Stunt Work taboot.

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hillary will be elected president. and we can look forward to 8 more years even more depraved than the last 8.  it has been a miserable slide since november 1963, every year more controlling, more corrupt.  damn i'm depressed

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I almost expect her to show up on stage with Hillary Clinton, crying and bemoaning the savage treatment of her deceased husband. Cut down in his prime by bloodthirsty, Muslim-hating police, and all that. Hillary stands there and sheds a crocodile tear then calls for a ban on guns in civilian hands.

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They probably need her as an "actor" in another false flag event they are planning

TurnwiseWiddershins's picture

Well she did pinky-promise not to flee.  After all she is a muslim, so her word is as good as platinum.

Kina's picture

She was of course allowed to leave.

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Look in your undies, Lynch... maybe she is there...

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fabrication is so plastic wonderful
for the public lack of mind.
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Pump It Up
"hey" e.c.

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Salmanize: verb. To do away with, to silence. See Fosterized.

ZeroPoint's picture

Only two plausible reasons: The deep state swallowed her up, never to be seen again, or she never existed in the first place.

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Well, one cannot expect much except bumbling incompetence from Bucking Ofama's Administration of Affirmative Action Puppets. Bucking Ofama has received a free ride his whole life, including being a Constitutional scholar with absolutely no published works, without actually accomplishing anything. Likewise the Affirmative Action moron and puppet Attorney Gerbil Loretta Lynch. That they lost the wife of the alleged mass murderer at the alleged massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando should not be a surprise to anyone. Perhaps Bucking Ofama and Loretta Lynch really are doing their very best as puppets. Unfortunately neither are capable of managing a lemonade stand. They are perfect exemplars of what happens when Affirmative Action is used to promote people to positions far beyond their meager abilities.