Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter's Wife

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According to CNN, Federal investigators are trying to find out more specifically what Omar Mateen's wife, Noor Salman (profiled here), knew about the planned attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. The intent is to bring evidence before a federal grand jury to determine whether or not charges will be brought against Salman.

As US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said today, federal authorities are going back and looking at all of the contact with Omar Mateen, as well as those around him in order find out if there is anything that was missed.

However there is one rather large problem with one key person in the investigation, it appears that Noor Salman is missing and may not even be in the state of Florida anymore. In an interview the Sun Sentinel conducted with Seddique Mateen, the shooter's father, Seddique said that Salman was "not around here."

"If you're looking for Noor, she's not here. I cannot say where she's gone, but she's not around here." Seddique said.

The Sentinel went on to report that while reporters were outside Seddique's house, St. Lucie County sheriff's deputies arrived, went into the house for a few minutes, and then left without comment.

And perhaps most disturbing of all, according to Breaking911 citing CNN, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that she doesn't know if Salman has left the state or not.

We believe the source to CNN's assertion that Lynch doesn't know where Salman is came from a press conference held today whereby Lynch said the following in response to an inaudible question: "right now I do not know exactly the answer to that, I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now"

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If this is accurate, how it's possible that Noor Salman has given federal authorities the slip is beyond our comprehension. Perhaps the department needs more funding, that always seems to do the trick.

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It is pretty FUCKED when you know the 'Attorney General' is in on it - If you didn't think you were FUCKED before - It's time to RECONSIDER !

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http://nypost.com/2013/10/28/uncomfortable-truth-behind-matthew-shepards... The Matthew Sheppard story is not what it appears.  This is not a LGBT hate crime, but another case of queer on queer violence.  The case prompted hate crime legislation giving queers special protections.  The progressive media will never tell the truth.  Most victims of child abuse go on to be child molesters, little girls grow up to be whores. 

Regarding Orlando, real or not real, I honestly can't tell anymore! The whole thing seems so staged.  Socialist Democrat gun grabbers slaughtering each other so law abiding citizens are required by law to turn over their guns to the jack boot thugs.  The world is upside down!



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Did she ever exist in the first place?  All I know is there was a report of a terrorist attack and Obama didn;t do shit but try to disarm Americans.  Facts beyond that are sketchy.  The Obama administration an dtheir news outlets have zero credibility.

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I bet she didn't know she was being put in place as a human shield.

Good thing she's black because she's going to be absorbing some serious radiation for Team AI Al.


~ DC v2.0

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Round up all the usual suspects.  This time include the Disney alligators.




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

wiscodave's picture

The criminal puppet masters cant even do a false flag right anymore.What a fucking joke they are.

south40_dreams's picture

How convenient for the lone wolf terrorist in the white house and his minions

Herdee's picture

Like I really believe that someone who was an accomplice to one of the biggest mass murders in U.S. history just diasappears from police sight.It smells fishy. 

venturen's picture

you just noticed that the favored few....don't get caught under Obama?

venturen's picture

She is staying with Corzine

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Sigh, Chuckle ...

Using the preponderance of evidence to conclude that the Florida "shooting" was a government and government contractor false flag event (Maybe no one was even killed, maybe not even Mateen, which makes me also wonder if the elder Tsarnaev brother was really killed), I have to think that there are two possibilities.

1. Mateen was killed and the wife knows too much about the false flag and fears for her life (or possibly the government/contractors have already grabbed her and feigning no knowledge of her presence)
2. Mateen was not killed and he and his wife are off in hiding in preparation for starting a new life with the assistance of his employers.

The likelihood that the Florida event was not a government sponsored false flag terror event seems to be insignificant, given the evidence.

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MY first laugh of the day.

pff136's picture

Wasn't Osama Bin Ladin's family stealthily helped out of the U.S. after 9/11 by the U.S. govt?

roadhazard's picture

Tin foil hats don't want to talk about Bin Ladin.

pff136's picture

Yeah, the govt wants to spy on all Americans, know everything about us, what we spend, what we do but they can't keep up with the wife of a mass murderer only days after the deed was done? And that she might've been involved? In my opinion, to "lose" her would be no accident.

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Three possibilities

1. she now works for us and is trying to infiltrate the muslim terrorist network

2. she is dead as she knew too much and was a lose end that needed to be taken care of

3. She has been paid for her role, and is now assuming a new identity

Aubiekong's picture

The only reason that I can think of that this is not a false flag by our own government is that is was done so poorly.   Surely anybody with above a 70 IQ could have planned a better more believable event.   Is our own government this stupid?  That is a very scary question...

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Is is simply beyond belief tha the FBI did not take this woman into custody on any number of accounts. If you or I drove a mass shooter around to different targets and gun stores and bought ammunition for him we would already be locked up with no possibility of bail.

inosent's picture

unless, of course, he was a mass shooter and the story isnt complete BS.

I would love to have the time and money to fully investigate all the supposed victims. They posted pics and names of at least 20. That is a good place to start. TPTB figure nobody will ever verify or confirm anything. All any of us will ever do is just assume what we see published by MSM is true. There is no honest reporting anymore. Nothing we can count on. And if anybody from the masses started digging around and discovered, for example, that all the pics were of people from different parts of the world that were confirmed already dead years earlier, who would believe it? If I ran the CIA, just for kicks, I would run the pics against their facial recognition database and see what hits, then follow up and investigate. It could be these ppl were paid a nice fat sum for the use of their pics in exchange for silence, and that they are still alive.

How do we know who they are, and their status? Maybe the pics are photoshopped to look like someone who does not nor ever has existed. So, yeah, they are 'dead'.

And good luck showing up at the 'hospital' where the 'victims' were taken to asking probing questions designed to establish the facts. How about getting a list of all the emergency vehicles purportedly sent to the scene, checking mileae logs, interviewing the drivers, looking for ways to establish the fact if any of the vehicles were used to trasnport a single victim.

To establish the fact involves a credible investigation. But we don't have that with the press, because MSM presstitutes are govt patsies, who like to keep a cozy relationship w govt so they can get 'access'. In other words, there is no press. Just govt propgandists. Anybody who dares attempt to act as a real independent reporter (not all this 'journalist' b-s), if they stumble on a critical fact, will be easily shouted down by the MSM and disappear into the fog.

There is no truth in this world. Only lies, frauds and deceptions.

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I like Clarence Thomas. But Loretta Lynch? She makes niggas look bad. Not gonna lie here. Im getting a wee bit tired of oniggas adniggastration of the uSa and all the dumb niggas he pulls off the nigga shelf to pretend they are serious intelligent ppl. if a person is a nigga, the be a nigga, but for God's sake, please don't fake being something you are not, nor will ever be. Loretta Lynch is just unfit for the job. first, she gets in the way of justice, next, she releases heavily redacted 911 call transcripts. and now she 'loses' a critical witness.

Well. Orlando was likely a total hoax. Been watching lots of vids and reading many articles. Dear reader, unless you have first hand information to corroborate the story, your defaut assumption should always be the story is fake until proven otherwise.


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'federal authorities are going back and looking at all of the contact with Omar Mateen, as well as those around him in order find out if there is anything that was missed.'  I have an idea -- check their house.  I think some of the pizza boxes and cigarette butts might not be theirs, but the rest should be pretty legit.

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So, where is Noor's three-year old kid? Is he missing too? Has Noor been placed on any "most wanted' list?

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You would think that the house phone and mobile phones from that house would be tapped. Also, the house and street  would be under 24/7 video surveillance along with live agents on a stakeout. Nope. She just walked. Something is very fishy here. VERY fishy.