China Warns The US That It Is "The Wrong Opponent To Play Games With"

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Two US aircraft carriers, the John C. Stennis and Ronald Reagan, began joint operations in the seas just east of the Philippines over the weekend the US Navy announced on Monday. The operations come during a tense time in the region, as China recently announced that it would not adhere to any unfavorable ruling that may come from The Hague regarding the Philippines formal challenge of territorial claims in the South China Sea.

China has been very clear in its position that the US should stay out of the maritime disputes in the region, however the US has already made it clear that it intends to be the policeman in the region for decades to come, so the move comes as no surprise. Admiral John Richardson, the chief of US Naval Operations said that it was not often the US had two carrier strike groups in the same waters and it was a sign of US commitment to regional security.

According to Reuters, Richardson made a correlation between the Asian deployment and the deployment the US recently sent to the Mediterranean Sea in order to send a message to Russia.

"Both here and in the Mediterranean, it's a signal to everyone in the region that we're committed, we're going to be there for our allies, to reassure them and for anyone who wants to destabilize that region. And we hope there's a deterrent message there as well."

A US Pacific Command (PACOM) statement quoted Rear Admiral John D. Alexander, commander of the Ronald Reagan carrier group, as saying it was an opportunity to practice techniques needed to prevail in modern naval operations.

"The US Navy has flown, sailed and operated throughout the Western Pacific in accordance with international law for decades, and will continue to do so."

One additional piece to this story is that as Reuters points out, the People's Daily (the official newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party, which is often used to express foreign policy views), had the following to say about the US decision to send carriers in.

Via Google Translate

Conveying a so-called message about security through the exhibition of military might, and furthermore describing the events as an act of deterrence is something that the U.S. has done far too many times. Regardless of how many times it may have gone smoothly in other parts of the world the U.S. has chosen the wrong opponent by selecting China for this type of game. Behind all of this is lack of patience and brassy moves and it also reveals a nature of hegemony beneath the surface.

* * *

It is obvious that China is getting tired of the games that the US is playing in the region, and no matter how many times China has warned that the US should stay out of its affairs, the US remains steadfast in its effort to police the region. It is only a matter of time before a confrontation takes place, intentional or otherwise, and then the world will be undoubtedly pushed to the brink of war - which would be bullish for stocks of course.

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We have Goose and Maverick ready on 3

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The Saint (not verified) SilverRoofer Jun 22, 2016 8:46 PM

Ain't no game, China baby.

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Make America White Again


Make America British Again

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I don't understand why China doesn't have some of the well known globalist satan worshipers put down.  The whole thing would blow over in a few weeks.  Easy peasy, and way cheaper than constantly putting up with their BS.

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Sabre-rattling against Russia and China at the same time. Fricking genius. USNEOCOM is clearly a student of military history. Lucky there is a Nobel-Prize winner in the WH or there might actually be war by now /sarc

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Yep, and Obozo is definitely the wrong Commander-in-Chief for us to have in charge when "China Warns The US That It Is "The Wrong Opponent To Play Games With"

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China tends to shy away from confrontations and look the other way when other nations are bullied by the west. It doesn't help when they have few strong alliance as a result (if at all). But unlike other weaker nations, it's not easy to get China to bow into submission.

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To put it in perspective,  China has more people than US snd all it allies by a factor of 2.

Even though sheer number superiority is not enough against a better equipped opponent, they also have home court advantage.


NidStyles's picture

"When you are weak, pretend to be strong"


Sun Tzu.


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Other weaker nations will be very eager to beat you into submission one day, westerner. Time will not stop nor will your acts of transgressions and agressions be forgotten.

Khan Bodin's picture

People of the world are uniting against their true enemy, Muricano. You. Westerners are extremely hated creatures these days. All that parasitism, frauds, aggressions, invasions and spreading of their liberal degeneracies and perversions have created real enmity, animosity and resentment for westerners. Chickens are coming home to roost, as the saying tells.

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Just buld up EurAsia and let them sail around it, nowhere welcome.

shining one's picture

That's because the individules in power in china are also in the club. Nothing controls like FEAR !

nailgunner44's picture

 They are most certainly not in the club, how many Chinese did you count at the Bilderberg meetings?

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Billy, psst. It's Frankie. I am going to send you a contact request. Accept it please. 

Janet Shalom Bernanke's picture

The criminals at the Fed and rubbing their hands knowing that they have yet another (excuse) reason to not raise rates.

Let's call it CH-EXIT!!!





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With todays technology and weaponry just what good would those carriers be against China and/or Russia in an all out war? Just big easy to hit targets imo.

Pickleton's picture

what good would those carriers be?

because they're really just big easy targets that could be sunk without much effort.  And that's also why China is desperately trying to get carriers.


ACES FULL's picture

Stimulate the economy and reduce population at the same time?

Pickleton's picture

They could always shoot thousands of bodies at the carriers to reduce population?  lol.  Incoming Zombie missiles Capn!



ACES FULL's picture

Don't think we are on the same wavelength here. China wants carriers to play super power in their neck of the woods. What I'm pondering is what would happen to these carriers in full blown warfare of today? I'm guessing that as long as we're sending two carriers into basically their waters its all for show and I'm sure China knows it.

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FYI....On American Carriers some of the strike aircraft are Nuclear Ready.


Watch this clip from the BBC Documentary on the USS Liberty incident.


We were launching a Nuclear Strike against Cairo, Egypt fron the decks of the USS America...until we were informed that the Israelis failed to sink the USS Liberty.


A False Flag gone bad.


We almost went to Global Thermonuclear War in 1967.


But you will not hear about that from the American Press. They want this incident forgotten.

ACES FULL's picture

I get your point. My point is China or Russia are not Egypt. These carriers steaming over there is a big show. For whom? Not China or Russia. If nukes start flying we're not safe on land much less on a carrier. I just wonder if one day these leaders will meet and say look,go nuclear and we all lose but they{the leaders} need another world war for numerous reasons. Thats the only way I see another all out world war WITHOUT nukes. Just thinking out loud here and looking for reasonable alternative or similar points.

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I wish I knew more about modern theory of perception manipulation.  We're bombarded with lies and shit to such an extent that it's burdensome and annoying.  Nothing is what it seems.  It might help to understand it better.

Aircraft carrier battle groups may be daunting symbols and instruments of force projection, but they could also be sitting ducks for new anti-ship technology, or something made to look like it.  One hesitates to go down that rabbit hole, but false flags are apparently a geopolitical reality, which means that there are some in positions of power who will not hesitate to plan and use them, hence the need to study them for their tactical value and hopefully to anticipate and pre-empt them. 

Much depends on the thinking of the different groups in charge.  It's been said that 'all sides are one' if you go far enough up the oligarchic ladder, the implication being that conflicts are orchestrated like a kind of Red Symphony. I don't buy it, not entirely, because some very highly respected groups in the world cannot be hijacked and dominated by mentally inferior murdering psychopaths, and that alone gives me hope for a better outcome than stupid, all-out war.  Conflict as we know it is about to change. (I wonder if lies like "Global Warming" get foisted on the basis that the end justifies the means, and something worse is held at bay by keeping the sheeple in fear of an imaginary threat.)

It's a given that the EU will break up eventually, just as the USA will.  Resource scarcity and limits to growth will drive balkanization, re-localization, a return to sound money and capital formation, and breakdown of most of the pillars of globalism. They won't like it and will try to spin things differently so as to keep manipulating us, but the facts remain.  Top is going to have to learn to suck less from bottom.  

ACES FULL's picture

I agree on quite a few of your thoughts there. Thank you for your reply sir.

Lore's picture

Thank you, from a brother on the long journey...

Blankone's picture

RE: Lore - (I wonder if lies like "Global Warming" get foisted on the basis that the end justifies the means, and something worse is held at bay by keeping the sheeple in fear of an imaginary threat.)

None of this is being done "for the greater good".  It is for profit.  Priofit directly or profit that come from total control.

Lore's picture

Agreed, sadly. It seems to be little more than an environmental false flag.

ACES FULL's picture

They are great for these proxy wars but if it ever got real is what I'm wondering about.

Pickleton's picture

I'm sure our missile cruisers and other tactical support ships have a few aces up their sleeves.  Rail guns, laser weapons, etc


Nobody goes unscathed....

Tall Tom's picture





Not to mention that they are Nuclear Warhead launch platforms...


See above.


BTW...San Diego is just the HQ of the US Pacific Fleet.


Some sailors like to get drunk.

BarkingCat's picture

sure, don't forget phasers and photon torpedoes and death gliders. 

SilverDOG's picture

For a country willing to build "ghost cities" for appearance of productivity and USD debt expenditure, carriers are cheap and keep the enemy assuming the game has not changed.

You must be assuming such, yes?
One EMP and you have floating cities full of cannibals.
China is not as foolish as western media allows gorging upon.

Just like election truths, so real. (s)

Pickleton's picture

You think we were too stupid to protect the electrical systems on our carriers?  Mmm, nope.

ACES FULL's picture

Electrical systems don't work so well when they have big fuckin holes blown in them.

OldPhart's picture

Yet our national system is one gaping hole of 'come and get me'?

Shut us down, nationally, and what are those carriers going to get to re-supply?

onthesquare's picture

The Chinese will get one of them there Russian SU?? rigged with the electronic scrambling gizzmos to do a fly by and shut the fleet down.

Then watch the US sailors take early retirement.

GoldSilverBitcoinBug's picture

China had carrier nuke missile designed only to target carrier make them useless in an all out war...


Only China have this tech.


It was exposed here in ZH a few time ago.

Khan Bodin's picture

Would be sitting ducks. In WW2, at the time when big carrier groups were reigning the seas, they weren't figting against missiles and rockets, but other ships, subs or aircraft had to come into shooting range to sink them. Today missiles travelling at subsunic and hypersonic speeds can sink them just as easily as you can shoot a duck sitting on the lake.

1033eruth's picture

That's all it takes for the braindead armchair generals to raise the call for war.  Any article posted in ZH that suggests our POWER and DOMINATION OF THE GLOBE is being contested demands an instant response designed to raise the ante and force the opposition to stand down.  

This is the result of decades of government propaganda, a MASSIVE military lobby (that includes all people that ever served) and of course supports and justifies the need for the perpetual war.  

Congrats suckers for taking the bait from every single article that comes along.  Shit!  The automatic, kneejerk response comes from a mere flyby nowadays.  That's how conditioned the braindead, armchair generals happen to be.  


kliguy38's picture

Its all fun and games until someone gets their dick knocked into the dirt

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China warning the Broke-Back Bath-House Barry is no surprise; a fellow who is more interested in wasting time on climate change deniers and bathroom policies then National Security.


Luckily for Barry and Wall Street, from what I see out there re: the average American IQ, Barry and the Bankers have lots of cannon fodder ready to serve them.

847328_3527's picture

Actually, I'm not sure Australia has soldiers who can even fight a war against the PRC:


Australia Panel Hears Stories of Teen Military Cadets Raped as ‘Initiation’


An Australian commission is hearing testimony in an inquiry on allegations that military cadets were raped as part of an “initiation” going back to the 1960s.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse heard evidence on Tuesday of teenagers being raped and forced to rape others at a naval training center and an army apprentice school over the course of decades. More than 100 victims have reported their abuse, which they were told was part of their “initiation” into the military.


Western Civilization [and its satellites] have degenrated to perhaps the lowest level in my lifetime in so many ways.


khnum's picture

Unfortunately my country is on team Satan

Vote 1 Hillary Lillith Screech owl Clinton will be the proxies Queen also

Collectivism Killz's picture

Well, thankfully the Australian state gracefully and mercifully allowed the peasants to keep double barrel shotguns, should work well against 1.3 billions Chinese with AKs.

Jack Oliver's picture

Might as well get used to it at the 'Academy' - Their Government will be doing it to them for the entire military life - which is nothing compared to life AFTER the military - that's when the government REALLY starts treating you like SHIT !