Spain's Rajoy Implicated In Smear Allegations Just Days Before Elections

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Just days before Spain will hold its second election in six months, acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy finds himself involved in the middle of a scandal.

Rajoy was implicated Wednesday in an alleged smear campaign after taped conversations from two years ago appeared to show his interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz asking a top anti-fraud official for information on how to discredit political rivals Bloomberg reports. Diaz said that the recordings had been taken out of context, and denies any wrongdoing.

From Bloomberg

Spain’s acting interior minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, is facing calls to resign after a series of leaked recordings showed him asking a top anti-fraud official for information to discredit political rivals in Catalonia.


The audio files published by Publico news site as Spaniards gear up for a general election on Sunday appear to show Fernandez Diaz quizzing the head of the Catalan anti-fraud agency for evidence of corruption involving the region’s two main political parties, Convergencia and the Catalan Republican Left, as well as any other details that could damage their leaders. The conversation, according to Publico, was taped back in 2014 when the region held a disputed referendum on independence from Spain.


Fernandez Diaz, who’s running on the incumbent People’s Party ticket for Barcelona, denied any wrongdoing in an interview with Cadena Cope radio. He said the recordings had been taken out of context to damage the government’s reputation ahead of the June 26 ballot and it was “offensive” to think a minister would order officials to concoct evidence for political motives.

Rajoy said that Diaz had given a "clear" explanation and did not need to resign - "As we're four days before the end of the campaign, someone is trying to take advantage and fish in troubled waters to see what comes out" Rajoy said, adding that his government has never used or leaked investigations into possible criminal activity to hurt rivals.

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PP leader Mariano Rajoy is already fending off corruption scandals, and this recent development could potentially play a role in how the country votes as voters head to the polls on Sunday to try and elect a government.

A quick recap of the Spanish elections can be found here.

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Reign In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain...

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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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Awesome thats good news for the eurosceptics podemos

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Podemos is a Euro sceptic as Syriza. They fully supported NATO intervention in Libya and called for the Assad Regime to be removed. Now that is what I call 'anti-establishment 2.0'

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I find that hard to believe given that Podemos is barely 2 years old.


Edit. You're either confusing Podemos with another party or you're an outright liar.

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The fact that he and his party still remain a major political force despite being embroiled in several what seem like indefensible orruption scandals over the last few years is a great testament of how stupid, brainwashed and dambed down the Spanish general public really is. 

Just like everywhere else. 

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how does them retaining power have anything to do with how dumbed down spanish general public is (or not)?

#votingmatters ?

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They have what they deserve.

Let's not forget that this interior minister is the very same jerk that awarded Virgin Mary with the gold medal of police merit...

You can't polish a turd.

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Rajoy is already fending off corruption charges . . . what? he's been doing so for years despite admissions on many . . . same as Hillary. Nope only a bullet to the head will make scum like those 2 go away.

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I would suspect this guy:

the king of Spain. I betcha this is his work.