Surging Far-Right Movements Across Europe Are Making Hitler Popular Again

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An Argentinian man has purchased more than 50 items of Nazi memorabilia from a controversial auction in Munich. The single purchase, said to have totaled more than $683, 000 (£462,000), included a jacket owned by Adolf Hitler and silk underwear that once belonged to Nazi military leader Hermann Goering.

Though the event was closed to press following public outcry, the items under the hammer were sold under the theme, “Hitler and the Nazi Grandees — a look into the abyss of evil,” and hailed from the private collection of John K. Latimer, the physician at the Nuremberg trials.

According to Bild, 50 people attended the auction of more than 169 Nazi relics. An undercover journalist from the German newspaper reported the room was filled with young couples, elderly men, and muscular men with shaved heads and tribal tattoos. The buyer reportedly used the number 888 — the neo-Nazi code for “Heil Hitler” — to make his purchases. One of the items he bought was a brass container Goering used to kill himself with hydrogen cyanide.

The resurgence of the far-right

The unsettling auction comes amid a concerning surge in the far-right across Europe. A toxic combination of economic instability and the worst refugee crisis since World War II has seen the resurgence of the dangerous ideology across the continent, from Athens to Austria — and most places in between.

Last week, an Italian newspaper was heavily criticised after publishing Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Conservative Milan daily, Il Giornale, gave the book free to those who purchased the newspaper and is also publishing volumes exploring Third Reich history.

The situation is more unnerving in Germany. Considering the spike in xenophobic attacks against refugees in Western Europe’s most populous nation, Hitler’s political treatise has not only made a comeback, but has also become a bestsellerBy April, the new academically-annotated version of the ultra-nationalist, anti-semitic treatise made its way onto Germany’s influential Spiegel bestseller list, where it remained for several weeks. Although many bookshops do not have the book on display and order it by request only, it now stands in 14th place.

For 70 years, the Finance Ministry of the State of Bavaria exercised Hitler’s intellectual property rights. In doing so, it prevented republication of the book, which outlines his political ideology. Since the copyright ended at the end of 2015, it has sold thousands of copies. Earlier this year, the dictator’s personal copy sold for more than $20,000 to an American buyer.

As tensions continue to mount across Europe, it appears the success of the notorious book by Hitler serves as a reflection of such extremism.

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stant's picture

Hitler and the nazi party was far left

Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) stant Jun 22, 2016 7:32 AM

yes, national socialist = nazi - a term coined by the British


...and is all of europe today, but without the extermination camps.

nibiru's picture

Mending the nation has to start with a revamping of notions. It is socialism that kills you, makes you poor and shits on you. 


Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot - all socialists, communists or other leftist freaks thinking that they have the right to decide for other people.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The rise of the far right, xenophobia and Islamaphobia is very scary. Moderates and liberals must band together to defeat this threat in order to preserve decades of progress made by progressives in the West. A big part of this is making sure that tomorrow's referendum result is remain, as the EU is the best path to European progress. Today's article at the Accredited Times lists the reasons why remaining in the EU is the only sensible choice for Britain:

Haus-Targaryen's picture


Do you think the UK should abandon the Pound and adopt the Euro?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Making Hitler Popular Again


I smell Bush!


Where's Jeb?


You remember Judy from the PTA meeting right?



nibiru's picture

HT - don't feed the troll. 

MDB can't even face the history (and point out that it was left killing millions of people during WW2 for example) 

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Excuse me? I believe it was the far-right NAZIs that were carrying out these atrocities, not the left. The Nazis were fascists, and fascism is on the right not the left. Hitler hated non-Germans, just as the right hates immigrants today. He also hated Jews, just as many on the far-right do today. The parallels are obvious.

nibiru's picture

Again history lesson - google NSDAP - National, Socialistic, German, Workers Party. It was on the left as much as you can get (maybe not international socialism - but confined to one nation- Germany.)



J S Bach's picture

The label "far right" is used to dissuade and scare otherwise thinking people into avoiding any consideration as to the path our rulers have laid for us.  Basically, what National Socialism is - is an antidote to the machinations of world jewry  - whether they be ultra-communist or ultra-capitalist.  Hitler's philosophy contained elements of both the "right" and "left".

What the powers-that-be are truly afraid of is that - like the NSDAP - we may finally understand... and put an end to... their usurious and enslaving money system, thus rendering them naked, vulnerable and open to justice.  That's the gist of it.

nibiru's picture

When you take on a system that uses coercion, usury and destruction of money - with another one that does the exact same thing - you are bound to lose. This loss took also lives of 60 million people.


Hitler's way of dealing with the economy - socialism + corporatism. This is why we see companies like Volkswagen, Bosh and many chemical companies that back then were cooperating in German's industry of killing Jews or rather widening lebensraum.

Hitler's way of dealing with social issues - homophobic, xenophobic, anti-jew, pro-abortion, anti-smoking. 


Basically, what National Socialism is - is another socialism that screws people and does it coercively and inefficiently. You can be socialist but you can't claim after knowing a bit of history that is solves problems because it mostly creates new ones.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) nibiru Jun 22, 2016 8:44 AM

"The label "far right" is used to dissuade and scare otherwise thinking people into avoiding any consideration as to the path our rulers have laid for us."

Dear Leader Obama and his statist compadres insist on using "extremist" instead of radical Islam in order to lump people who believe in the U.S. Constitution - what they call "right wing extremists" - into their same category of people who need to be crushed by Central Planning.  Get useful idiots - the press, FSA, et al - hating self reliant people who believe in liberty and freedom.

J S Bach's picture

Say what you will, nibiru, but National Socialism worked brilliantly for the German people while it was allowed to exist. A key element of its success was the all-important TIE between nationalism and socialism.  In other words, the health and benefit of the nation as a whole was more important than the individual.  (This is also what has held the tribe together over the millenia... the question is never: "Is it good for a jew?", but rather, "Is it good for the jews?")  When a volk have this mindset, socialism CAN work... much like a productive bee hive.  It is when abusive and selfish tendancies such as welfare for illegal aliens and any other non-productive bi-pedal refuse - lay claim to the funds justly earned by the productive people that socialism breaks down.  This is also proof that such a government can only work smoothly when a country is indeed a "nation" - that is - an extended family of like-blooded and like-minded souls.  And this is why the jews work so diligently to have every country they infect diluted of their indigenous bloodlines.  Open borders and multiculturalism are absolutely essential for their Protocols to be successful.

Captain Obvious.'s picture

Write on JS Bach.

If you are not on a watch list you should be ashamed of yourself..

SmackDaddy's picture

One of the dumbest, most jooed threads ive ever read here on ZH.

The radicals leftists of the Spanish Civil War called themselves Republicans?  Does that make them 'right-wing'?

Hopefully one day soon Americans can admit that we fought on the wrong side.  Patton and Kennedy were there in Germany in '45 and saw firsthand what was going on.  Kennedy was better at keeping his mouth shut, but he was far too popular and knew too much.  Had to be killed.  

Kennedy:  "'Who has visited these two places can easily imagine how Hitler will emerge from the hatred currently surrounding him to emerge in a few years as one of the most important personalities that ever lived.'



Nombre34's picture


Hopefully one day soon Americans can admit that we fought on the wrong side.  Patton and Kennedy were there in Germany in '45 and saw firsthand what was going on.  Kennedy was better at keeping his mouth shut, but he was far too popular and knew too much.  Had to be killed.  

Do you have any sources to follow-up on that? I'm curious as to what you're referring to.

Captain Obvious.'s picture

In those days the MSM was the font of all knowledgeand had great credibility.


Is it any wonder the Messiah refuses to appear?

swamp's picture

"Our rulers"? Correct. They have established themselves as rulers and officials. Trusted servants are so passe'.

Ponk's picture

Just because they branded themselves socialist doesn't make them socialist. This debate has played out a million times here and it always follows the same pattern. We rightists don't want Hitler on our team so we'll simply change the definition of right and left.

Captain Obvious.'s picture

Unless goods and services can be Completely done by machines then we rightists have to get certain bi-peds out of bed in the morning.

Stoical's picture

Claiming that the Nazis were leftist based on their using the word 'socialistic' in their name is foolish. North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Does that make it a democracy? Try harder.

Cloud9.5's picture

National Socialism and Communism embraced the same mime.  The needs of the many outweigh the rights of the few.  At the end of the day, the undesirables found themselves in the same place, on their knees, in front of a ditch with a gun to the back of their heads. Trust me, to the guy on his knees it matters little to him that the bullet about to go through his brain is a nine millimeter parabellum or a thirty caliber Nagant.

hal0bender's picture

Wrong again @sshat.  Your lies are unfolding in front of the worlds eyes.  The national socialists were nothing compared to your Boshevik brethren.  Can't you just admit your losing the information war yet?

kingvaclav's picture

Breaks down a few of the lies about National Socialist racial outlooks.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Wow, you are so smart. An absolute inspiration

A Nanny Moose's picture

Kulaks beg to differ on degrees of atrocities. If so many Jews were murdered, why did the European Jewish population rise, rather than fall over the period, according to published census data? Why is it that the overall 6 million number was never reduced, even after the totals reported by The Soviets were reduced from 4 million to 1.5 million? Why are the other affected races supposedly, never given any mention?

Miles Ahead's picture

Details, details.  We like our 6 million number.  Makes a lot of prophecies work out.  Otherwise how are going to make sense of it all.  Yeah, the number didn't rise but only fell by 250K or so but how would it sound if we said 250,000 Jews died in the "Holocaust"?

And other races?  Fuck them.  They ain't Chosen Ones. Just bit part actors.


DownWithYogaPants's picture

MDB is profoundly retarded.   No sense trying to reason with a drooling idiot.

Cloud9.5's picture

MDB is a true believer in the true great secular religion of the 20th century, socialism.  Faith supersedes reason.  As all zealots, he is blind to the impossibility of his imagined utopia and cannot see the dystopia his well-intentioned efforts will bring on humanity.

doctor10's picture

MDB is a 20th century legacy mind programmed by 19th century ideals.

Basically emblematic of the foundation of the worlds problems at the moment.

don't waste the electronz....

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Yes, definately. A common currency allows the EU to conduct monetary policy effectively across the whole of the EU. All countries within the EU should share the same monetary policy, to promote stable, predictable markets.

Miles Ahead's picture


nibiru's picture

Is it the one right interest rate that block countries in the 'wrong' part of the business cycle and promotes misallocation of capital (with the help of corrupt government) *cough* Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland *cough*?


Maybe it is the monetary policy in the EU where Draghi pushed for NIRP and now is buying corp bonds in millions, or writing off debt of Germany, France etc? Which one was it?


Damn this common policy must be real good when Eurozone is growing less than 2% y/y

swamp's picture

Nobody drinking your kool-aid here.

stant's picture

Herman Goreing " if we didnt have the Jews we would have had to invent them . US. Gov if we don't have someone to free the shit out of we will have to invent them

curbyourrisk's picture

I don't even bother reading what you say anymore.  I just immediately vote it down...



Miles Ahead's picture

Dude.  MDB don't even know you.  And damn sure doesn't read your comments.  He's too busy dominating ZH comment board over you bit part actors.

Bill of Rights's picture

This from an ultra left progressive cunt.... go kill yourself and do us a favor will ya.

valjoux7750's picture

Geeze MBD your so predictable, I knew before I was done with the second sentence it was you. Get a new shtick

hal0bender's picture

This is excellent news and just the beginning ahole. Your lies and propoganda and no longer working so stuff your piehole!  The tide is turning and the vermin once again have over-played their hand which will result in disasterous consequences for them.  Time is on our side!

kanselier's picture

I am a left brexiter = eu is corporate neoliberalism which is the opposite of socialist society.
I am out  

WTFUD's picture

The Times i believe is owned by News UK Keith Rupert Murdoch backing Remain. The Sun i believe owned by KP also backs Brexit. Proving Ruprick always backs both sides. Like the Money-Changers in WAR.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wish the reflection of the National Socialists was an honest one.  Like any political movement it had its good and its bad.  The reaction of what happened is so emotional, most want nothing todo with any ideas they had ... both the good and the bad.  


If you think about it, its ridiculous.  The best thing a society can do after a failed political expirment is reflect on what they did right and what the did wrong.  Do what they did correctly and do not do what they did which was incorrect.  


I am confident in my lifetime we'll see the history re; WWII, and thus the narrative that goes along with it change from an emotional reaction to an intellectual one.  At least we can all hope.  

nibiru's picture

Good part of national socialism? What?


Was it before Nazi gas chambers? Or after Mengele's experiments?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Heavy investment in infrastructure, education system based on intellectual and probability of success and not "fairness", etc., etc.,

Only an idiot honestly believes a political movement is completely evil and nothing good can come from it.  

nibiru's picture

Let's go then:

1. Heavy investment in infrastructure - crowding out of private sector (wait was is in US or Europe that we had huge real estate bubble?)

2. Education system based on intellectual and a probability of success - yeah teaching children in Hitlejugend style atmosphere only one TRUTH Fand glorifying our one leader is definitely beneficial for critical thinkers, imagine the intellect of the small 15 year old propaganda citing reich.

Only an idiot still believes that a few can (after such history of XX century) use beautiful political idea (including initiation of force and coercion + central planning) and not screw it up. 


It's not that nothing good can come out of it - but the worst of it is what we should acknowledge and prevent. Especially that no one is asked questions when pushed into cars to concentration camps - then there is no veto right.