The European Union: Government By Deception

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Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,

I stumbled upon an article by Day of the Jackal author Frederick Forsyth, published last week in the Daily Express, that I think every Briton and European and everyone else should read. Forsyth doesn’t delve into the American pressure to form a European Union as a counterweight to the Soviet Union, he sticks with ‘founding father’ Jean Monnet and his reasoning behind the particular shape the Union took. And that is bad enough.

All Forsyth has to do is to quote from Monnet’s work, and I have to admit that while reading it I increasingly got the feeling that it’s quite remarkable that no-one, especially no journalist, does this. It’s there for everyone to see, but that means little if and when no-one actually sees it.

I have repeatedly talked about how the very structure of the EU self-selects for sociopaths and/or worse, but perhaps not enough about how that was deliberately built into the design. A feature not a flaw.

And I don’t think Monnet ever thought about how structures like that develop over time, in which the flaws in that design become ever more pronounced and the more severe cases of sociopathy increasingly take over the more powerful positions. A development that is well visible in present day Brussels.

For me, as I’ve written before, being here in Athens these days is plenty testimony to what the EU truly represents. Not only do we need to help feed many tens of thousands on a daily basis, depression levels are up 80% or so and life expectancy is plunging because proper health care is ever further away for ever more people in a country that not long ago had a health care system anyone would have been proud of.

That is the EU. And, yeah, Britons, do reflect on the NHS. Sure, you can argue it’s not the EU but Cameron and his people that are breaking it down, but it’s also Cameron who is pleading with you to vote to stay in the union.

If it can do this today to one of its member states, it will do it tomorrow to others, and more, if it sees fit. The benefits of the union flow to a select few countries, and to a select few within those countries. And ever fewer are selected as economic policies continue to fail.

It is frankly beyond me to see why anyone would want to be part of that. It’s not about Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage or George Osborne, that is just more deception. It’s about being ruled by midgets, as Forsyth puts it.

Here are some snippets from Frederick Forsyth’s article:

Birth of superstate: Frederick Forsyth on how UNELECTED Brussels bureaucrats SEIZED power

There was nothing base or inhumane about Jean Monnet, the French intellectual now seen as the founding father of the dream, nor those who joined him: De Gasperi the Italian, Hallstein the German, Spaak the Belgian and Schumann the Frenchman. In 1945 they were all traumatised men. Each had seen the utter devastation of their native continent by war and after the second they swore to try for the rest of their lives to ensure nothing like it ever happened again. No one can fault that ambition.


First Monnet analysed what had gone wrong and became obsessed by one single fact. The German people had actually voted the Austrian demagogue into the office of chancellor. What could he, Monnet, learn from this? What he learned stayed with him for the rest of his life and stays with us today in the EU.


The continent of Europe, from western Ireland to the Russian border, from Norway’s North Cape to Malta’s Valletta harbour, must be unified into one huge superstate. Politically, socially, economically, militarily and constitutionally.


There could be no war between provinces so war would be banished. (For a man who had witnessed the Spanish Civil War that was an odd conclusion but he came to it. And there was more).


As coal, iron and steel were the indispensable sinews of war machinery, these industries should be unified under central control. Thus would also be prevented any single state secretly rearming. That at least had the benefit of logic and the Coal and Steel Community was his first success.


But the big question remained: how should this Europe-wide single state be governed? Then he came to the conclusion that still prevails today. In the 1930s democracy had failed. In Germany, Italy and elsewhere desperate people had flocked to the demagogues who promised full bellies and a job in exchange for marching, chanting columns.


So democracy must go. It could not be the governmental system of the new Utopia. It was not fit to be. (He was already president of the Action Committee for the Superstate, his official title. There is nothing new about the word superstate).


Instead there would be a new system: government by an enlightened elite of bureaucrats . The hoi polloi (you and me) were simply too dim, too emotional, too uneducated to be safely allowed to choose their governments.


It never occurred to him to devise a way to strengthen and fortify democracy to ensure that what happened in Italy and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s could not happen again. No, democracy was unsafe and had to be replaced. (This is not propaganda, he wrote it all down).


He faced one last stigma as he sought the support of the six who would become the kernel of his dream: Germany (still ruined by war), France (fighting dismal colonial wars in Indochina and Algeria), Italy in her usual chaos, Holland, Belgium and tiny Luxembourg. How could the various peoples ever be persuaded to hand over their countries from democracy to oligarchy, the government of the elite? Let me quote from what he wrote:

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the Super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

In other words he could not force them (he had no tanks). He could not bribe them (he had no money). He could not persuade them (his arguments were offensive). Hence the deliberate recourse to government by deception. Both nostrums continue to this day. Study the Remain campaign and the people behind it.


Almost without exception they are pillars of the establishment, London-based, accustomed to lavish salaries, administrative power and enormous privilege. None of this applies to 95% of the population. Hence the need for deception.


At every stage the Remain campaign has stressed the issue is about economics: trade, profits, mortgages, share prices, house values – anything to scare John Citizen into frightened submission. The gravy train of the few must not be derailed. Some of them are already sticking pins into a wax figurine of David Cameron for being soft enough to offer the proles a chance to recover their parliamentary democracy and thus their sovereignty.

Forsyth then continues with a bunch of typically British issues, and ends with:

[..] You have repeatedly been told this issue is all about economics. That is the conman’s traditional distraction. This issue is about our governmental system, parliamentary. Democracy versus non-elective bureaucracy utterly dedicated to the eventual Superstate.


Our democracy was not presented last week on a plate. It took centuries of struggle to create and from 1940 to 1945 terrible sacrifices to defend and preserve.


It was bequeathed to us by giants, it has been signed away by midgets.


Now we have a chance, one last, foolishly offered chance to tell those fat cats who so look down upon the rest of us: yes, there will be some costs – but we want it back.


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N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Jun 23, 2016 11:04 AM


Ya gotta hand it to these smart-n-savvy people, the sure know how to screw the dumb-n-clueless.

froze25's picture

That shooting in Germany must be doing wonders for the Brit remain side of things.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) froze25 Jun 23, 2016 11:14 AM


Could be a false-false flag...

GreatUncle's picture

The way this world works now treat every event as a false flag just to make sure you don't miss any LOL.

TBT or not TBT's picture

A fake but accurate flag? In the retelling, that's how leftists in the media spin them. That Mateen guy, the registered Democrat gay radical Muslim, wanted gun control, see. And to eliminate due process. For the children. And the homos.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) TBT or not TBT Jun 23, 2016 12:07 PM


Hey wait,  we like the Homos now.  They are pro gun Trump supporters. 

Ballin D's picture

At least they aren't trannies. Maybe there is something to that "slippery slope" argument.

Dormouse's picture

A lot of pre-op trannies carry concealed.

conraddobler's picture

Intelligence is distributed on a bell curve and all along that curve you have a distribution of good versus evil.

There are evil dumb people too.

There are evil smart people.

There are good smart people.

Of course by design the evil smart people rise to the top of the food chain to dominate because they are not hamstrung by things like honor, integrity, etc.

It's not smart vs dumb it's good vs evil same as it ever was.

it's no secret how to stop all this value honor, integrity and the like and you will then have the good smart people rise to the top.

Of course evil people do evil things that's not new what is new is that as a society our one defense against that is currently at an all time low and that is our system of social vetting for the right things.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) conraddobler Jun 23, 2016 11:25 AM


Yeah,  totally agree.   (But smart-n-savvy sticks in the brain better than "evil".   "Evil", an old existing word,  is always viewed as a negative, and the brain immediately applies the "evil" to objects in the brain which are known to be "already evil".    The impact of the word is never applied to the self, after-all everybody knows they aren't evil.    But, smart-n-savvy causes confusion in the brain, which is the best you can hope for when trying to penetrate into someone elses brain).

gonetogalt's picture

The shit you see when the curtain flutters in the breeze...

Excellent piece of writing.

ZH Snob's picture

I love how he uses the politically incorrect term midgets to characterize the EU bureaucracy.

NoDebt's picture

Installing new governments and new laws in secret is all the rage these days.  Every time you hear a politician use the phrase "we need to get things done" that is what they are talking about.



N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) NoDebt Jun 23, 2016 11:14 AM


It's natural for all organizations to get bigger and more centralized.   I know very few people who want any organization they are personally getting loot from to become smaller and less powerful.  

It's too bad the "conservatives" were never as rabid about Big-Corp as they were about Big-Gov.    Not that it would have mattered all that much.   The entire world is centralizing power.

messystateofaffairs's picture

EU implementation is a bait and switch scheme.

Bait = economic opportunities

Switch = unelected political overcontrol of everybody under the umbrella.

Stay voters = bait eaters (hook to come later)

Leave voters = Switch avoiders

It's that simple


NotApplicable's picture

The other thing not said in this article is about engendering the culture of dependence by destroying all of our natural support systems. With the destuctive nature of central banking, all things honest can and will be undermined by the dishonesty of money from thin air.

conraddobler's picture

That is completely logical and terrifying at the same time to see it all writen down and yet it has come to be.

Truly terrifying.

I fear that it's too late that people will not wake up in time.

It truly is a choice between freedom and oppresion.  No one said that freedom would have no pain and if all you care about is avoiding pain you will never have any freedom at all.

Perversely you will also have unending pain and possibly extinction of your bloodline if you go with the state because it does not care about you but about itself and itself only.

How we could come to this after the incredible price paid for our freedoms is what is so disheartening.

All our enemies need to do is wait in the lurch, wait for us to get fat and happy and take it all away again.   

The struggle never ceases and when we think of the awful price paid to win it, it is just so depressing to see it all sink under the waves again perhaps for the last time in, well,  forever.

This is a fight for humanity itself.  

It is a fight against ego, dominance, destructive forces that are always with us. 

Once the freedoms are sufficiently gone this whole thing will turn into the Matrix and it will be nearly impossible once AI comes along to ever escape it again.

What if this is the end times not of life but of freedom?  Forever?

I am scared this might be the case.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) conraddobler Jun 23, 2016 11:17 AM


Well, on the bright side, there's a large body of science fiction that shows "da people" fighting - and eventually winning - against much more evil empires than a one world Earth government.   

Tall Tom's picture





...which is just a Mass Media contrivance of controlled opposition...maintaining the illusion of a false hope.


True Liberty emanates from within one's soul and is not dependent on outside forces.


I am the only one to blame for this.

conraddobler's picture

Yeah great our last best chance lies in Hollywood fictions.

Not a fan of the idea.

Our best chance lies in the heart of human beings specifically the evil fuckers that rule us.  Once they achieve sufficient levels of dominance then they will turn on each other.

However at that point the ones with the AI will rule us all, even the other suppossed smart and savvy.

There is no honor among thieves.

That's the problem.  

Smart and savvy is just the law of the jungle and the rules will change while the jungle shrinks and shrinks due to technology.

Today's ass kissers and sycophants are tomorrows refuse to be taken out to the curb.

Without honor, loyalty and integrity there is no chance of peace in the human heart, no rest for the wicked.

Our best defense is the evil itself is unstable.

Tall Tom's picture





You miss it.


The enemy of your Personal Liberty is the enemy within.


Stop looking outside.


I am the only one to blame for this.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Tall Tom Jun 23, 2016 11:32 AM


Naaa,  you mean everybody on here who voted for the Red and Blue Team their entire lives weren't really voting for LIBERTY first?  There was some OTHER motive which was all consuming?    

What could that other motive have been....

It's inconceivable! 

shovelhead's picture

I'm glad you finally admitted it.

Don't you feel much better now?

conraddobler's picture

The only one you have any control over is yourself yes so in that sense the logical thing to do is worry about yourself first and only simply because you can't do anything about what anyone esle does.

This is very true.

However if you are having dinner one night and they drop an atom bomb on you it's all moot at that point.

You could say the fact they exist and that you did nothing means you are to blame and you would be right but wait.

You can't control what other people do right?

So in the grand scheme of things it's bigger than just you isn't it?

It's in fact higher than all that.  God doesn't really care if you are slave or free he still expects that you should realize that you are granted a great gift of existence in the first place and thus you are not and never were truly free because you can't be.

You are free to chose either the right or the wrong path as we all are and that is all you are free to do.

exi1ed0ne's picture

People past/present/future never wake up in time.  That is just the nature of cycles.  The price MUST be paid from time to time or the values that are fought for have no meaning or value.  In fact a hard fight is required for things like freedom if just to highlight how important it is.

People should have gotten a clue after the whiskey rebellion that Gov't never helps the common man.

Darth Rayne's picture

I agree, we are heading down a very dark path and are too frightened to try something new.

conraddobler's picture

The most terrifying consequence imaginable is not evil for as I have said it itself is no more stable than good.

Good has within it the seeds of it's own downfall, laziness, complacency, etc.

Evil the same, no honor, no loyalty, no integrity.

Each is balanced over time.

The terrifying thing is actually that at a time of great evil something hideous will be unleashed upon us that is neither good nor evil but simply is above us all.


With that the entire simulation is rendered moot and sterile, vanquished into nothinness and oppressed and toseed out for all eternity.

THAT is what I fear most not evil.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) conraddobler Jun 23, 2016 11:37 AM


Probably true, but I suspect you and I will be dead before AI has that much effect on evil.

Don't forget, "evil" is (really) a form of bullshit - and is usually duplicity (eg.  You should do THIS while me-n-my buddies secretly do THAT allowing us an advantage ).   Bullshit, therefore, is the highest form of human expression as it allow the smart-n-savvy to manipulate the dumb-n-clueless without them know it.    

The AI people are a long long long long way from getting AI programs to generate bullshit.  

Sandmann's picture

Monnet and Salter were not democrats. they saw "democracy" as leading to "populism" and wanted technocratic government like in Plato's Republic.

The real eminence grise is Josef Retinger  - go google him - Polish yet behind the European Movement and the Bilderbergers and backed by FDR. 

The EU was always about France controlling Germany after German Rearmament in 1956 by US demand. France used it to make Germany pay bribes to French peasant farmers so French politicians could buy their votes without bankrupting French voters. 

Britain was not allowed to join in 1962 but continued begging until in 1972 it surrendered its fishing grounds to France in the Common Fisheries Policy created overnight by France to access Europe's richest fishing grounds - Norways said no. Greenland said no and left Denmark

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Sandmann Jun 23, 2016 11:44 AM


Good link.  

Are you sure this is accurate tho?   There's no conspiracy.   No sociopaths.   No smart-n-savvy people.   It's almost like, like, just a move in a chess game resulting in something unforeseen.    All this couldn't be THAT simple, could it?

conraddobler's picture

The chessgame as you say is played on a higher level even than humans.

There is a reason for everything you might not like that answer but I believe it is the correct answer.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) conraddobler Jun 23, 2016 11:55 AM


If this were true, there's no point is worrying about things then.

But, I like my explanation better:   we wrorry because we happen to have Morality OCD.   I suspect the adults playing "the chess games" have a different set of OCD's. 

But, you are right, we could never agree at this level. 

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

Remember how the Remainers said that Vote Leave was blowing smoke about Turks coming to Britain because Turkey was never going to join the EU (despite spending fifty years trying)?

They forget that that's because even Erdogan has figured out the EU is a trap and decided Turkey shouldn't join after all. Open borders between Germany and Greece makes hitting Germany up for cash a bit easier by threatening to unleash waves of "refugees," but he doesn't need Turkey to actually join the EU to get the money.

If Erdogan ever wanted to expand Turkey's foreign trade, he has plenty of countries to choose from whose best years are ahead of them, not behind them. Making enemies out of Israel and Russia was a far bigger mistake economically, not just politically, than telling the EU to kiss his stinking oily ass.

conraddobler's picture

It all starts with the why which is the fundamental question for all of us.

To those who think it's all just random happenstance with no real order to it then you most assuredly should seek to maximize this life and take all you can from it as this is all there is.

Any true atheist is actually just a very self centered person they themselves have defined themselves as the center of the universe because for them this is logically true.

They are the highest form of conciousness they know and thus life is a simple game of maximization of that life.

Whatever that may be.

The opossing view would be that their is a higher form of conciousness either collective or simply what we would call God.

In that case we can only look to clues as to what that higher form of conciousness wants and is settting out to do.

This whole question is fundamental to why you even try to do anything if you do try.  It's obvious that you need some kind of why to make yourself worry about anything.

Just from observation it's much more fun to hang out with people who think there is some divine purpose to everything that is when it comes from a humble awe sort of place and not from a place where they seek to dominate you with their own piety.

They seem to be the happiest people and live the best lives of anyone I know.

So I think there is at least some evidence that this life is a great lesson and nothing more, nothing less.   

Take that for what you will but it does in many cases render the worrying part moot in either case.

koperniuk666's picture

Freakin god botherer - you are as evil as those c.nts running the EU.

conraddobler's picture

Oppression by it's nature is either the way of man and of no real consequence as it's just a bunch of randomly concious people vying for resources and control or it's what we call evil because it stagnates what could be the real purpose of life and that is to learn.

When you remove choices from people and oppress them you are really closing down the avenues they have to learn.

You remove free will from them and then they are robbed of what is potentially the most important thing in their existence their own journey of discovery.

That's a lot to rob someone of I think.

They could if they wish still continue on if they were high enough in their journey they can learn new things in the most oppressive captivity imaginable.

So ultimately their is no reason to worry.

Why would Yoda ever fight anyone?  What would be the point?

Since he should only worry about himself why fight at all?   

Mabye you do have to worry about what other people do in some cases?

I think it's intuitive that in some cases you are free to help others in their struggles for freedom if that be spiritual or otherwise.

So it's not all on you as you aren't the only one making choices that affect others although you do have to get right with yourself first before you can help others that is true.

w4mps's picture

Listening to the Brexit arguments made me think of the historical similarities with the grievances which led to the Confederate States' secession from our Union. (Yeh yeh, I know, slavery. But believe it or not, there was a lot more to secession than the issue of slavery, put that aside for one second).  In a few years, the EU will have developed its own army and would be in a position to block any future secession by force, just like we did. Our union and its constitution was designed to control and limit the federal government; that's a joke.  EU members need to wise up and say good bye to this totalitarian form of centralized government while they still have the chance.  

Umh's picture

The EU is arranging things for Soros. EU officials want to have machines declared  “electronic persons”.

Boing_Snap's picture

If this goes against Brexit then the next leg of the WW3 stool will fall into place when Hillary is handed the WH. Make plans to get out of the large cities as Hitlary will attack S;yria and Russia and any other country to keep the inventories of weapons turning over for her owners.

conraddobler's picture

Almost all evil things emanate from some sense of superiority when none is really present.

I remember dealing with a banker who was possibly one of the smartest humans I ever met and also an extremely religious guy.

Now I liked the guy and again he was insanely smart but his worldview was that people need to be led.

His worldview pretty much emanted from a belief that he was smarter than most if not almost everyone and more religious therefore what he was doing obviously must be the right thing.

Then when it came time to actually treat people right I saw him make compromises let's just say I wouldn't make.

So if you want to look at it full circle it really boils down to some fundmental thinking.  I don't consider myself superior to say a janitor.

The reason I'm not is because I have no idea how worthy that janitor is.  It's not his job that makes him inferior or superior it's the content of his character.

This seems so simple but it's lost on people in the main.  Intelligence isn't anything but a trait, it's a single trait at that.

It's not if you are pretty or smart or rich, are you or are you not a good person?  That dwells in peopls hearts and only God and themselves know the truth of that one.

This is where the term, by their fruits ye shall know them, comes from because it doesn't matter what you think you are and it doesn't matter what you want to be it matters what you DO.


Crush the Infame's picture

There's a lot of evil in this world, but I don't think it's as planned out as many of you do.  After watching what elected leaders did to the continent, I could see why some people were wary of democracy post WWII.  

Now, the EU has morphed into something quite convoluted and anti-free market, but let's look at how they got there:  

1) While everyone likes to talk about economic growth, there's really only a few ways to kick it into overdrive:

a) Dismiss all pollution and workers rights laws to create a short term free-for-all of production.  If your competition adheres to these laws (see, China vs. the West), all the better as they can never complete with your prices.   

b) Come up with a game changing technology that you have and everyone else wants.  

c) Produce in an environment where your competitors are wiped out by war or natural disaster (see US vs. Japan and Germany post WWII)

2) The Marshall Plan (and the money saved by being able to rely on American military protection) allowed Europe to catch up in the post war era and enjoy some of the benefits of "c" after WWII.  Lifestyle expectations in the "West" skyrocketed.  

3) At the same time, fear of pollution in the West slowed industry down.  Some of this was overblown, but not all of it.  Look at Beijing today for proof.  And preventing pollution didn't just become a hippie love thing, but a practical one as a population that can't breathe can't work.  

4) The promises made to workers in the West when times were good didn't come because of master plans or corporate generosity, but because profits were high enough to justify them and because communist revolutions were a real threat.  If I'm rich in those days and the choice is between paying higher taxes that I can afford or having millions of angry workers coming to kill me and take my property, it's not a difficult choice.  

5) But as Japan caught up and China ramped up, those profits dried up.  The West couldn't compete with parts of the world that didn't have pollution and labor laws.  The more Japan protected labor, the more they ran into the same problems.  They avoided the pollution of coal by relying on nuclear, but that too has it's problems, as we've seen.  

6) Now politicians have electorates that expect a certain lifestyle, but the nations have lost their economic advantages over rivals.  To keep the party going, they turn to finance and inflate bubble after bubble with fiat currency.  

7) It's easy to turn to a Trump who promises to bring the jobs back from China, but he will also bring back the pollution and unless Americans downsize their expectations (400-600 more work hours each year, lower pay, etc) the price of all these goods is going to rise.  (See the inflation of the 1970's where we tried to produce goods, protect labor, and limit pollution all at once.)

8) Right now we print fake money and exchange it for hard goods at an astronomical rate.  This allows banks to get rich, but it also helps us steal the natural and human resources of the developing world.  A gold standard would be the moral choice, but just be aware that unless we can figure out a better way, that would mean we have to send every ounce of gold we can get to the developing world to buy our phones, cars, oil, clothing, etc.  

onmail1's picture

<-- This is the gay sugar daddy of EU 

I mean euroPeons , Pirates forever

print da money loot rest of da world