European Stocks Crash Most In History

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Euro Stoxx 50 Futures have collapsed over 11% at the open... the biggest single-day crash in Rhhistory...

The question is - do the central banks rush in to save the world (and prove Brexit wasn't so bad after all), or do they fiddle while Rome burns?

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The Bilderburgers are going to have to call back all their global elites for an emergency meeting. No doubt, a hot topic will be how to clean the all the unexpected shit out of their pants! Fuck all elites!

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Expect the EU to have a rebuttal within the next day or two. 

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now the real negotiation begins

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But it's taken years to get the stock markets up this high. You can't just let them crash now...

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 read that as "The threats begin in 3...2...1...."

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Britain is just the first domino. Might not be much of a rebuttal. Might just be the member countries looking at each other wondering and planning who is next.

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As is oft said here:  "He who gets out first, gets out best."

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I think GB just snatched themselves a lifeboat and got off the Titanic.  Sure, the ocean is turbulent, and you may get sick, but you have your own oars to steer youself to calmer waters, and most importantly, your ass is alive and saved.

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Those poor Globalists. What's a Billionaire supposed to do!

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Become a millionaire very quickly...

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Who will they kill now, to keep the rest of the countries in

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) D Nyle Jun 24, 2016 6:45 AM

Germany leaves next

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This will be worse for Germany than for the UK, and worse for Frankfurt than London.

LMAO.  So, Germans, how do you like that Stasi cow Merkel now?

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This is the 3rd time the UK has fucked over Germany in a 100 years. *eats popcorn*  I just cannot help but think this was kinda planned?

Why did Goldman Sachs bet against Greece for example? they knew the Euro was doomed.

Why did Soros fill the EU with migrants then say the EU will collpse because of immigration?



When it's too easy...something is afoot.

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The EU is so absolutely corrupt. But if the Bible is correct and I believe it is, the EU represents the 'revived Roman Empire'. It is from this entity that the antichrist will emerge. In the days ahead, we are going to see a lot of discourse and evil to preserve the EU. Be interesting to see how it all unfolds from Brussels.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) wee-weed up Jun 24, 2016 7:23 AM

It was a house built on lies and fear.

burn to the ground!

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DAX futures are wiping out Sergeant Schultz's pension with an over 11% drop. Holy Carp, wait until the muffler is removed from US Futes...

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Anybody else think this is just the cover Janet wanted to implement QE4 but make clear it wasn't her was those silly Brits?

10yr at 1.4% is saying what?  Prepare for a rocket ship ride once all the big boyz have their orders in.

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Chumly, let's go see Mr. Wuppie. He'll know what to do.

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There will be major Butt Hurt for sure.....

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Japan is the problem, not Europe.

GBP/USD down 8%

EUR/USD down 3%


USD/JPY down 3.5%

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Indeed.  Japan has been the elephant in the room for a while. 

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Burn baby burn! What's left in the ashes is the real Europe and not this multicultural shit show they've been for the last 20 years.

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Just look who controls your money..


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Europe is a CONTINENT, not a nation, so who cares if EURO stocks crash? Can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to invest in same. The people who live in the EU hate the EU, from sea to shining sea.

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The problem is, they all just made a killing.

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Of course they did ...they had each way bets! But what the hell ...I'm going to keep dreaming about them swinging from the gallows.. because you can''t take it with you  

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Of course! Anyone that has read news lately knows that they were vigorously opposing it (Rothshild, Soros etc). Guess what happens, it is the opposite as per usual (see Goldman Sachs investment advice - if you want to make money, do the exact opposite of what they say).

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Was that a black swan or just really dark grey?

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The UK exits!!

I am so happy that the people of England have kicked the NWO

in the teeth, it is pity about that the spineless Scotish and Irish voters couldn't find the

spunk to do the same.

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What do you expect,  they wear skirts.   

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Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Just wait til the crooks start swinging from lampposts.  You'll know the banksters by the 'Gucci jingle' of their loafers.

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And to think, the Fed just administered stress tests with all 33 banks passing. I have a feeling today's markets are going to be much more of a real-world stress test than anything the Fed subjected it regulated entities to.  We'll see how well money-center banks are equiped to handle a real market dislocation.

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Surely everyone can see now those NWO Tur*s Rothschild & Soros (Me & Mini Me) are manipulating the markets! 

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Now we need Trump  elected in the US to start the process with the help of ordinary people across the world to round up these NWO criminals and put them on trial for crimes against humanity BEFORE they have the chance to start WW3.

The day I see SOROS and ROThSCHILD swinging from gallows will be WORLD INDEPENDENCE DAY! 


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AdolphLustig (not verified) Theremustbeanotherway Jun 24, 2016 1:48 AM

Trump is in bed with the nwo and just pulling your leg.

Trumpateers are just as bad as obama bots.

Emotional and intolerable, yet ignorant and arrogant.

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The flood gates are open.. what will the elites do to scare everyone back to the slow-steady-burn?


Theremustbeanotherway's picture


You have the support of your party so that means a no confidence vote coming soon.....

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Well what a surprise, a glorious day. Best wishes going forward from an aglophile.

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IBEX35 down 17% !


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I have never had more stiffies in a single night than this one. Burn baby burn

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RadioFlyer (not verified) GotGalt Jun 24, 2016 4:16 AM

Just avoid any pictures of President Cankles. She is locked in. Blech