Italy's Northern League To Launch EU Referendum Campaign Next

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Shortly after the final Brexit result was released, first Netherlands and then France quickly warned they too would proceed with their own referenda. They are not alone: moments later the head of Italy's Northern League Said "Now it’s our turn’ After U.K.

As Dow Jones reports, Italy's anti-immigrant and euroskeptic Northern League will start a petition calling for a law that allows a referendum on whether the country wants to exit the European Union, its leader said on Friday. In a news conference following the announcement of the U.K.'s decision to leave the EU, Northern League's head Matteo Salvini said that it was time to give Italians a vote on their EU membership, as the citizens of Britain have just done.

"This vote was a slap in the face for all those who say that Europe is their own business and Italians don't have to meddle with that," Mr. Salvini said.

The Northern League launched a campaign against the euro in 2014, but it has been since overshadowed by the anti-immigrant campaigns on which it has built up its electoral support.

Northern Leage is not alone: recall that earlier this week, the anti-establishment 5 Star Movement, emboldened by dramatic victories in Italy's recent mayoral elections in which Virginia Raggi, a 37-year old lawyer, was elected Rome's first female mayor by winning a stunning 67% of the vote in the second round, also revived plans for a referendum on leaving the euro.

The movement launched a campaign for a referendum on the euro in 2015 and collected more than 100,000 signatures calling for such a vote.

Even so, the campaign may be moot: the Italian constitution, however, does not allow the cancellation of international agreements through a referendum.

However, even a purely symbolic vote to exit the EU or eurozone would put pressure on the Italian government, led by Matteo Renzi. He has consistently made a pro-European stance.

It will be interesting if anti-European sentiment is as prevalent in Italy as it is in the UK - leaving the euro doesn't seem a popular option among Italians. According to a poll conducted by pollster SWG in March, 61% of Italians support remaining in the euro area and acknowledge the benefits of being part of it.

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Joe Cool's picture

I've never been so proud to speak English Than today...The British people finally had enough of this BS...Hope just entered the room!

Looney's picture



The Bag of Goatshit, a.k.a. the EU, is finally bustin’ at the seams!

Someone’s gonna need a lot of “Quicker Picker Upper”.   ;-)



Joe Cool's picture

The miners are going to go ape-shit today!


greenskeeper carl's picture

No shit. NUGT up 30%. Crazy. Might as well sell into this though, you know a monkey hammer will come swinging on Sunday night.

y3maxx's picture

--The Non elected Bureaucrats (1% elite) were given heed w/ Brexit vote.


Will America's Non elected elite, Bankers & Corporate take heed? 


Yes....thier only way out that is left is....blame it on Russia/China.


Up next...WW#3 with Russia & China.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

No, ain’t gonna happen. These rats lost the information war. They are going to be hunted down and exterminated even if they start the war. They are going to buried in their bunkers.


iAmerican's picture

Hanged at Ft. McNair following public treason trials and full expropriation is infinitely more aesthetic and positive for the restoration of The Republic, praise God.

ZH Snob's picture

momma, mia! thatsa spicy pizza.

MiddleLeg's picture

One nice thing about Italy is there are so many spicy pizzas, after some time you stop noticing them.

Unlike California...

Croesus's picture

@ Joe Cool: 

I can't wait to see how the dominoes fall...

@ Tyler: 

Can you start a poll on which EU country(ies) will exit next? 

@ Politicians, Bankers, and Elitist Scumbags:

Feel that? That's your assholes puckering-up. Your plans failed. So will you. 

@ Took Red Pill (see comment below): 

True, the UK Parliament has the final word...BUT, if they don't vote in accordance with the will of the British people, then the Brits have no incentive to obey ANY of the laws passed by Parliament. 

Long guillotines, baskets, rope, guns and bullets. 

Fun times. 

Joe Cool's picture

We still have a long way to go...I mean we have an economic collapse and WWIII to deal with going forward...

Croesus's picture

@ Joe Cool: 

Agreed, but I'd rather not have a pile of Jews, or their sycophant ass-kisser politicians making the call. 

Reasonable people can find a way to work out their differences, but our current "leadership" is anything but reasonable. They're all on the take, and all will do anything to keep the power, and the money coming in. 

We don't need these motherfuckers. 


Donald J. Trump's picture

There will be a race to get out of the EU now that the dominoes started falling.

Took Red Pill's picture

I have to say I am surprised the UK voted to leave the EU especially with the markets up so much yesterday. It seems like it caught quite a few with their pants down. That being said, it is non-binding!

SheepDog-One's picture

PM Cameron just resigned LOL.....what's up next Lowrenta Lynch hands Hitlery indictment?

nevertheless's picture

sadly Americans are not the Brits, maybe there is something in the water, but we are cowards, with few exceptions. 

Advoc8tr's picture

While it is technically true that it is non-binding historically here (Australia) and in Britain where we share the same parliamentary party system if the government doesn't follow the will of the people following a referendum they will get hammered at the next election and be out of contention for the next decade or so.  Doing that will all but assure UKIP vistory at the next election and they know that.  With a party system there is no election needed to change the PM as the party is voted in not the person. Camerons resignation and the forthcoming appointment of a Pro Brexit replacement indicates to me they will follow through.  

Winston Churchill's picture

Thats would be a fatal mistake by the politico's.Scratch a Brit to reveal the pirate inside.

There is an English tradition of revolution going back a very long way before the American one.

Another misjudgement by the PTB would destroy their plans for millenia.

Cameroon resigning tells you its going to happen ,consultative vote or not.

East Indian's picture

Americans revolted against their king in 1776

English beheaded their king in 1649

iAmerican's picture

America's Revolution was against king and pope: "popery and the popery of government, monarchy."

The EU was created through Rome's Hitler-creating false-elite (viz. "Black Aristocracy"/Bilderberg) and American Beast Fifth Column.

Freeing itself of Rome's "ten horns of the seventh head of the Beast" England is becoming more "American" and more "whig" as the term was originally defined - "anti-Roman Catholic."

God willing Trump will be used to see the JFK-assassinating, 9/11-committing, illegal immigration-promoting, hoax and psyop mass shootings-staging homosexual pedophile Organized Crime Beast now upon America, true "Zion," soon cast down...Gog and Babylon removed from Our Land.

nevertheless's picture

Don't make the mistake of thinking the Brits like the Greeks, or the Americans. There is a reason Cameron is resigning...

BarkingCat's picture

While it is good to see this vote, it is not exactly that impressive. 

It passed with a very slight majority.

I do however think that if Britain was in the same position as Greece the percentage would be a lot higher. The Greeks are simply pathetic. 

My girlfriend and I were planning our summer vacation and she mentiined Greece, because they have good prices right now. I said no way. Too unstable with the political chaos and too many refugees.

Bill of Rights's picture

Ha ha ha ha man do I love a good shit show...

PTR's picture


Ghordius's picture

Oh, Great Glorious Day Of BreXit!

now starts the new round of bullshiteering: the european secessionist movements

completely unrelated, a completely different affair. but hey, they generate clicks and keep understanding of real matters down

call me when you find any european secessionist movement that wants out of the EU instead of just out of their national unions... and back in the EU if possible

debt, folks. keep your eyes on national debt. if you ever lose your sight on that ball, you aren't even following the european football match that is this thing

Dostojevskij's picture

you miss the point... and the point is, can this shitshow named UE keep going without consensus from citizens? yes/no. if no they need something to regain consensus and so far, they seems to move in the opposite direction with ALL their moves. if yes they need to silence democracy as soon as possible and figure out a different way to manage the police superstate shitshow. that is the direction they are going through all of this time, will everybody be in for that? mmh... hard to tell... you can't be so sure man, not nowadays

Ghordius's picture

if you put it in those terms, then you might have been missing that for nearly every British husband that wanted out of the EU there was a British wife that did... not

again, the UK is the most EU-skeptic country, here, and that referendum was a close thing

now tell me: where is that "police superstate" again? in reality? again: not in fantasies of EU-policemen and EU-troops patrolling the streets?

I see French military patrolling French streets. and the same again for other two dozen countries

here, reality. there, fantasy. of which one are we talking? sure, fantasy is powerful, and makes many doubts

Dostojevskij's picture

got your point, i was talking about a wannabe police superstate and its failure that will leave europe with real national police superstate everywhere. i think that all the sides here are going through the road of a policestate shitshow, left right, nationalist cosmopolitans, ecc. no matter who win, police shitshow is the future in this world, the only question for me as an italian is who will be in charge of my police. the answer as far as i know, nato... business as usual for us here, nothing to see :)

Lea's picture

Trouble is, Ghordius is wrong. Great-Britain being the "most eurosceptic" country in the EU is mere propaganda, a meme people repeat without checking.

I have seen a French poll, fresh from today, that says 62% of the French want out of the EU. That's even more than the Brits (God bless their soul).

BarkingCat's picture

The Brits have always thought themselves separate and superior. 

Don't forget that everyone on mainland was referred to as continentals.

While I recognize the difference between them and those on the continent,  this still is monumental.

EU keeps trying to push 3rd world migrants onto countries that do not want them.

I can see Hungary leave the EU before any other nation.

If they leave, expect Czech Republic next and then its neighbors.

Ghordius's picture

I always found the term "continental" very endearing. even Marylin Monroe sang "A Kiss On The Hand Might Be Quite Continental..."

a true continental-hating Brit would use the term "wogs". I personally punched the face of some doing so

meanwhile, no. the EU has literally nothing to say or do about 3rd world migrants. it's still specific countries govs, and others not agreeing

MiddleLeg's picture

The most eurosceptic country in the EU has always been, and remains...


seems they have an acquired resistance to snake oil (a majority of them anyway)

Hell I remember even London taxi drivers becoming green with envy when I'd tell them where I'm from.

Ghordius's picture

yes. and you Swiss are nevertheless in the Schengen Area. now try to explain that to a London cab driver

or a ZH commenter from the other side of the pond

iAmerican's picture

Switzerland is in bed, and has been for many centuries, with the satanic Entity which created the EU through their JFK-assassinating Knight of Malta-led Roman Catholic CIA: "the real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind."

WTFUD's picture

Damage Control; Contagion ; Fall-Out. The 5 EU Presidents and their swarms of PA's will see their mega-budgets slashed, their 5 course lunches & dinners replaced by tea-lady trollies and their mercedes-benz chauffeured limos replaced by Uber pick-ups.

Ja Ja

DaMule's picture

Who will bail out the insolvent Italian banks?

RockySpears's picture

Why not just have them go Bankrupt?


Starting from 0 is easier than continuing from -€2,675,986,876,344



madashellron's picture

The europeans are finnaly waking up to the facts. The EU is not in there best interest. And the EU instead of preventing a hot nuclear war with Russia and China. Is doing all they can to sow the seeds of destruction. The elite have lost control of the masses. That is why they are itching from a Nuclear war. So that that Billions are killed. And they can try to regain control through a totalitarian world police state. Remember 911 (Order Through Choas) and now the manufactured immigrate crisis in Europe. They were all by design.



Pumpkin's picture

The NWO satanists' dreams are going to hell where they belong.

nevertheless's picture

“Even so, the campaign may be moot: The Italian constitution, however, does not allow the cancellation of international agreements through a referendum”, wonder who wrote that into THEIR constitution, after WW2?


If you are paying attention, you often witness the activities of the internationalist bureaucrat (see: Zionist Jew) working to undermine the will of the people. Of course when your livelihood is made bilking the masses out of their hard earned wages, you certainly don’t want the masses to have any say in the matter.



BarkingCat's picture

That's OK the camp in Auschwitz/Oswiencim is fully restored because they wanted to have a memorial.

It can be activated again but this time only for the elites and tbeir minions.

conraddobler's picture

It's a great day but a long way from over.

We just scored our first run globally and the globalists had been having their way with us.  It's a good sign but it's not like rainbows and skittles have broken out or anything.

Austrian Libertarian's picture

Well, I'm jealous. I want to leave the Union too, the U.S. union, that is. Maybe I'll change my name to Robert E. Leroy and secede...

nevertheless's picture

I note how the NYTimes is not proclaiming "WE ARE ALL BRITS" today! 


Those Zionist fuckers want the world as one big slush fund, working without pesky borders or nationailites.