"Our Views Coincide" - Putin Talks Up Russia's Alliance With China

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In what should come as a surprise to nobody, as the United States continues to poke and prod at China and Russia, those two countries have become even closer friends.

In an interview conducted with Xinhua, Russian President Vladimir Putin talked up his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and praised the level of trust the two governments have for one another. "To say we have a strategic cooperation is not enough anymore. This is why we have started talking about a comprehensive partnership and strategic collaboration. Comprehensive means that we work virtually on all major avenues; strategic means that we attach enormous inter-government importance to this work" Putin told Xinhua.

Putin spoke of the important role that China has played in its trade, specifically the energy market and high-speed rail projects. Recall that in April we reported that China imported a record amount of Russian oil in April, as the two nations continue to push for the de-dollarization of global trade. Putin also pointed out that Russia and China were cooperating on military-technical items as well.

As RT reports

China is increasing its presence in our energy market, it is a major shareholder in one of our significant projects, Yamal LNG, and it has acquired 10 percent of the shares in one of our leading chemical holdings, SIBUR. We welcome these Chinese investments not only as a means of placing financial resources but also as a means of further developing our partnership.


Intensive work is underway on the famous Moscow-Kazan High-Speed Rail Line Project. Some railway sections will allow for a train speed of up to 400 kilometers per hour. We pay considerable attention to these prospects; this can be only the beginning of our large-scale infrastructure cooperation.


Our interaction in the humanitarian field is no less important. Thus, we have held cross?years of China in Russia and Russia in China, the Year of Youth Exchange, the Year of the Russian Language and, accordingly, the Year of the Chinese Language, the Year of Tourist Exchange, etc. Some events were initiated by the Russian side, and others – by the Chinese side; but they all have been very successful and will undoubtedly contribute to building an atmosphere of confidence between our peoples. These projects are as important as, for example, those in the energy sphere, such as the huge Power of Siberia project to supply up to 38 billion cubic meters of Russian gas per annum via a newly established eastern route from Russia to China. Add to this diplomatic, military, and military-technical cooperation.

In regards to collaborating on international affairs, Putin said that China and Russia's views are quite similar, and that the two consult each other on global and regional issues.

Apart from our joint work in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, we cooperate within BRICS, which in fact was jointly established by us, and we actively collaborate at the UN.


I would take the liberty to recall that it was this country, the Soviet Union at that time, which made every effort to give the People's Republic of China its deserved place among the permanent members of the Security Council. We have always believed that this is the place for the People's Republic of China. Today, we are particularly pleased that this has happened, since our views on international affairs, as diplomats say, are either very similar or coincide. At the same time, this similarity or coincidence is backed by concrete work, including efforts on the technical level. We are in constant contact and we consult on global and regional issues. Since we consider each other close allies, naturally, we always listen to our partners and take into account each other’s interests.


I am certain that our joint work during my visit to the People's Republic of China will proceed in the same way.

* * *

So, while the US provokes, ties are strengthening between Russia and China. We're sure China's order of 1,000 heavy transport aircraft and Russian vessels being spotted near disputed islands in the East China Sea are both just a coincidence and not a red flag that if the US engages with one, it will wind up with two problems.

Full interview here.

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Way to fucking go Barry.  

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That's how leaders look like. Now imagine if instead of Clinton, Merkel, Obama, Cameron...

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The Empire of Big Mouth and Thight Ass is Comming to Terms with History

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Hopefully Vlad sends the boatload of lesbian love emails to Wikileaks real soon so we can get Trump on board and start some wheeling and dealing between these guys.

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Thank you, Obozo! You dumb fuck!

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AdolphLustig (not verified) Jun 24, 2016 1:53 AM

So....china is buying into russian nuclear power.
Putin never forgot his commie/kgb roots.

Lets face it folks.
Putin is just a likable face of the NWO.
Like trump, he is worshipped only by the ignorant, on the take, and the stupid.

Same as it ever was.

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2 week troll... same as it ever was

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AdolphLustig (not verified) dark pools of soros Jun 24, 2016 2:15 AM

Everyone who disagrees with the trumpateers and putin worshippers=a troll in your flat world.

So edgy.

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You took a wrong turn somewhere, Lustig. Hillary Clinton is an almost slam dunk guarantee of WWIII, or did you not know that Robert Kagan bailed on his (R) designation and has hung his ziocon shingle in Hill's camp? The Kagan/Kristol PNAC march of tyranny requires a war monger, and he has correctly identified which candidate fulfills that need. Kristol would probably follow if not for his magazine.

It's simple really - the down votes are from people who both know more and know better than you. 

AdolphLustig's picture
AdolphLustig (not verified) Bendromeda Strain Jun 24, 2016 6:05 AM

Its simple really, putin is just an oligarch jew.

Oy vey


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....and you sound like a drive-by ziocon character assassin intent on hi-jacking the thread.

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Let the downvotes speak for themselves.

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Go back to Tel Aviv and STFU.

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AdolphLustig (not verified) roddy6667 Jun 24, 2016 6:03 AM

Fun fact: Putin went to yeshiva in israel and his mother was a jew

Oy vey.


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Enjoy playing with yourself.

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ZH reported some time back that Putin was signing a free trade agreement with Israel. 

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Where does Obama get menioned in the article to justify the attacks?

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Bush has been blamed for the last 8 years, I'm raising a glass in the hope that Obama will be blamed for the next 8 years and beyond.

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Oh no. Everything will be Trumps fault, 5 minutes after he's sworn in.

They will blame the extinction of the dinosaurs on him if they can.

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@factgasm; Unfortunately you would have had to join us on Planet Earth before this year.

Bone up with GeoPolitics for Dummies 2009-2016 and join us when you're finished.  Read the Chapter on Enemy Of Thine Enemy and the one on Limits Of Leverage Against Other Nuclear Armed States.

BREXIT is also on Obama.  

  1. Obama flattens Afghanistan.  Libya.  Syria. NW Pakistani Tribal Areas.
  2. Afganis, Libyans, Syrians, and Pakis flood Europe and make their way to the UK, TILTING the favor away from the BREMAIN camp and giving the much needed winning impetus to the BREXIT camp. 

Without Obama, BREXIT fails kids.  Just for the record.

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Bush has been blamed but not punished accordingly. There is still an open task.

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I don't wanna be raped by Muslims either, that's their #1 fear, not the Kenyan or the whore.

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This is a good move if it really happens.  Of course, both Russia and China know they are being targeted by the criminal regime in DC but these countries have been traditionally very reluctant allies.  If they were strategic, they would bring Iran, Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and North Korea into a strong alliance.  This is quite a stacked deck..potentially several hundred million troops, Russian Technology and excellent geo-positioning all against a bankrupt US (and potentially wimpy ZATO).  I hate to say it, but America needs a good ass whooping.  I just hope it does not happen here in the states.

war.on.bankers's picture

it's happening as we speak. im going to a convention in beijing on the new silk road project this weekend. very serious economic and strategic ties are quickly moving foward, asia is the future.

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Russia and China will organize Asia against the rest of the world. They will trade amongst themselves and with Europe from the east. America will be isolated.

11b40's picture

And that would be a bad thing?

Maybe we should look back at what the founding fathers said about foreign entanglements.

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How come the Prick in Canada is so eager to appease the Neocon NWO? Oh yeah like Oz they're a Puppet Vassal of the UK Establishment.

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Oh stop fretting

Once President Trump and President Putin sit down together and share a large vodka or two all this will disappear like mist.
Especially after the faggot Kenyan monkey is dangling by piano wire around its goolies from the Whitehouse flagpole as a sign of detente

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Putin 493 - Obolo 7

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Fuck the EU

Fuck USA






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I wonder whether high-speed railways really is what Russia needs most right now. A densely populated country like China with several mega cities probably benefits a lot from high-speed railways. But I´m not so sure that this should be a top priority for Russia.


What should be the most important investments for Russia right now are investments in sectors that could be bottlenecks if wages would rise sharply. The combination of eliminated bottlenecks and raised tariffs for some goods would enable Russia to raise wages very sharply in the short and medium term without causing much inflation. Because of the fact that wages are extremely poor in Russia and because of the fact that wages in Russia don´t reflect productivity levels that could be achieved in the short and medium term, it should be possible for Russia to carry through something similar to Henry Ford´s $5 a day wage hike in 1913/14 which doubled wages.


As regards deeper co-operation with China I suspect that Russia would benefit from an agreement with China on which goods that should be imported and which goods that should be produced in Russia. I suspect that consumer electronics and at least some telecom equipment should be imported while energy, wood and pulp should be exported. I´m saying this because I think that Russia needs high tariffs if they want to raise wages quickly. Otherwise people will just buy imported goods which Russia will have to pay with oil and gas revenues which won´t be sufficient.


ramius's picture

it is for naught if you are the greatest producer of goods, when your goods can't leave the factory door. Russia is huge, and I mean, Realy huge, it could fit the US, EU with room to spare. That's why the've never been conquered, but they also need a way to speed up movement of goods( troops) an people inside and outside the country. So, the 400k/h rail is a sound idea, a great force multiplicator, not to mention a nice way to boost the labour market and production. And in the meantime, in the US the trains and rails are decaying, late, so, who is doing the right thing after all?

CTG_Sweden's picture


Well, perhaps high-speed railways is a great investment for Russia. But I´m not 100 % sure. Why not an improved electric grid in Western Russia that would make electric cars more attractive to the consumers instead? That would enable Russia to export more oil.


Blankone's picture

Goods do not need to leave the factory door in a high speed train.  A regular train is vastly less expensive, less trouble to keep running and can move the goods with sufficient speed, the speed of the train is not a bottle neck.

If Russia is in a conflict situation and is moving troops in a emergency a high speed train can easily be sabatoged.  Good roads are a military asset but I do not see high speed trains as being a military grade asset.

Boosting the labor market and production with ghost cities or unneeded high speed trains is simply a waste of resources/finances. Waste.

While Russia is huge much of it is difficult to live in.  Much of Russia has a very low population (or almost none) density, and for good reason.  And as one would expect those areas are not prone to be the goods producing regions.

The US train system has been allowed to decay.  But the solution is not build some of the high speed trains between towns in California and on the east coast as some have proposed.  Rebuilding the regular train lines is money better spent.  Just like how the unneeded high speed train plans in the US have been spawned from corruption and graft, we have to wonder if Russia's plans are lining their elite's pockets in the same way.


11b40's picture

Every wise nation will use tariffs to manage the strengths and weaknesses in their economy, and for the benefit of their people.  It is only those who would plunder a nations wealth who want to eliminate all barriers.  Trade must be of equal benefit to both parties.  In the case of International trade, the benefits must be country to country, not individual to country, or individual to individual, like so much of trade is today.  Special interests are beneficiaries.  The rest of us lose.

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I see that the Axis is shaping up for the next phase.

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Thank you ZOG.bad for extended west bank AKA USA.

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<-- & a middle finger to this

Drown the world in BRICS bank loans

let the west fade away