S&P Futures Halted Limit Down As VIX Spikes Above 26

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S&P Futures are down halted limit down as carnage washes across every and any asset class on the heals of Britain's historic vote...



This has smashed the S&P down to its 200DMA...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Sorry bubba, long NUGT

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Cable is 1.33 down -10%+

Short the Danish banks FTMFW

OrangeJews's picture

So limit down was at the 200dma huh? Nothing to see here folks, probably rally tomorrow.

Dsyno's picture

Unfortunately the EU won't be going down without a fight. The EU is going to do everything in its power to make it painful for Britain, especially to dissuade other countries in the EU from leaving.

Fuck the EU.

thesonandheir's picture

Say bye bye to Deutsche Bank!

johngaltfla's picture

You are correct. They will have to nationalize DB this weekend.

wee-weed up's picture




Fuck all you elites!

Wait What's picture

haven't read 'worst since Lehman' lately. seems mighty appropriate when you think abt DB and today's events.

johngaltfla's picture

Wait until Sunday when the NYFRB, BoJ, BoE, and ECB have a joint teleconference. Watch what happens...

Dormouse's picture

I'm warning you people, don't use ammunition as currency for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

Four chan's picture

congrats to the english for giving the tribe and their shill merkel a stomach ache.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

How about the BREXIT results ... liars, thieves will reap what they have sowed.

By the way, what is it with this DOWN LIMIT BS? Fair market value for S&P500 on GAAP earnings basis is 1600.

I guess this seals the deal for TRUMP ... the establishment loses. The next 30 days should be interesting.

By the way, Hillary Kramer was telling everyone to stay invested ... it is a mistake to sell .... wonder what she is going to say to people in the days ahead. The millenials have not seen anything like this in their lives. SHOCK and AWE will be the term for this black swan. 

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Napoleon and Adolf will unite to cross the channel one final time.

EhKnowKneeMass's picture

So, up 400+ by the end of the day?

Row Well Number 41's picture

Let's see how those FED stress test results look tomorrow.

RopeADope's picture

Those stress tests forgot to account for Obama running his mouth trying to tell people how to vote.

asteroids's picture

Margin clerks will start selling as soon as the bell opens tomorrow. yeeha!

johngaltfla's picture

OJ, 5% on the e-Minis is the first stop. 20% is limit down. Trading will re-open soon enough.

johngaltfla's picture

Once the 5% limit expires at 0830, who the hell know what hits. But it is going to be fugly, FYI.

Nobody For President's picture

Rally? heheheheheheh.

Rotsa ruck bettin' that one. I got burnt Thursday being short as hell with TZA, but tomorrow, I'm gonna rule.

NumberNone's picture

I spent yesterday trading that the market would try to hedge it's bet on a leave vote. It was balls-to-the-walls all day. They deserve what they get tomorrow.

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hahaha I was trying to buy vix futures all day yesterday. Every time I bought Vix futures and options. my account goes down few %. so I kept buying. to a point I stop looking at my balance. lol but tomorrow will be an epic day! :)

Nobody For President's picture

Yeah, revenge is sweet. Thank you Brits for remembering how wonderful the Duetch treated you 77 years ago...

abyssinian's picture

hahaha I warned about not to hanging on one side of the boat. when it flips, everyone will get wet! :) Good luck to all the Bullish morons from CNBC. Especially that retard Tim Seymore butts. lol

PlayMoney's picture

10 year now 1.45 Rut Roh Raggy

SuperRay's picture

Long lots of gold and silver miners. Smell my farts Jamie

paradox01's picture

When will the futures trade again? Market open?

Ms. Erable's picture

Not until they replace the melted servers.

Ditch's picture

derivative embolism

gimli's picture

And this is all because Gartman went long ..... poor Gartman .... poor, poor Gartman

Saddam Miser's picture

That poor guy is fucked. Hahahahahahahaha

The Bell Rang's picture

Yea, but in Yen terms...............

Mr. Schmilkies's picture

LOL, and yet Gartman will mysteriously claim he's up for the month and year.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Silver - $18.30 to $17.70....

offwirenews's picture

that's what I was thinking. Gotta smash that down. Can't let people get any bright ideas about PMs.


Can the cartel run out of naked shorts?

PlayMoney's picture

No. Bet we see tomorrow there was a $1 Billion+ naked short order.

dark pools of soros's picture

Bitcoin doesn't have those paper problems..   flying free as always

Al Gophilia's picture

The new daily volitility range just might increase exponentially. Not so funny for a lot of peeps.

PlayMoney's picture

Gold was up 96...i went and filled my cup with water...when i sat back down was 76 LOL

Nobody For President's picture

Water?! WTF. You deserve to get hosed. Next time, fill your damn cup with spirits.

OK, I'm a little giddy right not, it is gonna be hard to wait for the open, 'cause tomorrow is gonna be EPIC!

(Especially for the last two months suffering shorts...)

Toonces McGraw's picture

Noticed that too. Someone sauntered into the Titty Twister to wake yellen up. Scraped the smegma from her teeth and off to Eccles. These cunts have to work OT to suppress the metals.

ThirteenthFloor's picture

Gold at 1335 and climbing though. Gold will break 1350. Silver's day is coming.

johngaltfla's picture

Silver will crank up as NYMEX/COMEX gold have issues today. Look for a late day surge.