"Victory For Freedom" - Le Pen Demands Referendum For France

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First, The Dutch; and now, The French...

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says there should be a similar referendum about EU membership in France after Britons voted to leave the 28-nation bloc.

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Fall, dominoes... fall!

I love it!

Fuck the EU elites!

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Now the Brussels Bureau-c-RATS can fester within their spreading muslim ghettoes.

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Because of the fact that the majority of the UK voted OUT, it's high time, and quite clear, that Le Pen and those aligned with her are no longer "far right", but simply right of center. The corrupt shitbags in power should be designated as "far left" from now on.

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So where is Ghordius. He must be a very happy man this morning?

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He is burning his notes and speeches from the Bilderberger conferences he attended lol.

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Anyone seen George Soros today? Maybe check the restroom to see if he stroked out due to the BRexit news... 

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Perhaps old Ghordi is finally beginning to understand that this is not just the realisation of his anglophobic dreams but the start of the end for the EU in all its anti-democtratic glory. Then, perhaps we can get back to a group of nation states freely trading together but without the drift towards the United Sates of Europe, which the peoples of Europe neither voted for nor want.

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you just proved again that you simply don't read what I write. but I "like" your "anglophobic" projection stuff

now I can go back to my BreXit Party. I think there is still some heavy stuff that has not been uncorked yet

call me when you start to understand something. anything would be fine

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If he stroked out it is because he made another $1 billion that he doesn't need. Say what you want about Soros but he got it right again, that SOB!

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I hape he had bet a fortune on the stay vote and is now dead and rotting somewhere. 

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First Juncker, Tusk and Schultz should take their hats.

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Lord (Of the Flies) Rothschild WILL NOT LIKE THIS

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Yes, we free from the EssU, they could not rig this one to my relief, too many watching eyes, France and Italy must be next, then we will all stop feeding these parasites in Brussels and watch MurKILL squirm.

Well done everybody!

Time for a witch hunt.

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After France, Germany.  Make a shim.right through the middle and cock block Switzerland while moving north and south from that position.  We're running the Normandy play book.  Now where be the Astragoths, Visagoths and my favourite wrecking crews of Vandals to assist Herne?

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Hope that Sweden and Denmark are next.

Muzzies can move into Berlin, next to Merkel.

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Finland as well...Fixit!

This is a happy morning for freedom and independence in Europe.

Well done, England! You showed again that you have a tradition of liberty. Magna Carta is your invention - thank you for cherishing its value.

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This AM Jim Grant said that Brussels "took one in the eye".

That isn't where they took it!

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As if the Francistanis would vote to leave mother EU and it's PC protection of Islamic hate.

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You're wrong ! The French did vote AGAINST the European constitution in 2005. The EU bureaucrats decided to ignore their will..

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The french dont give a frenchmans fuck.

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Maybe people DontGive a fuck what you say lol

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How's that underage porn workin out for ya? Got your spank bank nice and fat yet? Myfreecams treating you well lately?

Don't ever reply to my shit or I will dump all your laundry (logs) for the world to see. Then I will dox you real good, and hax into your computer with teh javascripts.

Eat a dick, cocksucker.

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My my what a nasty temper you have you little potty mouth troll. I dont care about your underage Thailand sex cruise freecam crap or your bogus logs you type up. Hack what ever you want. The cops are on to you and your little muslim goat brigade.

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What's it like being a bald Romanian?

Still stealing money from your parents?

How's this playing victim working out for you?

Poor poor cosmos -> http://bit.ly/ZHCWeek3


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Eat my asshole you son of a pigfucking whore

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<Gets his trusty rusty spoon out>

Come to daddy!

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Bye EU, been nice knowing you. Anyone recommend a good resume builder for a lot of useless unemployed EU pen pushers?


Critical mass starts somewhere within the implosion.

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What a great night for democracy!  Bring it!

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Brexit.  Led Zepplin wins.   What a day !!!!


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there's some capital in Europe, somewhere under the debt. Its under one of those cups they keep switching around.

Goddamnit Britain now there's one less cup to guess at!

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How to make a sign that says "last on out please turn off the lights." in German ?

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shit is getting real!!!  fuck off the EU !!  France, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Spain are nEXiT !!!

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Norway voted no already in the 70s :) You american?

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The EU is a dying rather quickly now.  Next is Spain, then Italy and then France.

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Then Denmark and Sweden and then it is time to Germany, the next chancellor Frauke Petry will lead Germany to independence.

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& greece, cyprus, portugal[?], perhaps catalonia to split from spain,..


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But ... but ... all those preparations (riots)?

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The European project is a failure.

One size does NOT fit all.

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Especially since it was a farce to begin with.